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Monday, November 22, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Buck season began today. Go hunters, go.

Andrew Koenig tweeted, "Except that because of inflation, they're now calling it 'Buck-29 season.'"

ITEM 2: Hamas-Shielding AP reported, "Hamas ‘guardian’ law keeps Gaza woman from studying abroad."

The story said, "Afaf al-Najar had found a way out of Gaza. The 19-year-old won a scholarship to study communications in Turkey, secured all the necessary travel documents and even paid $500 to skip the long lines at the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

"But when she arrived at the border on Sept. 21 she was turned back — not by Israel or Egypt, which have imposed a 14-year blockade on the Gaza Strip — but because of a male guardianship law enacted by the Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the territory."

The story also reported, "in February, an Islamic court run by Hamas issued a notice saying that unaccompanied women must get permission from a male guardian — a husband, relative, or even a son — to travel outside the territory."

AP's bureau in Gaza City was in a Hamas owned building which also housed its military intelligence. Last summer, Israeli agents called AP, and gave them an hour to leave before blowing the building to smithereens.

Maybe that explains why AP is finally running a story that points out how tyrannical Hamas really is. 

ITEM 3: CNN reported, "Police reported 'some fatalities' after more than 20 people, including children, were struck by a vehicle that ran through a crowd at a Wisconsin holiday parade, Police Chief Daniel P. Thompson said in a press conference.

"Authorities are working with the Waukesha County Medical Examiner's Office to confirm the identities of the deceased, Thompson said. No further information regarding the fatalities will be released while police notify their loved ones."

Video shows it was premeditated.

The story also said, "Authorities reported 11 adults and 12 minors were transported to area hospitals by ambulances and officers after a red SUV drove through the Waukesha Christmas Parade, Thompson said.

"A police officer who has been with the department for more than six years discharged his weapon at the suspect's vehicle to try and stop it, according to Thompson."

Sad Sunday. Pray for the families. Don't leap to conclusions. Keep updated at Citizen Free Press.

ITEM 4New York Post reported, "A patriotic Upper West Side synagogue whose leaders fought alongside George Washington has been celebrating Thanksgiving since the first president proclaimed it a national holiday in 1789.

"As a modern and secular holiday, Thanksgiving celebrations are rare in Jewish houses of worship — but that is not the case at Shearith Israel, America’s first Jewish congregation.

"On Thanksgiving day, the temple will feature a special holiday-themed liturgy, followed by an address by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik and readings from a Torah adorned with Liberty Bells. An English prayer wishing good health and fortune on the president, vice president, governor, and other elected officials has been recited for two centuries. There’s no turkey at the morning gathering, but ample hot chocolate for parade watchers.

"The congregation was organized in 1654 by Sephardic Jews fleeing the inquisition in Portuguese-ruled Brazil, and the members of the synagogue at 2 West 70th St. take pride in being not just the oldest Jewish congregation in the United States but eyewitnesses to American history."

Many Jews consider turkey to be kosher. Apparently, they don't. Whatever. A nice ham is a good substitute.



ITEM 5: The Daily Mail reported, "Violence broke out in Vienna as 10,000 protesters -- many from far-right groups -- took to the streets to demonstrate against a new Covid-19 lockdown and mandatory vaccinations. 

"Demonstrations against virus restrictions also took place in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands and North Macedonia on Saturday, a day after Dutch police opened fire on protesters and seven people were injured in rioting that erupted in Rotterdam. 

"Protesters rallied against coronavirus restrictions and mandatory Covid-19 passes needed in many European countries to enter restaurants, Christmas markets or sports events, as well as mandatory vaccinations. 

"In Italy, 3,000 turned out in the capital's Circus Maximus, a field where in ancient times Romans staged popular entertainment, to protest against 'Green Pass' certificates required at workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports venues and gyms, as well as for long-distance train, bus or ferry travel within Italy.

"In Northern Ireland, several hundred people opposed to vaccine passports protested outside the city hall in Belfast, where the city's Christmas market opened Saturday -- a market where proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test was required."

The rise against the fascism of globalism is encouraging.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "A leaked audio recording revealed California teachers mocking parents over concerns about homosexual and transgender indoctrination at school, said a source who attended a recent teachers union conference in Palm Springs.

"The recording, obtained by The Epoch Times, captured two seventh-grade teachers, Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira from Buena Vista Middle School in Salinas, Calif., telling other teachers how to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs, also known as Gay-Straight Alliance clubs, at school."

They are not teachers.

They are groomers.

