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Friday, November 26, 2021

Branch Covidians ramp up the fear again

Reuters reported, "Belgium detected Europe's first confirmed case of the new variant of covid-19 on Friday, and at the same time announced measures aimed at curbing a rapidly spreading fourth wave of coronavirus infections."

And just like that, people are panicking again. The Faucists and globalists in the world sing:

Super Mutant Ninja Covid
Super Mutant Ninja Covid
Super Mutant Ninja Covid
Better put a mask on,
Covid Power!

People obey.

Nathalie Jacoby tweeted, "My anxiety level just went up reading about the new Covid variant that scientists fear could have increased resistance to vaccines. Please continue wearing a mask. Stay safe everyone."

Cloth masks have failed to stop the virus, but none in a certain group dare question wearing masks.

She is the target audience of those who promote the pandemic panic. She buys into all the globalist causes. Her Twitter profile states, "Kindness matters most of all. Loves animals. Happily married. NO DM’s unless you ask first. #Resist #antiracist #BLM #LGBTQIA+ #Equality."

That's nice. I too resist an old white man president (Biden). I too oppose racist mass killers (Darrell E. Brooks Jr.). And I too support marriage equality but after 44 years, I realize Lou Ann is the Queen Bee and I am just her drone. 

The Branch Covidians preach salvation through masks and vax. Anyone who opposes their masks and social distancing is anti-science, which makes them feel smug. That is the emotion that today's university-educated crowd like most. Some would dismiss their plumber as just high school educated, even though they don't know which way the wrench goes.

("Don't be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the Nazi party." It's not just a song lyric. Germans were the best educated people on Earth when Hitler rose to power.)

Covid is a politically correct disease. In the past we suffered the Spanish flu and the Asian flu. None dare call this the Chinese virus. And the variants are given Greek letter names instead of place names.

CNBC reported, "WHO calls special meeting to discuss new covid variant found in South Africa with ‘a large number of mutations.’"

WHO as you may recall covered Chairman Xi's tracks when Red China unleashed covid upon the world. WHO's largest donor after the U.S. government is Bill Gates.

John Hinderaker had a nice post about the latest cry of variant by the Faucists. These variants pop up to cover the fact that everything these loons did failed to stop the spread of the virus.

That's because you cannot stop a virus.

Sadly, he ended his column, "My own prediction is that covid will soon occupy the biological niche that in recent history has been taken up by what we call influenza, and also perhaps some of the niche occupied by the common cold. In another few years, things will have returned to normal, in that each winter some of us will contract respiratory viruses, and tens of thousands (mostly elderly and already weak) will die. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that we not treat every new covid mutation in hysterical fashion, blighting our people’s lives, needlessly devastating our economy, and above all abusing our children. Such 'cures' are worse than the disease."

Hinderaker underestimates the power of panic and propaganda. I, too, once thought we would return to normal, but our leaders do not want a return to normal.

Why would they? Normal gave us a solid economy, independence, and Donald Trump as our president.

Covid gives weasels like Fauci unprecedented power. They can imprison people in their own homes. There is no incentive for the Branch Covidians to return us to normal.

But there is leadership out there. I don't want Trump back because he had his chance. The boomer generation's time has passed. Give me someone young a chance. DeSantis never fell for the Branch Covidian panic.