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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Highlights of the News

Happy Veterans Day.

Railroads in Wisconsin include the BNSF Railway, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse.

ITEM 1: Twitchy reported, "It’s looking to a lot of people that Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger is trying to lose his homicide case against Kyle Rittenhouse. The prosecution was facepalming the other day, and now it’s our turn to facepalm as we consider the argument that a 'heavily armed teenager' with an AR-15 would consider a man holding a mere handgun to his face a threat."

It is pretty bad when a site that retweets tweets does a better job covering a trial with no one there than AP and the rest do with reporters present.

The AP account did not mention this exchange:

Binger: “Mr. Rittenhouse, you have an AR. He had a pistol. Isn’t it fair to say he was not a threat to you?”

Rittenhouse: “No, he held a gun to my head. I didn’t want to die, so I shot him with what I had.”

Great William Talman's Ghost is Binger stupid. Hamilton Binger is so stupid, he could be Biden's attorney general.

But maybe jurors are just as stupid -- or in fear of their lives -- that they will convict Rittenhouse.

ITEM 2: NDTV reported, "Actor Alec Baldwin Sued Over Fatal Film Set Shooting.

"The negligence suit also names armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who claimed through her legal representatives that she was being framed for the death of Halnya Hutchins."

The story said, "The low-budget movie's chief lighting technician Serge Svetnoy says in the lawsuit that the accidental killing 'was caused by the negligent acts and omissions' of lead actor and producer Baldwin and others."

There is no such thing as an accidental shooting.

Unintentional, sure. Tragic, sure. But this was totally preventable.

ITEM 3: Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Democrat Congressman Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn and Queens.

Democrats never believe their own horseshit. They just shovel it.

ITEM 4: Breitbart reported, "The Atlantic, a left-liberal publication that has become a clearinghouse for anti-Republican commentary, published an essay in which it expressed skepticism that a blue-collar truck driver like Edward Durr could perform the duties of his elected office."

The Democrat governor called him dangerous.

Durr's response?

“How much worse could I make it?”

I hope he said that between bites of a Dunkin donut.

ITEM 5: The article said, "The Founders hoped that America would be led by people of moral and intellectual excellence; they built anti-majoritarian firebreaks into the Constitution precisely to avert sudden and intemperate movements."

That is true. Ours is not a democracy. The Founding Fathers created a constitutional republic.

But The Atlantic repeatedly cries that Republicans are a "threat to democracy." Here. There. And everywhere.

ITEM 6: Trending Politics reported, "While introducing Democrats at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi scolded the audience after they failed to clap for her and other representatives."

The story also said, "Uh thank you all for being here,' Pelosi said as the crowd stayed completely silent. 'Uh today, we will hear and that’s an applause line in case you didn’t know. We can applaud ourselves. We applaud ourselves."

Jeb! Pelosi.

She also presided maskless at a maskless wedding followed by a maskless reception.

ITEM 7: No Q Report reported, "Irony: The Key to Proving the ‘Vaccines’ Do Not Work May Be LGBTQ+ Data."

The story said, "91% of LGBTQ+ adults surveyed in the survey were fully vaccinated.

"20% of LGBTQ+ adults surveyed said they have tested positive for COVID-19 or are 'pretty sure' they have had it despite not receiving an official diagnosis, compared to only 14% of all adults in the United States."


I don't believe gay sex has anything to do with it.

But it is a reminder that we sent Tony the Traitor Fauci to DC to get a vaccine for AIDS.

40 years later, no vaccine and 15,000 people die each year from AIDS.

ITEM 8: Via the Hill, Turtle Mitch McConnell said of Biden's spend-a-palooza, "If the Democrats in the Senate, all 50 of them, fall in line, they can pass it. If any one of them isn't there in a 50-50 Senate, it will be defeated.

"The two Senate Democrats who are resisting—Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona—we'll see how strong they are. They could kill the whole thing, either one of them."

A Snoresville statement from Captain Obvious. But The Hill used it to rationalize an absurd headline: "McConnell ups pressure on Manchin, Sinema: They could sink spending plan."

DC reporters are the worst.