Satan is spelled LGBTQ.

ITEM 7: Zero Hedge reported, "Friday marked World Toilet Day, which was created to bring awareness to the lack of sanitation, water and hygiene facilities in many parts of the world.

"In 2020, 494 million people, or 6.3% of the world population, were still practicing open defecation, the most severe level of lack of sanitation service. Additionally, as Statista's Katharina Buchholz points out, 22 percent around the world did not have access to at least basic sanitation, defined as a private toilet connected to sewage piping, a septic or composting tank or a pit. 46% -- almost half of the world population -- did not live with safely-managed sanitation, meaning that their sewage was not treated properly, posing severe health risks to them as it enables pathogens to re-enter water supplies.

"As recently as the year 2000, 1.3 billion people were still defecating outdoors, with grave health consequences. The UN has been working to eradicated the practice and has made some progress. In 2017, the number of those without access to any bathroom had sunk to 673 million and finally to 494 million in 2020."

In the 20th century, life expectancy doubled worldwide. Clean water and indoor plumbing were the unsung heroes of this miracle.

Make every man a king by giving every man a throne.

ITEM 8: Western Journal reported, "Female inmates in California have filed suit against the state for housing men in women’s prisons

"The Women’s Liberation Front lawsuit claims that SB132, the Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act, is a violation of the rights of women, according to the Daily Signal.

"'There is no application of S.B. 132 that avoids violating the constitutional rights of the individual Plaintiffs, and the other incarcerated women on whose behalf Plaintiff Woman II Woman advocates,' the lawsuit said.

"The lawsuit claimed that housing women with biological males can be considered cruel and unusual punishment, which is banned by the Eighth Amendment, and is also a violation of their 14th Amendment equal protection rights.

"Because of the law, women in California prisons face 'substantially increased risk of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, and physical violence,' as well as sexually transmitted diseases and fear of attacks."

Even convicted felons have rights.

I really hate prison rape jokes.

Satan is spelled LGBTQ.

ITEM 9: The Daily Beast reported, "Less than two weeks before her trial, Ghislaine Maxwell is fighting for documents from the settlement fund for victims of sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

"It’s unclear which specific records the British socialite and accused procurer of underage girls is seeking, but Jordana Feldman, the administrator of the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program, opposes her request.

"On Friday, Feldman’s lawyer filed a letter in Manhattan federal court stating she 'intends to move to quash defendant Maxwell’s subpoena directed to her.' A representative for Feldman declined to comment, and her attorney didn’t return messages.

"The legal scuffle comes as Maxwell battles for certain evidence—including Epstein’s address book of high-flying contacts and a box containing a sex toy—to be barred from her six-week trial, which is scheduled to begin on Nov. 29.

"The victims’ fund, which closed in August, functioned as an independent and voluntary alternative to litigation and resulted in nearly $125 million paid out to more than 135 victims of Epstein. As part of the program, applicants provided documentation and were interviewed by Feldman and other administrators. If they received and accepted a settlement offer, the women were required to waive the right to sue Epstein’s estate and 'related entities and/or individuals,' including Maxwell."

I have two questions about this trial.

Will the media cover the trial?

If so, how will they spin it?

ITEM 10Yahoo reported, "Hundreds protest Rittenhouse acquittal across USA."

Hundreds out of 328 million.

None in Kenosha where Democrat rioters and violent criminals did millions in damage in 2020.

ITEM 11: KSTP reported, "Minneapolis protesters speak out about Rittenhouse verdict, supporters also weigh in."

Paragraph 20 said, "Brandon Lesko, of Los Angeles — a Rittenhouse supporter — disagrees."

Mike Hunt bows to his successor.

ITEM 12Maria Shriver tweeted, "I’m trying to take a beat to digest the Rittenhouse verdict. My son just asked me how it’s possible that he didn’t get charged for anything. How is that possible? I don’t have an answer for him."

Her sons are 24 and 28.

Stacy McCain tweeted, "Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment."

ITEM 13: The Lid reported, "9-Year-Old Journee Nelson proved that it isn’t always Mama Bear that comes to the rescue. One criminal found out that cubs can pack a surprising punch.

"On November 2, Danielle Mobley and her 9-year old daughter, Journee Nelson, ran errands in West Palm Beach, Florida, when a robber tried to steal Mobley’s purse. The pair were just returning to their vehicle in the parking lot of Sabor Tropical Supermarket when the attack occurred.

"Surveillance video shows the man lunging at Mobley, knocking her down, and trying to pull the purse away from her.

