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Monday, November 29, 2021

Highlights of the News

Benny Johnson tweeted, "Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics is legally changing his name to Enes Kanter Freedom when becomes a U.S. citizen."

He's the modern World B. Free.

The Turkish-born player who has called out Red China and LeBron James on the use of Uyghur slaves becomes an American today. Can we send LeBron to Turkey as a thank-you gift?

ITEM 1: Happy Hanukkah, which began on Sunday.

The New York Times reported, "What’s that reindeer doing with menorah antlers? Retailers want inclusive holiday merchandise, but hit a few snags."

The story said, "There was a 'Matzo Matzo Man' T-shirt from the company Tipsy Elves (matzo is eaten on Passover); a 'Challah at ya girl' sweater on TeePublic’s site (challah is made on Shabbat); a Hanukkah tea towel from Disney embroidered with Sabbath candles."

Emma Herman, 31, a dietitian in Miami, posted on Tik-Tok: "I’m convinced that whoever is in the design department at Bed Bath & Beyond has both never met a Jew and doesn’t like Google that much."

This is not new.

14 years ago, Balducci's in New York gave the world the Chanukah Ham.

ITEM 2: The New York Post reported, "The Biden family offered their services to a huge, Chinese-government-linked energy consortium to expand its business around the world. How do we know? Because of hundreds of emails documenting the deal found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, left in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019. In her new book, 'Laptop from Hell,' New York Post columnist Miranda Devine tells the tale."

For 5 years, we have had all these books about Trump, who actually lost a billion dollars in net worth as president, but the Bob Woodward crowd is silent about the bribing of Biden through his iniquitous son.

If you want to know why we rushed out of Afghanistan and left behind $90 billion in cash and equipment, ask Chairman Xi because he made the call. He has Biden and Milley in his pocket.

ITEM 3: The Barent Observer reported, "Deep freeze sweeps across Arctic Europe, sends power prices soaring

"Exceptional cold is affecting northern Scandinavia and Russia’s Kola Peninsula with temperatures below -30°."

Sweden hit a 41-year low temperature in November.

Meanwhile, it's springtime for Antarctica, not Germany. Today's forecast calls for a high at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station of -16°.

If we get much more of this global warming, we will freeze to death.

ITEM 4: The Daily Beast reported, "Ava White, 12, was out with her friends on Thursday night during the annual switch-on of the Christmas tree lights in Liverpool city center. According to police, Ava and her friends got into an argument with some boys after the light show had ended. The girl was then assaulted—reportedly by stabbing—and she died of her wounds at a nearby hospital.

"Merseyside Police confirmed in a statement that four teen boys—one aged 13, two aged 14 and one aged 15—have been arrested on suspicion of murder. None of the suspects has been publicly identified."

The War on Christmas no longer is a metaphor.

ITEM 5: WND reported, "A Texas woman has won a round in her fight to force the city of McKinney, Texas, to be held accountable for the destruction of her home.

"The Institute for Justice explained a federal judge ruled recently the lawsuit by Vicki Baker over the destruction of her residence by the city's SWAT team can move forward."

Obama judge Amos L. Mazzant III dismissed the city's motion to dismiss the case. 

In July 2020, police chased a fugitive to her home where he hid. They called SWAT, who demolished her home and left her dog deaf and blind from the grenades they threw.

You destroy it, you bought it.

ITEM 6: Mayor-elect Eric Adams wants to bring back stop-and-frisk.

He wrote, "As American courts have affirmed over many years, stop, question and frisk is a perfectly legal, appropriate and constitutional tool, when used smartly, as opposed to indiscriminately against hundreds of thousands of young Black and Brown men, as it was for years in New York City. Not only that, but it is a necessary tool, whereby police approach someone who fits a witness description or otherwise appears to be carrying an illegal weapon.

"The question was never whether stop, question and frisk should be allowed; it was how it should be done. Those who claimed it should be outlawed entirely reduced a nuanced issue to an either-or argument, and unwisely answered it with a blanket ban."

Bring it back because it worked.

While New Yorkers are at it, bring back Rudy Giuliani. As a federal prosecutor, he broke up the mafia. As mayor, he made the city livable again. He would make a great consultant for Mayor Adams.

ITEM 7: The Realtor reported, "Rumors recently swirled on social media that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had picked up a swanky estate in Jupiter, FL.

"But the Bay Area-based Democrat has not traded in her haute San Francisco mansion for a posh property in South Florida,® can confirm."

The story said, "The $25 million mansion in question is pending sale, which means the property has found a buyer. It’s just not Pelosi."

OK, she is not moving to Jupiter, Florida. Can we move her to just plain Jupiter instead?

