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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1Shaadie Ali, interim executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin, stated, "Despite Kyle Rittenhouse’s conscious decision to take the lives of two people protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, he was not held responsible for his actions, something that is not surprising. But Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t the only one responsible for the deaths that night. The events in Kenosha stem from the deep roots of white supremacy in our society’s institutions. They underscore that the police do not protect communities of color in the same way they do white people."

Translation: Everyone who disagrees with me is a white supremacist.

A jury trial is holding someone responsible. 

By the way, via Citizen Free Press, Trump was right (scroll down past the Biden jackassery).

ITEM 2: Politico reported, "The College Democrats of America — the Democratic Party’s national organization presiding over 500 chapters on campuses across the country — is in turmoil.

"The group’s leaders are publicly firing off accusations of anti-Blackness, Islamaphobia and anti-Semitism at each other. Impeachment proceedings are now in the works against the organization’s new vice president, Nourhan Mesbah, who is Muslim. College Democrats say that screenshots of tweets that their peers sent in adolescence spread rapidly through group texts, which already caused a student running for president of the group to withdraw their candidacy in September. And national advocacy groups for Muslim and Jewish Americans are now weighing in with criticism.

"The conflict has gotten so messy that the Democratic National Committee is considering disaffiliating with the national collegiate organization altogether and creating a partnership with the state groups underneath the national umbrella, according to a Democrat familiar with the discussions. The DNC declined to comment."

When you teach children that everyone who disagrees with them is a white supremacist, it is difficult to have a discussion.

Democrats should do like golf tournaments and have a daily leader board.

Transgenders > gay > feminists > Muslims > blacks > Hispanics > American Indians > women > white males > Asians > Jews.

ITEM 3: Just the News reported, "A Hollywood group that purports to fight workplace harassment, but advised now-disgraced ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he was facing sexual harassment claims, announced it's 'going down to the studs to completely rebuild.'

"Time's Up is laying off 22 of its 25 remaining staff and restructuring, with only four board members remaining and its interim CEO among the departures, according to The Washington Post."

Going down to the studs?

Well, I would not call Cuomo a stud, but he did bring them down.

ITEM 4: Biden had a colonoscopy on Friday.

Doctors found his brain.



ITEM 5: The New York Post reported, "A Manhattan junior high school plans to racially separate students while discussing identity and social justice topics next week, The Post has learned.

"The Lower Manhattan Community School will conduct the controversial exercises as part of its mission to 'undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community,' according to an email sent to parents.

"Kids in grades seven and eight will opt into one of five categories, Principal Shanna Douglas wrote in the message.

"Whites, Asians, and multi-racial students have their own categories, while African-American and Hispanic students are combined into one group, according to her email."

Democrats, segregating races since 1828.

ITEM 6: There are Democrat facts.

And there are real facts.

Jacob Blake lives! It's a miracle.

ITEM 7: The Washington Post reported, "By the time House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) yielded the floor at 5:11 a.m. Friday, completing a speech that began some 8 ½ hours earlier, he had repeatedly taken aim at House Democrats and their $2.1 trillion social spending and climate change agenda."

The bill's price is the equivalent of spending $67,307,692.31 for every second he spoke.

ITEM 8: The Seattle Times reported, "Seattle got more than 1,300 federal housing vouchers. So far, only 10 people have used them."

The story said, "Local officials first spent weeks building up a labyrinthine system to route the vouchers to the people who need them the most."

Yes, the first thing we must do when trying to get emergency housing for people who cannot take care of themselves is to set up an overly complicated maze to get the aid.

ITEM 9: The Hill reported, "The Cook Political Report is shifting three hotly contested 2022 Senate races toward the GOP and into the toss-up column, a move that suggests a more favorable environment for Republicans. 

"The Senate contests in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada once leaned toward Democrats. That changed on Friday, when the nonpartisan election handicapper reclassified them as toss-up races, meaning that they could go in either direction."

Republicans need to hold the 20 seats they now hold that are up next year, and flip one to gain control of the Senate. It won't be easy, but this is encouraging.

Primary Murkowski. If that fails, hold your nose and vote for her. RINO > Democrat.

ITEM 10: Malynda Hale (Singer l Activist l Mom l Vegan l Wife l Host of #WeNeedToTalk, Creator of Black Voices Heard, Owner of JMV Entertainment, Worship Leader at Harmony Toluca Lake) tweeted, "Please stop acting like you don’t know what this is. He murdered two people. And will walk free. You’ve never in your life heard of a POC that killed two people and got to walk free."



ITEM 11: WPTV reported on Friday, "An Indian River County man on trial in connection with a deadly 2017 SWAT raid in Gifford was found not guilty of five of the six charges Friday.

