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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Democrats want empty shelves and high prices

Moscow supermarket (above) and American supermarket (below).

"In Russia, you wait for food. In America, food waits for you." -- Yakov Smirnoff circa 1985.

That has been reversed.

Under a Democrat president, cargo ships go unloaded and store shelves are empty. Meanwhile, inflation is roaring. It hit a 30-year high last month. That 1991 bump was temporary and caused by the Gulf War's effect on oil prices.

Pundits see this as evidence of Democrats administration making mistakes. 

The pundits are wrong. This is the America Democrats want. They are evil people, after all.

History shows this is the intent of socialist governments. You take a well-educated and prosperous country -- say Cuba in the 1950s (it was the jewel of Latin America) or Venezuela in the 1990s -- and make its economy collapse. People waiting in line for their daily ration are not going to rebel.

Especially if you put them in cloth masks.

Inflation is an economic jihad against savings and hence the middle-class, which Democrats see as a barrier to political dominance. Merrick Garland really does see parents who are interested in their children's education as domestic terrorists because those parents espouse the middle-class values.

Democrats have labeled middle-class values "whiteness" as they use race once again to control the population. Last time, Democrats pushed discrimination against blacks. Now Democrats discriminate against whites.

White is now a Democrat synonym for wrong.

White Democrats don't mind because they will do whatever it takes to gain and retain power.

The Smithsonian -- through its African-American museum -- trashed white people with an anti-whiteness chart.

But the things these bureaucrats railed against are not whiteness. They are middle-class values that call for self-reliance, independence, and hard work.

Every single one of those middle-class values goes against the great socialist scheme to install a totalitarian state.

Self-reliance means you don't need the state.

Independence means you don't need the state.

Hard work means you don't need the state's handouts. 

As for religion, if you have God in your life, you surely do not the state.

The Biden regime is rife with plans to destroy the middle class once and for all. Tree equity and racist bridges are nonsense that these Einsteins take serious. They have power. An Einstein with power and a half-baked idea is very, very dangerous.

Democrats want to replace the three-bedroom ranch home with a two-bedroom apartment.

They wrap their plans in race, but that is just a sales pitch. The American dream knows no color barrier, and Democrats want to destroy the dream because they want to destroy America. They would rather rule a hellhole than take turns with Republicans governing the greatest land of all.

The purpose of Defund the Police is to stop protecting businesses because small businesses -- mom and pop shops -- promote middle class dreams of financial independence.

California decriminalized shoplifting. Junkies line the streets in pup tents. San Francisco has a map app to warn people of human feces in the streets.

Climate change is all about eliminating cars and suburban commuting. Building windmills and installing solar panels to replace coal-powered plants is an idiocy designed by fools. The demand for electricity easily will double while the supply remains the same. Prices will skyrocket as will rolling blackouts. Americans won't be able to afford cars.

Even if some gasoline-powered cars survive, the price of oil will be ten times today's prices. Not only is Biden shutting down U.S. production but foreign supply as well.

Shoshana Bryen reported, "In an effort to woo Iran, the administration came into office deriding Saudi Arabia and what it called 'the Saudi war in Yemen.' More correctly, that war is the Iranian-fostered Houthi war in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, in which Saudi cities and oil production facilities have been attacked. But in September, the administration pulled American Patriot Missile batteries out of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and some from Jordan, leaving those countries exposed to increasingly long range and accurate missiles supplied to the Houthis by Tehran.

"In what universe would Saudi Arabia pump more oil, lower the price, and help out the United States?"

Bryen believes the president made an error but we know better. There are no unintended consequences when it comes to Democrats because they lie about their intent. What you get is what they really wanted. Biden wants to tick off the Saudis because he wants to blame them for the crisis and chaos he has created.

The goal is to destroy the economy in order to destroy the middle class.

In "Goodfellas," the mobsters take over the Bamboo Lounge. They use the restaurant's credit to buy booze and other loot, selling it at half-price. Since they borrowed the money, they didn't pay for it. This is theft by credit card. When the bills come due, they burn the place to the ground to collect the insurance money.

That is the Democrat Party's plan for America.

They will leave us with empty shelves and high prices. We will wait in line.

In masks.


