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Monday, November 22, 2021

Democrat heroes are always criminals

The Washington Post began the excuses immediately with a story headlined, "Driver suspected of killing 5 at Wisconsin parade was speeding away from a knife fight, officials say."

We shall see what his real motive was.

Darrell E. Brooks Jr., 39, the man arrested for plowing into the Christmas Parade on Waukesha, Wisconsin, has a long criminal record.

Fox reported, "He has a long rap sheet and a number of pending cases. Brooks’ most recent court appearance came on Nov. 5 for charges including reckless endangerment, battery, domestic abuse, resisting arrest and bail jumping. He was out on $1,000 bail for those charges at the time of the attack."

The story said, "A background check from Wisconsin's Department of Justice came back with over 50 pages of charges against Brooks stretching back decades. In 1999 he received his first felony conviction for taking part in an aggravated battery – for which he received three years of probation, records show."

And, "He’s also listed as a Tier 2 registered sex offender in Nevada."

His criminality fits the profile of the modern Democrat hero. George Floyd, Freddie Gray, and all three of the men who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse had criminal records of violence. The list is longer because Democrats love violent men. 

In New York City, they removed Thomas Jefferson's statue but a bust of George Floyd now is displayed in the city. Democrats disposed of Jefferson because he gave the world "all men are created equal." Democrats worship the felon who gave them an excuse to do billions of dollars in damage.

America is under attack, and Democrats are cackling like Kamala in an interview.

The New York Post reported, "An Illinois Democrat has been blasted for describing the deadly Christmas parade rampage in Wisconsin as “karma” for the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.

"Mary Lemanski, who is listed as the social media director for the Democratic Party in DuPage County, began her heartless online tirade by snarkily dismissing the tragedy as 'just self-defense.'" 

She speaks for her party because she is their Twitter expert.

The suspect, Brooks, is black and Waukesha -- like Kenosha -- is 88% white.

Democrats want that race war that Bill Ayers called for 50 years ago.

Citizen Free Press unearthed a "Darrell Brooks rap song — Originally Deleted by YouTube." (Kane at CFP is a one-man news organization. He is America's new managing editor.)

Democrats hate decent people because of our decency. Democrat mayors pushed decent people out to the suburbs. Ferguson, Missouri, provided a Republican refuge for black people fleeing St. Louis. Now it is another shithole.

The way decent people fight back is with decency.

Which brings me to Selwyn Duke's column, "Kyle Rittenhouse Did NOT Get a Fair Trial."

Duke's argument is rational.

He wrote, "I’m not the first to point out that Rittenhouse never should have been charged in the first place. Anyone with eyes could see from the video footage of that fateful August 25 eve that he was under withering attack and acted in self-defense. Anyone who can read could know that his attackers were lowlifes with criminal records, and one was mentally ill. (This itself doesn’t speak to Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence, but it does explain the assailants’ aggression.)

"Anyone with sense knows that if someone sees you’re holding a rifle and charges you anyway, it’s a good bet he intends to seize the weapon and use it against you. And anyone with a half-functioning conscience would find the arms of Morpheus elusive upon trying to ruin an innocent, civic-minded kid’s life. But this excludes prosecutor Thomas Binger, clearly a man as mean and low and devoid of character (and possibly a sociopath) as any of the rioting Kenosha miscreants whose virtue he trumpeted."

Duke believes charges never should have been filed.

I would argue that the DA had no choice. The media was trying to railroad the teen-ager at the behest of Democrats. When the mob is at the jail door demanding the prisoner be released for a Necktie Party, the sheriff quickly arranges a trial.

The trial allowed Rittenhouse to correct the media.

He had a reason to be in Kenosha. His father lives there.

He carried a rifle legally. Teens can carry long rifles in Wisconsin, mainly for hunting purposes.

An angry mob of rioters attacked him. One man leaped and stomped him. 

Rittenhouse shot and kill the man who grabbed his rifle and the man who smacked him with a skateboard. He shot the arm of the man confronted him with a pistol. All three were Democrat heroes, meaning they had criminal histories of violence.

Sequestration of the jury, which Duke advocated, would have meant jurors would not have to pass that car lot that looters burned to the ground in the Kenosha riots.

The teen had to endure the ordeal because he had to clear his name.

Rittenhouse entered the courtroom presumed to be an innocent man. He walked out with his innocence established once and for all by a jury of his peers.

Brooks, too, is presumed innocent. If indicted, he will either cop a plea or face a jury of his peers. That is the way our system works. It is decent, which is why Democrats wish to replace it with roving mobs of SJWs.

UPDATE: Police charged Brooks with 5 counts of murder. Via Zero Hedge.


