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Friday, November 05, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Igor did it.

The New York Times spun it as some man did something sometime: "Igor Danchenko, a Russia analyst who worked with Christopher Steele, the author of a dossier of rumors and unproven assertions about Donald J. Trump, was taken into custody as part of the Durham investigation."

In 2017, when Igor Danchenko's lies were used to rationalize Obama use of the FBI to spy on Trump, the Times failed to report these as "a dossier of rumors and unproven assertions."

The Times reported the lies as fact and received two Pulitzers.

This was the coup as Obama sought to use the lies to hound President Trump as part of a seditious resistance by the media and government employees against a duly elected president.

Let me be the first to say Igor Danchenko did not kill himself.

ITEM 2: Catherine Herridge tweeted, "Igor Danchenko, charged with 5 counts false statements to the FBI (Steele Dossier sources) was released at the US Eastern District Of Virginia Courthouse on a $100,000 bond. He will NOT be on electronic monitoring system + must surrender his passport within 24 hours."

Meanwhile, hundreds of Capitol protesters remain in a DC jail. Their only crime is trespassing a public building.

ITEM 3: The indictment makes it very, very clear that Igor Danchenko was a Russian citizen throughout this ordeal. Obama and Hillary colluded with Russians to topple the government Americans elected.

We shall see how far Durham takes this.

ITEM 4Outsider reported, "Clint Eastwood’s iconic spaghetti western A Fistful of Dollars remains a classic to this day. Though it’s almost 60 years old, it recently received a Navajo dub and a special screening.

"A Fistful of Dollars or Béeso Dah Yiníłjaa in Navajo, is receiving a special screening. Debuting later this month, it will be on or near the reservation that reaches into Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Meanwhile, the Navajo dub premieres on November 16 at the movie theater in Window Rock, Arizona for cast and crew. As for the general public, limited seats are available, but only to those who are vaccinated against covid 19. Additionally, attendees must consent to be tested onsite, if asked.

"Fox News states Eastwood’s film is only the third major movie available in the Navajo language. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Finding Nemo are the other two. The dubs come as a result of an effort to preserve the Navajo language. The movie originally should have come out last year, but covid 19 slowed production and delayed it."

I think this is so cool. And yes, by all means, preserve the language. We will never know when we will need code talkers again.

ITEM 5: The Washington Post reported, "The Rev. Al Sharpton said the election results validated concerns that some pushing for change have gone too far, alienating moderates and independents with talk of violent protests or proposals to defund police departments."

32 years after Tawana Brawley, the light goes on.

ITEM 6: Politico reported, "Manchin will get last word, even as House races to pass megabill."

Manchin will not get the last word.

No, Kamala drives a Ford will.

She would break the tie in a Senate evenly split between the two parties. Democrats do not have a majority in the Senate, and they barely have a majority in the House. Their insistence on ramming legislation through without input from Republicans liberates Republicans from having to consult with Democrats on anything when they take back both houses of Congress.

ITEM 7: My senator drives a Maserati.

The New York Post reported, "A gaggle of far-left environmental activists followed Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) from his DC houseboat to his car Thursday morning and attempted to prevent him from leaving a parking garage — the latest fit of progressive pique over Manchin’s current opposition to the multitrillion-dollar Democratic social spending bill.

"Video tweeted by John Paul Mejia, a spokesperson for the Sunrise Movement, showed Manchin walking from his houseboat on the Potomac River — where the senator rests his head when not in his home state — to the garage."

How is this not an insurrection?


ITEM 9: Vice reported, "A juror in the Kyle Rittenhouse double-killing case has been dismissed for making a joke about the police shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man. The police shooting, which left Blake partially paralyzed, set off a series of protests against police brutality that culminated in Rittenhouse shooting and killing two men."

Judge Bruce Schroeder said, "I’ve talked quite a bit about public confidence in the outcome of the trial… it’s clear that the appearance of bias is present and it would seriously undermine the outcome of the case."

I like to believe that most judges would do the same.

