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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

It's the mandate, not the vaccine

Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

I say every time a Never Trumper yells principle, a devil gets its horns.

The most recent example is provided by Noah Rothman, who wrote, "The Right’s Vaccine-Mandate Skepticism Goes from Principled to Paranoid."

That is an odd headline because it admits that the skepticism is principled. But he is a Never Trumper, so he is confused by people doing things for reasons higher than his navel.

He wrote, "The right’s general distaste for popular but violative public-sector covid-vaccine mandates on private individuals and enterprises used to be just such a principled position. You might disagree with that view, but at least you could understand it and accept that it was offered in good faith. Regrettably, that’s changing.

"On Monday evening, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott heralded the right’s evolving views on vaccine mandates when he issued an executive order 'prohibiting vaccine mandates by ANY entity' in his state. The order states that no institution, public or private, 'can compel receipt of a covid 19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer.' This represents an about-face away from the governor’s previous position—one predicated on a conservative principle of non-interference in the affairs of private entities and individuals insofar as the law allows."

Yes, Abbott has abandoned Faucism. He wised up. I have no problem with converts to the cause. You need both Peter and Paul to make a movement successful.

Rothman embraces Faucism. His argument is that the government cannot tell private business what to do.

Baloney. We do it all the time and for good reason. We have banned racial and sexual discrimination. You cannot pay a man more than a woman for the same job. That has been the law since 1962.

In this case, Abbott is protecting individuals from being forced by their employers to be vaccinated.

The popularity of the mandates is not a factor. Principles are not based on popularity. Principles are based on logic, reason, and core beliefs.

Slamming black children into buildings using high-pressure firehoses was once popular. We know this because Democrat Bull Connor did this, and he would not do anything to jeopardize his corrupt political organization.

Of course, the popularity of this action did not make it right.

However, the vax mandate does not seem to be popular at all. Polls may say that but actions speak louder than words. Southwest Airlines backed down. The Coachella Music Festival backed down. And Biden has been careful not to commit his illegal and unconstitutional mandate to writing.

Despite more than a year of health mandates, covid continues to spread. That's because the mask and vax mandates don't work.

But the Democrats and RINOs who impose these mandates do not care about public health because they are just power-tripping.

The Bangor Daily News reported, "Gov. Janet Mills shot down a Tuesday call from top Republicans to pass a testing alternative to her vaccine mandate for health care workers after a Lewiston hospital moved to temporarily reduce admissions further.

"Central Maine Medical Center posted on Monday that it was suspending pediatric, heart attack and trauma admissions. It came after the hospital gave a grim contingency plan to lawmakers on Friday that included cutting intensive care unit beds by 50 percent if it loses all workers who remain unvaccinated when the mandate goes into effect this month."

No real conservative would support Maine's mandates because the mandate will shut down the hospitals. As I said, this is all about power, not health.

A fake conservative, Rothman supports authoritarianism.

And he hates Trump. He spent last summer trying to tie President Trump to vaccine skepticism (which is not the same as opposition to the mandate). That is nonsensical because Trump made the vaccines possible through his Operation Warp Speed.

Like me, Trump was vaccinated.

And like me, Trump is not forcing anyone to get a vaccine. It is a personal decision. 

Whether you are vaccinated does not affect me because my vaccination should protect me. And if that vaccination does not protect me, then why would it protect you?

People have plenty of reasons not to be vaccinated. Some of those reasons are good. Some of them are terrible. None of those reasons are my business because it is your decision, not mine. You can flip a coin to make your decision for all I care because your decision does not affect me.

The idea that I have to get vaccinated to protect the rest of society is anathema to freedom. I owe society nothing. 

My wife is a different matter, and so I was vaccinated. She needs me to be healthy.

The politics of covid are about mandates, not medicine. People are sick of being told to wear masks, get vaccinated, and social distance. Basketball player Kyrie Irving is willing to forgo $35 million in salary this year just to remain unvaccinated.

I have to respect that. Rothman won't, but I do.

Maybe Irving standing by his principles will cost a devil its horns.


  1. “a conservative principle of non-interference in the affairs of private entities and individuals” This is the principle that Republicans also invoke as the reason we can’t stop Facebook and YouTube from kicking conservatives off their platform. “They have the right to set their own terms of use,” these girly men say.

    No, they don’t. No private business in America has the right to set whatever terms of use they want without government interference. No restaurant can include in their “terms of service” that only straight White people can eat there. No employer can set their “terms of employment” to exclude Jews or Catholics or Democrats. The government has rightfully extended protections to classes of people that “private businesses” cannot discriminate against, and it the government that enforces that law.

    But now, in F. Joe Biden’s America, there are new classes of Americans that rightfully deserve government protection from discrimination. The laws against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, and disability must be expanded to include political viewpoint, medical consent, and every other sincerely held belief.

    It should be illegal for a restaurant, employer, or a social media company to exclude service to people who believe that mRNA is harmful, that COVID was released from a Chinese lab, that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments, or even that the earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, and Trump is the Antichrist. A person’s sincerely held belief should be protected against discrimination, even if it is demonstrably wrong. And that protection is the job of the government.

  2. The NBA could use a positive black role model for a change.

  3. Replies
    1. They’re now saying non-vaccinated will not be fired, after saying they would be fired for refusing the clot shot.

  4. I got vaccinated, but if you get vaccinated, my vaccination will work gooder. Seems to cover gullible ones “feelings.”
    Meanwhile, they’re standing there with both thumbs up the wazoo.