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    1. thread

    2. There is a big difference between Kyle's and Brook's crimes. It was completely caught on tape and he was enabled by the ADA to cause mass murder. I believe you're wrong about Binger and his intentions

  2. I was also learned, though not confirmed the the felony for which he got $1000 BAIL was trying to run over another person with his car!!!

  3. I was also learned, though not confirmed the the felony for which he got $1000 BAIL was trying to run over another person with his car!!!

  4. Ayers and Manson could be twins.

    1. ^This is a little turd floating in the cosmic cesspool of negativity.^

    2. Does Edweenie EVER STFU?

      Why Don tolerates him I'll never know.

  5. I go to a racially mixed, conservative church. This country needs to get on its knees and beg forgiveness.

  6. I know we are all sinners and come up short but the Dems seem to enjoy kaos and destruction.

  7. The DA’s henchmen - the prosecuting attorneys were dirty as hell. They didn’t want to give Rittenhouse a fair trial.

  8. We shall see what his real motive was.

    We know what his real motive was. He's a professional hater.

    He wanted revenge for JoJo.

  9. the shameful efforts of the prosecution have many calling for a new law — “Kyle’s Law.”

    “Kyle’s Law” would levy a serious penalty on prosecutors who bring politically-motivated prosecutions in self-defense cases.

    Under “Kyle’s Law,” juries in self-defense cases would be asked if they believed the prosecution “failed to disprove self-defense by a majority of the evidence?”

    If the answer is “Yes,” then the “defendant is immediately entitled to compensation.”

    Compensation would be paid for by the state and prosecutor personally.

  10. Love you Don but I disagree with a few major things in this post. It was EVIL to charge this boy with murder. it was basically a 50/50 coin flip whether he would spend the rest of his life in jail because the prosecutor didn't have the balls to stand up to the mob? And what about the police?!?! I'm completely fed up with our law enforcement not doing the damned jobs! Who cares what the mayor says! Keep law and order or you'll get a LOT more of this!

    Who cares whether he had family in kenosha. While an interesting 'aside', why he was there has ZERO legal relevance to his innocence. He didn't sneak across the border of Mexico or Canada. He drove 20 miles to an area that Police had turned over to the democrat mob. MORE Americans should do what Kyle did to regain control of our country. And that prosecutor needs some vigilante justice for trying to basically kill Kyle Rittenhouse. We need about 2 million more Kyle Rittenhouses to take our country back. God knows the police, FBI etc. can't be counted on to do anything but incite more violence.

    1. Maybe the verdict encourages people to be Rooftop Koreans

    2. Otherwise we'll all be Reginald Denny

    3. Rooftop Korean, Powell, King, or Denny. Pick one. I prefer to be a Rooftop Korean.

  11. "We shall see what his real motive was."
    Will we? I hope so. The media has been capable of burying facts for a very long time. Does anyone here know the name Rosanne Boyland?

    1. Roseann is the woman that got the shit kicked out of her by police in an underground tunnel during the January 6 protests, all caught on film.

      She was in dumped outside the tunnel and then it was claims she died of a drug overdose. The guy who witnessed it all has been held without bail for months and may get a bond hearing December 20, which means all that nice exculpatory discovery evidence wont come out about her until summer 2022.

  12. I would like for someone to keep an eye on Binger's lifestyle in the next few years. I would not doubt that Soros - or someone like Soros - had promised Binger a big payday to bring charges against Rittenhouse and take him to trial. Win or lose the mere act of trial is the deterrent for future citizens against protecting themselves. I fully expect Binger to suddenly afford a big Mercedes and move into the toniest neighborhood in Wisconsin.

  13. Off topic, Don. any thoughts on the Sean Parnell case?

    1. I have the sense that Ms. Snell is the epitome of the woman scorned. If so, very unfortunate for Parnell and his kids.

    2. God also hates divorce so you're in good company.

  14. Catturd ™@catturd2

    Like Kyle Rittenhouse, the Christmas parade massacre is all on video.

    And exactly like that case - fake news is out in full force trying to tell you you’re not seeing what you’re seeing on video.

    Only suckers and fools listen to these clowns.
    9:39 AM · Nov 22, 2021·Twitter Web App

  15. Most of Ferguson is still quite peaceful and liveable. The West Florissant Ave. stretch is bad but just west of that there are fine houses occupied by fine families. Check out street view sometime.

  16. About 1993, Rush Limbaugh spoke about the Left's proclivity to, as he said, worship false gods. Twenty eight years later nothing's changed. The Left's gods are still garbage people.

  17. "Brooks’ most recent court appearance came on Nov. 5 for charges including ... bail jumping. He was out on $1,000 bail for those charges..."


  18. "He’s also listed as a Tier 2 registered sex offender in Nevada."

    sex offenders are by state ? so he's not a sex offender in Wisc ? are we bat crap crazy ?


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