ITEM 9: The clickbait headlines such as the one in Item 8 are evidence of the demise of journalism because reporters act more and more like bloggers.

AP should be embarrassed that Twitchy nailed Wednesday's action in the Rittenhouse trial while AP's three reporters missed it.

Yes, I am in my pajamas as I write this.

ITEM 10: Spencer Brown reported, "WaPo Fact Checker Forced to Backtrack After Defending Buttigieg's Racist Bridges Claim."

The claim is that racist whiteys deliberately built bridges too low for buses to keep black people and Puerto Ricans away from the beach. This claim was based on Pages 318 and 319 in a book on Robert Moses.

Rather than examine other sources (low bridges were common back in the day), WaPo defended Paternity Leave Pete.

After getting an earful from experts, WaPo sheepishly allowed that others disagree.

Now to get WaPo to return its Russian Hoax Pulitzer.

Low bridges go back 200 years to when they built the Erie Canal. Low bridges were part of its charm.

Everybody sing!

Low bridge, everybody down
Low bridge cause we're coming to a town
And you'll always know your neighbor
And you'll always know your pal
If you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal

Don't know the song? We sang it at Woodland Elementary in Cleveland.

ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "State Department employees on Tuesday received official text messages on their personal cell phones ordering them to change the passwords on their unclassified government accounts 'effective immediately,' two recipients told Just the News.  

"The directive, which was viewed by Just the News, came in the form of a Cybersecurity Notice from the Department of State, instructing employees to change the passwords on all OpenNet user accounts from 12 to 16 characters."

Letsgobrandon is 13 characters.

ITEM 12The Hill reported, "Biden gets inflation gut-punch."

So the only thing bad Washington journalists see in the worst inflation in 3 decades is that a Democrat is presiding over it.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "Gov. Ron DeSantis says he will send migrants to Delaware if any more are flown into Florida on secret flights and slams Biden for caring more about the Belarus border than his own after his meeting with EU Commission head."

Banishment to Delaware is cruel and unusual punishment.

But they are not citizens, so they can just suck it up.

ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, "For the past several years, Iran has been subject to crippling oil-export sanctions, but that is news to China whose imports of Iranian oil have held above half a million barrels per day on average for the last three months, traders and ship-tracking firms told Reuters as Chinese buyers judge that getting crude at cheap prices outweighs any risks from busting U.S. sanctions, especially when the US president is unlikely to wake up from his afternoon nap and do anything to punish China for violating the terms of the draconian embargo.

"Indeed, as Reuters notes, Chinese purchases of Iranian crude have continued this year despite the sanctions that, if enforced, would allow Washington to cut off those who violate them from the U.S. economy."

So much for climate change.

So much for human rights. (Hard to say who is worse, Iran or Red China.)

So much for world peace.

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "Ten different groups joined a small business advocacy group is suing President Joe Biden over his administration's new vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees.

"The National Federation of Independent Business, the largest small business association in the U.S., filed a petition Tuesday with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals demanding the court pause the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule.

"'The small business economy is fragile, and owners continue to manage several business challenges regarding staffing and supply chain disruptions,' Executive Director of NFIB's Small Business Legal Center Karen Harned said in a statement upon filing legal action against the president's new rule.

"'This mandate only increases those challenges and threatens to cause an enormous financial loss,' she continued. 'Ultimately, the mandate restricts the freedom small business owners depend on to run their businesses and is a clear example of administrative overreach.' 

"The mandate has run into furious opposition from leaders of mainly Republican-led states who have condemned the plan as an unlawful case of federal overreach and who immediately challenged the new requirements in court.

"On Saturday, the Biden administration endured a setback when a federal appeals court in New Orleans temporarily halted the mandate, saying it posed 'grave statutory and constitutional issues.'

"The rule, if it survives the challenges, will go into effect January 4 and will affect more than 80 million workers amid a labor shortage and massive supply chain delays – as well as rising inflation and prices and struggling economy.

"But the administration will have to rely on whistleblowers to identify workplaces that are violating the rule because OSHA doesn't have nearly enough safety inspectors for the massive undertaking."

The mandate is unconstitutional.

The government does not have the permission of the people to impose this.

