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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Breitbart reported, "The Naval Criminal Investigative Service wished the Navy Happy Birthday in a tweet on Wednesday with a photo of a Russian ship."

Well, NCIS fell apart after Marc Harmon left.

Wait, this wasn't the TV series? This was the actual Navy unit?

Maybe it switched sides.

ITEM 2: Trafalgar Group announced its poll shows the Republican is ahead in the Virginia gubernatorial race by one point.

Fox immediately called the race for the Democrat.

ITEM 3Trending Politics reported, "Mainstream Media SILENT After Florida Reports 3rd Lowest Rate Of Covid Infection."

Let us review. Masks did not stop the spread. Lockdowns did not stop the spread. Vaccines did not stop the spread. We are like the winless 2018 Browns. We cannot beat the spread.

Just live with it and move on.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "At least 37 people were killed and over 70 wounded when explosions tore through a Shiite mosque in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar during Friday prayers—the second attack in a week that left worshipers from the minority sect dead, according to reports."

Seriously, do you want to split the USA?

The last country to do this was India. After independence, it agreed to a split. Muslims headed to Pakistan and Hindus to India. More than a million people died in battle and attacks.

ITEM 5: Breitbart reported, "A handful of open-border zealots and advocates of immigration enforcement as a deterrent have quit President Joe Biden’s agencies amid infighting between the two camps over the president’s chaotic and unpopular migration policies.

"The political turmoil born out of the Haitian migrant caravan that gathered at a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas, laid bare the months-long internal rift between political appointees with vastly different views on immigration.

"Even leftist outlets highlighted the infighting within the Biden administration, noting that it had drawn Democrat lawmakers into a rare political battle with the White House, several of them lambasting the president over his handling of the Haitian migrant crisis."

In reversing President Trump's policies which successfully drove illegal border jumping to decadal lows, Biden created a mess so foul that even open borders lobbyists cannot stand the smell.

ITEM 6: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The Food and Drug Administration is delaying a decision on authorizing Moderna Inc.’s covid-19 vaccine for adolescents to assess whether the shot may lead to heightened risk of a rare inflammatory heart condition, according to people familiar with the matter.

"After four Nordic countries strengthened their stances against giving Moderna vaccines to younger adults last week, the FDA has been taking another look at the risk of the condition, known as myocarditis, among younger men who took Moderna’s vaccine, especially compared with those who received the vaccine from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech ,the people said.

"So far, the regulators haven’t determined whether there is an elevated risk, the people said. The delay could be several weeks, but the timing is unclear, one of the people said.

"The agency plans to further review data before deciding on whether to extend the vaccine’s eligibility to younger people, the people said."

A vaccine that kills kids is a bad idea.

ITEM 7: ABC reported, "The Biden administration is preparing for if and when the FDA authorizes covid vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11, purchasing 65 million Pfizer pediatric vaccine doses.

"That's more than enough to fully vaccinate all 28 million U.S. children in that age group with a two-shot regimen.

"Federal officials say at least 31,000 providers have enrolled to administer the vaccines to children.

"The FDA could authorize the vaccine for kids within a few weeks."

My guess is Pfizer no longer cares if the FDA approves or not because it closed the sale.

I wonder whether Hunter's kickback was paid in cash, underage girls, or cocaine.

ITEM 8: The Washington Post said, "Climate protesters attempted to occupy the Department of the Interior on Thursday, with dozens holding a sit-in inside as those remaining outside clashed with the police who were blocking the entrance."

Climate protesters?

What the hell is that? What's next? Time protesters? History protesters?

I think the Post means communists but is too chicken to say so.

ITEM 9: The Washington Examiner reported, "A woman in Washington, D.C. , became combative and attempted to assault Capitol Police officers on Friday using a baseball bat , authorities said Friday.

"The woman, who was identified by the Capitol Police as 25-year-old Olivia Romano, came to the West Front of the Capitol at approximately 9:30 a.m. Friday carrying the bat, according to officers. Police moved in on the suspect, and she allegedly bit one officer."

She was not shot and killed because she is a liberal. 

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "Woke Walmart has trained more than 1,000 employees in critical race theory, denouncing the US as a 'white-supremacy system'—and telling staffers to accept their 'guilt and shame' and stop thinking 'white is right,' according to leaked documents."

Walmart is not woke.

Walmart is racist.

Walmart does not want white customers.

Act accordingly.

ITEM 11: The Daily Wire reported, "Beth Barts, a far-left member of the Loudoun County School Board, has resigned from her position.

"First elected in 2019, Barts has been criticized by parent groups over Critical Race Theory and transgender policies in the school system. Her resignation, which will take effect on November 2, 2021, staves off an ongoing recall attempt."

That's one.