ITEM 10The New York Post reported, "A 24-year-old Honduran immigrant who’s charged with murder in the brutal stabbing death of a Florida man had crossed the US border illegally months earlier while posing as an unaccompanied minor, an investigation by The Post found.

"Yery Noel Medina Ulloa was busted Oct. 7 in Jacksonville when he was found covered in blood after allegedly killing Francisco Javier Cuellar, 46, a father of four who had taken in the immigrant who told authorities he was 17.

"Police said they followed a trail of blood back to the victim’s home and arrested Ulloa, placing him in a juvenile detention facility."

Bu-bu-but he's your child separated from his family, so Brandon will give him $450,000.

ITEM 11: Breitbart reported, "Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder challenged wealthy activist Ibram X. Kendi to discuss the root cause of racial wealth inequality after Kendi compared Elder’s commentary to a minstrel show."

Kendi knows that white liberals pay far more for his righteous-angry-black man show. 

ITEM 12: Doctor Rand Paul to Tony Fauci: "Until you accept responsibility, we're not going to get anywhere close to trying to prevent another lab leak of this dangerous sort of experiment. You won't admit that it's dangerous, and for that lack of judgment, I think it's time that you resign."

The first act of the next Republican president is to fire Fauci and appoint a special prosecutor.

ITEM 13: Trash is piling up in New York City as the mayor prepares to fire sanitation workers who won't be vaccinated.

The mayor said, "We've given people lots and lots of time to come along voluntarily. Now we're saying that we have the right to save New York to ensure the safety of our employees, the safety of our people."

When everyone else in NYC was cowering in their beds because of covid, these brave men sucked it up and collected the trash, an act that did more to improve the public health than anything these mask-mandating politicians did.

Let the rats have the city then.

ITEM 14: Legal Insurrection reported, "Virginia’s New AG Jason Miyares Will Investigate Loudoun County Public Schools Over Sexual Assaults. Another victory for Loudoun students and parents."

The real domestic terrorism is girls being afraid to go pee for fear of a rape by a boy in a skirt.

Speaking of which, never get between a bathroom and a granny who has to go.

ITEM 15: Trump put in 12-hour days and held rallies at night.

Brandon is just plain lazy.

ITEM 16: The truth has a new spokesman.

My next book may be "DeSantis the Press."

ITEM 17: HuffPost reported, "At Least 10 Republicans Who Were At The Jan. 6 Rally Just Got Elected To Office."

That's 10 more than Obama endorsees who won.

FINALLY, just go with the flow.


  1. "use of the FBI to spy on Trump,"

    Snowden warned us about these things. He cannot leave Russia for fear of being arrested. Thank goodness for Russia. Assange was in the UK and is now in prison.

  2. Replies
    1. It wasn't me. I wasn't there. It's a case of mistaken identity. The person must look like me.

  3. 3 - at this point, Sotero is more dangerous than Rodham. IF Durham keeps going, I would hope that Sotero’s role is eventually exposed, more so than Rodham’s. Bonus if both are.

    7 - I would think actions like that would make Manchin dig his heels in even deeper.

    13 - too bad the new mayor can’t take over today. He can’t be worse than Warren Wilhelm. As an ex-cop, Maybe he will undo some of the madness.

    14 - I read where the mother of the cross-dressing rapist was blaming the victim and defending her rapist child.

    1. #14. How many adult women get raped? If an adult woman can be sexually assaulted,a fifteen year old girl has no chance. Would love to see some activists picket her house like they have done to conservative voices.

    2. Nothing stops a rape quicker than a bullet. Unfortunately, 15-year-old school children are not allowed to carry.

  4. Item 8: Pretty sure that's a racist dog whistle.

  5. 50 Mill before Thanksgiving! Amazing work, Big D. Leo Durocher was WRONG: SOME nice guys finish FIRST, and you’re one of em!

  6. #8 The complete list of President Joe Biden's accomplishments.

  7. #1: Is it wrong that I read that as "EYE-gor"? :)

  8. #7 Who pays these thugs to "protest". Show me the money! Lets Go Brandon.

