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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Masks and vax mandates don't work

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

--Albert Einstein (maybe)

In March 2020, Tony Fauci and other government know-it-alls convinced President Trump that if we shut down the economy for 15 days, we could slow the spread of covid long enough to survive.

That unconstitutional lockdown failed.

Democrat and RINO governors across the land keep locking down. I am not sure why they keep doing this. Maybe they are insane. But I have noticed that whenever the government does something unconstitutional, that something fails. In this case it failed miserably.

Then there were mask mandates. Another unconstitutional act. Another failure.

Now there are vax mandates. One more unconstitutional act for government. One more giant failure for mankind.

Jim, I'm an observer, not a doctor.

And I observe that nothing the government has done has stopped the spread of covid because nothing nothing short of moon suit will protect you from it. 

What we are calling a vaccine seems more like a flu shot. If you are old or infirm (or you are around them), you probably should get vaccinated if only for peace of mind. Yes, the vaccine has bad side effects, which is why it is your choice.

Without the vaccine, 300,000 people died of covid in 2020.

With the vaccine, we are on pace for 500,000 covid deaths in 2021.

That does not mean the vaccines are failures. The morbidity rate for the vaccinated is lower than the rate for the unvaccinated. Operation Warp Speed was a success in developing vaccines. But vaccines are not a panacea.

Perhaps locking everyone down was a mistake because it hindered the development of natural immunity by not exposing people to a virus that they would eventually encounter.

All I know is as the covid cases rise, the government goes back to doing the same thing that did not work last time, with politicians expecting different results.

That's insane.

That's government.


  1. Same thing with Marxism, by the way.

    1. Socialism promises equality and delivers scarcity.

    2. "... and delivers shortages." There FIFY. There is an economic difference between scarcity and shortage. Scarcity means there ain't any (or enough), and shortage means we can't get any at this price.
      Socialism promises equality and delivers shortage. The elite still get whatever they want/need.

    3. knifecatcherNovember 20, 2021 at 11:14 AM

      "Socialism promises equality and delivers scarcity." Except for the bosses and the "in-crowds"....

    4. Which is why Jeffery likes it. He thinks he'll be one of the gauleiters.

    5. Note to El Douchebag:
      Not a single post in this thread said a damn thing about liking it.
      Reading comprehension does not appear to be an ability of yours.

  2. A nifty nugget floating around "If I don't get vaccinated, I am 100% protected against the vaccine side effects, and 99.8% protected against dying from covid." Much of what has been done defies logic. And is unconstitutional, extremely harmful to our previously healthy economy. There are no words for what it has done to the social and mental stability of much of our populations.

  3. "Jim, I'm an observer, not a doctor."
    You forgot the "Dammit" (just sayin').

  4. Since there are newer vaccines currently undergoing Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials, couldn't we argue that mandates should at least wait until it is determined whether these new vaccines are safer and more effective?

  5. If Einstein had written it, he'd have said, “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

    CDC has admitted the "vaccines" decrease in effectiveness over time.

    2 months, according to the NEJM

    1. "vaccines" decrease in effectiveness over time. Consequently Big Pharma, in collusion with the regulators, is making Billions.

    2. How much of these billions find their way into the pockets of politicians through lobbyists, or to Lying M S M hacks for keeping this nonsense alive Now these bastards are going after the children .SELL MORE VACCINE's Make stock holders happy.

    3. How much of these billions find their way into the pockets of politicians through lobbyists, or to Lying M S M hacks for keeping this nonsense alive Now these bastards are going after the children .SELL MORE VACCINE's Make stock holders happy.

  6. Agree with your column, Don. My only quibble is that there is no "perhaps" locking everyone down was a mistake. It was a mistake ( for reasons I have already express here in the comments) and my impression is that it didn't help with natural immunity. Vaccination is a choice. For some, elderly, infirm, those with co-morbidities, it is surely recommended. We can't vaxx our way out of this and we are now seeing that. Time to live with it and move on.

    1. The easiest way of reducing number of cases.. STOP TESTING. If you feel sick see a doctor. A shame we can't trust the experts anymore.They make new things up every week.

  7. If they are truly vaccines and they worked as intended the cdc would not have to revise the definition of vaccine 3 or 4 times in a year.

  8. Soon they will modify "fully vaccinated" to include one or more "boosters."

  9. Leaky vaccines make things worse, because instead of the virus mutating into something more infectious but less lethal, it selects for more lethal strains.

    Trump's plan was to use the vaccine for the elderly and high-risk groups only.

    Don in Oregon

  10. True covid deaths are way over-reported. Italy, I believe, revised their numbers from "with covid" to "from covid" and the result was a 90+% reduction in the reported deaths. So I do not believe the numbers we're getting from the Brandon admin.

