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Monday, November 01, 2021

Why Twix did that "ad"

Television advertising has changed. Most of it for the good. Some of it for the bad. Companies are featuring more biracial and other minorities in their ads, which is a good thing.

Then there is the Twix ad which features a boy in a skirt and a Satanist nanny.

LGBTQ Nation insists the 2-minute video is not an ad but a promotion.

The site said, "Twix’s sponsorship of a Halloween-themed episode of Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween series is spawning outrage online from conservatives who are scared of the spot’s inclusive message. The video has mistakenly been confused as a commercial but is only a short clip from the episode.

"The story features a young child who is perceived as a boy but likes to wear a princess dress. Their new nanny, a witch, protects the kid from bullies. The description of the episode reads, 'With a little magic, the new nanny helps a non-binary child deal with bullies and find self-acceptance.'"

OK, it is not an ad, it is a promotion. It is part of an advertorial campaign on Hulu. Got it.

It's still wrong.

The site said, "Other episodes in the series were sponsored by other Mars candies like Snickers and Skittles. The series includes LGBTQ stories from 18 queer filmmakers."

So Mars hired 18 queer filmmakers to peddle candy to children. It is perverted and woke. What is next? Gillette handing out apples on Halloween?

But the message is clear. Twix are not for kids. Twix are for queers (their word) and witches.

The shift to advertorial is a sign of desperation for ad companies. Broadcast TV is going the way of newspapers. Streaming services offer sports and entertainment. The Internet offers news and weather. 

On May 18, Deadline quoted Jimmy Kimmel's bit as he hosted a Disney corporate promotion. He works for Disney-owned ABC.

He said, "At this point, let’s call ABC what it really is, Disney-minus. Isn’t there something to be said for dying with dignity? Somehow when everyone’s stuck in their houses with nothing to do but watch TV for the past 14 months, and we still managed to lose ratings."

Maybe if Kimmel has a comedian do an opening monologue on his show each night that will boost his ratings.

Broadcast TV was doomed before covid came along.

On February 18, 2018, Nicholas L. Johnson wrote, "According to a report from Bloomberg this week, TV advertising sales fell 7.8% to $61.8 billion last year. Per the report, this is the steepest drop outside of a recession in more than 20 years. Even ad sales at cable networks slowed, for the first time in nearly a decade.

"The more worrying news? Television ad sales are declining even as global advertising spending grows.

"Where has all the money gone? The answer appears to be to online platforms like Google and Facebook, and, increasingly, Amazon. All three have increased their investments in video – Amazon notably with its billion-dollar acquisition of Twitch –  and have captured nearly every new ad dollar entering the industry.

"According to Bloomberg, this latest decline may be the long-predicted secular shift away from TV advertising, with analysts suggesting that the industry may never recover."

That was in good economic times under President Donald John Trump.

Advertising companies get a percentage of the ad sales, so that 7.8% drop in TV advertising was a 7.8% drop in revenues for ad companies.

Glenn Reynolds has observed that companies that virtue signal they often suffer financially. Go woke, get broke. But going woke can come after you go broke. The sudden urge to be super-duper liberal in ads smacks of desperation to boost sales of ads.

Other industries and companies do the same thing.

The New York Post reported on Friday, "AT&T offers employees training that calls racism a 'uniquely white trait' — and tells white employees that they 'are the problem,' according to a report based on leaked documents.

"The telecommunications giant’s 'Listen. Understand. Act' training is based on core principles of critical race theory, including 'systemic racism,' 'white privilege' and 'white fragility,' according to City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute."

When I read that, my first thought was that AT&T revenues dropped.

Sure enough, AT&T saw a 5.7% drop in revenue.

In his little bitch session labeled as comedy, Kimmel said, "Things are so desperate, we’ve had to resort to doing the right thing: inclusion. We want ABC, Disney, FX, Hulu, Freeform, ESPN and Nat Geo to be a safe space where anyone, no matter what their racial or ethnic background, their gender or sexual orientation …we want our platforms to be a place where everyone can bring their stories to die."

Ah. The truth. Disney and the rest really don't care about race or LGBTQ. It is only marketing, and desperate marketing at that.

And Mars candy is just like Disney.

Is it go woke, get broke or it is get broke, go woke?

That is like asking whether the right Twix is better than the left. Same deal. Same poor knockoff of Kit-Kat. Same lousy taste in the mouth.


  1. The "bully" was just telling the truth.

    1. It would have been normal for me growing up 60 years ago.

    2. I mean making fun of a boy in a dress, especially a princess one. I used to like Twix, but you know, they are awfully sweet and bad for your health.