This is not about the vaccine. This is about government overreach.

I got vaxxed. My body, my choice. You do you. Your decision does not affect me.

FINALLY, we are experiencing an Indian summer in Poca this week. I got some good rides in with the top down. The hillsides are ruby and gold as the trees prepare to disrobe for the winter.

I suppose next year I will have to call it a Guardian summer.


  1. re: Kyle Rittenhouse: I don't even believe, at this point, that he will be acquitted. That is how little faith I have in the justice system. It is corrupt and plays favorites. I pray for that child.

    1. I don't see the venom to get him - the try to use Floyd to generate public pressure fizzled. And the DA, who had a very poor case to begin with, has done nothing to help it.

    2. Yea, but when a jury's involved, anything can happen. A not-guilty verdict brings higher risk to them than a guilty verdict. Rittenhouse was flat out lucky he got an honest judge.

    3. AWJ, there's no such thing as luck, the lad was Blessed. Let's pray his blessings continue.

  2. “Democrats never believe their own horseshit. They just shovel it.”

    Close the voting. Yeah, it’s early, but just CLOSE THE FOOKING VOTING. Big D Wins The Internet today.

  3. It is Remembrance Day today in Canada, the equivalent of Veterans Day, I think but I am not sure. We must never forget but most of us have. Most people could not even comprehend such personal sacrifices in the name of freedom. It will be a lovely day for ceremonies because we are having a late Indian summer in Montreal, which is most unusual because often we get our first snowstorm at this time of year. We remember at the 11th hour of the 11th day.

    1. Note to my fellow American readers - in Canada, WW1 is a much bigger deal than WW2 (here in the US, it's the opposite).

  4. #13 - banishment to DE cruel. Only to New Castle or Kent Counties. Sussex County is red country and includes the beautiful beach towns of Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, Fenwick Island.

  5. Item 11: #Let'sG0Brand0n!

    16 characters and contains upper/lower, special characters and numerals PLUS it would make a dandy twitter hashtag!

    1. FWIW - Item 11 would have made a fine Item 8.

  6. A recent meme that says it all:

    Are the Covid-19 vaccines effective and safe?

    If 'Yes' then vaccine mandates are pointless,
    If 'No' then vaccine mandates are pointless.

    I agree 100% with your comment: "I got vaxxed. My body, my choice. You do you. Your decision does not affect me."

    1. Texas Dept of State Health:
      From September 4 through October 1, 2021:
      • Unvaccinated people were 13 times more likely to become infected with COVID-19 than fully
      vaccinated people.
      • Unvaccinated people were 20 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated
      death than fully vaccinated people.

    2. And those with natural immunity fare better than the vaxxed.

      A troubling thing I read the other day - and I would like to get some more information on this to see if this is just someone spouting off, or its real, is that vaxed individuals, as their vax wears off so to speak, actually have compromised immune systems to covid, making them MORE susceptible to catching the virus and having trouble with it.

      If this is true, it means the risks associated with the vax are actually greater than the disease, because it suggests multiple boosters to confer continued immunity - and the small risk of issues with the vax of course become greater over time.

      As some very prominent virologists and epidemiologists are noting, widespread population vaxxing is counterproductive, and prolongs the overall population's exposure to the virus. Targeted vaxxing of susceptible populations is preferred; allowing the general population to continually reduce the lethality of the virus by developing natural immunity.

    3. What is bizzarre, I cannot an antibody test.
      I am convinced I had a mild case of it my friend had the same thing. People at her job were actually tested positive.My doc wouldn't test me unless I had a fever of 99 or higher.
      well, I run at 97.3 and my temp that day was 98.7 which is high for me. I had the Moderna Jab back in April. I'd like to know. I'm resisting the booster.

  7. Item 1: “But maybe jurors are just as stupid -- or in fear of their lives -- that they will convict Rittenhouse.” They can’t possibly be that stupid, but they may be in fear. The judge could short circuit that with a directed verdict of acquittal. But if not, and if they do their duty, the question is whether only Kenosha will burn, or will it spread to other Democrat-infested cities. Chicago provides a clue; Chicago PD has canceled time off for all officers, starting tomorrow.

