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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Fox reported, "Gas prices hit $5 in Manhattan."

Meanwhile, here in civilization, where there is no Knockout Game, people peeing in the streets, or vaccine mandate, gasoline is $3.05 at the Exxon off Exit 45 in Nitro.

ITEM 2: The Wall Street Journal reported, "Former President Donald Trump’s family company is in advanced discussions to sell the rights to its opulent Washington, D.C., hotel in a deal worth more than $370 million, say people familiar with the matter.

"CGI Merchant Group, a Miami-based investment firm, is in talks to acquire the lease on the hotel, these people said. The Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C., is located in the former Old Post Office, a short walk down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House in a building featuring some of the largest guest rooms in the capital.

"The property is owned by the federal government, but with extensions the lease runs close to 100 years. CGI has also entered into discussions with hotel operators, including Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.’s Waldorf Astoria luxury brand, about removing the Trump name in favor of that of another hotel manager, these people said.

"The lease deal could ultimately fetch closer to $400 million, which would represent roughly a doubling of the money the Trump Organization spent to convert the government building into a luxury hotel, said one of the people familiar with the matter."

Double the money in 5 years. Good for The Donald. Look for the Biden administration to try to stop the deal because DC hates Donald Trump with a passion it never had for any communist.

ITEM 3:  Breitbart reported, "A federal judge in Texas issued a temporary restraining order against United Airlines on Wednesday, blocking the airline from imposing a vaccine mandate against any of its employees in a nationwide class-action lawsuit.

"According to the judicial order, which could be the first of its kind in the country against a coronavirus vaccine mandate, United Airlines is prohibited from placing employees with religious and medical exemptions on unpaid leave until October 26 while litigation continues. The judge also prohibited the airline from denying any employee requests for religious or medical exemptions. Previously, the airline did not allow employees to apply for an exemption after August 31."

The judge was Mark Pittman, a Trump appointee.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "Brooklyn has told Kyrie Irving he can’t be a part-time Net.

"The All-Star point guard has refused to get a covid-19 vaccine, and the Nets announced Tuesday that he won’t be part of the team until he does. In essence, get vaxxed or get gone."

He is willing to give up $35 million to fight for his freedom.

Live Free Or Die was not a slogan. It was a way of life we call the American Revolution. It has not ended. 

The vaccine is good. The mandate is wrong.

ITEM 5: Not The Onion.

You get to quit the party only once before you are a whiny hypocrite, but in his case he was that long before he switched parties.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "Former President Barack Obama will campaign alongside fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe as he competes to again become the governor of Virginia. McAuliffe announced the guest appearance Tuesday morning saying, 'the stakes could not be greater.'"

The stakes could not be greater! Democrats say that so often that they sound like the owner of a steakhouse.

ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "The Coachella Music Festival is pulling the plug on their original plan to enforce mandatory vaccines for ticketholders when it returns in 2022. The fest, which makes its comeback to Indio, California April 15-17 and April 22-24, 2022 after missing 2020 and 2021, will not require concertgoers to have the jab. The festival's official Instagram page made the announcement, saying that the decision was based on recent COVID statistics."

Slowly people realize the vax mandate is unpopular. 

ITEM 8: Where no 90-year-old man has gone before.

Eat your heart out, George Takei.

ITEM 9: Becker News reported, "Southwest CEO Gary Kelly had a major announcement on Tuesday about the vaccine mandate the airline recently issued: His company won’t be enforcing it.

"During an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, the CEO said that no employees would be fired over the company’s vaccine mandate. Earlier, the airline announced that all employees needed to get vaccinated against covid 19 by November 24 or face termination."

Kelly said, "We are not going to fire any employees over this."

Governor Abbott's ban on vax mandates saved Kelly's rear. Kelly is denying this because he dare not belittle Emperor Biden.

But we went from vaccinate or we terminate to "We are not going to fire any employees over this."

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "Move over Arizona and hold on Pennsylvania, the next election integrity investigation to take center stage is occurring in Wisconsin, where a former state Supreme Court justice empowered by the Legislature to compel testimony and document production is gathering steam.

"Interviews with more than a dozen witnesses, officials and lawyers who have interacted with retired Justice Mike Gableman and his staff suggest a strong focus on the role election bureaucracies played in changing the rules — without legislative consent — for how ballots were sent out, filled out, collected and counted.  