ITEM 12: But wait. There's more.

Fox reported, "The superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools issued an apology and a school board member resigned on Friday as the district faces mounting backlash over its response to two alleged sexual assaults, one of which was allegedly carried out by a skirt-wearing male student in a girls' bathroom. 

"Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized for saying during a June event that the Virginia district had no record of assaults taking place in its bathrooms. His comments came amid debate about policy changes related to self-identified transgender students. Ziegler said Friday that he misunderstood the question when he made the comment."

Failure to report sex assaults is a violation of federal Title 9 rules.

The story also said, "Scott Smith, a Loudoun County father who was arrested at that June event, said this week that his daughter was sexually assaulted in a girls' bathroom at Stone Bridge High School by a male student who was wearing a skirt. The Loudoun County sheriff's office has confirmed that an on-campus sexual assault was reported on the day Smith says his daughter was victimized."

Ziegler is a pig. He needs to be canned and banned. Maybe even prosecuted.

ITEM 13: The Verge reported, "Netflix has fired a leader of the trans employee resource group who was organizing the upcoming October 20th walkout. The employee, who is Black and currently pregnant, asked not to be named for fear of online harassment. They have been encouraging trans employees and allies to walk out of work in protest of Netflix’s handling of the Dave Chappelle special The Closer. The employee declined to speak to The Verge for this story."

Only the government tolerates such insubordination.

ITEM 14The Lid reported, "In August, federal judge Judge Matthew Kacsmarykin sided with the states of Texas and Missouri by ordering the Biden administration to revive a Trump-era border policy that required migrants to stay in Mexico until their U.S. immigration court date. The supreme court refused to grant a stay as the case moved up the judicial ladder, but it didn’t rule on the case’s merits.

"Now, two months after the order,  the Biden administration is finally ready to follow the order and restart the program providing it gets agreement from Mexico. Even if Mexico agrees with the program’s revival, Team Biden will appeal Judge Kacsmarykin’s ruling. They are hoping to eventually cancel the program again."

Live by the Hawaiian judge, Democrats, and die by the Hawaiian judge.

ITEM 15: The Hill reported, "Black students were suspended from their high school for planning a protest after another group of students came to school waving a Confederate flag. 

"Last week, a group of students at Coosa High School in Rome, Ga., were filmed waving the Confederate flag and hurling racial slurs."

The story also said, "They did not face any repercussions."

Of course not.

The First Amendment protects the right to wave a flag, hurl insults, and say Fuck Joe Biden.

The ACLU said, "In 1969, the Supreme Court ruled that students don't shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate."

ITEM 16National Review reported, "The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday mandating that transgender athletes participate in school sports teams corresponding to the biological sex listed on their birth certificate.

"The bill passed 76–54 after failing to advance on three previous attempts, and will now be sent to the state Senate for deliberation. Representative Valoree Swanson, the bill’s sponsor, said it would protect women and girls from unfair competition."


ITEM 17: Quit giving Twitter good material for free.

Just stop it, I say.

But this is OK.

She has to keep people informed.

ITEM 18: Human Events reported, "The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is one of 11 state boards that are officially withdrawing from the National School Boards Association following the infamous letter to the White House."

Good for PA because people who speak out at school board meetings are not terrorists, they are Americans exercising their God-given rights.

ITEM 19: The New York Times did a story on vacationing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who after 6 months on the job has been on a 2 month vacation with his newly adopted twins.

In his absence, cargo ships have backed up at ports in California and elsewhere unable to unload.

He told the Times of his vacation, "The big thing is having a newly personal appreciation for the fact that this is work. It may be time away from a professional role, but it’s very much time on."

If so, have his twins pay his salary.

Taxpayers are being screwed.

After 2 months, it is not paternity leave. It is theft of services.



  1. 7 - I wonder if the children of postal workers and illegal aliens will be exempt. I hope so because if you exempt some, it proves the mandate isn’t about anything other than control.

    I read all of these items and can only think Fuck Joe Biden.

    Here is the score from a Mississippi High School football game played last night:

    Brandon 42, Meridian 28

    Let’s go Brandon.

    1. His order also, exempted all Judges and their staff, congress and their staffs...get the picture?

    2. I checked our Brandon, Florida High School foosball which is about 20 miles from Mulberry. Kinda hard to say "Let's Go Brandon" when they are 0-8 and been outscored 325-12. True story!!!

    3. Dick, still better than Xiden's record.

    4. "Kinda hard to say "Let's Go Brandon" when they are 0-8 and been outscored 325-12."

      Well, that might actually serve as a priori proof that that's a real school! Sorta like the case with Rice University. :-)

    5. Our Brandon is 5-2. 4-0 in their league. Let’s go Brandon.

  2. #8 “What the hell is that? What's next? Time protesters? History protesters?”

