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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: I am vaccinated. Whether you are vaccinated has no effect on me. None whatsoever.

Mandating vaccines does affect me. It limits my freedom. Fuck Joe Biden. 

ITEM 2: There is no work stoppage because of the vax mandate.

As I said yesterday, Herb Kelleher, founder of SWA, would be out there with his crews protesting the mandate.

ITEM 3: Red State reported, "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made another move against nonsensical covid policies. He signed an executive order banning vaccine mandates by any entity in the state. This would hit corporations that have begun to follow federal guidelines to mandate vaccines for all their employees. And though an official rule from OSHA has yet to materialize as threatened, Abbott’s move is in direct defiance of Joe Biden.

"This comes in the midst of a meltdown happening at Southwest Airlines over a coming vaccine mandate in November. Reports continue to indicate that employees of the Texas-based air carrier are using sick days in anticipation of being fired for not conforming to the mandate. That has left thousands of flights canceled over the last several days, and while Southwest Airlines has blamed weather and ATC issues, those issues have not affected any other airline. Clearly, the issue is internal."

Ding! Southwest, you are now free to fly the country.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "Mayor Bill de Blasio just discovered a whole new world of people who can’t stand him. Hizzoner was ruthlessly jeered at Monday’s Columbus Day Parade, where several members of the crowd shouted obscenities and insults at him as he made his return to the yearly Italian American celebration.

"'[Expletive] you, you piece of [expletive],' a man yelled at the mayor, igniting applause from other attendees. '[Expletive] you, de Blasio. You piece of garbage,' screamed another as the mayor strolled down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. 'Get out of here, you piece of [expletive]. You’re garbage.'"

Now which is it? Is he shit or garbage? You cannot be both.

ITEM 5: The Hill reported, "George Clooney says President Biden's recent sinking poll numbers are because he inherited a wounded country from former President Trump."

Clooney is entitled to his opinion but in its report, The Hill never got the other side of the story. President Trump was given no opportunity to respond. The Hill did not fact-check any of Clooney's statements, which were lifted from a BBC interview with him.

ITEM 6: The Daily Wire reported, "On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an 'unlawful assembly' after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.

"What people did not know is that, weeks prior, on May 28, Smith says, a boy, allegedly wearing a skirt, entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

"Juvenile records are sealed, but Scott’s attorney, Elizabeth Lancaster told the Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school.

"As a result of the viral video showing his arrest, Smith became the poster child for what the National School Boards Association has since suggested could be a form of domestic terrorism: a white blue-collar male who showed up to harangue obscure public servants on his local school board.

"'If someone would have sat and listened for thirty seconds to what Scott had to say, they would have been mortified and heartbroken,' Lancaster said."

Hello, DOJ? I would like to report a crime and a cover-up.

ITEM 7: The Truth About Guns reported, "Concealed Carry Licenses Jump 10.5% in 2020, 8.3% of Adults Now Have Carry Permits."

That means 1 in 12 adults could be carrying.

Do you feel lucky, punk?

ITEM 8: PJ Media reported, "Amid Already 'Catastrophic Shortages,' Oregon Nurses Get Ready to Walk Over Forced Covid Vaccines."

America is only as free as we want it to be.

ITEM 9: Just the News reported, "Georgia's top election official on Monday demanded that the U.S. Justice Department open an investigation into election management in the state's largest county after officials in Fulton County disclosed they had shredded at least 300 voter applications for its upcoming municipal elections in apparent violation of the law.

"Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office told Just the News that his office had also opened an inquiry into the disclosure by Fulton County officials but believed it was time for federal prosecutors to review chronic election irregularities inside the state's largest county, which includes the city of Atlanta."

It is about Tamn Dime.

ITEM 10: Fox reported, "Jon Gruden resigns as Raiders head coach after homophobic, misogynistic emails revealed."

Meanwhile, acquitted murderers Ray Lewis and O.J. Simpson are still in the Hall of Fame.

ITEM 11: Kane at Citizen Free Press reported, "Washington State Fire Marshal Charles LeBlanc said he’s expecting to lose his job when the state’s covid vaccine mandate goes into effect. He’s joined hundreds of state employees in a lawsuit against the mandate."

He said his doctor told him not to get vaccinated.

He can always claim to be one of Gavin Newsom's kids. The governor's brood is exempt from the vax mandate.

ITEM 12: Just the News reported, "A former top-ranking member of the Capitol Police force has sent a letter to Congress accusing two of the force's senior leaders of mishandling intelligence and failing to properly respond during the January 6 Capitol breach.

"The 16-page letter was sent in late September by a member of the Capitol Police who resigned from his post months after the attack. The whistleblower's identity remains private, though the letter delivers fiery accusations leveled against the force's acting chief of uniformed operations, Sean Gallagher, and the assistant chief of police for protective and intelligence operations, Yogananda Pittman, who served as the force's acting chief in the wake of the January 6 incident.