"Journee jumped out of the car and fought off the man by punching him in the face and continued to hit him until he ran off, hanging on to Danielle’s handbag. As he ran, little Journee Nelson chased after him. 'She actually jumped up and chased him four houses down the block with me chasing her, calling her back,' her mom said during a news conference."

The story also said, "Two days later, 29-year old Demetrius Jackson, a violent career criminal, was captured and identified as the guy slugged by the 9-year-old. He was charged with robbery and battery."

Police in Florida praised Journee.

The prosecutor in Kenosha is filing charges against her.

ITEM 14: Defiant America reported, "A Little Girl Just Karate Blocked Creepy Joe As Biden Creeps on Her."

With video.

She looked to be 2 or 3.

ITEM 15: Mike Miller reported, "Boston Celtics Player Plays 'King James' While Wearing Shoes With Image of LeBron Bowing to Xi."

The player calling out Red China and its slave, LeBron, is Turkish-American center Enes Kanter.

I always separated LBJ's basketball play from his politics but his Stepin Fetchit act for Chairman Xi is too much. King James is just a jester.

ITEM 16: Peter A. Kloess, Doctoral Candidate, Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, wrote, "Picture Antarctica today and what comes to mind? Large ice floes bobbing in the Southern Ocean? Maybe a remote outpost populated with scientists from around the world? Or perhaps colonies of penguins puttering amid vast open tracts of snow?

"Fossils from Seymour Island, just off the Antarctic Peninsula, are painting a very different picture of what Antarctica looked like 40 to 50 million years ago – a time when the ecosystem was lusher and more diverse. Fossils of frogs and plants such as ferns and conifers indicate Seymour Island was much warmer and less icy, while fossil remains from marsupials and distant relatives of armadillos and anteaters hint at the previous connections between Antarctica and other continents in the Southern Hemisphere.

"There were also birds. Penguins were present then, as they are now, but fossil relatives of ducks, falcons and albatrosses have also been found in Antarctica. My colleagues and I published an article in 2020 revealing new information about the fossil group that would have dwarfed all the other birds on Seymour Island: the pelagornithids, or bony-toothed birds."

The world was warmer.

Life flourished.

Instead of fighting global warming, we should encourage it and adapt to whatever changes it may bring.

ITEM 17: The New York Times reported that Cruise Ship Conservatives Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes left Fox to protest a Tucker Carlson documentary on the January 6 protest inside the Capitol. Hayes is the one with the "There's Something About Mary" hair.

Odd, I thought Goldberg quit when they stopped stocking donuts in the green room.

The sanctimonious duo wrote, "Why We Are Leaving Fox News."


I may have to start watching Fox again.

ITEM 18Fox reported, "ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN skip DOJ whistleblower revealing 'threat tag' targeting parents at school board meetings.

"MSNBC covered it once -- only for Nicolle Wallace to scoff at the GOP uproar."

Corporate Media is now Pravda for an unAmerican regime that spies on the political opposition, keeps dissidents jailed without charges, and holds mini-Kristallnacht riots in city after city.

Journalism is now synonymous with evil. 

FINALLY, I keep hearing and reading that a not guilty verdict does not mean Kyle Rittenhouse was innocent.

Of course it does.

Our system holds that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

He was not proven guilty, therefore he remains innocent.


  1. "In the 20th century, life expectancy doubled worldwide. Clean water and indoor plumbing were the unsung heroes of this miracle."

    Plumbers have saved more lives than doctors. Botanists too.

    1. Except in San Fran, where everything is regressing.

    2. When I was in elementary school (late 1950s) in rural Brown County, OH, we had indoor plumbing but many of our neighbors did not. They were still using outhouses. And I have read in the last few years many people who live in Alaska still don't have sewers--they can't keep them working during the winter. They do their business into 5-gallon buckets, put a lid on them when full and haul it to a neighborhood collection point. We aren't as far from it as many think.

    3. My county didn’t have any regulations about this until very recently. Some just ran a pipe with the waste away from their trailer down a gully

  2. "King James is just a jester."

    Lebron is losing it. Unlike last year, there is now pushback.
    Rittenhouse has him rattled. Last night he elbowed a guy in the face and was ejected from the game. He may be suspended.

    1. LeFraud never had it.
      He has a high school education. As a HS phenom basketball player from northern OH, I doubt he has a higher reading level than sixth grade.
      In college, I tutored former Columbus HS b-ball players. They could barely read, as their skills on the court gave them a pass in the classroom.

