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Monday, November 01, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: His name is Charlie Taylor. He knows guns. He converts real guns into blank guns for movie making. He's so good and important to the film industry that the Canadian government lets him and his partner buy and possess whatever weapon they want, including rockets. Even Hollywood armorers do not have such freedom.

A reader sent me this 3-year-old video, and after watching it, I am convinced that Alec Baldwin ain't got a prayer in civil court. It was a tragedy, doubly so as it was preventable.

You put this guy Taylor on the stand and the jury will be adding zeroes to its award. He is so authentic, Wilford Brimley could have played him in a movie.

ITEM 2: Alec Baldwin in 2007 called his 11-year-old daughter a pig.

Alec Baldwin in 2013 called a photographer a "c—s—ing faggot."

Alec Baldwin in 2021 shot and killed a woman.

Of course he showed no remorse because the media always forgives him. NBC kept him on after the pig and photographer incidents. I'll bet SNL will bring him back as Trump again because no one in the mainstream media has called Baldwin out for shooting and killing a woman.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "​Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warned that the ​devastating ​global supply chain troubles that continue to be a drag on the economy and threaten gift giving during the holiday season could continue as long as the coronavirus pandemic."

Papa Pete crawled out, saw his shadow, and crawled back in his paternity leave hole for six more weeks of hibernation.

ITEM 4Terry McAuliffe told "Meet the Press" that "We have a great school system in Virginia. Dorothy and I have raised our 5 children."

Their kids attended private schools.

By the way, is Chuck Todd's wife working on the McAuliffe campaign?

ITEM 5: Lady who admits she "probably sounded insane" tried to get in the cockpit of an airliner in midair.

Storming the cockpit gets you arrested. But as a reporter for Hamas-Shielding AP, she used Press Privilege to avoid prison.

By the way, her story -- "How ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ became code for insulting Joe Biden" -- was unintentionally hilarious. Good of her to break the code. She is a regular Alan Turing.

Southwest Airlines (SWA) apologized. FSWA and FJB.

ITEM 6: Via Fox, Bill Maher said of covid, "Just resume living. I know some people seem to not want to give up on the wonderful pandemic, but you know what? It's over. There's always going to be a variant. You shouldn't have to wear masks."

Someone important should have said this a year ago.

ITEM 7: CNN reported, "American Airlines canceled another 634 flights on Sunday, more than 12% of its total operations for the day, the company said Sunday.

"The airline has now canceled more than 1,500 flights since Friday, as it deals with weather issues and staffing shortages that started last week."

Those vax mandates will do nothing but shut down the economy.

ITEM 8: Maggie Haberman is worried that Democrats won't rule for 40 years like Jim Carville said in his book in 2008.

I can see why there is discombobulation. Which calamity do you pick? The Mexican border. The surrender of Afghanistan. The vax mandate. The mask mandate. CRT. Boys in skirts raping in the girls room. Inflation. Empty store shelves. Democrats display so much incompetence that it is hard to agree on which is the worst.

ITEM 9: The Hill reported, "A survey found that 34% of white students who applied to colleges falsely claimed they were a racial minority on their application.

"Most students, 48%, claimed to be Native American on their application.

"77% of white applicants who lied about their race on their application were accepted to those colleges."

Fake Indians?

Who do they think they are? Liz Warren?

So much for white privilege. It's minority privilege. White people are the new regime's scapegoats because totalitarian governments always need a scapegoat.

Oh, and 48% isn't "most."

ITEM 10: Fox reported, "A Loudoun County, Virginia, mom said at a school board meeting this month that she pulled her children from the public school system after her 6-year-old asked her if she was born evil because she’s white."

The mother said, "We had specifically moved them out of LCPS due to the swift and uncompromising political agenda of Superintendents Williams, Ziegler, and the school board had forced upon us. First, it was in the early spring of 2020 when my 6-year-old somberly came to me and asked me if she was born evil because she was a white person. Something she learned in a history lesson at school."

Once we laughed at the Nation of Islam calling us blue-eyed devils.

But this is what they teach in college. Those teachers then teach our kids. How is this not racism? 

ITEM 11: Reuters reported, "China's factory activity contracted more than expected in October to shrink for a second month, hurt by persistently high raw material prices and softer domestic demand, pointing to more economic disquiet in the final quarter of 2021.

"The official manufacturing Purchasing Manager's Index was at 49.2 in October, down from 49.6 in September, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed on Sunday.

"The 50-point mark separates growth from contraction. Analysts had expected it to come in at 49.7."

