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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Who does she think she is? Joe Manchin?

Jack Holmes of Esquire fell upon the fainting couch after seeing Republican Michele Fiore's ad for governor of Nevada. She has a -- a gun! And she is shooting bottles!

Oh the humanity.

Holmes wrote, "If you're looking for a concise summary of the Republican Party in 2021, you've got one courtesy of newly minted Nevada gubernatorial candidate Michele Fiore. The Las Vegas councilwoman released a campaign ad on Wednesday that truly has it all: a Ford Super Duty truck, a frontier setting, a gun carried prominently on the hip, and the use of that gun to destroy the great evils of our time. These are represented on the labels of beer bottles—which look a bit like Bud Heavies but are apparently products manufactured by "Socialism"—and they are as follows: VACCINE MANDATES, CRT, and VOTER FRAUD."

He is alarmed that she is bringing up issues that he does not want to discuss.

He wrote, "the Republican Party at the present moment, there is no discussion of any actual issue facing the United States of America right now. Inequality? The plight of American low-wage workers? Infrastructure? Climate? Healthcare? The 728,000 people dead from covid 19 in the United States? None merit a mention."

In 1860, Democrats criticized Republicans for bringing up slavery. Why not discuss tariffs instead?

But it is the gun that really bothered him.

Check out the ad, and see for yourself.

Oh wait. That was Joe Manchin's ad from 2010 when he was elected to the Senate. My bad.

Democrats can dump on him all they want, but without him in the Senate, Democrats would not have a technical majority. (There are 48 Democrats, 50 Republicans, and 2 independents in the Senate. A Democrat vice president breaks tie votes.)

Her ad, which Holmes dismissed as ineffective, is similar.

That explains the fear.

Holmes didn't mention her dress or her chest, but people on Twitter did.

Allow me to quote the late, great Tom T. Hall.

Well, the note said, "Mrs. Johnson
You're wearin' your dresses way too high
It's reported you've been drinking
And a-running 'round with men and goin' wild
And we don't believe you oughta be a-bringin' up
Your little girl this way"
And it was signed by the Secretary
Harper Valley PTA


  1. Replies
    1. T'its ok with me that she threw her hat in the ring. Hopefully she will show those boobs...what a good job she can do!!!

  2. I like it. I would have changed two things. First, instead of saying "I don't care" about being called a lady Trump, etc., I would have said "I am proud of that". Second, she appears nervous near the end where she folds her hands together and immediately moves her hand to her gun. Minor detail but I would have had her keep her hands folded.

    1. Her line was "I'm ready for the fight" so I think her hand was to be ready to draw. She folded hands then realized, oops, hand on weapon.

  3. She can be the Marjorie Tylor Green of Governors.

  4. Nevada, huh?

    Maiden name is probably Cartwright.

  5. Western ranch women are independent, interesting, and like a good cowhorse, sprites in a good way .
    Can't stereotype them. Got family and friends like her.

  6. I remember her from my own Nevada days not too long ago, but it looks like she's packed on a few pounds since then.

  7. I'm sorry I just had to laugh about the issues we won't talk about. That's a scream.

    Low wage workers saw their biggest gains under Trump with immigration control. The dems want to eliminate them - and their jobs are most impacted by stupid dem governors activities. Inequality? It would seem conservative leaning parents are starting to engage their left wing schooling masters on that topic everywhere. Trump offered a real infrastructure bill all the time, and the GOP signed off on 1.5T in this session. Your left wing wackos won't sign off on it. We just don't accept your dumb definition of the other stuff, and neither had anyone else until the moderate unifying Biden regime.
    Climate? You just want to impoverish all those low wage workers you said you cared about. Healthcare? Last time you rammed through a bill that limited access and massively increased costs. You've got no right to discuss that topic ever again.

    And don't get me started on COVID, as your party's solution to COVID did nothing to change its trajectory but did destroy family businesses at a record pace, while setting back educational attainment for all of our children. Even Europe is laughing at our school masking and vaccine policies in blue enclaves.

    Truth is Mr. Holmes, you don't want to discuss a damn thing. You want to ram it down people's throats and accept your stupidity. you should consider it an honor that I took the time to even respond to you this way. because you are an absolute idiot. Oh and the NYT's says you're an unhappy one at that.

    Just shut up and be thankful the rest of us don't charge you for the air you breathe. Your existence is a net negative for the planet.

  8. They're not ridiculing her ad because she has a gun.

    They're ridiculing her ad because it's a cheap action-movie knockoff that's trying way too hard to be "cool."

    1. I'll like the adverts better in a few years when they feature candidates shooting real communists...

    2. You mean like the one Alec Baldwin had? 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I am betting Mr. Holmes (she/her) delivers that litany in a vewy thick lithp....

  10. I was expecting FemBot shooting from her hooters

  11. Let's Go Brandon
    Pete Bootyfudge for President

  12. Love your analogy to Jeannie C. Riley's song, but you stopped too soon. This song describes the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Left perfectly:

    Well, it happened that the PTA was gonna meet
    That very afternoon
    And they were sure surprised
    When Mrs. Johnson wore her miniskirt into the room
    And as she walked up to the blackboard
    I can still recall the words she had to say
    She said, "I'd like to address this meeting of the Harper Valley PTA
    Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there
    And seven times he's asked me for a date
    And Mrs. Taylor sure seems to use a lotta ice
    Whenever he's away
    And Mr. Baker can you tell us why
    Your secretary had to leave this town?
    And shouldn't widow Jones be told to keep
    Her window shades all pulled completely down
    Well, Mr. Harper couldn't be here
    'Cause he stayed too long at Kelly's Bar again
    And if you smell Shirley Thompson's breath
    You'll find she's had a little nip of gin
    And then you have the nerve to tell me
    You think that as the mother I'm not fit
    Well, this is just a little Peyton Place
    And you're all Harper Valley hypocrites"

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  14. She's packed tighter than a can of chunk light tuna.

    I'd vote for her.

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  19. If she needs a boob lifter on her campaign staff, I'm there.

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