"As reported by Politico, the letter accuses Gallagher and Pittman of deliberately opting not to assist officers under attack during the Capitol breach, and adds that Pittman deceived Congress on the matter of an intelligence report received by the Capitol Police prior to the January 6 riot."

The truth eventually will seep out.

Pelosi's Palace Guards were the problem, not the protesters. Ashli Babbitt did not kill a cop; a cop killed her.

ITEM 13: An interesting explanation of the mandates popped up on Twitter.

Having been fired at 61 by a business that was headed to bankruptcy court, I think I know why some companies want the mandate.

ITEM 14: Just the News reported, "The CDC adopted a 'double-standard exclusively for covid 19 data collection' that inflated cases and deaths starting early in the pandemic, violating multiple federal laws and distorting mitigation policies, Oregon lawmakers told the feds' top lawyer in the state.

"Advised by 'a large team of world-renowned doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, and attorneys,' state Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum petitioned U.S. Attorney Scott Asphaug to approve a grand jury investigation into how the pandemic is being measured."

We need a very public Watergate-style hearing on covid 19 to prevent this from happening again.

ITEM 15NBC reported, "New Superman comes out as bisexual in upcoming DC comic."


He likes girls too now?

Come on. Lois Lane was a beard.

ITEM 16: Speaking of ferries, Fox reported, "Friday, Washington State Ferries saw more cancelations than they usually see in an entire year, according to officials.

"Staff with WSF say there were 157 sailing cancelations on Friday. On average, there are about four cancelations per month."


The story said, "Ian Sterling, a spokesperson for WSF, says the cancelations are due to a lack of crew."

Vax mandates have consequences.

FINALLY, the best brother-in-law in the world sent me this.


  1. 9: I completely disagree with having the Merrick Garland controlled DOJ stick it's nose into state elections.

    1. My thought exactly when I read this.

    2. Agree. Garland will make things worse.

    3. Heavens, doesn't GA have an attorney general and justice department of their own? My GA brother sure doesn't want Garland's Gestapo invited in.

    4. I thought the same thing. However, it does force Garland to have to acknowledge his side's dirty deeds, and ties him up politically. So there are some advantages.

  2. Mandating vaccines does affect me. It limits my freedom. Fuck Joe Biden.

    Don't blame Biden. Blame Democrats. The mandate is poll driven.
    51% say they approve of the Biden requirement, 34% disapprove and 14% hold neither opinion.
    About three quarters of Democrats, but only about a quarter of Republicans, approve.

    Democrat and retired school secretary Sarah Carver, 70, strongly approves of the Biden mandate. The suburban Cleveland resident said she wants more people vaccinated to protect her 10-year-old grandson, who is too young to get the shot, and her vaccinated husband, who has breathing problems and Alzheimer’s disease.
    “I believe Dr. Fauci,” Carver said,

    1. Lots of people still believe that only unvaccinated can carry the virus. That's the big lie that just can't be killed.

    2. The problem with the thinking of way too many people is that it’s entirely situational. When you have no principles, you’re in favor of what you think will benefit you and your circle, against what is not perceived to benefit you, and not sure about what you think has no effect on your life. And that means that if your situation changes, your thinking will too. Most or all polling results reflect this truth.

  3. Having cool brothers-in-law is a straight-up BLESSING. I still laugh about this exchange from last year at a wedding in Ohio: My b-bro’s son was getting hitched and another dude had just proposed to his daughter so this dude got invited over to the hotel room for some Buckeyes and pizza…

    B-Bro: So Alex, what political party do you belong to?
    Alex. Neither. I base my vote on the candidate’s stance on the issues.
    B-Bro (nodding, with a hint of sly smile): I do exactly the same. But’s it’s a funny thing - every single time, I wind up voting for the Republican!

    SMEAR THE QUEERS! RINO queers, that is.

  4. Finally: That just boils my blood. I get that Obama did what he did because he's an Alinskyite and hates America, but Biden seems to be doing things that deliberately benefit the Chicoms. To think these people died because of Biden beholding to the Chicoms just sickens me.

    1. Say what you will about Hitler. At least he wasn't hell bent on destroying his own country.

    2. Sorry - toward the end he did everything to screw up what was left of Germany as he blamed the defeats on the German people.

  5. Watergate investigations? Nuremburg.

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    1. Oooh! A new way to spam. Start with a sentence generically praising the article, even though the spammer did not even read the article. Question: Do you really think we’re that stupid?

    2. I kinda wonder if Devokanta understands English. Looks like an evil google translation.

  7. Dan Bongino perfectly captured the essence of FJB….he is a dead ringer for a “rotting bag of oatmeal”

  8. 1-3 - Keleher was a different breed. Not many CEOs like him anymore. The pilots are leading the revolution. Abbot is great on Covid, along with DeSantis. More governors of red states should take note.