  2. Why is featuring more biracial and other minorities a good thing?

  3. I am going to disagree that showing more minority and biracial couples is somehow “a good thing.” This pre occupation with interracial marriage and minority representation is over the top. It’s just as negative from the opposite view. So much so that it has come to mean “it’s good to see fewer white people” which has its own negative racial connotations. Personally, it’s so bad that what people see on network television is no longer representative of the US population. They show far more biracial couples than exist are far more minorities than there really are in the US. Black people make up 12 percent of the US population yet there is a black person as the focus of more than half of the commercials. Gay people are a tiny fraction of the population yet if you watch TV you would think they are 25 percent of it. It’s really sad when there is so much dishonesty about things like this especially when people who claim to value truth help perpetuate race based propaganda.

    1. It’s all “affirmative action”—unearned advancement . Dumbing down society to accommodate the lazy, unintelligent and mentally ill, and calling it normal.

    2. We are also seeing many more same-sex "couples" buying homes and having remodeling done on HGTV, as well.

    3. I'm going to disagree too. All Clif's points are good ones, and I'd like to add that in almost every commercial I've seen this year, if a white character appears at all, he or she is always the foil or sidekick, never the hero or problem-solver. The lone exception was a Halloween ad for Progressive Insurance in which all characters were white.

    4. We've noticed that in our family, and when the commercial comes on we just look to see the characters makeup. The weirdest is the black and white gay couple with bi racial kids. Like that happened. I can't remember the product they were selling.

  4. The number of households without a TV has been declining for years. If you're a Baby Boomer, that's a mind-bending stat.

    Then, too, TV is not what it was in the 50s, when Commies were blacklisted and a lot of studio execs were only a generation away from the old country (think Jack Warner, Louis Mayer). So people turn off.

    So Mars hired 18 queer filmmakers to peddle candy to children.

    Maybe, or maybe Hulu (former spokesidiot Arec Barwin) did it.

    In any case, as Insty has noted, the companies that remember Conservatives buy candy* for their kids generally stay afloat.

    This is the old wheeze about no such thing as a poor white Liberal with a twist. They've decided to infiltrate corporate America, presumably with the intent of forcing a big change. Now they're in the same boat as the Demos.

    *I hate Reese's, but love Mars.

    1. I never bother to read your cra*, just stopped in to say, IMHO, you're a Retardian, and sadly, your race seems to grow daily.

  5. This is another instance of the earlier-mentioned student-council leftists going butch against an imaginary crisis while ignoring a real one; in this case, their version of "bullying" is a refusal to accept their claptrap, while real (violent) bullying problems go unaddressed.

    There was an incident in Atlantic Canada a few years ago where some middle-school bullies (real ones) forced another boy to lie down in a small stream, after which they walked across him as a bridge. And one of them actually videoed this. Naturally, when this came out (including the video), there was a great deal of outrage.

    The scary part is the reactions in the news stories about it on the part of the adults who were at least quoted. The boy who was forced to lie down in the stream was disabled in some way (Down's syndrome or something similar) - and the reactions seemed to be outraged about THAT fact, rather than being outraged in general about what happened. One can be forgiven for thinking that that was the only objection - that if the boy targeted had been healthy and normal, it would all have gotten a shrug.

    When overgrown children are in charge, adult supervision disappears...

  6. Why is biracial "good"? Are you one of those people that believes that ads need to be inclusive to the point of being way over the actual number of those pictured who are in this counry? Does that somehow makeup for some purported slight? or is it that this will change people's attitudes to one you think they should have.

    You've revealed yourself to be a bit of a lefty with this. Ads should reflect the community and it should be fair. By over representing Blacks and Biracial people more often that Whites does not do either group any good. In fact it makes it less likely it will make any change for the good. Because people see it for what it is; blatant pandering and being chided by some person who thinks they're better than us and so has to remind us how to be good people.

    BS Don.

  7. Non binary is a as real as the tooth fairy and the great pumpkin. If you think your are not either a man or woman (girl or boy) than schedule a visit to your psychologist, psychologist as soon as possible to prevent further damage and possible depression and suicide. And please trust the science of XY and XX. Remember that term "Trust the Science"?

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  9. Ironically that ad revealed who's behind all this and it ain't God...

    1. Exactly. The link between pedophelia and satanism is undeniable.

      I’m struck by the boy’s absent parents who think it “ok” to hire an actual witch who terrorizes real little girls and appears to vaporize a boy.

      When did it become ok for adults to intimidate, frighten, and resort to actual violence against little children?

  10. One overlooked angle: FanDuel et al on-line casino / sports betting sites --- if they decide they want to --- will in the next seven years gooble up the TV / Cable Networks.

  11. Mr. Surber wrote, “Companies are featuring more biracial and other minorities in their ads, which is a good thing.”

    When historians look at today’s TV, they’ll conclude a number of things: (1) white males were doofuses who could do nothing without the direction of a woman; (2) whites were a minority in the USA, because most families were either black, or of mixed race. If those historians watch HGTV, they’ll also conclude that 25% of “couples” were same-sex.

    It is not a bad thing to feature more biracial and other minorities in ads. It is a bad thing to overdo that, which is what they are doing.

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