Unable to unload cargo because of Biden's blundering, people have stopped ordering stuff.

The coming recession will make 2008 look good.

ITEM 12Rasmussen announced, "A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and Human Events finds that 76% of American Adults are concerned that public schools may be promoting controversial beliefs and attitudes, including 58% who say they are Very Concerned. Only 21% are not concerned about schools promoting controversial beliefs."

Democrats need to gnaw off their leg and escape the CRT trap because it is that ugly.

ITEM 13: Becker News reported, "Sheriff Mike Chapman told the beleaguered Loudoun County school board to shove its extreme security request, rhetorically speaking.  The sheriff’s retort to the radical school board came to light in emails that were made public on Thursday.

The superintendent DEMANDED:

  • 3 LCSO deputies inside the Admin Building
  • 1 LCSO/LCFR K-9 explosive sweep
  • LCSO five-person Quick Response Force (QRF) onsite at the Admin Building
  • Undercover LCSO deputies in Public Assembly Area at Admin Building
  • LCSO CDU Team stood up and on standby at nearby location
  • LCSO Special Operations Team on standby at nearby location
  • Joint command post
  • Onsite commander for unified decision making
  • Joint briefing on security plan

The sheriff rejected the DEMAND, pointing out he is taking the heat for his deputies arresting a man for speaking at a public school board meeting. 

And you know these radical chic school board members in suburban DC are Defund The Police at heart.

ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, "Mandate Meltdown: 26 NYC Fire Stations Shuttered, LA Sheriff Warns Of Mass Exodus, Tucson Water District Faces Staff Shortage."

The story said, "While the vast majority of employees across most industries and sectors have acquiesced to mandatory vaccine mandates, enough Americans are refusing to get the jab that states and municipalities are losing a dangerous game of chicken with employees who refuse."

The Supreme Court needs to stop this unconstitutional power play.

Unfortunately, Barrett and Kavanaugh fear retaliation on their kids from the lefty loons to stand up for America.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "A South Carolina congressman has introduced legislation to open a dozen new ports of entry in America, seeking to shift the burden of President Joe Biden's border crisis from Texas to wealthy enclaves favored by Democrats like Martha's Vineyard, New York's trendy suburbs and Silicon Valley.

"Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican, said he introduced the Stop the Surge Act last week as a companion to similar Senate legislation sought by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). It would require all future illegal aliens captured at the border to be shipped to the wealthy, liberal enclaves."

Makes sense.

ITEM 16: Prank calls exist only in cartoons today.


I want the 20th century back.

FINALLY, truck driver Ryan Johnson offered an insight into the container backlog. 

He wrote, "I have a simple question for every ‘expert’ who thinks they understand the root causes of the shipping crisis:

"Why is there only one crane for every 50–100 trucks at every port in America?

"No ‘expert’ will answer this question.

"I’m a Class A truck driver with experience in nearly every aspect of freight. My experience in the trucking industry of 20 years tells me that nothing is going to change in the shipping industry.

"Let’s start with understanding some things about ports. Outside of dedicated port trucking companies, most trucking companies won’t touch shipping containers. There is a reason for that.

"Think of going to the port as going to Walmart on Black Friday, but imagine only ONE cashier for thousands of customers. Think about the lines. Except at a port, there are at least THREE lines to get a container in or out. The first line is the ‘in’ gate, where hundreds of trucks daily have to pass through 5–10 available gates. The second line is waiting to pick up your container. The third line is for waiting to get out. For each of these lines the wait time is a minimum of an hour, and I’ve waited up to 8 hours in the first line just to get into the port. Some ports are worse than others, but excessive wait times are not uncommon. It’s a rare day when a driver gets in and out in under two hours. By ‘rare day,’ I mean maybe a handful of times a year. Ports don’t even begin to have enough workers to keep the ports fluid, and it doesn’t matter where you are, coastal or inland port, union or non-union port, it’s the same everywhere."

It is a good read. There is more to it than just the lack of cranes. 

Democrats and RINOs shut down the economy. They thought it was a light switch. It was more like the time Walter Peck shut down the ghost storage vault in "Ghostbusters."


  1. My Bible study this morning was Hebrews 11 and contained this (verses 13-14):

    “And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own.”

    Wonderful, beautiful stuff. Go out today IN FAITH, fellow Friends Of The Don!