"Gableman's early investigative work as special counsel appointed by Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is shining a spotlight among other things on the Wisconsin Election Commission, a statewide body created by GOP lawmakers after an earlier political rigging scandal in the state known as the John Doe investigations. The commission provides guidance and rules to the 1,852 election clerks in the state on how to conduct voting."

Keep an eye on this because Republicans are beginning to realize it was not just President Trump that Democrats wanted to get rid of.

ITEM 11: AP reported, "New York health care workers will be able to seek religious exemptions from a statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate as a lawsuit challenging the requirement proceeds, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

"Judge David Hurd in Utica had issued a temporary restraining order a month ago after 17 doctors, nurses and other health professionals claimed in a lawsuit that their rights would be violated with a vaccine mandate that disallowed religious exemptions."

Clinton judge.

Suddenly a lot of people are getting religion. In her bizarre, authoritarian way, Governor Karen is converting thousands without meaning to.

ITEM 12: Breitbart reported, "A vaccinated Ohio man who is in dire need of a new kidney is having his surgery delayed due to the Cleveland Clinic’s new policy requiring coronavirus vaccinations for organ transplant recipients and donors.

"After more than a year of pain, tests, and finally finding a match, Mike Ganim was just days away from getting a new kidney before the Cleveland Clinic announced that patients on the transplant list — as well as living donors — are now required to be vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus, according to a report by News 5 Cleveland."

He is vaccinated. He cannot get covid.

We are told to donate our organs to save lives -- and then the hospitals pull stunts like this.

ITEM 13: Newsweek reported, "Gripped by Energy Crisis, Europe Considers Breaking Climate Promises and Turning to Coal."

Politicians have discovered people don't like rolling blackouts and high prices.

Go back to school, Greta.

ITEM 14: The New York Post reported, "Walgreens is closing five more San Francisco locations as drug stores from the Bay Area to the Big Apple are besieged by rampant shoplifting and lax enforcement.

"San Fran shoplifters have been emboldened by a referendum that lowered the penalty for stealing goods worth less than $950 from a felony to a misdemeanor, cops and prosecutors have said."

In the 2021 remake of "The Beverly Hillbillies,: when kinfolk say Californy is the place you ought to be, Jed punches them in the stomach.

ITEM 15: Superman is bi? Dean Cain told Fox, "They said it’s a bold new direction, I say they’re bandwagoning. Robin just came out as bi — who’s really shocked about that one? The new Captain America is gay. My daughter in [The CW series] Supergirl, where I played the father, was gay. So I don’t think it’s bold or brave or some crazy new direction. If they had done this 20 years ago, perhaps that would be bold or brave.

"Brave would be having him fighting for the rights of gay people in Iran where they’ll throw you off a building for the offense of being gay,"

But Hollywood's Gay Mafia does not care about gay people. It is all about power. They would rather take on Dave Chappelle than an ayatollah.

Wait until the Gay Mafia finds out what Chairman Xi thinks of them. They won't be able to build closets fast enough in Hollywood.

I would have looked up and linked directly to the Fox story, but Fox blocks my links because its IT is run by idiots.

ITEM 16: The Daily Mail reported, "Biden's approval rating is now 10% LOWER than Obama at the same point of his presidency and less than half of Americans trust him to get the country out of the pandemic, new poll numbers show."

That is an unfair comparison because Obama was actually elected president.

ITEM 17: Sundance reported, "Central Maine Medical Center, a key hospital for regional healthcare, issued a dire warning about the need to shut down critical care services last week if they are forced to fire or lay-off all the unvaccinated workers. The hospital appealed to the Governor’s office, Democrat Janet Mills, for a testing option to avoid losing some of the most important care providers in their system.

"Today, the hospital quantified their issue and announced they were going to suspend pediatric admissions as well as heart attack and trauma admissions, because they just will not be able to operate.

"Unfortunately, the Democrat Governor has announced she doesn’t care if the hospital has to shut down. Mills’ stated her unilateral jab mandate will remain in place and the vaxxed and unvaxxed citizens of Maine will die until they comply with the vaccine rules."

This is not about public health.

This is about power.

Moses: Let my people go!

Mills: Let my people die.

ITEM 18The Federalist reported, "Mom Reports School To Police For Promoting Gay Porn Book To Children."

Good for Mom. Schools are supposed to protect children, not groom them.

Maybe we should restrict "Superman Is Bisexual" comics to those 18 and older.