"Andrew Coffee IV was charged with second-degree murder of his 21-year-old girlfriend and three counts of attempted murder of law enforcement after the raid led to an exchange of gunfire.

"He was also acquitted of shooting or throwing a deadly missile."

The defendant is black.

Paging Malynda Hale.

ITEM 12: The Epoch Times reported, "A former criminal justice professor was charged by a federal grand jury for allegedly starting four California wildfires in Northern California earlier in 2021.

"Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count, said the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California a statement Thursday."

The story said he taught at several California colleges including "Sonoma State University, where he specialized in 'criminal justice, social science research methods, cults and deviant behavior,' according to an archived Sonoma State webpage. He also has master’s degrees in political science, theater arts, and sociology as well as a Ph.D. in sociology."

What do you know?

The climate change communists were right. The fires were manmade.

ITEM 13: Zero Hedge reported, "Ford And GM Could Soon Be Getting Into The Semiconductor Production Business."

Plenty of space in Kanawha County, West Virginia, where Union Carbide and other chemical companies once built an industry.

ITEM 14: Julia Horowitz of CNN does a that-was-then, this-is-now.

Yo, AT&T, how about hiring someone who isn't a goofball for your cable channel?

ITEM 15: Three senators wrote a joint letter to the editor of the New York Times.

The Times has published four separate pieces analyzing the style  and dress of our colleague Senator Kyrsten Sinema. We cannot  imagine The Times printing similar pieces on the fashion choices of  any of our male colleagues.

As Senator Sinema recently said about the commentary on her  fashion: “I wear what I want because I like it. It’s not a news story,  and it’s no one’s business.” We couldn’t agree more.

Senator Sinema is a serious, hardworking member of the Senate  who contributes a great deal to the policy deliberations before us.  Your repeated focus on how she dresses, rather than what she says  and does, is demeaning, sexist and inappropriate.

Susan Collins
Jeanne Shaheen
Lisa Murkowski


Liberals always are everything they falsely claim conservatives are.

Except patriotic.

That we own.

FINALLY, streaming services are all the rage these days.


Disney and the rest will use their streaming services to promote the latest hare-brained lefty fad and to silence conservatives. It is what Corporate Media does best.


  1. 7 - congress - People talking without speaking. People hearing without listening.

    All show.

    8 - it is always all about the bureaucracy - growing and feeding it.

    14 - China and Xiden are one and the same. Fuck Joe Biden.

  2. "analyzing the style and dress of our colleague Senator Kyrsten Sinema."

    Don't get in the way of the media smear machine:
    Anita Bryant
    Linda Tripp
    Donna Rice
    Katherine Harris

  3. "Primary Murkowski. If that fails, hold your nose and vote for her. RINO > Democrat."

    Voting RINO boils the frog slowly.

    1. I'd say 'screw that advice' for the House, but in the Senate, if a vote for RINO Murkowski (or Romney, Snowe, Sasse, etc. etc. etc...) can prevent a Supreme Court Justice Garland or God forbid Kamala Harris, then I'm all for holding our noses and voting for the PoS!

    2. Don't forget, Murkowski lost a primary race six years ago. She ran as a third party and won.

  4. #10 Well played Don. But I think its past time that we start getting rough with these people. Pushing Back is fun but Mockery and Total Humiliation is the only way to stop these people. Lets Roll!

    1. I'll again advise that in the same way that we all studied and used-back Alinsky, that next we study and use-back Chairman Mao's "Little Red Book." You can even find it online for free. Lots of good stuff in there to use against them next.

  5. I amuse myself sometimes with mental games, such as: Imagine the modern-day media covering the Boston Tea Party. What would Joy Reid have said about Crispus Attucks? The time for reasoning with the LibCommies is OVER. It’s DONE. May Kyle Rittenhouse become the Samuel Adams of the 21st Century. Whatever it takes, man.

    1. I think maybe he just needs to add the ACLU of Wisconsin to his sue list. Break them completely.

  6. Personally, I'd rather vote for someone who is a Democrat and can be counted on to always vote like one than for a RINO who can only be counted on to vote like a Republican when it doesn't matter how she votes and to stab me in the back when it counts most.

    1. Vote RINO!
      Yes. Let's return to the days of Bush43, the Patriot Act, torturing terrorists and wars for oil and Israel.
      Who needs civil liberties? The FBI is only interested in pursuing terrorists.

  7. Item 2: All those White Democrats must be Supremacists, too...

    Item 5: "Whites, Asians, and multi-racial students have their own categories, while African-American and Hispanic students are combined into one group, according to her email." That's gonna work a TREAT...

