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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Art handlers packed up an 884-pound statue of Thomas Jefferson in a wooden crate Monday after a mayoral commission voted to banish the likeness of the nation’s third president from City Hall where its resided for nearly two centuries — because he owned slaves.

"About a dozen workers with Marshall Fine Arts spent several hours carefully removing the painted plaster monument from its pedestal inside the City Council chambers and surrounding it with sections of foam and wooden boards.

"They then lowered the massive structure down the stairs leading to the building’s first-floor rotunda with a pulley system and ushered the Founding Father out the back door."

New Yorkers no longer believe all men are created equal.

Neither does a news media that capitalizes black but not white.

ITEM 2: Pocahontas Warren announced she "sent a letter to Jonathan Kanter, Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division, calling on the Department of Justice to investigate major poultry companies’ anticompetitive practices that have lined the pockets of executives and shareholders while raising prices for families at the grocery store ahead of Thanksgiving. The price of turkey has increased by 24% over the past year, far outpacing other Thanksgiving foods, while poultry prices soared to all-time highs this year. Poultry is one of the most heavily concentrated industries with the dominant “Big Four” poultry companies — JBS Foods, Tyson, Perdue, and Sanderson — holding a combined 54% of the market. In her letter, Senator Warren called out big poultry companies’ corporate greed and urged the DOJ to investigate schemes to eliminate small competitors while raising prices for consumers, cutting pay for American farmers, and reporting massive profits."

Washington wants to blame others for its inflationary policies.

If you can't beat them, join them. I now will blame the cat for all my typos.

ITEM 3: National Geographic reported, "for many Native Americans, the holiday invokes a legacy of racism, violence, genocide, and mistreatment. In the 1970s, right around the bicentennial of the U.S., Native people began to gather on the holiday to hold a day of mourning instead—a tradition known as Unthanksgiving Day." 

But Warren — the first American Indian to teach law at Harvard — celebrates Thanksgiving!

Doesn't that make her an Uncle Tomtom?

OK, Aunt Tomtom.

ITEM 4: AP reported, "An Iowa law that prohibits Medicaid coverage for sex reassignment surgeries for transgender residents violates state law and the state constitution, a judge ruled in a decision made public Monday.

"Judge William Kelly ordered the Iowa Department of Human Services to provide coverage for sex reassignment surgeries when ordered to treat gender dysphoria, a psychological distress that results from an incongruence between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender identity. It often begins in childhood, and some people may not experience it until after puberty or much later, according to the American Psychiatric Association."

The Lord does not make mistakes.

Judges do.

ITEM 5: Sean Davis tweeted, "Twitter Suspended Me For Saying Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong—After His Acquittal."

Repeal Section 230, which shields the online oligarchs from accountability.

ITEM 6: Life News reported, "Texas can keep saving unborn babies from abortions for the time being.

"Abortion activists had hoped that Monday would be the day when the U.S. Supreme Court would issue a ruling about the Texas heartbeat law. At 10 a.m., however, the court published only one opinion for the day, an unrelated case about water rights, according to SCOTUS Blog.

"That means the life-saving Texas law will remain in effect."

To those seeking to repeal the ban I say, time plus no answer equals no.

ITEM 7: AP reported, "Kevin Spacey and his production companies must pay the studio behind 'House of Cards' more than $30 million because of losses brought on by his firing for sexual misconduct, according to an arbitration decision made final Monday.

"A document filed in Los Angeles Superior Court requesting a judge’s approval of the ruling says that the arbitrators found that Spacey violated his contract’s demands for professional behavior by 'engaging certain conduct in connection with several crew members in each of the five seasons that he starred in and executive produced House of Cards.'"

So they fire him and then collect $30 million for the money they lost by firing him.

ITEM 8: Christian Toto reported, "J.K. Rowling Stands Tall After Doxxing, Endless Death Threats.

"'Harry Potter' author stares down new, deadly strain of Cancel Culture."

Sorry. The British Buttinsky trashed Trump. Not my team, not my player, not my care.

ITEM 9: Just the News reported, "More than a dozen families of the 17 victims in the Parkland, Fla., 2018 school shooting have settled with the Department of Justice in a lawsuit they filed after the FBI had failed to act on tips regarding the shooter.

"'The parties hereby advise the Court that they have reached an agreement to settle all of the claims at issue' after three years of litigation, CNN reported.

"The amount of the settlement has yet to be finalized."

The FBI was too busy spying on Obama's political enemies (it did not stop with Trump) and setting up traps to bother with doing its real job.

Abolish the FBI.

ITEM 10: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel cataloged the crimes of Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, the man charged with five murders after driving a speeding red SUV into the Waukesha Christmas Parade.

The paper said, "He has been charged with crimes 10 times since 1999, when Brooks pleaded guilty at 17 years old to a felony charge of inflicting substantial bodily harm against another person, according to court records. He also has been cited for traffic and disorderly conduct offenses. 