  9. Why did Brandon bother to get a security briefing he doesn't care about any of that bad word.

    1. I’m sure it’s very very brief. It is on the agenda just for show.

    2. Perhaps security brief is WH code for adult diaper.

  10. Item 5 - Maybe Sharpton can speak at the Wake for the Woke???

  11. Item 16 - Ron DeSantis is a star! Happy FJB Day.

  12. "Igor Danchenko, charged with 5 counts false statements to the FBI (Steele Dossier sources)"

    He lied in that it wasn't Sergei Millian from whom he received the bogus Trump=Russia info, it was from Charles Dolan. Charles Dolan is a former aide to Hillary Clinton.

    1. The irony of it all is that Danchenko and Dolan were manufacturing evidence of Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Russia, while colluding with Russia themselves.

      The Media greeted every “Russia collusion” leak by declaring “the walls are closing in” or that it was “worse than Watergate.”

      Well, now the walls really are closing in — on the Clintons’ world. And this really was worse than Watergate.

    2. That is known, in the industry, as "projection".

  13. #4. The code talkers were awesome, and yes preserve the language of those people.
    What America needs today are straight talkers, or as another military man said, men who mean just what they say.
    A good morning greeting to Tea Party Gal. Kindly take a few moments and review the comments on yesterday's last post.

    1. Hi JeremyR--do you mean the Post "Time to dump clueless Obama", and the Comment by The Gipper Lives?

      I thought TheGipperLives's comment was superb-- it so articulately called out Obama as responsible. When I saw edutcher call him Jeffery, my first thought was " What??".

      But, then my second thought was, it's true, it isn't Obama alone--the responsibility for all the atrocious stuff happening DOES squarely also rest on the Democratic party itself, and this will not all be over until the American people recognize this and the Democratic party brand is discredited for decades into the future, for being so stupidly taken in by Marxists.

      So, BOTH TheGipoerLives AND edutcher were right.

      I loved TheGipper cutting thru the focus on blaming just Biden, because it so dangerous to let Obama run free; and I also loved edutcher not allowing the Democratic party itself to get off scot free.

      So much of our understanding of events is affected by how things are FRAMED. It is not easy to keep one's head above water and maintain an accurately balanced perspective.

      I defend edutcher's Jeffrey stuff because it often is a reminder of an angle that we are getting swept up into overlooking. For example, there was something recently where the comments were expressing dismay over the probable possibility of the Dems stealing the Virginia governor race (if I recall correctly). Edutcher made a comment to the effect of, 'Great, let them steal it, it will backfire and ignite an even greater resistance'. I thought that was a good point to make, because it is also ENCOURAGING, and TRUE.

      From the beginning, this has been edutcher's strong point, and he is the most active (even sort of the only) commenter who consistently is calling out insidious discouraging framing.
      For that reason alone, it raises a red flag for me when he is whom you choose to go so aggressively after.

      Could I be wrong on this? Yep, maybe. And there may be a time when he labels something I write as "Jeffrey" too! But I still think he is a valuable voice. (Plus the bullying tone of the attacks on him bothered me.)

      But JeremyR, you make alot of great comments too, and I value them. The other day you added a punctuation to McAuliffe's famous statement, that I thought was brilliant-- you turned it into: "I don't think. Parents should be telling teachers what to teach their kids.". There have been numerous other excellent points you have made this week, too many to list.

      My humble opinion would just be, don't gang up so heavy on edutcher; his perspective offers definite value too.

      PS I'm going to be away from easy access to the Internet for a few days, so if I don't respond to any answer u make to this, don't take it personally, it's just temporary tech unavailability.