ITEM 8: The Times of India reported, "The travel bans imposed on South Africa by a growing number of countries due to the new potentially highly-transmissible variant of Covid-19 in this country is draconian and misdirected, Health Minister Joe Phaahla has said."

He said, "We feel that it's a wrong approach. It is misdirected and it goes against the norms as advised by the WHO."

The response to OMG Omicron is based on politics, not medicine. As I wrote on Saturday, "Omicron moves Waukesha off the front page."

ITEM 9: Reuters reported, "A South African doctor who was one of the first to suspect a different coronavirus strain among patients said on Sunday that symptoms of the Omicron variant were so far mild and could be treated at home.

"Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a private practitioner and chair of South African Medical Association, told Reuters that on Nov. 18 she noticed seven patients at her clinic who had symptoms different from the dominant Delta variant, albeit very mild."

Instead of getting worse, covid is getting tamer.

But the technocratic tyrants are getting worse. Overthrow the bums.

ITEM 10: The Washington Post tried to rip Clarence Thomas ahead of the reconsideration of Roe v. Wade.

But the story pointed out the power of appointment.

The story said, "Thomas's influence has grown outside the courtroom as well. His former clerks - there are more than 125 of his kids, as Thomas calls them -- held many high-ranking positions in the Trump administration, including for a time the role of the administration's top lawyer at the Supreme Court. Ten have lifetime appointments in the federal judiciary.

"One of those former clerks, recently hired Mississippi Solicitor General Scott Stewart, will be arguing the case for the state's law, which prohibits almost all abortions after 15 weeks, months earlier than the court's current abortion precedents allow."

Hate McConnell all you want, but compare Brett Kavanaugh to Merrick Garland.

30 years from now, Kavanaugh will have 125 kids, too, who will help reshape the nation and restore our constitutional republic.

ITEM 11: Law Enforcement Today reported, "Washington Post article finds most of 'hate speech' detected on Facebook is anti-white and anti-male."

90% of the hate speech of Facebook is against whites or men.

The WaPo headline read, "Facebook’s race-blind policies around hate speech came at the expense of new users, documents show."

That is a weird angle to take, But WaPo does not want readers to know that 50 years of affirmative action and promoting women has made hating white people and men acceptable and common.

Tell me, when was the last time they tore down a statue of a woman or a non-white?

ITEM 12Sean Hollister reported, "Why a toaster from 1949 is still smarter than any sold today."

He said, "When you stick a piece of bread into this toaster, it pushes down a series of cleverly designed levers that have just enough tension to lower and raise two slices all by themselves — and it’s got a mechanical thermostat inside that stops your bread toasting when it’s toasted and ready, NOT after some arbitrary amount of time."

New and improved does not mean better.

ITEM 13New-in-24 reported, "An AFP photo caused a stir this Saturday at the end of Eric Zemmour’s eventful visit to Marseille. On leaving a restaurant where the polemicist had just had lunch, a passer-by gave him the middle finger. The polemicist responded with the same gesture by affirming and very deep, under the amused gaze of his advisor Sarah Knafo, noted an AFP photographer."

Zemmour is running for president.

He is the French Nelson Rockeller.

And their Trump.

The Spectator interviewed Zemmour. He said, "Immigration is war. They want to invade our European countries. That’s all. It’s nothing else. It’s war."

ITEM 14: CNN tweeted, "Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others."

Thus CNN broke its weeklong silence for a moment of discussing Waukesha.

And it lied.

A car did not drive through the parade. An SUV did. It was driven by Darrell E. Brooks Jr., a violent criminal black nationalist whom Democrats released on $1,000 bail after he tried to run over his girlfriend. He killed 6 people.

CNN mentioned him in the ninth paragraph on a nine-paragraph story.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "32% of Iowans in a new poll said they are mostly doubtful or very doubtful that votes across the country in the 2022 general election will be counted as voters intended.

"The remainder in the November Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll were very confident (26%), mostly confident (37%) or not sure (6%) votes would be counted properly. Selzer & Co. conducted the poll of 810 randomly selected Iowan adults between Nov. 7 and Nov. 10."

The seeds of doubt were sown not when Trump raised the issue but when the media, the courts, and Congress all refused to consider his complaint.

FINALLY, I get spam comments. I police them but I do not spend 24/7 monitoring them, so I guarantee you will run into them eventually.

Consider spam comments a small price to pay to post comments instantly without having to wait for me  to approve them.


  1. #7... if a dem says it s not true, wait a week when the hub bub dies down you ll find out it was TRUE

  2. RE your comment on the toaster: was given one from the early 70's. Tested it against one bought today. No comparison. The toast was better, the machine operated far better, and the overall performance left the new one in the dust. And did I mention the older one was a give away if you had enough S & H Green stamps?

    1. The good news is that dishwashers are eco-friendly.
      The bad news is they don't work as well. Appliances are no longer built to last.

