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Monday, October 25, 2021

Highlights of the News

Let's go over this again. Don't give Twitter your best content. Twitter makes money off it.

By the way, birds resent calling them tweets because birds are not as mean-spirited and petty as most people on Twitter are.

ITEM 1: Here is what Binyamin Appelbaum of the New York Times wrote, "Resistance to taxation is the rotten core of the modern Republican Party. Republicans in recent decades have sharply reduced the federal income tax rates imposed on wealthy people and big companies, but their opposition to taxation goes beyond that. They are aiding and abetting tax evasion."

Treacher is right. Tax resistance is the heart of America. The Stamp Act. The Tea Party. The Whiskey Rebellion. Americans hate taxes.

We have two parties now: The American Party and the Anti-American Party.

The latter slanders the country as being founded on slavery and for systemic racism. It promotes taxes, taxes, taxes, and taxes on the taxes.

The former wants to make America great again. history is on their side.

ITEM 2: The Epoch Times reported, "American truckers don’t like taking orders. But the Biden administration has increased pressure on some of them to take the vaccine—willing or unwilling.

"All through the pandemic, truckers endured hardships to keep America’s infrastructure running. They waited in line for hours in sight of bathrooms they weren’t allowed to use. On the road, some died alone of COVID-19.

"Now, with supply chains disrupted, Americans need them more than ever. But faced with the prospect of a mandated vaccination, many drivers are considering quitting."

This is what Biden wants.


Biden wants chaos because Democrats believe chaos gives them power.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "The prop gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on a New Mexico movie set had been used by crew members offsite for fun, a new report claims.

"The gun, which was fired by Alec Baldwin on the set of the movie 'Rust,' may have even been loaded with live rounds when it was used for what was essentially target practice, TMZ reported.

"Multiple sources connected to the production of the film told TMZ that the gun was fired at off-the-clock gatherings – which could explain how a live round found its way into the gun’s chamber.

"Another source who was on set told the outlet that when cops arrived they found live ammo and blank rounds stored in the same area, where the fatal mix-up could have occurred."

Alec Baldwin is still a killer. 

Dana Loesch is not.

ITEM 4: The Hill reported, "Former President Obama delivered a fiery address campaigning for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe on Saturday, urging Democrats to flock to the polls and taking a number of swings at Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin."

By fiery, the Hill meant angry.

Obama has not been this angry since he misplaced his blow when he attended Columbia.

ITEM 5: Breitbart reported, "Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin is two points ahead of former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) with the state’s gubernatorial election just ten days away, according to a poll released Friday on behalf of the Presidential Coalition.

"The poll, conducted October 18–21 by Kellyanne Conway’s firm, found Youngkin with 43% support compared with McAuliffe’s 41% support. 11% were undecided, and 4% refused to answer."

Now you know why the Angry O was in Virginia.

ITEM 6: Time reported, "Donald Trump’s sagging fortune is suddenly poised to get a massive boost from meme-stock mania.

"News late Wednesday that the former president’s nascent media enterprise, Trump Media & Technology Group, is planning to go public via a special purpose acquisition company has sent retail investors into a frenzy, even with few details released. The stock gain drove the implied value of the new venture to more than $8.2 billion.

"Based on figures from press releases and filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, it appears Trump will own more than 50% of the combined company. At its current value, that would make him the richest he’s ever been, up from his estimated net worth now of $2.5 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index."


Presidents are supposed to make money only through shady book advances, no-show jobs at Netflix, and paintings by their cocaine-addled sons.

Nancy should impeach Trump for committing capitalism!

ITEM 7: Good for The Donald.

Running for and serving as president easily cost him a billion dollars in cash and opportunities lost to make money.

The Richest President Ever would have been a pauper by the end of a second term.

ITEM 8: Doyle McManus has it all figured out. He wrote a Los Angeles Times column, "Why is Trump running for president again? To stay out of jail."

McManus then proceeded to disprove that.

He wrote, "Throughout his epic, scandal-ridden career, Donald Trump has compiled an astonishing record of impunity, constantly staying one jump ahead of prosecutors, plaintiffs and creditors.

"He is the only president to be impeached twice, and acquitted twice by the votes of Republican senators.

"He spent almost three years under investigation for what looked like collusion with Russia, only to walk away scot-free."

This shows being president provides no protection from investigation.