ITEM 19: Fox reported, "Florida School Boards Association denounces national group’s call for federal involvement in parent protests."

The Axis of Idiocy is disintegrating.

The link may or may not work. The network lives in the last century. Well, it once was 20th Century/Fox.

ITEM 20: The Washington Examiner reported, "Biden 2020 win ‘tainted,’ 56% say it was a cheater’s paradise.'"

Slowly, America wakes up and smells the roses. And by roses, I mean fertilizer.

ITEM 21: The Star-Tribune reported, "Rising COVID-19 numbers returning to pre-vaccine levels in Minnesota. Hospitalizations reach a high for this year."

That's the headline.

Paragraph 2 read, "COVID-19 hospitalizations in Minnesota reached 960 on Monday and included 254 people needing intensive care because of breathing problems or other complications. While that is below the record 1,864 hospitalizations on Nov. 29, it is the highest in 2021 and combines with patients with trauma and other illnesses to fill up 96% of available intensive care beds and 93% of non-ICU beds."

Half the peak hospitalizations. That's the story.

FINALLY, Ross Douthat of the New York Times filed a column today, "How Democrats Can Save Themselves."

He called for Democrats to reject the language of progressives -- while pushing progressivism.

He wrote, "For instance, popularist Democrats would not merely avoid a term like Latinx, which is ubiquitous in official progressive discourse and alien to most U.S. Hispanics; they would need to attack and even mock its use. (Obviously this is somewhat easier for the ideal popularist candidate: an unwoke minority politician in the style of Eric Adams.)

"Likewise, a popularist candidate — ideally a female candidate — on the stump in a swing state might say something like: I want this to be a party for normal people, and normal people say mother, not birthing person."

His call for a return to deception and incrementalism is old school. But AOC and the rest of the Veruca Salt squad don't care how, they want it now!


  1. Replies
    1. Fox News is controlled opposition, but truth is allowed to leak out on the Fox Business channel with Maris Bartiromo.

    2. Hopefully Maria will not be relegated to the Trish Regan dustbin. But it could happen, right?

    3. Item 19. Link goes to Access Denied page, but that page has the entire https etc. Just copy that and paste in new tab.

  2. The Axis of Idiocy is disintegrating.
    "Brooklyn has told Kyrie Irving he can’t be a part-time Net.

    King Lebron James supports his choice. San Fran wokeness and African Americans don't belong in the same political party. Bill Maher is trying to save the Dems, but this is a historic split and cnn't be stopped.

    1. The Axis of Idiocy is disintegrating. An unintended consequence of stealing the election from Trump. A Trump presidency would have kept the Dems united.

    2. The Nets are owned by Joe and Clara Tsai - co-founders of China's version of Amazon -Alibaba. You don't get to make billions from a Chinese company unless you're one of the CCP.

      Why isn't the news talking about the Nets owners - who Irving has a contract with - instead of the NBA? Irving doesn't have a contract with the NBA. CCP now directly controls US sport.

    3. Excellent information, Poopsie. Thank you!

  3. So Ross Douthat’s outed himself too, huh? What an ultramaroon. What a poseur. What a flat out fothermucking TOOL.

    1. That's how you keep your job with the NY Times. Same with David Brooks. Gain the world and lose your soul.

    2. Assuming your "world" is the Upper West Side of Manhattan, KC.

  4. How do you know that SWA employees won? CEO reversed the policy the moment he had an out! Thanks, Governor Abbott?

    Also, SWA was losing MILLIONS!

    1. I can't for the life of me figure out why a CEO would cut his own throat for vaccinations? SWA was a canary in the coal mine for the impacts of firing pilots and air traffic controllers. These companies have investors who I assume don't want their investments to tank. They hire these CEO's to make money but the CEO's don't seem to care??? I'm not getting it.

    2. cdr... You're right. It doesn't make any sense. The only thing that's popped up in some articles is the nature of the ownership and who controls the boards of these idiotic companies. Apparently, BlackRock owns huge stakes in a lot of high profile companies. Maybe they see some advantage in this madness.

  5. 2 - the art of the deal.

    4 - I wonder if the players association will sue on his behalf to get his job back.

    5 - I gave boot the boot long before he gave the Republican Party the boot. FMB

    8 - FGT

    9 - Excellent. Some of my kids are scheduled to fly Southwest today.

    16 - that Xiden is only 10 points lower than Sotero shoes how dumb many American voters are.
    Let’s go Brandon.