    ITEM 7: "The Washington Post reported,"... I trust nothing from the WaPoo (it WaPoops), as well as the NYT.

    Item 14: Ahhh, CNN: The Crap News Network...

    FINALLY,: I don't know what the "streaming services are, or where and how I could get them, if I were interested...but I'm not!

    1. Regarding your comment on CNN... last night on Newsmax, Liberal Alan Dershowitz sounded like Trump in his bashing of CNN It was awesome! He said you CANNOT believe a single thing they report!

  8. I'll tell these lunatic freaks I may agree a tranny is an actual woman when they acknowledge that grass is blue and the sky is green. I mean, if we're going to deny reality, why not go all the way?

    1. Bluegrass in Kentucky. Green sky is tornado weather. We may be into a storm soon

  9. Copied:Until I watched the trial for myself, I didn’t know the gas station where it all started and where Kyle stayed up until they started attacking him, is owned by his grandparents. They came on to his property to attack him.
    I didn't know that Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow up, with people all around.
    I didn't know that the Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed.
    I didn't know that Kyles Dad, Grandma and Friends all lived in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he resided with his Mom part time in Illinois.
    I didn't know that someone knocked Rittenhouse down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head.
    I didn't know that Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard.
    I didn't know Gaige Grosskreutz, aimed his gun at Kyle first, as he admitted on the stand.
    I also didn't know that in the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17 (which was why the gun charge was dismissed).
    I didn't know that Kyle did not cross state lines with a gun he wasn't supposed to have. The rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do.
    I also didn't realize that Rosenbaum was a 5 time convicted child rapist and that Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater. I didn't know that Grosskreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record also.
    IF THE MEDIA DID THEIR JOB... we would ALL have known this and tax payers dollars would not be wasted and more division created!

    1. I actually knew a LOT of the above prior... all the more reason I am OUTRAGED the District Attorney brought charges against him! They basically tried to throw an innocent HERO (and yes he was a hero) in jail for political reasons. Same as they did to Derek Chauvin when Saint George died of a fentanyl overdose or what they are still doing to the peaceful demonstrators of January 6th. If 1/6 protesters are still in jail, why aren't code pink and all the other leftist who protest and interrupt congressional proceedings all the time!?!? FJB Ffbi, FDC

    2. Excellent post! Shame on the Kenosha PD. Why pay taxes?

  10. I work in a upper class Leftist Midwest college town that attracts (welcomes) every homeless person outside of Detroit. They congregate and sleep in our car port and the alley behind our building. Within a few blocks they have free housing, food, healthcare, entertainment, transportation but they would rather party, sleep, drink and do drugs in the alley. The Leftists think that all they need to do is throw more money at the problem. I don't have an answer but I know money isn't working. This is a mental health issue not a money issue.

    1. "I don't have an answer but I know money isn't working." The answer is accountability.

      Michael Shellenberger wrote "San Fransicko" He rejects the idea that homelessness is a poverty problem, it is a mental illness and drug abuse problem.
      He rejects the housing first believers. In Holland and Portugal abusers are first sent to shelters and are later rewarded with better housing depending on their ability to work at getting clean and sober.

    2. I was looking at a copy of my Dear wife's obituary
      yesterday an stumbled across an Series of arrest reports in the local "News of record" 90% were drug related. To the Libertarian types who think that somehow legalization is better . WEll Oregon's your Petri Dish...Cartels are empowered and running Blackmarket Pot and growing Meth, Fentanyl, etc. Employers give up drug tests because it's all semi legal. Homeless meth users dominate the bottle returns, and make for dangerous, unsanitary, trips to the return.
      The ACLU is largely responsible for this.

    3. Leftist know is that all they have to do is get taxpayer money thrown at the problem so they can siphon off a fair percentage to be used for their own housing and subsistence. Whether any good is done with the rest is not their concern unless it succeeds and turns off their sinecure.

  11. Item 2: “The College Democrats of America … is in turmoil.” Time to buy stock in popcorn companies.

    Item 3: “Time's Up is laying off 22 of its 25 remaining staff and restructuring, with only four board members remaining” Lots of popcorn stock.

    Item 6: “We must continue the fight to end police violence against [b]lack Americans…” Okay, let’s have the 12% black population “continue the fight” against the police and the 88% non-black population and watch what happens.

    Item 10: “He murdered two people.” I hope Malynda Hale has deep pockets. Anyone claiming Kyle Rittenhouse “murdered” people after the jury found him innocent of murder is on the hook for big bucks.