    1. I always wear my sunglasses in public to save and protect other people's vision!

  5. I got my shots in January and February, and carry my shot card in my shirt pocket, so that if I need it, I can pull it out put it in my left hand and hold it out, and raise my fight arm up at 45 degres, und zay, "Hier ist mein papier, Herr/Frau OBERST!! (free to all who'd like to copy this.)

  6. Went to physical therapy today. My regular therapist is gone on vacay. I get this nice lady who had a problem with me not wearing my mask over my nose I have this aquiline,Scot/Indian schnozz
    That defies any effort at coverage if have to talk.
    "Cover your nose!" I said
    "I am I have no intent of not covering it just does this!"
    Finally she figured I was right . Turns out she was worried about her supervisor
    who is this purple haired admirer of the US Women's soccer team ... She had to say something.

  7. But Don,
    You KNOW nonr or us beleives a word that can mes out of NYT or WAPO or Atlantic....or FOXABCMSCNBC, right? In fact most of us know that all they are are propaganda loudspeakers, we assume that everything they say is an outright lie. Credibilty can never be attained again.
    This is why we come to sites like yours to find out what's going on in the world. Thank you for your great work.

  8. Irving has had a strange career. I admire him for his stand against the shot. FJB.

  9. Governor Mills is a dictator and the democrats here in Maine who still think Trump is a fascist dictator love it. We had Fuck Mills in summer of 2020. Fuck Mills, Fuck Joe Biden.

  10. Absolutely terrific column! I have a tendency to be critical of our favorite blogger because I expect a lot from him. This column delivers.

    I would like to share two points. One of the points is made by Don and other commenters, including Randy, above.

    This point is that a key distinction between American Patriots like President Trump and U.S. Chamber of Crony Global Corporatists - RINOs - NeverTrumpers - is that American Patriots are willing to publicly call out, criticize, and impose limitations, restrictions, and requirements on private corporations when doing so is in the best interests of the vast majority of the American People (and especially when doing so is necessary to protect the freedoms and Constitutional Rights of the American People).

    On the other hand, the NeverTrumpers will join with the Socialists (who call themselves wittingly or unwittingly “Democrats” in the USA) and slander American Patriots by calling them Fascists, Authoritarians, Racists, and worse for calling for these actions which are in the best interests of the American People.

    The second point is a somewhat esoteric legal point, but it’s important to know to have a clearer sense of what is going on.

    It is understanding the difference between the (1) Alleged “Vaccine Mandate” the illegitimate Biden Regime wants to impose on ALL employers of 100 and more employees in the USA; and (2) The “Vaccine Mandate” the illegitimate Regime has been actively working to impose on Federal Government contractors and subcontractors.

    (1) The alleged Vaccine Mandate on all employers of 100 or more is supposedly going to be imposed through a regulation issued by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The thing is, there is no evidence OSHA is close to issuing such a rule.

    (2) On the other hand, the illegitimate Regime has been moving with speed to impose the Vaccine Mandate on Federal contractors and subcontractors. For example, review the document posted on the following White House webpage:

    In this context, I think it’s relevant that when the Southwest Airlines CEO recently spoke (today or yesterday), he mentioned that Southwest is a “federal contractor.” Because the vaccine mandate on federal contractors is tied to the payment of money, the impacted companies find it difficult, if not impossible, to resist (not that all, or even many, of the contractors are inclined to resist) the mandate.

  11. One quick update to my previous comment above.

    I just learned that OSHA is making progress on issuing the illegitimate Regime’s Vaccine Mandate rule which is intended to force all employers of 100 and more employees to impose the Vaccine Mandate on their employees.

    More information is given in this Bloomberg (I can’t stand Bloomberg; but this article is factually accurate) article:

    1. I can’t help but wonder if the delay is because OSHA knows they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, the department is under the direction of the Executive Branch, and they must therefore do the “President’s” bidding. On the other hand, OSHA is one of the few Executive Branch departments that has not thrown away their reputation by promulgating politically driven regulations. In other words, their regulations are designed to actually protect workers’ safety and health, not achieve a political objective.

      Until now.

      They fear becoming like the CDC and NIH, who have zero credibility after a year and a half of mandates that have no basis in science, or like the Department of Education, who has lost all respect by promoting left-wing indoctrination programs on race, gender identity, and “toxic masculinity.”

      Heretofore, OSHA quietly concerned themselves with making sure mine workers were not being sent into an underground death trap, factory workers did not lose fingers or hands in unshielded machinery, and hazardous materials were being handled with the proper safety precautions.

      But now, under FJB, they are being asked to get involved in the political gamesmanship of genetic manipulation to achieve a still-hidden goal. And they know that OSHA will soon join the CDC, NIH, WHO, and DOJ in the gutter of American respect.

    2. Excellently stated, Randy. I just am really appreciating all the folks who Comment on this blog.

      Don's blog has been my favorite website for quite some time now. Superb, truly informative and wise posts by Don, paired with really insightful and informative comments. A winning combination for sure.

  12. Shouldn't we be able to sue over discrimination, since Biden admin is demanding we get a shot, but not demanding that "refugees" get it??

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  14. "You might disagree with that view, but at least you could understand it and accept that it was offered in good faith. Regrettably, that’s changing."

    Yeah, what's changing is that someone is actually in a position to enforce it. THAT's what's bugging Noah.

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  16. I doubt if Trump was really vaccinated. He's had Covid. He may be a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them.

  17. Halt the vaccinations. PERIOD.

    I realize at least half the people do not realize that these pathogenic poisonous injections can only make you ill but why continue this charade.

    The data we have now proves this position.

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