  1. This post is Don at his fiery best.

  2. If we (middle class Americans) do not take this threat seriously, and make every effort to physically destroy the Left, they will surely destroy us. There is no middle-ground, there is no negotiation, there is only absolute destruction. One way or the other.....

    1. I have returned to my protesting and everyone should too; to show that one is not alone.
      During the Obama administration I protested on one corner in a nearby town for 15 months and another for 11 months and received 3 death threats for my efforts. I live on a major two lane route heavily traveled and after my experience and to make my wife more comfortable, I now protest at my farm's driveway with certain security efforts undertaken and am legally armed.
      We have our own county BLM contingent, so I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up to harass me once the word gets out as they have done at two nearby towns. I hope if this happens to me, they will not become too aggressive and attack me or my farm. When I was a TEA Party director a decade ago, the Left was not violent, but not now.
      I'm sure that many people have been intimidated by BLM and ANTIFA tactics. And yes I am concerned about what will happen by defending our blessed Constitution's freedom guarantees, as I have sworn to do by the many oaths I have taken over time, but this old fart will not back down!

  3. 100% correct, Don. I have no proper words for the evil that I see. And it's being pushed as a hiccup or the new normal. The banality of evil, indeed.

  4. They Dems now have P.O.ed more than half of America-look at the Polls and even the Dems know they are in big uncheatable trouble...
    Still -good post, Don.

  5. Well, the LibCommies are in the process of stealing the Jersey election and nobody up there seems too worked up about it. So, the states that are cool with The Steal will eventually go to war with the states that aren’t. I’m not sure I see a problem here; except when the Jersey Fooks attempt to abscond my state’s coal when they start freezing their asses off next month.

    1. And whine they will and beg for bailouts. Cold mills faster than heat any day of the week.

    2. *kills, I hate autocorrect.

    3. Note the margin ofcheating they can't get above 5% or so. Nov.2022 won't be close.
      Even in Oregon the Dems are worried. our demographics have slowly changed. More young people are conservative. Hispanics Asians ad Blacks too. The Oregon dem nightmare is about to happen. They are not breeding themselves out of existence even the Illegal vote won't save them. I drive down the street-the people who have familes are conservative young people. Charlie Kirk is having a rally tonight here at the university. and is sold out. Jeff Dunham had a show in Boise Id. at
      Boise State. Sold out. There is much good hope. Never give up, never give in.

    4. With respect to New Jersey, the leading Dem legislator has conceded defeat to his truck driver opponent. As for the governor's race, Republican challenger Jack Ciatarelli has not conceded and is on the verge of demanding a recount.

  6. I'm waiting to see what Ed says because he'll sum it all up for us.

    1. He'll say that you said the exact opposite over at Pirate's Cove.

  7. Don I don't think things are all that bad. No one in there right mind would do the absurd things that you suggest. I'd probably stock up on guns and ammunition if believed anyone cared to enough to join the rebellion. Far too late for that. Remember the Devil's greatest deception is making you believe he doesn't exist.

  8. They may wrap it in race, but they're a tad late. Black America is waking up after 2 generations.

    An Einstein with power and a half-baked idea is very, very dangerous.

    As opposed to a 2nd lieutenant with map and a compass, Spc Surber?

  9. Great article Don... But the Democrat politicians aren't to blame; their voters are.
    And yet, we are constantly being cautioned to “Not let politics destroy a friendship/relationship” Nah! Identify as a democrat and that’s all I need to know about that person. I’d no sooner stay friends with a heroin addict who would rob me blind first chance they get than a democrat whose votes for democrat politicians have ruined healthcare and reasonable premiums with Obamacare, are forcing mask, vaccine, quarantines etc. on us destroying our economy, causing massive inflation costing EVERYONE thousands per year, high taxes, BLM Antifa THUGS destroying our cities, political prosecutions of good American citizens who had the gall to support and peacefully protest the clearly fraudulent elections, etc etc etc

    No, I’ll take the heroin addict over a democrat voter ANY DAY. The heroin addict eventually passes out or dies (then votes democrat for next decade) Democrat voters and their policies are forever!

  10. Glad to see you have this figured out, Don. Many of our RINO Congressmen and Senators, especially here in WV, have not. Either that or they participating in the theft. I suspect the latter.

  11. Today at our local Walmart the orange juice cooler was practically empty. Imagine that, no orange juice in Florida.

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