    17 - the governor said her actions will save patients lives. Sure. Denying care the heart attack and trauma patients will save lives. Democrat logic. Fuck Janet Mills.


  6. With all the COVID mandates, school curriculum content insanity and general intolerance, it appears that Democrats are doing more to move voters toward the Republican Party than the Republicans are doing (other than rock star Ron DeSantis).

  7. He is vaccinated. He can’t get Chinaflu.
    According to
    You don’t know, won’t admit, can’t face facts, Don. Give it up.

  8. Item 1; “gasoline is $3.05 at the Exxon off Exit 45 in Nitro.” Yesterday I drove I-75 between Florida and Georgia. Gas is just above $3.00 on the street, just under $3.00 at Sam’s and Costco.

    Item 15: “Brave would be having him fighting for the rights of gay people in Iran” REALLY brave would be depicting Muhammad as gay. Je suis Superman.

    Tomorrow’s item: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fined deep blue Leon County, Florida (home to Tallahassee, the state Capitol) $3.57 million for violating his prohibition on vaccine mandates and firing 14 county employees for failing to provide proof of vaccination. A quarter million per fired employee ought to provide a nice retirement package.

    1. Yea, ya gotta wonder about Muslims in Afghanistan who consider it normal to sodomize young boys and simultaneously throw people off buildings for being homosexual. Something does not compute!

    2. This type of punitive action always annoys me. That $3.57 million will come out of the tax payers' pockets. Not a single bureaucrat will lose a penny.

    3. Mohammed was gay, or rather bi. Their reward in heaven is 72 virgins and 24 supple young boys.

    4. Which taxpayers’ pocket, Pilgrim? About the only tax a county can raise is property taxes, which affect only the idiots that voted the county officials into office. Sales taxes, gas taxes, liquor taxes, hospitality taxes, etc. are set by the State. So if this fine is actually enforced (unlikely), it will be a transfer from the Democrat-infested Leon County government to the majority-Republican Florida State government. Sounds like win-win to me.

  9. #19 Son you’re correct that the link to the Fox article was blocked. But curiously, when I copied the exact same link as it appeared in the “access denied” notification and then pasted it into my browser, it worked. I’m no computer tech, but that seems weird.

    1. Should be Don not “son.” Sorry for the typo

    2. Shucks. I was hoping you would adopt me

    3. "Son", consider yourself adopted by East Texas.

  10. Item 1: It's $3.69 where I get it in Oregon.

    Item 8: First laugh of the day! THANKS, DON!!!

    FINALLY, Ross Douthat of the New York Times filed a column today, "How Democrats Can Save Themselves."
    I trust nothing, NOTHING, from the NYT.

    1. Is it still illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon?

  11. There is no vaccine mandate.

    Every CEO and governor firing people because they're not vaccinated is doing so out of voluntary tyranny and stupidity - not because they fear any legal consequences.

    A demented old man read some words off a teleprompter in order to get his promised ice cream and nap.

    No bills were passed by elected officials mandating vaccines. No executive order made it through DOJ vetting and Presidential signature.

    There is no mandate.

    Let's Go Brandon. Fuck Joe Biden.

    1. Agreed Poopsie, this is all on OSHA to come up with some bullshit reason for the mandate. It hasn't happened. I hope the companies who have jumped the gun get beaten down and everyone involved with the mandate get bolt cutters taken to their...Dick likes the idea!!!

    2. Tyranny by press release. The only response to that is a middle finger. FJB.

  12. #12: He is vaccinated. He cannot get covid.

    Come on Don. The spikes in the virus among some of the highest vaccinated countries in the world like Israel show that statement is 100% false.
    In fact India and Indonesia have shown a more true statement would be: "They take Ivermectin, they can't get Covid"

    1. It seems to me, that the people that fell for the fascists line of bullshiff, keep whistling past the graveyard, praying they didn’t totally screw the pooch.

  13. Deny Trump the sale of the hotel lease or facilitate the sale to remove the Trump name from the hotel near the WH? Tough choice!

  14. 9 - Typically, someone becomes the CEO of a large organization *not* by being effective, but rather by being the best at "going with the flow." He probably thought that going with the federal-mandate flow would be the path of least resistance - and when he quickly saw how wrong he was, he reversed quickly (another skill learned during ladder-climbing).