    2. Somewhere he just got bad advice, much worse than his poorly done "I'm leaving Cleveland for Miami" ESPN special. He worked on education issues, which for young black males is a minefield from their own culture. And then suddenly he went hollywood, wanted to be a player, and in hollywood placating China is the norm. He lost himself. But he did so himself, and he deserves all the mocking and ridicule he receives.

      He is now a net negative for the NBA, so the star protection racket for him will diminish. ANd more importantly, in the never ending question of LeBron of Michael, LeBron has ceded the battlefield. Some other star will come, and they will be measured against Michael, not LeBron. And that will sting.

  3. Finally: If Rittenhouse is not innocent in spite of being found Not Guilty what does that say about OJ's innocence?

  4. Saw a good quote about the Covid vaccine.
    "If I get vaccinated I have a 99.8 percent chance of survival and a chance for fatal side effect from the shot. If I don't get vaccinated I have a 99.8 percent chance of survival but no chance of vaccination side effects. I'll skip the shot"

    1. Golfing buddy of mine just had a fatal heart attack a couple of weeks after getting the booster. HS classmates wife died this fall after getting the booster. I'm not getting the booster.

    2. You might want to read Denninger's post this morning. His analysis highlights some of the risks these v1.0 gmo shots have that the evil gnome Tony is hiding from us.

  5. One thing that was never brought up in court is that OJ crossed numerous municipality lines during his Ford Bronco joyride following the indictment

    Moreover, shortly after the killing, OJ boarded a plane and crossed half a dozen state lines on an excursion that has been never been adequately explained. So your suspicions are not as unfounded as they seem

  6. Item 7:
    For quite a few years, I have been stating the greatest boon of modern civilization is clean drinking water.
    It is why the USEPA and state EPAs are real sticklers about drinking water.

    Item 14:
    Smart kid. Shame on the parents for subjecting her to Creepy Joe.

    Item 16:
    "Instead of fighting global warming, we should encourage it and adapt to whatever changes it may bring."

    If we do that, there is no opportunity for graft.

    1. Item 16: Agree with Roger R. The Earth's climate changes due to Earth's orbital mechanics, the Sun's output, and plate tectonics. The Earth was warmer in Roman times than it is right now. And there were no evil conservatives driving around then to blame it on.

    2. item 7
      Tell it ti the people in Flint, MI

    3. "Shame on the parents for subjecting her to Creepy Joe."

      Which reminds me of the dozens of Californian parents who pimped out their kids to Michael Jackson in exchange for cash, etc.

  7. Not so fast on Rittenhouse... Babylon Bee just reported Kyle Rittenhouse guilty when a 3am drop of jury votes found

  8. ITEM 17: Cruise Ship Conservatives Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes left Fox to protest a Tucker Carlson documentary on the January 6 protest inside the Capitol.
    They’re jealous. Conservative readers hold those two in utter contempt. Jonah and Hayes can’t begin to compete with Tucker.
    Here are the top 10 in average total viewers for Q3 ’21, as per live-plus-same-day data.
    1. Fox News/8 p.m. / Tucker Carlson Tonight: 3,242,000/ 55 telecasts
    2. Fox News/5 p.m./The Five: 2,976,000 / 65 telecasts
    3. Fox News/9 p.m./Hannity: 2,936,000 / 55 telecasts
    4. Fox News / 10 p.m./The Ingraham Angle: 2,348,000 / 54 telecasts
    5. MSNBC / 9 p.m./The Rachel Maddow Show: 2,204,000 / 61 telecasts
    6. Fox News/6 p.m./Special Report with Bret Baier: 2,123,000 / 63 telecasts
    7. Fox News/7 p.m./Fox News Primetime: 1,922,000 / 63 telecasts
    8. Fox News/11 p.m./Gutfeld!: 1,695,000 / 60 telecasts
    9. Fox News/12 p.m./Outnumbered: 1,618,000 / 62 telecasts
    10. Fox News/9-10 a.m. and 10-11 a.m. / America’s Newsroom: 1,532,000 / 125 telecasts

    1. "Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes left Fox to protest Tucker"

      Scratch two Zionist Warmongers. Tucker doesn't put up with them, but Hannity loves them.

    2. I am always amazed at Madcow’s audience. She is the most unwatchable of all of MSNBC’s or CNN’s hosts.

    3. Amen, I can't even watch her commercials.

  9. #10 "None in Kenosha where Democrat rioters and violent criminals did millions in damage in 2020."