"A decade ago, during a traffic stop, a Milwaukee police officer jumped inside Brooks’ car, fearing he was about to be run over. The officer had pulled him over for not wearing a seat belt. As Brooks began to drive away while the officer was talking to him, the officer got inside the car and wrestled for control of the steering wheel.

"Eventually, the officer was able to stop the car and removed the keys. Brooks ran away from the car, court records say, and he was arrested hiding in a children's playhouse in the same block. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in that case.

"More recently, Brooks was charged in July 2020 with two felony counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was accused of getting into a fight with a relative and then firing a gun at the relative and a friend, according to court records."

He sounds nice.

ITEM 11: CNN blamed the SUV.

It tweeted, "5 people have died and more than 40 are injured after an SUV ploughed through a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, according to city officials."

Those darned SUVs. We should license drivers and make them register their SUVs....

ITEM 12: Sean Davis followed up on the departure of Never Trumpers Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg from Fox.

Davis tweeted, "LOL. They didn’t quit because of Tucker. They didn’t even really quit. Fox planned on getting rid of them because the audience hated them for being dishonest left-wing grifters who were wrong about everything."

Hayes and Goldberg are the founders of the Never Right.

Meanwhile, Media-ite reported, "Bret Baier and Chris Wallace Reportedly Protested to Fox News Leadership About Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge."

Two more Never Righters.

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "The Knicks and their fans won’t be seeing LeBron James at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday.

"The Lakers star was suspended one game for his role in a bloody altercation with the Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart during the third quarter of the teams’ game on Sunday, the league announced Monday. Stewart was suspended two games."

The bloody altercation was LBJ punching Stewart in the face. The message is clear: start the fight and you get half the suspension your victim gets.


The NBA is a farce that sold out to Red China.

ITEM 14: Newsday reported, "Mount Sinai closes Long Beach ER due to shortage of vaccinated nurses, officials say."

We have to get everyone vaccinated even if that means firing the unvaccinated because we do not want the hospitals to shut down.

ITEM 15: The Reload reported, "Support for gun control has fallen again.

"That’s according to a new poll from Quinnipiac, which found 49% of adults oppose new gun laws, compared to 46% of those who say they support further restrictions. The findings mark the first time since 2015 that fewer than 50% of voters expressed support for new restrictions to Quinnipiac pollsters.

"The findings are just the latest evidence of a broad shift against gun control among the American people. Last week’s poll from Gallup showed a similar drop in public support for stricter gun laws, and a recent Morning Consult poll found voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on the issue of gun policy."

Gun ownership is rising, too.

That is good news.

ITEM 16: Zero Hedge reported, "The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari. The move comes after hard lockdowns were instituted in the communities of both Binjari and nearby Rockhole on Saturday night."

9 cases.

Not deaths, cases.

Quarantine camp. Maybe the entrance has a sign with an encouraging message, "Arbeit macht frei."

ITEM 17: KXAN reported, "Samsung Electronics Co. is set to announce plans to build a $17 billion chipmaking plant in Taylor, Texas, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

"Samsung previously indicated in its application filings that it wanted to start construction in January."

1,800 jobs.

Go for it!


  1. Fact: The father of slavery on these shores was a black African named Anthony Johnson who sued his white neighbors to legalize owning a human being for life in VA 1655. Court ruling here:

    Even Harvard's black historian Louis Gates, Jr confirms the historical fact (and the fact that blacks were slaveowners up to the Civil War) on black website The Root (tag line "The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth")

    Let's learn the facts and make sure people get proper historic credit for their accomplishments.

    1. Dinesh D'Souza did a good job of that in his movie DEATH OF A NATION.

  2. #3 My friend and will probably do thanks giving at Denny's we bring our own Indians.
    /This "Unthanksgiving is the Navtive American Quanzza.
    A Socialist construct fully of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    1. National Geo has been dead to me since they went full Global BS er, climate change.
      BTW 36f. Cold rain and I-84 over "Deadman's Pass"
      (appropriately named BTW) is closed. Winter in NE Oregon.

    2. Socialists/liberals don’t know how to thank anyone or anything.

  3. #2 "I now will blame the cat for all my typos."

    Trickle-down blame. What a great idea! My wife blames me; I'll blame the dog and let him blame the cat. Perfect.

    1. Yeah, that’s more GOLD from our Master and Commander, Big D.

    2. I miss my big, ginger Maine Coon. He would proudly take the blame because he was usually the Purrrp.
      Keyboard error, cat and dog food being mysteriously opened, after the cupboard door was opened. Christmas tree on the floor-blame the Cat. Smart Cats are trouble.

    3. My brother was looking for a ginger kitten to replace the old mouser they lost last year. He wanted a ginger to be full of piss-n-vinegar and terrorize the rodent population. He now has him and his calico sister.

  4. "Repeal Section 230, which shields the online oligarchs from accountability."
    DO IT NOW. They are out of control and it gets more obvious every day.

