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Monday, October 18, 2021

Left turns Manchin into Coalfinger

Move over, carbon dioxide. There's a new cause of bad weather. Joe Manchin. The New York Times is blaming him for floods in West Virginia, and the Philadelphia Inquirer is calling him a Bond villain.

Now I have criticized Manchin for getting his daughter an MBA she did not earn and for his wife using her state job to peddle EpiPens when their daughter was head of the company that made EpiPens. I don't mince my words.

But I lay off the cheap booze and leave the hallucinogens alone.

Not so Will Bunch, ace propagandist of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

He wrote, "If only the banality of evil in the real world was as interesting as the Hollywood brand. In 2021, the monster who is actually threatening Planet Earth with untimely demise is a Bond villain barely worthy of the title. His potential for a mountaintop lair in his home state of West Virginia has been flattened and stripped by a century of Big Coal, so his evil abode is instead a houseboat floating lazily in the Potomac River. His goon squad consists of oil company lobbyists and Morning Joe sycophants, and his only scar comes from repairing a sink aboard the 'Almost Heaven.'

"And yet make no mistake: West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has positioned himself to destroy the globe in a way that Auric Goldfinger, Ernst Starvo Blofeld, or Lyutsifer Safin could have only dreamed of."

What are his means of destruction? Atom bombs? Armies of fembots? Sharks with fricking lasers on their heads?

Nope. It is not spending as much money as Democrats want. 

As for Bunch's claim that West Virginia has been flattened, I can assure you these hills are still alive with the sound of bluegrass. We could use some flat land. The narrow valleys turn into sluices after a heavy rain. Hence the flooding.

However, I don't dare suggest that Bunch visit West Virginia to see for himself because we have enough crazy people already. Maybe he could visit New York City, where the staff of the local paper believes senators control the weather.

The Times said, "As Manchin Blocks Climate Plan, His State Can’t Hold Back Floods."

Well, even if we elected AOC to the Senate, there would be floods.

The Guardian reported on September 2, "The National Weather Service issued its first ever flash flood emergency warning for New York City, as the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought heavy rain that flooded subway lines and streets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey.

"At least 14 people have been killed in the flooding in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as basement apartments suddenly filled with water.

"A New York City police spokesperson said a total of eight people died when they became trapped in flooded basements. Five people were found dead in an apartment complex in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the city’s mayor and spokesperson told local media."

Later reports blamed the deaths on basements converted into apartments in defiance of city regulations.

Holding back floods is not the job of a senator. Spending money is. With a technical majority in the Senate, Democrats demand that we spend $4.7 trillion we don't have. Manchin is trying to hold it down to $2.7 trillion, maybe $3 trillion.

Republicans already agreed to a $1.2 trillion spending spree. Democrats want to spend another $3.5 trillion. Manchin says cut that to $1.5 trillion.

And so Democrats want to demonize him as Coalfinger, a Bond villain who is bulldozing West Virginia and flooding it just for shits and giggles.


The left always demonizes its opponents with insipid comparisons to true evil. Every Republican presidential candidate since Thomas Dewey in 1944 has been Hitler, except maybe Ike, who defeated the actual Hitler.

But what is this argument over? Money. The debate is over such things as whether or not welfare should be cut off for people who make over $60,000 a year.

Axios reported, "Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has told the White House the child tax credit must include a firm work requirement and family income cap in the $60,000 range, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.

"Why it matters: While Manchin’s demands would dramatically weaken one of President Biden’s signature programs to help working families, they also would reduce the package’s overall costs.

"That would make it easier for the pivotal senator to support a final package, potentially higher than Manchin's previous $1.5 trillion top line.

"At the same time, progressives would have a hard time accepting the changes Manchin is demanding.

"They'd also fundamentally alter a program the president funded for one year in the $1.9 trillion covid relief package passed in March.

"Manchin's office declined to comment on Axios' report."

The child tax credit is welfare. Democrats converted it into a monthly payment. The purpose is to make people dependent on the state in order to keep Democrats in power.

Meanwhile, actual evil spreads and Democrats look the other way.

Democrats have given up on containing Iran, Red China or Russia. Democrats gave Afghanistan away, and frankly the Republicans we have in Washington could not care less.

Slaves now make products in Red China. Again, our government does nothing to stop this.

The RINOs and Democrats are using covid to control the population.

And cargo piles up at our ports while our FIRST GAY CABINET SECRETARY is on a permanent paternity vacation.

But somehow, to the media, Joe Manchin is the problem.

He's Coalfinger. His heart is coal. He loves only coal.

And he somehow is flooding the state with his Simon Bar Sinister Weather Machine


  1. Buttigieg is living up to his South Bend Mayor resume and people are surprised? Resumes don't matter to leftists. It's the cover, not the book!

  2. My recollection is that the fish with lasers were sea bass. Dr. Evil wanted sharks but No. 2 could only procure sea bass. Other than that, a great column.

  3. I've been very frustrated with Joe Manchin at times in the past, but I am behind him all the way in this. As the mask comes off the hardcore Marxist wing of the Democratic party, I hope Joe is realizing that no amount of appeasement is going to satisfy the voracious appetite of the Marxist crowd to spend money we don't have. If they don't get it in this bill, they will just try again on the next.

    The bottom line is they do not care how much damage it does to America, to the value of our currency, or to the people. They'd be perfectly fine with a general collapse, in fact they see it as just another opportunity to justify imposing totally "centrally planned" authoritarian government, with them skating along the top and feeding off the burdened American people.

    Joe, hold your ground. Of course they will hate on you--join the crowd, they hate us too. In fact, seriously, come join the Republican party. The Republicans are FAR from perfect, but at least they are not dashing headlong into disaster.

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  5. Prime example of why the print "news media" is dying.
    Philadelphia has one of the highest murder rates in the country. The Soros funded DA does nothing about it and the Inquirer has to go to West Virginia for news subjects.
    We've got enough unsolved problems at this end of the state to negate the need to shop way out of our readerships territory by the Inquirer. And I'm sure most folks in West Virginia could care less what Pravda lite has to say about "issues" in Charleston or Poca. Another prime example of a useless cost (salary and benefits) at a newspaper that's going nowhere.

  6. Will Bunch? “Senior fellow at Media Matters for America” according to his Wiki page? THAT CLUELESS FAT FOOK? Oh yeah, I can TOTALLY trust that Fat Fook. Because he’s a Journalist. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. All this talk of Manchin wanting to ring in the $5 trillion bill down to $1.5 is just another ploy. All the deals and details have already been worked out behind the scenes.

    They will reach an agreement that all parties (the two phony ones) will be happy with because everyone (except we taxpayers) will still get what they want. Joe will be seen by many as a savior of the country because he kept our country and economy from going over the cliff. The Democrats will also be happy because all their provisions will still be in place but only cover a shorter amount of time. Instead of the programs going 8-10 years, they will only be funded for 3-4 years. How many times have you ever seen Congress eliminate a program giving out freebies? Just examine the details when they are released.

  8. The Democrats are mad at fossil fuel because it provided the wealth that made it possible to free the slaves in the Western World. (Slaves were the original renewable energy source for the elites)

    1. Not always. In Brazil, every plantation house had a mirror on every wall there wasn't a window.

      That was so they could see the slaves coming in time.

    2. When were you in Brazil, ed??

    1954 if this happened now it would be a "Cilmate

  10. That piece from the Inky is vintage Knight-Ridder. It used to be a good paper, too.

    The RINOs and Democrats are using covid to control the population.

    Not doing a very good job, however.

  11. I believe The more they attack Manchin, the more he will dig in.

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