    National Guard soldiers are not under the same constraints as the police and there were 500 of them on standby. Kenosha rioters were wise not to show up after the Rittenhouse verdict. Didn't Wisconsin's governor turn down Trump's offer of federal help in August of 2020? It looks like this time the governor disobeyed Soros' orders to let Kenosha burn a second time.

    1. I'm on the same side you are....but how do you KNOW what the RoE is for the Nat'l Guard in Kenosha?

      By the way, Don, some demonstrators showed up in Kenosha on Sunday, having CROSSED STATE LINES WITH AR's!!! They were Chicago Socialist/Communist party members.

    2. I don't know for sure. I'm assuming similar RoE from the Watts riots in LA a long time ago. Army guys were opening up on rioters with automatic weapons. That would stop things in a hurry, wouldn't it? Then, there's Kent State. I think even an empty-headed rioter would think twice about jumping on a Humvee and setting it on fire, like they do with police cars. But, maybe you're right. Maybe National Guard troops nowadays are total pussies, commanded by even bigger pussies.

  10. "Satan is spelled LGBTQ."

    In 2013, Biden thanked a Jewish audience for making gay marriage happen.

    “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,”
    “It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace” gay marriage, Biden said.

    “Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry."

    1. Odd. Most anything that Biden says, you and we both know is a lie. But suddenly this one you think is the gospel truth.

    2. When I got my coffee and brought it in to the computer, I got the faintest whiff of well-oiled
      jackboots. Now I know why....
      It all started when his Jewish girfriend dumped him in highschool...

    3. Er, KC, perhaps you belong on the Unz Review. The people here aren't your cup of tea and you are not about to change any minds.

    4. KC quoted someone. He did not say it himself. "Is the quote accurate?" is the only question I have.

  11. 4 - we love Turkey. Maybe it’s too early for it. Of course, there is always Turkey ham!!

    5 - Of course the media takes a shot at far right groups being part of
    The protests.

    11 - I’ll defer to our own Richard Hertz as to who is king.

    12 - Shriver is dumb as a brick. Even Mike Hunt knows Rittenhouse was charged. He wasn’t convicted you stupid Kennedy.

    16 - there is no money for the ruling class from encouraging and adapting.

    1. “there is always Turkey ham!!” Turduckham, anyone?

    2. I have a cousin named Mike Hunt Hertz. Married Jenna Talia...

    3. Item 8...The first "guy" they put in with the women was Ray Pugh.

    4. In the realm of bird consumption, the Bible specifically prohibits birds of prey. Before the forces of Alexander the Great introduced chickens from India to the world diet, ancient Israelites most likely consumed quail and pheasants. Turkeys fit the category of permissible poultry.

    5. To Richard Hertz: Joe Bryan found a potentially hyphenated married name in the New York Times headline that heralded the wedding of a Miss Alice Foxhall to a Mr. Knight:

      "Mr. & Mrs. Foxhall-Knight."

      See his "Merry Gentlemen (& One Lady)," J. [Joseph] Bryan III; Atheneum (1985), a truly funny book.

  12. Item 7: “World Toilet Day, which was created to bring awareness to the lack of sanitation, water and hygiene facilities in many parts of the world.” When I was a younger man, I spent time as a missionary in Central America. The village where my group stayed was 11 miles from electricity and running water. Our “toilet” consisted of a post-hole digger and two concrete blocks. (Use your imagination.) Nothing like seeing how others live to put everything into perspective.

    1. For years the Greens have fought sanitation. Less Disease, healthy people. Especially dark skinned
      ones. Back during the Reagan years there was this radical lefty who lived up in the San Juan Island of Washington. His wife who promptly left
      after this harebrained idea, was an aquaintance of my dear wife. He had this idea of building a wooden schooner, crewed by a all Lesbian crew,
      upon completion they were to sail down the coast through Panama Canal, to-Cuba. There they would be greeted by Fidel and carried on the arms of grateful Cubans. Showing them not all Americanos
      were evil capitalists. One of his main goals was to rid the modern world of that great menace:
      The flush toilet. His prospective crew all three of them were to use the field around the ship construction site, no outhouse, just a shovel
      and s roll of toilet paper. Well work progressed until the good ship "Stinkypeace"(ok I made that up) was ready. He and his faithful dykish crew luanched it and as it slowly went down the ways into the murky water of Puget sound,it promptly sank. Coast Guard shows up. Armed cutter. Not happy. Seems that there was a little thing called caulking that they forgot. leaked like a sieve. Trip to Cuba called off. Local salvage company called -hauled the partially submerged wreck out. His cost $20,000 dollars and no Pina Coladas with Fidel.His wife then sued for divorce. Cleaned and fried him and left.
      His crew left, too except for one who was Bi.
      and she decided to stay. he then became a honco at "Earth First" in Washington. Got in big trouble with the county for disposal of human waste. Never finished his campaign against the evil, flush toilet. His wife married her Phycologist and lives in Renton.