It also shows they had and have nothing on him. An investigation that sent Flynn to jail for not talking to a Russian diplomat found nothing on Donald Trump or any member of his family.

McManus should remove the McM from his surname.

ITEM 9: Looking for a reason to avoid Fox?

Look no further than Neil Cavuto.

Just call Cavuto Lonesome Rhodes.

ITEM 10: The Daily Mail reported, "Fauci [used] taxpayers' money to fund animal experiments, including one which saw beagles trapped in cages so flies could eat them, and another where they were 'debarked' before being pumped with drugs and killed.   

"One of the most disturbing incidents funded by Fauci's National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases involved $375,000 given to a Tunisian research lab.

"There, puppies had their heads held in cages, before being left for sand flies to eat them alive for research purposes.

"Distressing snaps showed the pups with their heads kept inside the muslin-type cages filled with the hungry insects. 

"Another procedure, which the NIH funded to the tune of $1.8 million, saw 44 beagle puppies undergo a 'cordectomy,' which saw their vocal cords cut to stop them barking. 

"That experiment, which took place in Menlo Park, California, saw the dogs then pumped full of drugs, before being killed and dissected."

Michael Vick spent two years in prison for doing far less to dogs.

We sent Fauci to DC 40 years ago to cure AIDS. He became the Canine Mengele instead.

ITEM 11: Would you take medical advice from a dog torturer?

I thought not.

So why does the media give this sadist the time of day?

ITEM 12: 100% Fed Up reported, "Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe went off on the vaccine agenda on Dan Bongino’s show, calling it a fight for freedom."

She said, "I was on the fence because it didn’t make sense to get vaccinated for a virus that was not a threat to my life, nor one that I fear.

"But now I’m doubling down as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden’s tyranny. Because now it’s a fight for freedom. Now it’s a fight against tyranny in America. That’s what this is all about. We’re literally fighting right now, Dan, for the future of this country. Are we going to be a free America or not?"

Look for the media to label the middle finger a white supremacist symbol.

ITEM 13: Major League Baseball moved its all-star game from Atlanta because Democrats do not like Georgia's new requirement that voters show an ID.

Not only did Atlanta make the World Series this year, but Houston did. That's in Texas, the state with the new ban on abortions after 6 weeks.

The first two games are in Houston, then three games in Atlanta starting on Friday. That's the night the virtue lights go out in Georgia.

ITEM 14: Big League Politics reported, "Rapper Bryson Gray announced on Twitter Thursday that his music video making fun of President Joe Biden was censored off YouTube’s platform due to 'medical misinformation,' Fox News reported."

Time to de-platform YouTube for discrimination.

ITEM 15: Media-ite reported, "‘Wait, Dave Chappelle Can Have White Privilege?’ Bill Maher Mocks ‘Woke’ Outrage Over Comic’s ‘Anti-Trans’ Netflix Show."

The story said, "Maher eventually brought up an article from NPR about Chappelle that accused him of 'using white privilege to excuse his homophobia and transphobia.'"

Maybe NPR got Chappelle mixed up with Eddie Murphy, who did the "White Like Me" skit.

ITEM 16: Via Citizen Free Press, the Sun Chronicle reported, "A 23-year-old Rhode Island man was ordered held on $25,000 cash bail Tuesday, accused of secretly videotaping five young girls in a bathroom at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.

"Authorities also suspect Jacob M. Guerrero of Woonsocket, an Amazon delivery driver, of taking a video of a 10- or 11-year-old girl in Norfolk who was changing into her pajamas in her bedroom. Guerrero was allegedly outside the home, which may have been on his delivery route, authorities said.

"At the Wrentham mall, Guerrero allegedly dressed up in a blonde or red-haired wig and dress and wore a pen camera attached to the laces of his sneakers to take videos in a bathroom.

"He allegedly entered stalls next to 12 victims and took videos without their knowledge. Of the 12, five girls were under age 18 and some were estimated to be as young as 8, Police Chief Bill McGrath said."

I am surprised that the newspaper was allowed to call Guerrero a man.

Let's not be transphobic.

Liberals want this to be commonplace because liberals are pervs. They want the abnormal to become normal, and the normal to become extinct.

ITEM 17: Shove the mandates.

Magic Johnson played with HIV.

Let Kyrie play.