  5. Always wanted to visit Australia and maybe swim around the Great Barrier reef. Not anymore. They are completely nuts.

  6. Item 3: Did you assume Elizabeth Warren's gender? Shame on you!

  7. Two things get too much press. News on the .3% to .6% of the population sickies that are trans folks and LaBron. They are about equal in non-relevance in our society.

  8. #9 "...after the FBI had failed to act on tips regarding the shooter."

    Interesting. The FBI owning up to their total failure. Does this mean Democrat judges, who release career criminals on $1,000 bail and they immediately mow down people in a parade, can be sued? Wishful thinking. Of course not.

    1. And I think I need to do some research to determine (compare and contrast) the specifics of the law Trump championed (what I call the Kim and Kanye law) versus the shite that local LE and judges are getting away with, such as Jigga Darrell enjoyed. The latter is Pure Californication IMHO.

    2. zregime, there's that pesky qualified immunity issue to deal with. SCOTUS has upheld it in response to outrageous cases. Another instance of common sense flying out the window.

  9. ITEM 12: Jonah Goldberg & Steve Hayes quit Fox because of Tucker's Patriot Purge series.

    Or as Tucker outs it:

    The documentary series
    that drove Jonah Goldberg

    1. Get your mind blown and listen to Tucker interview RFK Jr about Bill Gates, Fauci and the end of the Bill of Rights.

    2. Wow, knifecatcher, so maybe his cousin was really innocent? I don't have time to listen to the whole thing, but I've bookmarked it.

  10. Item 1 - Not only do all New Yorkers not believe all men are created equal, they don’t even believe that all men are men.

  11. Item 9 - Why stop with the FBI?? Let’s eliminate the DOT, DOE, DOJ, DOC as well. After that we can do a critical review of remaining government organizations and eliminate at least 50% of them. Too much cancer in government.

  12. #7. The money should go to the young boys he accosted.

  13. 14 - I do not feel bad for the hospitals that are now suffering from their insufferable rules. I do feel for the patients.

    16 - Fuck Joe Biden and Australia.

  14. Australia has returned to its roots. A former penal colony becomes a prison. Fascism on display. Unfortunately, it seems to work during a "crisis."

  15. The only Fox show that Goldberg and Hayes were on was Brett Baier's. Baier is a Never Trumper along with Wallace, Cavuto, Sandra Smith, etc. Tucker's interview with Kyle Rittenhouse was really interesting. What a standup young man. Rittenhouse duly noted that his first lawyers, Lin Wood and that Pearce/Pierson (?) did not work on his behalf and told him that he was safer in jail where he spent 87 days, 30 of them without a shower.

  16. #10 Black Privilege has consequences. In life you get what you tolerate.

  17. #15 With the exception of Connecticut Elections really do have consequences.

  18. 8. "First they came for...and I didn't care because I wasn't...."

    9. Seems like it should be more than $450,000 per person because it is permanent.

    1. #9. Do we really want a precrimes unit? Lock people up and strip them of their rights because they might commit a crime? We got enough of that because of January 6.

  19. Item 1: I'm only surprised that the statue didn't come to life and flee the NYC council room on its own years ago.

  20. 3 - As others have noted, NG used to be an interesting and respectable publication - but then it got taken over by the loonies and ruined. Leftists ruin everything they touch...

    5 - How about we repeal the online oligarchs directly to Gitmo?

    16 - Among the five Anglosphere countries in recent years, the US, UK, and Australia have been the adults while Canada and New Zealand have been the children; looks like Australia wants to transition to the children's table...

    17 - The article (probably because the reporter doesn't know the business) doesn't say if this new facility is for Samsung's internal needs or for Samsung's foundry business; Samsung is unusual in that it does both tracks extensively, and they seem to make this work by keeping the facilities and divisions quite separate. Given the $17B price tag, it will be state-of-the-art. As long as the US market is big, non-US entities will want to have capacity here.

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    3: For many Native Americans, maybe, but most consider themselves American Indians, noting that white, yellow, brown, and black people are also native Americans.

    Very tolerant and civilized, our red brethren.

    6: TX and Israel are both a light unto the nations, as befitting the world's 2 lone star states.

    10: He may be presumed innocent by the law (and the Left), but his motive is pretty obvious.

    11: IOW people don't kill people, SUVs kill people.

    13: Again, they don't call him LeBum for nothing.

    16: Beat me to it.

    Maybe they'll call it Dachau-on-the-Howard.

  22. Arbeit macht frei, updated: Impstof macht Frei

  23. ITEM 17: At least they'll have some good barbecue at the Taylor Cafe.

  24. Arbeit macht frei, updated: Vaccine macht frei.

  25. 9. Disestablish the entire Dept of [In]Justice and the Executive Office of Attorney General. Establish an independent Attorney General appointed by the AGs of the States and serving at their Will. Prime directive is to hold the federal government accountable. Secondary directive is to enforce federal laws against others.

  26. Item 1 - Democrats owned slaves. I'm waiting for the day we can banish them from the US. If nothing else, at least get rid of the democrat party.