    10 - "Keep an eye on this because Republicans are beginning to realize it was not just President Trump that Democrats wanted to get rid of." And keep an eye on this because of something I've mentioned a few times earlier. There is simply no non-extraordinary way to rid ourselves of this disastrous junta; the simplest way will be to "find" the obvious - that it was illegitimately elected in the first place. Watch for more "discovery" of "new evidence" regarding the rigged election in the weeks and months ahead - it's the simplest (and also non-violent) way to get rid of this collection of clowns.

    13 - Germany has been battening the gap with the only thing that it has - dirty lignite coal. This after they shut down their nuclear power plants (and continue to phase them out), and sold themselves to vlad for natural gas supplies...

    14 - Sadly, this is spreading. Happened to stop by a nearby Home Depot last month (and I'm in a rural area, nowhere near SF or CA), couldn't find something that was listed on the web site as in stock with 10 units available. Asked; guy walking by happened to be the assistant manager of the place. He told me that shoplifting has gone through the roof and is brazen - people just take stuff and walk out and there's nothing they can do about it. Young lady who works there happened to walk by - pointed to an empty shelf and said that it had been full first thing in the morning, and they have no records in the system of any of those items having been purchased and logged at the registers.

    16 - "That is an unfair comparison because Obama was actually elected president." This is also data indicating that sniffy indeed certainly wasn't...

    1. Re: Germany. Coal > Nuclear > Russian Natgas > Coal. Bwahahaha…

    2. Re #10 - I believe most people are now pretty certain that the democrats really did not win three senate seats, the presidency, and probably a few House seats. AS such, we probably have the exact opposite of the unified government we should have. Surprisingly, this theft has resulted in an absolute boomerang for the left. Their indoctrination centers are being overrun by angry parents, edicts coming out of DC are at least in red states being ignored or overturned in the courts. The dems may have won the battle of 2020 (the election), but they may have inadvertently sowed the seeds of their ultimate loss of the war. Could the progressive's experiment have reached its zenith, and begun its retreat?

    3. Randy - Reminds you of that joke "Q: What did socialists use before candles? A: Electricity!", doesn't it? Until 1945, Germany had long got its (thermal) coal from Silesia - but they lost Silesia to Poland when post-WW2 borders were redrawn... so the only thing they have in-country now is pretty much just dirty lignite. They had a good nuclear industry, but they closed it down domestically (15 or so years back, I kept running into engineers from German nuclear power equipment companies in eastern Europe - they had no work in Germany and were sent to these other countries who wanted nuclear plants). The greens are clueless about anything that amounts to basic reality - such as windmills requiring a great deal of mining and processing to produce the materials and components (point this out and they freak out).

      B-JEM - Keep in mind that the "progressive" left is basically commanded from the center. They look at Europe (where countries and the EU are all run from the center) and things like the Catholic Church (which they assume runs entirely on orders from the Pope), and think that if THEY can just seize "the center" they can be in absolute control of everything. They are finding out (again) that they are wrong...

    4. Snowgander and BlackJem, truly love your always excellent comments, they really are a contribution.

      I agree it does look like "Surprisingly, this theft (of the election) has resulted in an absolute boomerang for the left", and about winning a battle but "inadvertently sowed the seeds of their ultimate loss of the war".

      I just think it is very important that each of us on the Right STAY ENGAGED with the Democrats in our family, social, church, and work circles of acquaintance. Thought is opening up and we can kindly and patiently help the good (not Marxist but grossly uninformed) Democrats to wake up. There are 80 million of us who can do this--a VERY potent force for Truth. Just being angry at Democrats won't persuade any of them or move the needle.

    5. Snowgander, if you really think the fascists won’t go full retard and try to burn this country down, you should seek counseling. But no matter what, if the steal isn’t corrected, this country will be destroyed anyway.

    6. RR - I tend to agree more with Snow here, but would caution the center left progressive cabal, that utilizing domestic leftwing agitator groups - like BLM and Antifa, and a few very radical congress critters, they may put into motion forces which they cannot control; whom hate the DC left to their core as much as they do the MAGA contingent. As the progs are just now beginning to realize, they pushed too far, and have awoken an American First beast - and need to reign in their leftwing warriors. I doubt their warriors will go quietly into the night. They understand, quite rightly, that being timid now will kill the whole endeavor of the anti-American groups in our midst, and more importantly will mean the end for them. The fascist troops may ignore orders and do just what you say.