ITEM 18Life Site News reported, "The Washington Times reported that the California Assisted-Suicide law prompted an insurance company to deny coverage to a terminally ill California woman.

"Bradford Richardson, from the Washington Times reported that Stephanie Packer, a wife and mother of four who was diagnosed with a terminal form of scleroderma, said that her insurance company initially indicated it would pay for her to switch to a different chemotherapy drug based on the recommendation of her doctors but shortly after the California assisted suicide law went into effect, her insurance company denied her treatment."

Remember when Democrats told you health care was a right and demonized insurance companies?

Nyah, Democrats just want you dead and they work for the insurance companies.

FINALLY, Freedom First reported, "Fox News Censors Final Epic Words of Marine Veteran Who Took Down Convenience Store Armed Robber."

The words?

Epstein didn’t kill himself.

FJB and Fox.


  1. Back in 2015 Donald Trump filed a 100 page (or so) financial disclosure with the SEC. It claimed, and provided backing detail, that he was worth about $9 billion. He (not a representative) signed it under pain of perjury.

    Yet somehow everyone wants to go with the Bloomberg, Forbes and other estimates in the $2-3bn range.

    Seems to me that anti-trumpers are missing a golden opportunity. If he lied on his financial disclosures, he committed a federal crime. Lock him up!

    Was Hilary really so stupid that she missed this?

    1. I dearly wish Donald John Trump was still in the oval office instead of the demented child molester with tertiary syphilis occupying it now.
      E.D.utcher will of course disagree and call me Jeffery

    2. "...because birds are not as mean-spirited and petty as most people on Twitter are." Or as edutcher is here.

    3. Day-um…how deep in your skulls is Ed?

      He takes shots at errybody. Shake it off, Karen.

    4. Good advice, Z. I should also follow my own advice and just step over the turd on the sidewalk.

  2. Neil Cavuto, I got the vax and it was not a pain in the ass. It was a pain in the arm.

    Maybe you are doing it wrong?

  3. #12 “ Look for the media to label the middle finger a white supremacist symbol.”

    There you go Don, giving your best ideas to the enemedia.

    1. Victims of our modern education system don't know which finger is the middle one.
      E.D.utcher will of course disagree and call me Jeffery

  4. "‘Wait, Dave Chappelle Can Have White Privilege?’ Bill Maher Mocks ‘Woke’ Outrage Over Comic’s ‘Anti-Trans’ Netflix Show."

    Yahoo - "one thousand Netflix employees — nearly 10% of the company’s workforce are planning an October 20 walkout to protest the Chappelle special.”
    How many showed? WaPo said "dozens" Chappelle's show has been viewed 10 million times.

    1. Chappelle pointed out that a rapper had killed a black man and also made anti-gay remarks, but the ensuing outrage was about the remarks, not the murder. The media accused Chappelle of being anti-gay.

    2. knifecatcher, don't call the WaPo the WaPo, call it the WaPoo, as I do. as the WaPoo WaPoops.

  5. “4% refused to answer.” That gave me an idea. On ALL future occasions when I am polled, my answer will be NOYFB. “Yes, that’s right…enn oh why eff bee.”

    1. Do you suppose the 4% includes the folks who hang up once they recognize the purpose of the call?

      Asking for Lezko Brandon

    2. Keep a police whistle in your pocket and when they call, tell them you have a sore throat and will use this,( blow whistle) for yes, and this ( blow whistle) for no, then see if they stay on the line.

      E.D.utcher will of course disagree and call me Jeffery

  6. Item 10: “Fauci [used] taxpayers' money to fund animal experiments” Fauci’s Wuhan “experiments” have killed nearly 5 million people worldwide, but everyone’s outraged to discover that he was cruel to dogs?

    1. Those experiments are disgusting. What purpose can they possibly serve?

      There is no doubt that Dr. Fece is a sick puppy.

    2. Not to mention, big pharma's (fauci's comrades) use of aborted baby parts n pieces... let's put OUTRAGE where it belongs!

    3. I see it as an example of what Dr. Joseph Mengele- Er, sorry, Fauci would do to US if
      he has a chance.
      He probably pulled the wings off flies and made them jump over a pencil when he was a kid.

    4. Even Pavlov treated his dogs well.

  7. 8 - love the reporters new name. Describes him perfectly.