  12. Item 2 - Democrats specialize in intolerance and hate. This is simply the manifestation of those underlying flaws.

  13. Item 4 - That explains Biden’s diagnosis of suffering from Shit for Brains.

    1. For crying out loud, Xiden didn't have a colonoscopy, he had an eye exam. They needed the anesthesia because they had to put a ophthalmoscope up his A$$ to do it.

  14. Item 10 - I must disagree. Every weekend in Chicago and Baltimore, blacks are killed and the killers are rarely even prosecuted. The difference is in these situations it’s blacks killing other blacks. Dems/media don’t give a damn about those black lives.

    1. black lives matter had a chapter here in my town.
      Handful of college students. Old women (as my dear wife called them wilted Flower children".
      No Blacks.No Hispanics, NO Asians, No American Indians. Just White women.This was a group that met on Saturdays at a lefty coffee shop.

  15. 9 - Murky Murkowski *is* being primaried - by solidly-MAGA Kelly Tshibaka. She'll probably win the primary. But keep in mind that Murky was successfully primaried once before - but then ran in the general as an independent and there was enough splitting of the total vote that she won. Let's get it right this time.

    13 - Actually, if you follow that link, the headline is misleading (or Mr. Durden doesn't understand the silicon business). Ford is discussing *designing* its own ICs (a common practice among a wide variety of outfits who use "electronics" in some way) and having them made by buying wafer starts at Globalfoundries (yes, the company name is one germanesque compound word). Meanwhile, GM is "partnering" with Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors - whatever that means; Qualcomm is a fabless company (most of their "chips" are manufacturing by TSMC); I've lost track of exactly whether or not NXP still has its own fabs at all; NXP is a mash-up of Freescale (which was the spin-out the old Motorola semiconductor unit and the old Philips semiconductor unit), and I *do* know that they have a lot of their "chips" also manufactured by TSMC. So Ford and GM will NOT be getting into the "silicon production" business (had they been actually thinking about it, methinks that when they saw that a modern fab costs $15B - $20B to build they would have changed their minds).

    1. GM is basically 'Government Motors' ... and with this $3+ Trillion monstrosity just passed, I'm sure GM can get their government masters to pony up $20 billion if they want it

    2. But then they'll have to staff it and operate it. This is a very difficult business to operate in - both very expensive, and requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and "institutional memory." That's why semiconductor manufacturing has consolidated into a few very large manufacturers over the past 25 - 30 years. It sure ain't like manufacturing, say, plumbing fixtures.

  16. #12 the good professor should be put on an inmate firecrew and taken to every major fire in Cali for the rest of his life. No Power equipment (not green you know)
    Just a Pulaski, Crosscut and Shovel...

  17. The Protests have been rather unimpressive. Kensosha was quiet Portlantifa had a riot downtown. other places like Chiraq and Oakland. Brooklyn, etc. Soros' money was cut off due to the impending Democrat apocalypse.
    By little bits and pieces we are winning...

    1. Oh, as an addendumdum Bubba smolett,er, Wallace:
      Shut Up and drive, Bubba, no one cares.

  18. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: Maximilien Robespierre smiles.

    5: This is the way Lefties see people.

    8: Precisely. Gotta keep those shifty white people out.

    15: We cannot imagine The Times printing similar pieces on the fashion choices of any of our male colleagues.

    Take a look at Nadless lately?

  19. Murkowski's gotta go. Principle matters! RINO = D.

  20. ITEMS 1, 6 and 10 - A popular meme making the rounds shows pictures of Nicholas Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse, with Sandmann saying, "I won $250 million," and Rittenhouse replying, "Hold my beer." In pursuing legal recompense, Rittenhouse finds himself with such a target-rich environment that there should be no shortage of lawyers agreeable to splitting their 1/3 share of the proceeds among themselves.

    1. I'd like to see Kyle ownd 3 or 4 of biden's mansions. 50 years of criminality snuffed in one year.

    2. NB, Babylon Bee says Sandmann and Rittenhouse will get joint custody of CNN.

    3. I hope that James O'Keefe gets custody of the New York Times.

      What a coup that would be!

  21. Murkowski running as I.
    Kelly Tshibaka has the edge.

  22. That's because Male POC are doing more of the crime. As much as half of all crime has POC as witnessed perpetrators. The Police know this and react accordingly.

    Odds are when they stop a POC, there is a 50-50 chance they have committed a crime and are either wanted for questioning, violating their parole or have a record of violence.

    The idea that giving them more leeway in getting free while awaiting trial is fair is foolish. More people are being victimized by those let free.

    People see this and understand what it means; you must be prepared to protect yourself because it is a fact that those who get out of jail and more likely to get violent to keep from going back.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

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