    2. DDC, That is material for a great movie on the shipwreck that is liberalism.

    3. The Surber wired in he had Stupid comin' in
      And the good Blog and friends were in peril
      And later that night when his Alcohol went outta sight
      Came the slur of the Dumbass Edutcher...

  13. Items 13 & 14 - if only the little girl in item 13 could punch the predator in item 14….. Happy FJB Day.

  14. Item 4: very funny, Don. Turkey is indeed kosher. The reason the synagogue isn't serving it at this breakfast is because Jewish law requires strict separation between meat and dairy, so they wouldn't be able to have turkey with their hot chocolate (or milk in their coffee).

  15. Highlights Of The News: That picture IS a HIGHLIGHT! Thanks, DON!!!

    Item 1: I LIKE Andrew Koenig's Tweet.

    Item 3: It must have been a "White Supremacist"...

    Item 4: As the Turkeys say, "Eat More CHICKEN".

    Item 7: "Make every man a king by giving every man a throne." Women and kids, too!

    Item 9: Don asked, "Will the media cover the trials? If so, how will they spin it?" My guesses are "Maybe" and "Poorly".

    Item 17: I trust NOTHING from the NYT, also the WaPoo, and Goldberg sank the National Review back in 2015, so I trust nothing from him.

  16. "Satan is spelled LGBTQ." You need to add a "P" to that.

  17. Item 7: Of course, just because you do have access to a toilet doesn't mean you will use it. San Francisco comes to mind.

  18. Item 17 & 18: The only thing I watch on TV that is remotely related to the news is Gutfeld. All others stopped five years ago and most decades ago.

  19. 4 - What about penguin? Penguin is kosher. (There's something under there that I'll be impressed if anyone else understands! Menu games observed on a visit to Israel...)

    6 - The "D" party has long been a grooming gang for powerful men. Right, giggles?

    16 - If the geology stuff I've read over the years is correct, the Earth's climate did a major change about 40 million years ago - shifting from a relatively mild global climate to the one we overall have today, where there are ice ages that are speckled with milder interglacials; the periodicity is roughly 100,000 years of "ice age" interspersed with breaks of about 10,000 years of interglacials. No one has any idea why this change happened.

    1. I'm not getting the reference with your first item. Would you mind clarifying?

      (In theory penguins might indeed be kosher - the Bible lists only a couple dozen nonkosher species - but in practice, because we can't unequivocally identify them, we eat only birds for which we have a tradition that they're kosher, and AFAIK we don't have such a tradition about penguins.)

    2. There have been times in Israel where "penguin" was a codeword for "pork" - many more-secular Israelis don't adhere strictly to the dietary code, and this was a way to codeword pork onto menus without calling it pork.

    3. 16 - I read that the change in climate occurred when volcanic activity created the Isthmus of Panama and blocked tropical ocean currents.

    4. Very interesting indeed. Coincidentally, we are having penguin for supper.

    5. I'm sure edouchebag will be eating crow...

  20. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Nice to see we finally agree.

    1: Droll.

    5: Makes ya feel like you're in a WWII movie and the sky is fulla planes.

    6: Been saying this from the start.

    12: Maria's sons are true Kennedys: fools.

    Rittenhouse was charged. He was also found not guilty.

    This explains how her father never got a commission.

  21. #12 - Uhm, he was charged. Six charges, in fact, all adjudicated in a court of law and was determined to be not guilty as his claim of self defense could not be refuted beyond a reasonable doubt. Well, any doubt really if you watch the videos and listened to the prosecutor's witnesses.

  22. ITEM 7: In my yoot, I probably spent close to 20 percent of my teen years without running water or "proper" toilet facilities. Of course I was in Vietnam in the service of our Country. The Army has yet to figure out how to plumb in the field, even at semi-permanent base camps with real buildings.

  23. Item 12: Maria Shriver, Exhibit A, Media Nepotism In Action. She has the brain of a door knob and was paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by NBC.

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  25. "Journalism is now synonymous with evil."

    It may be true, but I'm sorry for your sake that you had to write that. It must be horrific to see what your former profession has degraded to. :(