    Turned on MSNBC for a few seconds. First time in months. It was Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. First words I heard were “disgraced former president Trump is being investigated again”. I changed the channel. They just can’t give him up!!

    妇产科 就哦额 不哦的额你

  8. Opener: most of the mean spirited people on Twitter are bird brains. Birds also cackle, chirp, cluck and kaw.

  9. #4. He hasn't been this angry since Reggie Love refused to give him a reach around.

    1. #4: I dunno... He was pretty pissed that time the south Chicago bath houses were closed.

  10. #9. Get vaccinated now because it Doesn't work. Take the jab wind up on a slab. This most deadly plandemic ever has a mortality rate less than half of seasonal pneumonia.
    A link posted at knuckle draggin my life away indicates that recipients of the quackcine are experiencing a 5% drop in total immunity every month meaning that within a year, many people will have aquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS is not just for HIV positive homosexuals, it also occurs with some cancer fighting drugs, and is induced in transplant recipients.

    1. E.D.utcher will of course disagree and call me Jeffery.

    2. Has anyone heard or know of someone that has died from Covid that was not in the hospital at the time of death?

    3. In 2020, people died “from Covid” when they were in a fatal automobile accident.

    4. The only covid death I know of was a guy who got a tracheotomy. He developed an infection and although he was several weeks past the whu flu when he died from the antibiotic resistant bug, they called it a covid death.

  11. #11. I wouldn't take medical advice from that male version of Nasty P. Lousy even if he wasn't a dog torturer.
    E.D.utcher will of course disagree and call me Jeffery

    1. I shouldn't make fun of the San Fran freak show like that but thirty years of failed plastic surgery and botox have turned the city into a den of homosexuals.

    2. You pushed it over ast Pirate's Cove.


    3. Never been to pirate's cove, I'm not into putt putt golf.

  12. Item#3: hmmm, I suppose we could start chanting "let's go Baldwin" from now on...

  13. 1 - "[H]istory is on OUR side." FIFY. :-)

    2 - "This is what Biden wants." I wouldn't give him or any of the clown show that much credit. These people really are totally clueless - since they never in their entire lives have done anything real or dealt with anything real. They have no clue of how to do anything at all - and I'd pay money to watch any one of them try to assemble a wind chime from Ikea. They really do think that they can sit on thrones and issue orders and it will all just miraculously happen. Up next - "The failures are due to wreckers and saboteurs!"

    4 - "...the Hill meant angry." Speaking of a prime example of the above... ozero has never done anything but blither... he's a common swindler.

    8 - What Mr. anus fails to realize is that when the GOP retakes the House, they will be obligated to impeach sniffy - just to illustrate how absurd it all was. Funny thing is that there's so much dirt around sniffy and snorty that if nothing else it will be one heck of an embarrassment for the clown show.

    10 - Well, now we know what Fauci's punishment should be...

    13 - I expect that fans of both teams in both cities will find common ground... in a particular chant...

    18 - Well, I guess they told us by their actions. "Health care is a human right!" Except when it's not. They really do love that special clause tucked into the soviet constitution...

  14. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: At least Treacher got it right.

    1: You got it.

    2: The cornerstone of Commie doctrine.

    7: We owe him.

    10: He'd have been right at home at Auschwitz. something, after over a year of his lies and manipulation, surprises me not in the least.

    And he came to DC right out of medical school.

    12: She's got it. It's why all the Buck Fiden surprises the Lefties. They thought we'd given up after 1/6.

    We had not yet begun to fight.

    13: Define irony.

    18: They were lying at, "If you like your plan...".

  15. "He wrote, "Throughout his epic, scandal-ridden career, Donald Trump has compiled an astonishing record of impunity, constantly staying one jump ahead of prosecutors, plaintiffs and creditors."

    Actually, he is amazingly scandal free. Most investigated, yes. Never charges. Which is actually remarkable for a real estate mogul - Real estate tax laws and the laws that go with raising the capital and setting up partnerships and holding companies for the assets are also extremely complicated. It is a huge feat that someone has done that for 40 years, been audited every year (they do that automatically for these types of ventures), and has come out clean every single time.

  16. #1: Would you buy a used car from this man?

  17. #8 Seperated at birth from #1:

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  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. The director of the CDC (whose employees are exempt from the vaccine mandates, BTW) has announced that all unvaxed people will be sent to "re-education camps".


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