    Item 6: “Uh thank you all for being here… that’s an applause line in case you didn’t know.” I’ve said that to audiences dozens of times, and not once did anyone applaud at that. The woman has lost it. Maybe the Rs in the House should stand and applaud every tine she reaches a period in her meaningless harangue at the Speaker’s lectern. That’ll slow things down.

    1. Interesting situation in Chicago. A mayor who has demonstrated massive incompetence. Police who are essentially at war with her office, and surrounding jurisdictions who say they will not respond to Chicago's needs for additional police in the event of any trouble- outside of man down.

      If Kenosha burns, the mayor will be out of a job. There will be no burning.

  8. My sister visited West Virginia for the first time last week. She couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Ate at The Waffle House for the first time. Drove right past Don’s house. The place is beautiful and the people are great.

    1. Dang it, Brother, you weren’t sposed to tell no one!

    2. Always wanted to see Appalachia in the spring and fall. Grandma was born in a cabin outside of Bluefield. Cold and rainy here, have had a fire for two days. Roots go back to "almost heaven" on both sides..

  9. Item #3: "Democrats never believe their own horseshit. They just shovel it."

    "You load 16 tons, whaddya get?"

    1. another day older and deeper in debt. don wasn t the only one to sing old folk songs in cleveland

  10. 1 - Lt. Tragg was the real incompetent. He investigated and then arrested all of those innocent people.

    The prosecution’s case has been a train wreck. It looks like the prosecution wants a mistrial so they can try Rittenhouse again. They may end up with a mistrial with prejudice - where Rittenhouse cannot be tried again.

    4 - The elitist liberal’s noses are so high up in the air, they couldn’t smell a Zhou Xiden fart.

    Fuck Joe Biden

    15 - unfortunately, while this is being fought in the courts, many businesses and govt. entities are forcing employees to get jabbed or be terminated. Many that don’t want the jab are getting the jab. When they rule the rule unconstitutional, those that got the jab can’t undo what they were forced to do.

    FJB and let’s go Brandon.

    1. And every business who forces that and has an employee who has an adverse reaction will open themselves up to a lawsuit. The trial lawyers, those beasts, are going to be our friends. Some have suggested the OSHA mandate was done to protect the big businesses who have the mandate but realize they have no protection. I hope everyone sues them and bankrupts each business with the vax mandate. A business can do what they want, but when their contract terms result in injury and death, they get to pay.

  11. Item #4 Durr in New Jersey: The real danger Durr represents is how hollow and easily toppled these paper tigers are.

  12. #3. Unfortunately some democrat voters believe it. Most of the rest are too dead to care.

  13. #10. I've got a mule and his name is Joe
    Got into office with his sidekick Ho.
    Sold his soul for cash you know
    Stuffed ballot boxes with his sidekick Ho.
    He told some whoppers in his time
    Bout cornpop Ukraine and all his crime.
    And he knows every inch of the way from Washington to Xi Jin Ping.
    Masks on the Nazis are in town.
    More lies our president's a clown
    And you'll always know it's garbage
    You'll always know it's shit
    If ever an elected democrat says a word of it.

  14. #11. Passwords shall include a capital letter, a lower case letter, a number and a symbol. I'll make mine Letsgobrandon#1!

  15. Item #10 - Thanks for the memory Don. We sang that song as well in Mrs. Horn's 5th grade Music class at old Lenox Ave Elementary in Milford, Connecticut, circa 1962. I loved that song!

  16. 1 - Among the 1970s relics that are returning, this shows the leftist obsession with "disproportionate force" - that somehow it's sorta okay to defend yourself with the same level of force and implement, but not to use a superior implement or "disproportionate force." (This prissy nonsense also shows up when the usual leftist gits throw hissy fits at Israel for responding to Palestinian terror (like lobbing rockets randomly at civilian efforts) with airstrikes out that take out leadership of AP-shielding Hamas). It was actually law in Massachusetts back in the 1970s for awhile that you were in minor trouble if you defended yourself with equal weaponry but in big trouble if you defended yourself with superior weaponry - even if you didn't know what your attacker possessed at the time. Some enterprising film-maker needs to issue a remake of the classic "Death Wish" in which Charles Bronson spoke for the frustration of everyone fed up with the crime problems of the time.