  15. 4) Conservative blogger Steve Deace at Steve has issued a pledge to start the process of restoring our rights taken by government because of supposedly covid: The Pledge to Defend Our Constitution Against Covidstan In 1765 our Founders petitioned the King in this manner to restore colonial rights.
    As Steve was explaining this today on his podcast, over the wire came info that a study from Israel last week that showed that low dose aspirin could be used as an early treatment for covid and coincidentally that may have prompted an emergency panel of US health experts per the NYT to advise that people stop taking the low dose aspirin. So like HCQ and Ivermectin, aspirin should not be used instead of relying on the covid vaccine which per the government VAERS datebase has killed over 1600 people in the US with 86% of those deaths having no other reason for the death other than the vaccine; a vaccine which is now < 50% effective without a booster. Historically per Dr. McCullough, who has served on many vaccine safety boards, after <50% effectiveness, as now, it would be withdrawn from the market. Furthermore if there were 25 unexplained deaths from a vaccine, it would be withdrawn as well. We have had over 16,000 deaths so far as of 10/1/21 and 23,712 people disabled.

    1. I've been on low-dose aspirin and vitamin D3 for nearly eight years to treat my heart condition. Who knew that they came with fringe benefits?

  16. ITEM 1 - I live in an outer borough a half-hour from Manhattan. I pay $3.28 for a gallon of regular.

    ITEM 8 - I'd love to hear Capt. Kirk once again say, "Beam me up, Scotty. There's no sign of intelligent life down there."

    The remaining items - It's great to read that we are realizing that we outnumber the fascist Left and their goons, both inside and outside the government, and are reasserting ourselves. Let's go, Brandon!

  17. Correction: ... VAERS datebase has killed over 1600 people in the US with 86% of those deaths ....SHOULD have been ...VAERS datebase has killed OVER 16,000 PEOPLE in the US with 86% of those deaths ....

  18. Don Surber - Item 19.

    To make the link work, just change hhtps to http and it works.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: If you want rebellion, that's how you get it.

    6: If the count is honest, McAuliffe's done. Zippy has Hitler's touch when it comes to politicians.

    8: I was wondering if he was going to take his rug.

    10: $5 gas, lousy Christmas, AZ's proven to have gone Trump, and Buck Fiden is the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation.

    Prove PA also went The Donald and there'll be Hell to pay.

    13: Idiot was the Demos' point man against coal for years.

    15: Say goodbye to DC.

    16: You sure about that?

  20. "Double the money in 5 years. Good for The Donald. Look for the Biden administration to try to stop the deal because DC hates Donald Trump with a passion it never had for any communist."

    I would think they'd try to grease the deal just to get rid of him.

  21. ITEM 10: “Keep an eye on this because Republicans are beginning to realize it was not just President Trump that Democrats wanted to get rid of.”

    That there is funny. Many in the know call the GOP the “Stupid Party.” Others wonder why. Wonder no more.

  22. ITEM 13: As Greta famously like to say “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…”

  23. #21. Isn't 80% occupancy of ICU the norm that hospitals operate under? Broad knowledge of this would make these 90% numbers a lot less interesting.

  24. #10: In Michigan, African American war hero and successful businessman, John James, Jr. was running for Senator against Dem incumbant who has never sponsored any meaningful legislation and has a 100% voting record for Dems, Gary Peters. James was up 5% when polls supposedly closed for the night. When they opened back up, James was down over 1% and never recovered. Tell me there was no down ticket hanky-panky.

    #21: Michigan hospitals have seen a 50% increase in emergency room visits since Covid lockdowns began. Totally unrelated to Covid itself since those cases are handled seperately. I imagine that country-wide, hospital over crowding has more to do with non-Covid illnesses as is the case in Michigan.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. FWIW regarding the Wisconsin election investigation: Robin Vos, the Ass'y Speaker, appointed ex-Judge Gableman because Vos does NOT want to find anything wrong with the election. After all, he wrote the laws in effect last year, and failed--despite warnings--to block (D) fraud moves illegally authorized by the WI Elections Commission.

    A pal of mine in the Capitol agrees that Vos appointed Gableman b/c Gableman is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    Oh, well.

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  29. "Brooklyn has told Kyrie Irving he can’t be a part-time Net."
    Look at all the money and time he's given to charity. The man is legendary.
    "Keep an eye on this because Republicans are beginning to realize it was not just President Trump that Democrats wanted to get rid of."
    We smart people have known this for years if not decades.


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