    Frequent stories of Memorials being defaced and Statues being removed suggests there are plenty if History Protesters. We’ll probably have to wait for the Time Protesters.

    1. Regarding items 8 and 9, sounds like insurecction to me.

    2. Those time protesters struck over a century ago. Back in 1918 they stirred up such a ruckus here in the US that it started Daylight Saving Time, proving that if enough people bitch loudly enough even the most idiotic ideas can have lasting consequences.

  3. ITEM 7: The Biden administration is preparing for if and when the FDA authorizes covid vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11, purchasing 65 million Pfizer pediatric vaccine doses.

    Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds

  4. #17. A British Muslim criticizing a US Senator’s politics? In GB Somalians just stab MP’s.

  5. #16: As has been said elsewhere, they will simply change their birth certificates.

    1. The Magic TSA Body Scan Machine will verify the associated body parts without touching (to protect the ticklish).

  6. #4 Seriously, do you want to split the USA?

    Seriously, the country can stay together and the fascists start the trains to the gas chambers or we split. Either way, a lot of violence is coming. Each of us has the decision to make, stand and fight or be slaughtered like sheep. Chose wisely.

  7. Item 19: Just another no show job only his has a salary, where everyone else in the country not working is collecting unemployment or whatever the government is calling it these days.

  8. Mr. Surber, you ask, “Seriously, do you want to split the USA?”

    No sir, I don’t. But what I want doesn’t matter. When I was in h.s., 54 years ago, I thought, “When I die, it won’t be in the USA.” No, I didn’t plan on moving. I felt then, and have always felt, that the ties that bind were less than the divisions that split. It hasn’t gotten any better.

    I don’t want to split the USA. I do not want to live in a Godless socialist [pardon me for repeating myself] country, which is where the Left is taking us.

    1. We were able to “hold on” through four years of Carter. I’m not sure the country could have survived eight years of him, but thankfully, it did not have to. Carter gave us Reagan, and the country recovered.

      We survived eight years of Obama. His second term saw the implementation of ObamaCare, from which we have not recovered. But Obama gave us Trump, and the country survived.

      I frankly do not know if we can survive four years of the “Biden” regime. Less than a year into his rule, America is in a worse place than after four years of Carter or eight years of Obama, both domestically and especially in foreign relations. Biden will give us Trump or possibly DeSantis in 2024, but I’m not sure the country will be able to recover, even under their leadership.

  9. Item 6: “A vaccine that kills kids is a bad idea.”
    A vaccine with a body count is not a vaccine.

    Item 7: “The Biden administration is preparing for if and when the FDA authorizes covid vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11, purchasing 65 million Pfizer pediatric vaccine doses.” After spending billions of dollars on pediatric doses, there is zero chance that the FDA will not approve the experimental gene therapy to the next generation of Americans. These kids will carry the legacy of Biden’s evil for the next 50 years; possibly even longer, if the shot causes birth defects in their kids, like DES babies.

    Item 15: “Black students were suspended from their high school for planning a protest after another group of students came to school waving a Confederate flag.” There has to be more to this story. “Waving the Confederate flag and hurling racial slurs” is protected speech, but so is protesting against the waving of the Confederate flag and hurling of racial slurs. Unless the black folks were planning violence, which is more likely than not, their protest was also protected speech.

  10. #6 - especially when the disease itself does not kill kids.

    #4 - I also don’t WANT a split, but it may happen anyway. Sometimes things get triggered by an otherwise minor event and spin out of control.

    1. The Arab Spring; the Royal Marines went to confiscate muskets and powder at Concord in April 1775 and someone fired at someone and all hell broke out.

  11. ITEM 7: “I wonder whether Hunter's kickback was paid in cash, underage girls, or cocaine.”

    In this instance, it’s more than appropriate to embrace the use of “AND.”

  12. ITEM 2: "Trafalgar Group announced its poll shows the Republican is ahead in the Virginia gubernatorial race by one point.

    Fox immediately called the race for the Democrat."

    Is this a jest, Don, or has Fox also "gone over to the DARK SIDE?"

    ITEM 3: Trending Politics reported, "Mainstream Media SILENT After Florida Reports 3rd Lowest Rate Of Covid Infection."The "mainstream" of the media is murky and foul, AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

    Item 5: I just love it when Dem factions have their own dog and cat fights. Buy popcorn futures.

    Item 6: I was 77 when I got my Moderna shots in Jan and Feb. No problems.

    Item 8: "I think the Post means communists but is too chicken to say so." Or as I call it, "The WaPoo", because it WaPoops.

    Item 10: Out here in the hinterlands Walmart loves white customers.

    Item 16: I haven't read National Review since it went NEVER TRUMP in 2015. Can't trust it.