    3 - The message is simple - "Don't lock up regular criminals anymore, since we need the prison space for political opponents."

    4 - One of William F. Buckley's better lines was that "I would rather be governed by the first one hundred names in the telephone book than by the Harvard faculty." We would probably be better off now by filling governmental offices by lot - classical Athens did this very successfully during its best years.

    5 - The Founding Fathers were also well-read, and they styled their blueprint for a federal government on the Roman Republic, particularly as it was described in Polybius. They in particular were trying to **avoid** what happened with the "democracy" in classical Athens - which went from vigor to self-destructive collapse in a matter of a few decades.

    6 - I can't help but note the sense of things feeling more and more like Romania 1989. Besides the "ruler" being a senile old fool with a dreadful wife with a fake Ph.D., the final straw was a cold, dark, hungry winter. Hmm.

    10 - I got a mule, her name is Sal...

    15 - "The mandate is unconstitutional." State governors need to state this, and declare it null-and-void in their states.

  17. We should remember that DA is a political job. Binger has given up on getting a conviction and is looking to reelection.
    His questions reflect what his not-very-bright constituency thinks he should ask: "How come a guy with an assault weapon felt threatened by a pistol?" etc.. THis is all politics at this point.

    1. See above; leftists have long had a bizarre, ignorant obsession with this sort of thing (why people defend themselves with "superior" weapons and such).

  18. Reference Item 2 -- As an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer and Pistol-Rifle-Shotgun Instructor, I was trained to refer to a so-called "accidental" discharge as a "negligent" discharge. Thought being that the discharge wouldn't have occured if proper safety protocols were followed.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Good one.

    1: Great William Talman's Ghost

    You just made my day.

    2: One way or t'other, Arec Barwin is toast. Jail may be the preferable alternative.

    6: Another in the line of succession the Demos can't allow in the Rainbow House.

    She also presided maskless at a maskless wedding followed by a maskless reception.

    With a dictatorial state governor in attendance who, after demanding his people get the shot, was palsied by it.

    God must love Donald Trump.

    7: Again, Fauci went to DC in '68, not '80.

    And we should start seeing him for what he is, a mad scientist.

    10: Dave Guard sang it in How The West Was Won, Kingston Trio sang it, everybody born before '59 sang it.

    13: This just keeps getting better.

    FINALLY: Given the Redskins, it may just be a Cleveland summer.

  20. "I've got a mule, and her name is Sal."

  21. maybe jurors are just as stupid -- or in fear of their lives -- that they will convict Rittenhouse.

    They may not get the chance. Schroeder is looking hard at a directed verdict WITH PREJUDICE so there will be no re-trial and the jury will be off the hook.

  22. #15 Wonder where the US Chamber of Commerce stands on the vaccine mandates? They've been pretty quiet. I guess donating all that money to Biden and the Democrats must be pretty embarrassing. That was a joke. Their kind have no shame.

  23. Glad you're enjoying your Indian summer, it's -5° F., right here, right now.

    "Yes, I am in my pajamas as I write this." Guess that's why I can't blog, sleep naked. ;-)

  24. 11. Let!s_Go_Brandon. There. Sixteen characters.

    13. Send the invaders to the Imperial Capital. Since Virginia may be a free state now, they can be bussed to Arlington and allowed to swim the Potomac.

  25. #3 - I'd rather have medical horse paste than Democrat horse shit.

    Finally - Don, in your area is Indian Summer followed by People Of Color Autumn (P.O.C.A.)?

    -- Maoz

  26. They want the democracy of ancient Greece. The slaves and commoners didn't get a vote.

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  29. a TOBACCO SMOKE PARTICLE is about the same size as a Covid aerosol. Put on your mask, light a cigar, stand 6 ft. away. if you can't taste or smell the cigar smoke, then your mask is effective; otherwise, it is useless.

  30. One year ago, I had hope for our country; I was optimistic about the future. Today, I fear what the future will bring. We've only just begun the downward spiral.