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Monday, November 01, 2021

McAuliffe says 3 words that admit defeat

Terry McAuliffe on Saturday said three words about the Virginia gubernatorial race that concede defeat: "not about Trump."

Even the mainstream media noted the significance of this admission.

CNN reported, "McAuliffe says Virginia election 'is not about Trump' after making former president central figure in campaign."

The story said, "Terry McAuliffe claimed on Saturday that the Virginia gubernatorial election is "not about Trump' -- even though the Democratic gubernatorial candidate has invoked the former Republican president perhaps more than any other political figure.

"The comment, which belies the fact that tying Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin to Trump has been a central political strategy for McAuliffe since the start of the campaign, represents a significant shift for the Democrat just days before Tuesday's election and on the final day of early voting in Virginia."

The reason this is an admission of failure on McAuliffe's part is simple. He dragged Obama, Biden, and Kamala into his race. He owes them. He nationalized his race by bringing up Trump. Now he must defuse his nationalization of the race to spare Obama, Biden, and Kamala the embarrassment of losing.

McAuliffe happens to be right this time. He blew the race by saying in a debate, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

He sucked up to the teacher unions and educrats at the expense of parents. And the parents he ticked off were in Loudoun County, which is his own base. They either will stay home or (gulp) vote Republican.

Hamas-Shielding AP said, "Democrats in Virginia are scrambling to stave off disaster in the state’s governor’s race — the most competitive major election since Trump left the White House. The surprisingly tight contest has exposed the depth of the party’s dependence on Trump as a message and motivator. Without him top of mind for many, and with headwinds from Washington, Democratic officials privately fear they may lose their first statewide election in Virginia in more than a decade on Tuesday.

"Public polling has been shifting in Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin’s direction in recent weeks, while Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former governor and close ally of President Joe Biden, has struggled to energize his base as Biden’s approval ratings sink. Republicans, consumed by infighting and crisis while Trump was in office, are suddenly optimistic they can win in a state Trump lost by 10 percentage points last year."

Lost is a subjective word. Biden received 81 million ballots; Trump received 75 million votes. I can show you thousands of Trump voters. I also can show you thousands of people shouting "Joe Biden," but they preface that with an F-bomb.

The Virginia race was McAuliffe's to lose, and he is. Education is the key in the race. AP mentioned it once in Paragraph 17 of a 31-paragraph story. 

McAuliffe sent his kids to private schools. It shows.

BPR reported today, "Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is calling on his state to diversify its base of teachers after complaining that there are too many whites leading classrooms and promising a program that would be used to attract more teachers of color.

"'We got to work hard to diversify our teacher base,' McAuliffe said during a campaign event in Manassas on Sunday.

"'50% of our students are students of color, 80% of the teachers are white, so what I’m going to do for you, we’ll be the first state in America,' he continued."

Black people fought for nearly a century to get Virginia schools integrated.

He wants to segregate the schools again. Black teachers for black kids. White teachers for white kids.

To do this, he will have to discriminate against white people either by firing thousands of white teachers to achieve that 50/50 parity or by hiring thousands of black teachers. He chose the latter because teacher unions want more dues-paying teachers.

No, this race is not about Trump. By finally admitting that, McAuliffe concedes defeat because anti-Trump voters were his only hope.

We shall see when they vote tomorrow.


  1. …AND they don’t stop Counting The Steal until mid next week, and, SON OF A BITCH, McAwful pulls it out! This will be a much more brazen Steal than last November, what with many more eyes focused on this one state, but when The Double Down Black Jesus runs your party you Go Big Steal or Go Home.

    1. The only way to stop the steal is to out those who are doing the stealing and come right at them. If the Feds try to shield the thieves, we come right at them too. Who is guarding the guardians? They must be outed.

    2. Nahhh. Fook Virginia. Like Cali, it’s not a hill I would pick to die on. Know several former co-workers who live in No Va and ALL of them were dooshnozzles.

    3. The Demos must be terrified, as in not enough dead people to cover the fraud. Jeffery and his sock puppets are everywhen trying to spread the defeatism.

    4. We are seeing historic reversals in trends that began in the late 1960's. CNN has no idea how big this is, and it is just beginning.

  2. Regarding a more diverse school faculty...,

    I am licensed by the Department of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which requires passing two separate tests. All candidates must pass the required, 'Literacy and Communications', test, and the second test is specific to the core competency, (English, History...).

    Receiving a passing score on both is not dependent upon diversity.

    1. Oregon did away with the competentcy requirements because: "diversity".FKB

    2. Paul, as you probably know, each state has it's own requirements for a teaching certificate. I imagine some states have lowered them reflecting the lowered standards of some college entrance exams.

  3. Brandon and McAuliffe have gotten people boiling mad.

    The Demos will have to dig up the dead all the way back to Powhatan to take this. And then there really would be Hell to pay.

    Now he must defuse his nationalization of the race to spare Obama, Biden, and Kamala the embarrassment of losing.

    Way too late for that.

  4. Replies
    1. If they pause the counting around 2AM, we'll know the fix is in again.


    3. At this point, it is all about mail in ballots. Especially those submitted after 11/2 when they know who did not vote and how many they need to overcome Youngkin.

  5. Not too much different than the California recall election, which the dem somehow managed to win. Stand by for "every vote must count" being screamed for 4 days post election, while more ballots are "found" in trunks of cars. We all have seen it, once they know how far behind they are, the votes will appear. Tune=up for november mid terms.. stand by.

  6. It will be quite entertaining to see that McAwful’s mouth cost him the election. He keeps on digging and I am hoping he has dug well past the effective fraud point.

  7. If not, we are in a poop load of trouble!!!

  8. Mc Awful is toast.what i see here is even with cheating thye can't cheat enough.EVERYONE is P.O.ed
    that is the thing. notevery Dem is a socialist Berniebot,not every black wants the Jab.Hang on and pray..
    As an added plus COP26 has turned into a Charlie Foxtrot....

  9. McAwful will lose the vote but win the election!

  10. Just the other day they fired a PE teacher in my town with 15 years of good service and an unblemished record. Why you ask? Refusal to be forced into taking the Covid inoculation. True story as Biden always enjoys snarking. BTW the unfortunate soul is male (one of a dwindling few) and Black (not that it should matter). Also well respected within his profession. That's how we handle things in Connecticut. Lets Go Brandon.

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