  11. The death statistics about Chinaflu are total, unmitigated bullshlt. The total daily/weekly/monthly reports are total freaking lies.
    Please stop writing articles as if that cr@p was true. It ain’t.

  12. Excellent column. From what I can tell, Democrats and RINOs respond to people who look to Government to be their Lord and Savior.

    These people demand that Government “Do Something, Anything” and the Democrat/RINO Socialists respond to their demands to demonstrate that “They Care” — Just like Bill Clinton would feel others “pain”; especially when he was sexually assaulting them.

  13. Yep. Words mean things and calling these mRNA altering poisons a vacinne is truly an incorrect term

  14. I say the vaccines have fueled covid in 2021. Just look at Sweden they did relatively nothing covid is virtually nonexistent there as a problem. And the stats for other country show she's at the hospitalixations and deaths are much higher for the vaccinated than for the unvaccinated. The US never seems to release their numbers though

  15. I'm wondering if anybody (besides me) has noticed that COVID does not seem to be a large problem in Africa, where BOTH hydroxychlorquine AND ivermectin are used rather frequently?

  16. I challenge your 300k deaths in 2020. If the PCR test was being used with too many cycles (Portugal Supreme Court: 97% false positive rate) the rates aren't accurate. And that's even if the deceased were tested .. I know of cases where the deceased wasn't tested or had negative tests and the hospitals tried to write COVID on the death certificate, some to the point where the families had to argue. (I still don't know if it has been confirmed what financial incentives hospitals had to report a COVID death.) There are many documented cases of non-COVID deaths (motorcycle crash, bullet to head, etc.) being marked as COVID deaths. The fact that so many other deaths didn’t happen that year (flu, cancer, heart, etc.) supports the mis-categorization position. Also, I believe that CDC changed the deaths “of” vs. “with” in September of 2020 to something like 6k. Italy recently did the same. Apparently the revised death from COVID numbers are less than the typical flu season deaths.
    Regarding deaths since the vaccine, the fact that those who are dying within 14 days of a shot are being classified as a COVID death but not a vaccine death. I’ve also seen allegations where family members are told not to claim a death is from a vaccine because this may void life insurance claims if someone dies of an “experimental” vaccine.
    It should not be this hard to have reasonably reliable, believable numbers.

  17. Without the vaccine, 300,000 people died (WITH) covid in 2020.

    There, I fixed it for you Don!

  18. There is something short of a moon suit that will protect you from dying or getting severely ill from Covid. It efficacy has now been proven beyond any doubt in the most densely populated area on the planet .. The Ganges River Valley

    The Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and The Delhi Federal District (260 million people in a 100K square mile area) report that the pandemic is nearly over due to the early treatment Ivermectin Protocol (Ivermectin + zinc + Vitamins C and D3). And now, a little further East, Bangladesh (140 million in 40K Sqmi) reports no Covid deaths whatsoever on sporadic days. And Id be amazed if the two states of Bihar and East Bengal (180 mil in 70K sqmi), which are sandwiched between Uttar and Bangla arent doing the very same thing

    So we are talking about the possibility of an area of about 225k sqmi (the size and shape of California and Southern Oregon) with almost 600 million people that has brought the virus under control. And Im pretty sure sure it was the Ivermectin cocktail that did it, cause it cant be social distancing, just cant be

  19. Just heard this ditty from some girls jumping rope in Brandentown, which I think encapsulates the numbers controversy

    Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed
    One fell off and cracked his head
    Went to the doctor, the doctor said
    One more monkey marked as Covid dead

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  21. This hasn't been widely reported yet, but do you know what's really insane?

    Pfizer has applied for emergency use authorization for its new COVID treatment, which in clinical trials reduced hospitalization and death by about 90%. In other words, this treatment appears to be about as effective as any of the vaccines. However:

    * It is intended to be used only by people who have tested positive for COVID. That means that there is NO risk to people who have not been infected.

    * People using it know they're potentially infectious, which means that almost all of them will isolate. That greatly reduces the risk that the virus might mutate in a way that escapes the treatment and then go on to infect others.

    * There is no risk of it losing effectiveness over time, because it doesn't get used until it is known to be needed.

    So what did Pfizer do? They excluded people who had been vaccinated from the clinical trials. This puts the FDA in an impossible position:

    * If they approve the drug, they can do so only for people who have not been vaccinated. This approval would completely undercut any rationale for the vaccination campaign, because it would deprive vaccinated people of the most effective available treatment.

    * If the FDA declines to approve it, they will be justly accused of killing people.

    * If they exceed their brief and approve it for people who *have* been vaccinated, that removes the reason for holding clinical trials in the first place.

    Meanwhile, the Biden administration has already signed a deal with Pfizer for millions of doses of this new medication, without any idea of who will be able to use it or the effects of partial approval.



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