    2. Hey TPG, I agree that edutcher has made a lot of fine and insightful comments. The Jeffery tag though brings him down. He also attacked me for saying that CRT is communist race theology. To what purpose? He has many times accused me and others of saying things on his pirate's cove blog. I seriously doubt any of us ever go there. Is he trying to drum up blog hits? That's like Tara constantly posting her get rich garbage.
      I didn't start going after him when he was calling Jake Jeffery and making those accusations against him. I thought he and Jake had previously butted heads some place. None of us are sock puppets. Don does a fair job of weeding them out.
      Most of us regulars have conservative roots that run deep. Don had a few like Mounties who were contrarians looking to stir the pot. They don't hang around long. We each have our own brand of conservatism formed by our life experiences. Some of us have had issue with certain politicians, others thing the guy walks on water. The fact is none of them are perfect.
      Ed's problems started when Jake correctly pointed out that Xiden would make the steal. Jake was correct, our conservative justices folded like a house of cards in a breeze.
      President Trump's three folded because they were Mitch's kids, Not Trump's. I don't blame Trump for that, Reagan had to pick judges who would pass Senate hearings. We are blessed to have Thomas on the court.
      Strong conservatives get beat out in the primaries when the establishment has a sponge they can funnel millions to and own reliably.

  14. #2 and 3. $100,000 is chump change to him and lacking a passport won't stop his return to Russia.

    1. 24 hours to surrender his passport + no electronic tracking = they won’t realize he’s disappeared until tomorrow.

    2. Randy, you have more confidence in them than I do. I'd give them a week or more, and that's assuming the Russian media covers his arrival in Moscow on live television.

    3. The FBI will fly him back to Russia themselves.

  15. 3) Just like the 923 witnesses of the steal in 2020, nothing will happen because the judiciary and now the Biden Administration will not prosecute regardless of the evidence. Just look at the 2 year plus investigation of Hunter for another example of the convenient FBI foot dragging.

  16. Make that "DeSantistize the Press".

  17. #2 Thank you, Don for reminding us about the unfair and unequal justice meted out with regard to the Jan.6th protests.
    Another thing we need reminded of from time to time is 400+ American citizens Biden left behind in Afghanistan.
    Let's Go Brandon

  18. Item 1: Ahhh, the New York Slimes...

    Item 5: "32 years after Tawana Brawley, the light goes on." DIMLY.

    ITEM 8: Hey, Don! WHERE IS Item 8? I'm getting a blank space.

    Item 13: "Let the rats have the city then." The real rats, not the two-legged rats...

    Item 16: Yes, I can se DeSantis as our next President. I'd vote for him!

    FINALLY: "It’s only CRT if it’s from the Kimberlé region of France. Otherwise, it’s just sparkling neo-racism." Now, that's FUNNY!!!! With a BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...

    1. Re Item 8: It’s a Rorschach test for white supremacists. LOL.

  19. I'd buy DeSantis the Press ... or DeSantisize the Press!

  20. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    8: ?

    14: Personal experience?

    15: Not to mention a faux President.

    17: Nice one.

    FINALLY: Even better.

  21. "My senator drives a Maserati..." O.K. How does a regular guy from West Virginia get to own an expensive houseboat and an $80000 Maserati? Just askin'!

    1. Sorry, Percy. If you have to ask, you don't deserve an answer.

    2. He seems well coal dividend money. I wonder how her handled his "investment" in coal while he was Governor of the 2ns largest coal producing state?

      The more you dig on this Manchin guy (who twice voted to impeach an innocent man), the scuzzier he looks. This is on top of "The Family Business" of daughter selling EpiPens to mom to sell to dad...The governor.

      This guy is the non-idiot version of Joe Biden. Who in the Manchin family isn't making bank off of Uncle Sugar?

    3. What I want to see is that crowd follow Manchin in that Maso..that would be epic a clot of electric scooters and Priousii trying to take corners on an Appalachian back road...

  22. Item 1: Igor and Jeffery are just hanging together somewhere.

    1. ... or will be after Igor "doesn't" kill himself.

  23. Item 15: Let's see:
    + Thursday, 10AM - attend a "briefing" (or more likely a de-briefing followed by a re-briefing). After that, ZZZ.
    + Friday - Travel day
    + Saturday - Weekend in Delaware!
    + Sunday - Weekend in Delaware!
    + Monday - Travel day

    Looking at this schedule, he's "working" even less than he did when he was campaigning.

    I do not wish ill upon any other human being, no matter how much I loathe them. But I do think that the clock seems to be running slower and slower for him.

    If the Dims want to replace Kamala with Big Mike, they'd better get a move on.

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