    1. when I was about 8 year old living on the old McCoy place, in eastern Oregon, I and my auntie who was a one of the most fearful, pessimistic,
      people I ever knew,-we were looking at the night sky on a warm august night. you could see the blackness of space and the trail of the Milky Way strecthing across the sky.
      Auntie said: "Oh all those stars and the black void! I can't hardly look at it it's frightening." "Oh, auntie, that's Home!" I
      knew heaven's up there or just outside our
      vision, we are strangers in a strange land.
      Thanks, Z good one.
      Per Ardua ad Astra.

  2. Finally: We can thank China for this problem since they developed the WuFlu. They may have been thinking of a military weapon, but once the WuFlu escaped the lab they found that it was a very effective economic weapon. Just look at how effective it has been in tanking Western economies. Best of all for China they did not even need to bribe any Western leaders to get that result.

    1. We can thank Mexifornia and their foolish CARB. They screwed the number of trucks available for hauling FJB and FGN

    2. JeremyR, aren't JB and GN related? :-)

    3. Here on the west coast you need a flow chart to
      which lefty gov is related to whom Gruesome is the nephew of her Pelosiness Kate Brown is of the house of Brown.As in Jerry's sister.

    4. Bucky--Ultimately, shouldn't we be thanking Anthony "the megalomaniac" Fauci for the Wuhan Flu?

    5. ""Most students, 48%, claimed to be Native American on their application." I have seen no one make the obvious point that most of these students were telling the truth: if they were born in the USA they are indeed "native Americans".

  3. #2. What happened in 2017, 2019, 2015...? I see a pattern emerging...
    Then again, we could also ask what he did in 2020, 2018,....

    1. Or for that matter, what he did on Monday, what he did on Tuesday...

    2. Odd number years are bad for this odd man.

      His wife did a great job learning to speak without a Spanish accent.

      Yes. Of course. A one in a trillion accident with a single action revolver. Suuuuure thing. I guess he took his Glengarry Glen Ross role advice. ABC. Always be closing. Too bad that won’t work on the jury.

  4. Over the weekend, the illegitimate dementia patient-in-chief (aka President Pantload) traveled to Rome to visit the Pope.

    And what started trending on Twitter?

    The Daily Caller has the answer here:

    Nickelodeon proves it’s up to the challenge.

    Reports indicate Nickelodeon has ordered production of a new series titled: “The Adventures of Poopy Pants Biden and SpongeBob SquarePants.”

    Of course, as in any authoritarian state, the illegitimate President gets top billing.

  5. ITEM 16: “Prank calls exist only in cartoons today.”

    Thankfully, some alternative Prank Calls continue to exist and patriotic Americans have used them to publicize their dissent against the illegitimate regime:

    At an airport:

    At a Target store:

  6. #8 "Democrats display so much incompetence that it is hard to agree on which is the worst." Not incompetence. Deliberate sabotage of the economy and our society. Stop saying it's incompetence or that Biden is in charge. It isn't and he isn't. The Politburo is rubbing our noses in every outrageous stunt they pull. That's how much Trump frightened the hell out of them.

    1. Excerpt from AT article: "So far, in only nine months, the Biden war machine has inflicted almost incomprehensible damage on the American people."

      Is it incompetence when they roll out another freedom-killing edict then double down on it? How does one define "domestic enemy" or "public enemy number one?" Does the Biden cartel qualify? What should actual Americans do in response? Are bogus elections and corrupt judges the answer? We're in a tough spot and our options are dwindling. So, as 800cynic used to say, "Were are the Republicans?" For example, are they making any effort whatsoever to get the Jan 6th prisoners out of solitary confinement? Are they delivering speeches criticizing the corrupt judges keeping them there? Are they criticizing the prosecution for sitting on their so-called evidence? They are worthless. Good for Trump campaigning against the worst of them.

    2. Much as I hate to admit it I'm beginning to think you are correct.

  7. 1 - Thanks for the video.

    6 - it’s a weird world when more and more, Bill Maher says things I agree with.

    10 & 13 - that school board has to be the worst in the US. Good for the sheriff.

  8. Item 8: “I can see why there is discombobulation.” They’ve been discombobulating for a long time. No one in the Democrat party has a single combob, and they’re not likely to recombobulate in the near future.

    English is a fun language. I’m constantly whelmed.

  9. Charlie Taylor: WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwww!

    Item 15: "Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican, said he introduced the Stop the Surge Act last week as a companion to similar Senate legislation sought by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). It would require all future illegal aliens captured at the border to be shipped to the wealthy, liberal enclaves."

    Makes sense. ""Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican, said he introduced the Stop the Surge Act last week as a companion to similar Senate legislation sought by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). It would require all future illegal aliens captured at the border to be shipped to the wealthy, liberal enclaves."

