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Saturday, October 30, 2021

No missile gap. It's a leadership gap

Look for Milley to get a cushy job working for a hypersonic missile manufacturer once his gig is up as the top dog at the Pentagon.

The Daily Mail reported, "The public should be worried that China has completed hundreds of hypersonic missile tests while the US has done less than 10, says the nation’s second-highest ranking military officer, echoing previous concerns by top military brass.

"Speaking at a Defense Writers Group roundtable, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Hyten said China’s hypersonic missile advancements is an area of concern."

The story said, "Hyten’s concerns echoed those expressed earlier this week by Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff.

"Milley called China's suspected testing of hypersonic weapons 'very concerning' during an interview with The David Rubenstein Show on Bloomberg Television.

"'I don't know if it's quite a Sputnik moment, but I think it's very close to that,' he added, referencing when the Soviet Union beat America to space in 1957 with its Sputnik satellite. 'It has all of our attention.'"

Suddenly, after spending $7 trillion on the military in the last decade, we don't have enough missiles.

The story also said, "The new technology is reported to have caught US officials off guard, particularly as the system 'defies the laws of physics' and appears superior to anything in the American arsenal."

That's baloney.

You cannot defy the laws of physics.

Hyten and Milley are laying the groundwork for their next employer. They want to scare Congress into writing a blank check for the missile industry.

What possible use would we have for such weaponry? Chairman Xi has paid Washington off. Milley is an agent of Red China and no one cares. He promised to tip off Red China in case of war. Where is his court martial? 

We will never use these weapons against Red China. The closest to warfare they would come is when President Biden or Harris or AOC leaves them behind after we get bored with our next war.

The American military is run by traitors. Milley defied President Trump repeatedly and worked behind his back. Milley also wants to strip the military of any actual patriots, as he libels them as white supremacists.

The fish rots at the top and the last two Democrat commanders-in-chief were Obama and Biden. One never met a mirror he could not admire, while the other never met a child he did not want to fondle.

While Biden reads Highlights for Children, Chairman Xi re-reads "The Art of War."

If Chairman Xi wants the USA to build more missiles, let him pay for them. I would not trust today's commanders with a toaster.


  1. You forget Shih and Zhang Jemin are locked in a bitter rivalry.

    What happens if Zhang wins?

    1. Then that saves us a trip to DC! Next question?

    2. If what I have read about Evergrande is true, their fight will be who gets the last bowl of
      noodles. Pooh vs. the Panda.
      This Missile thing is suspicious. Potemkin village? I don't mean the CCP either.

    3. Sir Doug, I am borrowing Sarah Hoyt’s SHOCKED face! Are you implying the United Snakes Government would use its resources against its OWN PEOPLE???

      Oh, wait, they already have…paging Ray Epps…

  2. Gotta say, Big D, if the Republic survives and Christ tarries, LEARNED historians (like you, but excluding ANYONE who’s got a D attached to their name) will say that this was another of Mr. T’s country-saving acts: Unmasking The Corrupt Military Leadership.

  3. One other thing I was suspicious about this hypersonic "Physics Defying" missile.
    Mach 5 is about 3500 mph.The Earth is 25,000 or so miles in circumference. unless Xi has a couple of stargates hidden in the Forbidden city, it is impossible to low Earth orbit at that speed and travel to target in 90 or so minutes under power.
    Putin has been messing around with a nuke powered thing,like the US "Project Pluto" which was nuke powered and spewed a cloud of Nucleotides from the
    engine on its way to target.
    the Physics ain't there folks.
    "Mad science means you never have to worry about the worst possible outcome."

    1. • earth circumference is 25,000 miles = farthest distance from launch site to anywhere is 12,500 miles.
      • distance from some potential launch sites in China to some targets in USA is probably less than 5,250 (3,500 mph* 1.5 hrs) miles. Beijing to San Francisco is approx 5,900 miles. Seattle is 5,400 miles. Anchorage is 4,000 miles. (Berlin is 4,600 miles.)
      • Add in marine launch capability and 90 minutes seems plausible.

    2. DDC - I question the Chinese innovation on this, unless this was part of what they were given by the Clinton gang and Loral. Even so, you’d think we had similar capabilities by now. Chinese steal and copy. They don’t innovate.

      Also pretty bad that our “intelligence” agencies were surprised by this. They must be spending all their time hunting down angry parents.

    3. They say they were surprised. Doesn't that boost the urgency of playing catchup with taxpayer money? Like all the rest of the DC/press cartel, discount anything they say to zero. The biggest threat to our national security is decimating our armed forces personnel on a nothing burger vaccine charge. In other words, the biggest threat is from the traitors in DC.

  4. Don, some sites block comments if they contain certain offensive words. Wonder if you could block comments that contain "I get paid"

    1. Foo you are correct, but the reports that this missile actually orbited the earth and returned to China was what I was referring to. The Chinese even said it was a test for a"new Orbital system" should have clarified that.

    2. Here's an article of the Chinese launch:
      It and otherers referred to Orbital status.
      which is Bravo sierra...
      "China is As*Hole"

  5. Eisenhower

    "This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence -- economic, political, even spiritual -- is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government.

    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

    1. Who benefited from 9-11?
      The Military-Industrial Complex and Israel.

    2. Why did military leaders hate Trump?
      He asked why we were still in NATO when the Cold War ended in 1989?

    3. Why did all of DC and their globalist pals hate Trump? Because his constituency was, and still is, work-a-day American people. Can't have that, right? The greatest enemy of the globalist cabal is the American middle class. That's why, for decades, the underlying function of the US government is to ruin lives and steal money. Trump was well on the way to reversing that, so he had to go.

  6. There are no supply chain issues for delivering Chinese bribes to Washington D.C..

  7. Just another reason I have talked my grandson out of joining the us military. That after my own 21 yrs active duty. Would never suggest or recommend your loved ones to get used, abused and likely killed by these corrupt evil america hating "leaders". In Beijing bidens case, its more a matter of brain dead...but the string pullers know exactly what they are doing.


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