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Monday, November 29, 2021

Media: The truth is what we say it is

Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO of Twitter.

His departure will not make Twitter any less of a censor of conservatism. It will not make Twitter any less of a dispenser of misinformation, disinformation, and flat-out lies. It will not make the company's bottom line better.

His departure simply lowers the corporate profile. He took a lot of heat. Twitter was rewarded with a nice hike in its stock prices.

What the market rewards is conformity to globalism's orthodoxy of America as evil and Red China as the future of the world.

And you cannot say Red China.

Colin Kaepernick is the biggest conformist on Earth. It made him rich. His intellectual forebear was the guy who voted to replace the German flag with the swastika. Red China flattered Kaepernick by canceling the Betsy Ross Flag shoe after he complained. Nike patted him on the head and gave him a doggy treat.

We live in a world the media believes it controls. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube actively censor thought outside of today's narrative.

Consider the Russian Hoax. Despite its insane claims of peeing hookers and the like, the mass media promoted it. The Mueller report's exoneration of President Trump did not matter. And the recent indictment of one of the main culprits in this sabotage of a presidency only has a few changes made in some old stories no one reads anymore.

David Frum of The Atlantic insists the the hoax was no hoax because he believes if he says it, then it is true. 

Frum's argument is Trump, an international hotelier, did business with Russia! Therefore, Russia controls him. 

He wrote, "The confirmed Trump-Russia record leaves many mysteries and uncertainties unresolved. Even now, the U.S. public still does not have a full and final picture of his business dealings with Russia before and even during his presidency.

"The confirmed record may not add up to a criminal conspiracy either, not as that concept is defined by U.S. law."

In Mediaville, legality does not matter. If Frum says he's a criminal, he's a criminal.

This illogic is rampant in the media. For example, the media still considers Kyle Rittenhouse a criminal even though a jury found him innocent.

And the reverse is true. Breaking a law does not a criminal make. Why, he's just stealing those $4,600 Louis Vuitton purses to feed his family.

Looting isn't bad.

Calling it looting is because looting has a racial connotation because so many of the looters at riots are black.

The media does have the power to set the agenda. The days of Matt Drudge breaking a Monica Lewinsky story died 5 years ago when he sold out. Fox stopped being Fox News when they fired Roger Ailes. The news is what the cable channels say is news.

Consider this weekend's fairy tale of the new covid variant.

Covid variants are the killer bees of the 21st century. When they run out of Greek letters, they will raid the Cyrillic alphabets.

While the media has the power to say what the news is, they do not control the truth.

And the truth is out there, and when it gets its turn at bat, watch out because the revenge censorship will be sweet.

Until then, Dorsey cashes out and gets to enjoy his life. His first step is to shave that beard because he's a good-looking man. Those blue eyes and that loot should keep him in bimbos until he's 90.


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  2. 1. IIRC @a year ago the Twitter BoD indicated that it had started a search to replace Dorsey.
    2. Twitter reflects the current state of the journalism profession in the US -- too lazy to adhere to standards/ethics, illiterate. Exhibit A -- Yamiche Alcindor @NPR.

  3. Unfortunately, Dorsey won’t disappear. He is also the CEO of payment company Square (where he can collect much personal info). Also, like most technology billionaires, he will invest in many startups and may end up running some of them.

    1. Posted in another column but I'll put it here also.

      ack Dorsey’s sudden exit from Twitter underlines the tech pioneer’s growing fixation with crypto — a passion that has forced a sudden resolution of the odd situation of a single individual leading two large tech companies.

      It’s now clear that Square is Dorsey’s favorite child and needs all of his attention to advance the role it could play in popularizing bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency.

      "If I were not at Square or Twitter I'd be working on bitcoin," Dorsey said at a cryptocurrency conference in Miami in June. At the time, he said “both companies have a role to play.”
      Square, meanwhile, has been riding the crypto wave since its Cash App added bitcoin trading almost four years ago. By 2021, 1 million Square users were buying bitcoin for the first time on Cash App. Square announced in February that 5% of Square’s total cash was in bitcoin.

      In June, Blockstream, the bitcoin mining company, announced that Square was investing $5 million in a solar-powered mining operation. In July, Dorsey said Square was building “a new business” that would operate alongside divisions like Cash App and Tidal to build tools for developers, focused on bitcoin.
      more at link

  4. Don, your clarity is wonderful, refreshing actually. Rock on!

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  6. "Nike patted him on the head and gave him a cat turd." FIFY
    After all, mutts love cat turds.

  7. All our social media giants are all controlled by people who were born elsewhere and do not have the Freedom and Rights mindset.

    And we should be concerned how much that is reflected in other day to day corporations and how they make their decisions. Doesn't matter their skin color or their primary language what does matter is how they were taught and the culture they were brought up in. And it shows. Most all of our foreign born have less than the usual American attitude towards freedom and the rights noted in our constitution. they look on all that as a hindrance to them and their goals. They are not looking out for America. They are first generation of globalists and most don't and never did like America and feel that America needs to be held back and so they have.

    1. I suggest you get past your xenophobia and examine the statements of newly sworn citizens that originated in any socialist country and see how much they love America while they detest America's detractors as ungrateful for America's blessings.
      God save America and a Happy Chanukah.

    2. they look on all that as a hindrance to them and their goals.

      Jeffery, you are such a stupid liar.

      Anyone who ever met an immigrant knows what they love about this country is the freedom.

      It's why Hispanics assimilate after a couple of generations. Why a third of the Moslems who come here stray from the faith.

      And your little arguments between sock puppets are always amusing.

    3. JG, Jake posted about a very specific group of azzholes, you seem to be trying to deflect to all new citizens. Nice try, but no cigar.

    4. Yeah, they assimilate by voting for the white-hating, democracy-hating, America-hating, freedom crushing left.

  8. "We live in a world the media believes it controls." Very true but given that all media was 100% against Trump and he still won the 2020 election means that the media is indeed delusional.

  9. If Dorsey isn't on drugs, I'll eat my baker's hat.

    1. I think dorsey is a functional idiot savant, on some outstanding drugs, that only a billionaire can afford. Lots of them.

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  11. Deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts at noon on January 20th, and I ain't going back, no matter who is in charge! Parag Agrawal sounds even worse than Dorsey!

    1. Twitter is only for the woke now.

      People can kill Twitter by deleting their accounts.

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