    Don said, "Makes sense." "Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican, said he introduced the Stop the Surge Act last week as a companion to similar Senate legislation sought by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). It would require all future illegal aliens captured at the border to be shipped to the wealthy, liberal enclaves."


    1. I'm underwhelmed. Republicans talk tough all the time. Talk is cheap and safe, especially when they know they don't have the votes to win. My response to all Republican gas bags is, "Show me the results. Back, when you had both Congress and the White House, what result did you deliver then?" Crickets.

    2. Yes, that's correct. I've said before the most betrayed group of people in the country are conservatives who have been lied to since Barry Goldwater's time. Denunciation of RINOs has been picking up, which is good. Trump has a lot to do with that. God bless the man.

  10. Item 13 - I've met and talked with Sheriff Mike Chapman on many occasions over the years and he is a great guy...very sound, if you know what I mean (wink, wink). That county is lucky to have him. Funny thing is that they have no police force, only a sheriff's department which is an elective office; Mike won in 2011 with 54% of the vote, in 2015 with 61%, and in 2019 with 55%.

    BTW, there have been attempts to establish a county police force which would be more under the control of local politicians, but so far to no avail.

  11. Mr. Surber, you wrote, “Lady who admits she "probably sounded insane" tried to get in the cockpit of an airliner in midair.” That’s in regard to the story about the woman reporter who was on a FSWA airplane, who heard the pilot so, “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

    She is a woman. Don’t assume she’s a lady.

  12. 3 - What does this guy actually think his job is? Basically, he emerged to say that we have a supply chain crisis and there's nothing anyone can do about it - it's just, you know, like the weather. (Except that leftists seem to believe that they can control THAT.)

    7 - I have to go out to the west coast for a couple days next week. Not flying AA, but hoping that nothing like this happens on the travel days. Sigh...

    8 - "Democrats display so much incompetence that it is hard to agree on which is the worst." When obozo arrived on the scene, it was clear that the left had gone completely to 1980s campus idiocies. These are lifelong children (see 3 above) who think everything is just student council posturing nonsense - with official titles and a bigger budget.

    1. Embrace the healing power of 'and'? It ain't just one thing or even a couple of one things.

    2. Buttpeg is in there, not because of any core competency, but because he checks three boxes in the democrat hierarchy: 1. He's queer as a three dollar bill. 2. He's in a same-sex marriage with another queer. 3. He has failed at everything he has ever tried.

  13. Item 9:
    'Native American'
    If I remember my geography correctly, Paterson NJ is part of The United States of America. I was born in Paterson. When I call myself Native American (a country named after Italian merchant, explorer, navigator, and map-maker Amerigo Vespucci), I am correct in my self labeling unless, of course, we are using the 1021 version of history where Eric Leafson found and 'founded' Westlandia (I'd be a native Westlandian). However, I think that Genoan businessman Chris (something or other) might be a bit upset at me if I did.

    1. That's how I see it.

      The Lefties started that Native American nonsense in the 70s to guilt the Whigs. Now it comes back to bite them.

    2. I've been on the edges of American Indian culture myself due to my Cherokee (Eastern)
      Paternal grandma. Her sister was married to a descendant of Chief Joseph's sister. Joseph had many descendants. Very few use "native American" they Prefer "American Indian" or "First Nations."

    3. Douglas DC? I'd think it'd be "First Western Hemisphere Land Mass Dwellers" if we were trying to be as precise as possible.

    4. I wouldn't argue with that but there's evidence that there were people here before the Indians.The clovis culture...

  14. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: Maybe, but how many in the biz are sticking up for him now?

    8: Trump always brought out the worst in Demos (their true nature) and now people see what they really are.

    I think he does belong on Mount Rushmore.

    And it's worse than incompetence because these people think they really know what they're doing. Their parents and grandparents replace the old ward heelers who had come up through the ranks and knew how to get things done.

    This crowd is the faculty lounge writ large.

    11: Demos look bad, Reds look bad.


    13: Sounds like they wanted the begleitkommando.

    Which is probably how they see themselves.

    15: Ya gotta love it, right?

    FINALLY: Sounds like they ought to quit the woke remakes and just re-release the original,

  15. “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”
    ― Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era

    1. ___Such wisdom from the man who begat the 'Iran Hostage Crisis', and a loon of a lib offspring MSNBC, shrill... zb

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  17. #13 The sheriff has endorsed Youngkin.

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