    Item 18: I'm guessing that not all school board members are Democrats, but too (TOO) many are...

    Item 19: He should be on the job; his "wife" can take care of the kiddies. That is one reason why he's "married", is it not?????

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: And a damned fine question it is!

    1. Sam, Faux has always been on the dark side. They did a better job of fooling folks when Rupert was at the helm, but they have always been the furthest right of the leftist media.

  13. ITEM 8: These were people leading an insurrection against the American government; actual domestic terrorists.

    But, because they’re Liberal Democrats they’re called “mostly peaceful protestors” by the corrupt American media; and the FBI carries their luggage.

  14. ITEM 13: “Only the government tolerates such insubordination.”

    Slight correction: The government encourages such insubordination; especially when the President is a pro-American Patriot.

  15. #6. A vaccine that kills old folks is a bad idea too.

  16. 1. I served in the USN for 24 years. How damn hard is it to find a photo of an aircraft carrier?! That looks like a KIROV class cruiser. It's as if they do this on purpose.

    I get disgusted with all these bureaucrats and "public servants" and their false pretenses of military support. In 24 years I met exactly one NCIS agent I'd have a beer with. The rest just wanted to jack us up with whatever charges they could contrive.

  17. 4 - Interesting that it was a Shiite mosque; that should draw Iran's ire. I'll say it again - whether fomented or not, we may get bailed out of the twin follies of zippy with iran and sniffy with afghanistan by having those two countries go to war with each other.

    And I sure don't want to split OUR country. This is OUR country and these blue t*rds are trying to take it away from us. If push comes to shove, consolidate what we control, liberate the red parts of the blue states (nearly all blue states have a lot of red areas), and then just reconquer the urban blue enclaves much as William Tecumseh Sherman reconquered much of the confederacy.

    And as in 1861, I don't want that "other country" sitting there plotting against us. As in the 1860s, that "other country" needs to be pre-emptively destroyed for our own safety.

    6 - "...four Nordic countries..." Just out of curiosity (since the article is paywalled), what did they include as a fourth "Nordic country"?? The only time I've seen that identification used, the fourth one has been Estonia (due to their close roots with Finland).

    10 - Methinks that they haven't been so much as "trained" as forced to sit silently through a harangue from some moronic "diversity consultant" so that they could check the box and get back to work. The only people benefitting from this b.s. is the small group of "diversity consultants" who are able to make money off it by just ranting. The further damage is all the nitwits who figure that they can rant like that too and want to be "diversity consultants" (not understanding that you have to know people to get into that racket and on that gravy train). Like much of the mandated stuff that gets larded (by law) into "health insurance," it's being driven by the parasitic providers, not the customers asking for it. Same with "higher education" - the real pushers are all the folks with Ph.D.s in weird subjects who can't find teaching jobs...

    19 - BTW, with Christmas on the way, think of this clown as being typical of the employees of one Ebenezer Scrooge, and you can have sympathy for the poor guy - and his plight of trying to run a business in a weak economy with untalented and unmotivated employees. Eb got a raw deal from Charles Dickens.

  18. Question of the Day - Same reason "it's My Body" works for abortions but not for vaxes, hot weather, cold weather or any weather works for Climate Change and why inappropriate e-mails from a decade ago can "Cancel" Jon Gruden and have no effect on the recipients of those e-mails who did not object to them when they received them a decade ago.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Only after Illya left.

    2: Droll.

    3: Science.

    4: Sounds like the Taliban didn't win as easily as they thought.

    My best to the PLA.

    5: Hurrah! Hurrah! For Southern rights, hurrah!
    Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

    10: Wally World's big biz is in the South, Midwest and Far West.

    Coca Cola all over again.

    11 - 12: See 5.

    17: What leverage, dare I ask?

    19: Lefties love to show up at the houses of people they hate. Why discriminate against Buttpeg?

    QUESTION: Because the Left believes in Science and the Right actually knows science?

    1. QUESTION: kinda like Christianity, lots of people say they are Christian but have no clue what the Bible says. Others want to interpret it their way.

  20. 12 and 13:
    French writer, philosopher and playwright Voltaire satirically wrote that the British needed to occasionally execute an admiral from time to time, “in order to encourage the others.”
    It worked in England in the 1700s, it could work here too.

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  22. "Ziegler said Friday that he misunderstood the question when he made the comment."

    He rehearsed that question and answer.

    Q: "Do we have an assault problem in our bathrooms?"
    A: "I have no reports of any assaults."

    The pos kept saying “We have no REPORT of assaults”–but that's only because THEY DIDN’T REPORT THEM.

    And now he's lying about lying.

    He's got to go.

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  28. FED
    Let's Go Brandon
    Pete Bootyfudge for President