    2. Dishwashers, toilets, shower heads… all designed to “save water,” because water is so scarce, you see, it covers only 70% of the earth’s surface.

      When I wanted to replace my shower head, I bought one from my local big box home improvement store. The spray was so puny it wouldn’t even rinse my hair right, so I took it back. I bought a new shower head directly from China ( is their version of, which bypassed the “flow restrictor” requirements. I had to wait about 6 weeks for snail mail delivery from China, but it was about half the price of the big box product, and I’ve never had a better shower.

    3. A drill bit does wonders on those economy shower heads.

    4. Simply remove the little flow inhibitor and the low flow showerhead will work just fine.

    5. Item 12 conjured up the image of a WW II scientist no longer employed making cunning little devises to blow people and stuff up; instead he worked for a civilian outfit after the war and used his well earned abilities into devising the most useful little machine

  3. Here is an actual spam commen:

    1. You should have preceded it with “and now for something completely different”.

      But I don’t like spam.

    2. You have the greatest handle on all of the boards I read. Fantastic!

  4. "Mayor-elect Eric Adams wants to bring back stop-and-frisk."

    Sayonara "defund the police" as BLM enters it's long goodbye.
    Polls showed astounding support for BLM in the summer of 2020, but moral panics don't last long. "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but so fine"

  5. "Rumors recently swirled on social media that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had picked up a swanky estate in Jupiter, FL."

    Every country has a ruling class that runs they country for their personal benefit.

  6. "Hate McConnell all you want, but compare Brett Kavanaugh to Merrick Garland."

    McConnell is a Republican Never Trumper, no different than Lynn Cheney. And Kavanaugh is more like Justice Roberts than Justice Thomas.

    1. No matter what you think of McConnell he did right on judges.
      And Kavanaugh is no garland.

    2. McConnell successfully destroyed the "Tea Party" movement. He successfully destroyed "True the Vote" and thus election integrity. He is trying, but will not be able to destroy Trumpism.

    3. McConnel is a mystery. Corrupt, anti-MAGA, anti-tea party, anti-trump but great on holding the line on liberal judges.

      I wish out of Clarence Thomas’ 125 kids, more than 10 had lifetime appointments. I’d settle for 100.

  7. #8/9 the Xi variant appears to be a non starter. As of
    last week NO one has Died from it. Covid rate are dropping so the Boogy Man-Fauxi has got to run out and say "Science"! in the manner of Mengele and Lysenko.

    1. Generals are always fighting the last war.

    2. We shall see if the markets rebound as fast as they dropped from the panic.

  8. "Omicron moves Waukesha off the front page."

    When Clinton bombed Yugoslavia the locals called it "Operation Monica." It got Monica Lewinsky off the front page after she called Clinton "her soulmate." LOL

  9. Item 14: They were trying to put his name in paragraph 10 but it wouldn't fit?

  10. 15. Most people don't remember the Iowa caucuses, but Iowans do. The Dems got cute and relied on an app to tabulate returns, but it crashed, resulting in a comical delay in reporting results that were never, to my recollection, formally announced. Something about a "coronavirus" ...

    1. That the LibCommies couldn’t properly use a FOOKING SPREADSHEET is Exhibit 1,398 why their “Progressive” moniker is a complete dumpster of BULLSHITE.

  11. Item 6: “bring back Rudy Giuliani. As a federal prosecutor, he broke up the mafia. As mayor, he made the city livable again.” Rudy did some great things. Legendary things. But these days he’s just another media darling, living on his reputation. During the aftermath of the stolen election of 2020, as one of Trump’s lawyers, he spent more time waxing philosophical on TV than doing his job in the court room.

    Item 8: “The response to OMG Omicron is based on politics, not medicine.” Call it the “Midterm Elections Variant.” It comes at just the right to build the hysteria that will trigger mass mail-outs of midterm ballots.

    1. "It comes at just the right to build the hysteria that will trigger mass mail-outs of midterm ballots."

      Generals are always fighting the last war.

  12. "The seeds of doubt were sowed not when Trump raised the issue but when the media, the courts, and Congress all refused to consider his complaint."
    It was certainly not the beginning of what I call the "Stupid Times" but certainly a milestone in this era.

  13. "If we get much more of this global warming, we will freeze to death."

    Here comes the Green Electricity catastrophe. Thousands will die because green electricity is too intermittent and expensive to replace fossil fuel electricity.
    Most vulnerable are Germany, UK, Australia and California. If not this year then next.

    1. Ten days of sub-freezing temperatures across Texas last February froze wind turbines and disabled solar panels, cutting power to 5 million homes and businesses in Texas, some for as long as 3 days. The estimate of deaths directly or indirectly caused by the power grid collapse ranges from 200 to 700 people, mostly due to carbon monoxide poisoning, hypothermia, and house fires. In March the Texas legislature ordered a complete investigation of ERCOT, the agency that controlled the Texas power grid, for not doing the upgrades recommended by the feds after a similar blizzard shut down power there ten years earlier.

  14. Don, you are doing a great job informing us, you are a blessing!!

  15. re: Eric Zemmour, a journalist, running for president of France. I don't know how he will do in the end, but what he is doing is making it more acceptable in France to talk about immigration and how Muslim immigrants should not be living separate lives in no-go zones. He believes that immigrants should integrate as he did. His parents were Berber Jews from Algeria who had French citizenship. At least he is getting people talking even though he is usually considered a right-win extremist. Check him out.

  16. ITEM 15: Meet the Technology That's Uncovering 2020's Voter Fraud
    You've heard the stories, denied by the mainstream press and almost every secretary of state: there is no significant voter fraud. Why not say that? There is no way you can check.
    Now there is.
    After the 2020 election results stopped in the middle of night and vote trajectories magically changed when they fired up again, thousands of people, just like you, didn't buy it. They formed armies of canvassers in 35 or more states. They did something that has not been done at scale in the history of the country: they started checking voter rolls.
    They did more. They filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests at unprecedented levels. Secretary of state offices, once a murky sinecure, had to answer real questions about what was going on.
    Here's what popped out.
    Leftists are different from you and me. Unlike us, they care that every vote is cast, and if you do not cast your vote, they will do it for you. And they did. At scale.

  17. Happy Chanukah to all of Don’s Jewish readers. Eight days of gifts and most excitedly, gorging on fried food. Or as we say in the south, we will be eating like the other 357 days of the year.

  18. Re. Item 11:

    Frederick Douglass statue in Rochester, NY ripped off pedestal and damaged.

  19. #1. Hard to believe it was fourteen years ago I photoshopped those and made the Ramadan hams. I'll stick with penguin, thank you.

  20. #13 Are there some words missing here?
    The polemicist responded with the same gesture by affirming and very deep, under the amused gaze of his advisor Sarah Knafo, noted an AFP photographer."

    1. THAT’S what five hundie large at an Ivy gets these days! 😂😂😂

  21. #11. Put up a statue of the Virgin Mary and they will destroy it.

  22. HIGHLIGHTS: I'm not a basketball fan, and never heard of him before, but, OOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAH!!

    Item 1: I trust NOTHING from the NYT, even though it seems legit...

    Item 7: "OK, she is not moving to Jupiter, Florida. Can we move her to just plain Jupiter instead?" I'd prefer the fat guy from "The Honeymooners", who kept saying, "To the MOON, Alice!" (There being no air on the moon...and TV then was black and white.)

    "ITEM 10: The Washington Post tried to rip Clarence Thomas ahead of the reconsideration of Roe v. Wade." THIS is an example for why I call the WaPo the WaPOO; it WaPoops! (You can too...)

    Item 11: See my comment just above...

    Item 13: As Sarah Hoyt keeps saying, "I have TWO middle fingers, and I KNOW how to use them."

    Item 14: THIS is WHY I call CNN the CRAP "NEWS Network.

    1. TheBezozPost. And the old grey lady of past years (even then a tramp) is now CarlosSlim'sSlimes

  23. Mr. Surber, Thank you very much for this site. I read it 6 days a week and usually visit a couple of times a day. Yes, I’m retired.

    1. Thank you for reading. My readers are the best.

    2. I do the same but haven't retired, yet.

  24. ITEM 14: “He's charged with five murders.”

    Don, Ive seen nothing, but was he or was he not charged with a sixth murder when the 8 year old boy died?

  25. #9 "OK, she is not moving to Jupiter, Florida. Can we move her to just plain Jupiter instead?"
    It would be the best Christmas ever!

    #10 "Hate McConnell all you want, but compare Brett Kavanaugh to Merrick Garland."
    McConnell only did what he has to do to avoid being strung up. Brett Kavanaugh is NO Clarence Thomas. It's not even close.

    1. Jeffery's just mad because the little bastard didn't get a lifetime appointment to let his inner Beria run free.

  26. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: LeBum is the turkey.

    1: Most Jews seem to be pretty cool on things like that.

    6: Rudy knew his stuff.

    7: Sounds better.

    11: 50 years of affirmative action and promoting women has made hating white people and men acceptable and common.

    Depends on where you do it.

    Just ask Coca Cola or the Salvation Army.

    15: The seeds of doubt started sprouting 11/4/20 when we were expected to believe Buck Fiden won.

  27. #12 My mom had a Sunbeam toaster that lasted forever. I bought one after I got married, and it pooped out within 10 years. Have a Dualit (made in England) and love it.

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  29. nothing wrong with a little spam, especially fried

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