    4 - Warren Wilhelm has two names. One can be shit, the other garbage.

    6 - under the circumstances, Scott was controlled and held back. The DOJ seems to specialize in cover-ups. Scott didn’t kill himself.

    11 - post office employers are exempt. Case closed. Everyone should be exempt.

    14 - there would be no panic if the numbers were reported honestly.

    15 - the end of the Superman franchise is upon us.

    FINALLY - Fuck Joe Biden

    1. Mr Lardmaster's multiple statement ending FJB are the 21st century equivalent of

      "Carthago delenda est"
      (English: "Carthage must be destroyed")
      Roman senator Cato the Elder (234-149 BC)

    2. Pilot attitudes have traditionally been on the conservative side.
      I personally know a SW captain. Englishman. Family flew Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain. Lancasters in then bombing of Germany.
      Came over here when he was a kid,joined the USAF. Flew F-15s. He's
      one of the Southwest Captains that are taking a stand for freedom.
      Besides, were you gonna get 1800 737 drivers.?
      Tanker pilots have the same 'tude🇺🇸

    3. Abbott has not been great with Covid and was a big shutdown and mask proponent last year... He's late to the party and probably because his primary opponent, Allen West, is forcing his hand here

  9. We are only as free as we want to be. Do defiance and resistance, big and small acts. Small acts are a start. FJB. It is now a rallying cry, especially for people who know what's at stake.

  10. Item 4: Maybe Mayor D can be both. Our dogs droppings go out in the garbage.

  11. I was delayed 5 hours in Chicago Friday afternoon. United flight supposed to leave at 2:30 left 7:30. Excuse was something about flight crew stuck in Tampa FL.

    I suspect that now I know what really happened.

  12. #7: More, since many states no longer require CCW's.

  13. Item 3: YAY!!!!! Gov. Abbot!

    Item 5: Clooney's a loony. (I COULDN'T resist.

    Item 14: "We need a very public Watergate-style hearing on covid 19 to prevent this from happening again." Won't happen while the Dems rule...

  14. #14: I've pointed out a number of times - If somebody in the final stages of cancer or with severe heart failure contracted the flu and died, the primary cause of death would be cancer or heart failure with mention of flu. As for the Chinese Flu, the primary cause is always Covid if it it present or even if symptoms of Covid were present.

    Cancer and Heart failure deaths have not gone down which you would expect due to the misdiagnosis on death certificates because people are dying from them at higher rates due to late diagnosis or delayed treatment due to Covid fear.

  15. 3 - "Abbott’s move is in direct defiance of Joe Biden." Good. It's fully justified - if the federal (sic) government won't adhere to the plain-and-ordinary meaning of the text of the Constitution, then governors should see that this is how things are done in their jurisdictions. And they can then truthfully say "FJB"...

    7 - As someone pointed out above, it's probably way more than 8.3% because something like 20 states do not require a concealed-carry permit. Basically, any adult in good standing in those 20 or so states effectively HAS a concealed-carry permit; one wonders what the percentage is if computed using that criterion...

    9 - We need to burn Atlanta to the ground. Again.

    14 - As someone said above, another "investigation" is insufficient to the crimes. This will require treason trials of Nuremburg grade.

  16. Item 6:
    The goal is to legalize child rape, incest and any other sexual attack. The communists legalized sodomy years ago. Dont be fooled by the "rights" of gays, transgenders, non binary (whatever that means), the goal is soddom and gomorah no holds barred. And the Roman Catholic church is paving the way along with most religions.

  17. OT somewhat,China has massive flooding in their coal belt this is hurting them big time. The Evergrande thing isn't going away either. Winnie the Xi's ego is writing checks his country can't cash..

    1. You nailed it.

      Going to be interesting to see which country rebels first.

  18. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    3: Texas, giving the rest orf the world an example to live by, fight for, work toward, and die doing since 1836.

    5: Dud actor, dud brain.

    6: Euros stand for this stuff. Americans don't. Lefties can't understand why Americans aren't Euros and don't wanna be.

    8: Never mess with nurses.

    10: Sue the league, team, players, and media.

    That 1st Amendment thingy.

    12: Rebellion. It's what's for dinner.

  19. #5...F**k George Clooney. These Hollywood bungholes just can't understand that they are the latter day equivalent of the court jester. They exist solely for my entertainment and amusement. What they think, what they have to say about anything, doesn't amount to shit to anyone other than those of their benighted ilk.

  20. From my retired pilot golf buddy today: "This isn't about the vaccine, it's about FREEDOM!"

    1. Give him a hug from me, please.

    2. Guy golfers don’t hug each other unless they’ve, like, won the Ryder Cup or something. Even there…mebbeh…

  21. ITEM 10 - A meme that has made the rounds shows a scene from a 40-year-old Monday Night Football broadcast with Bruce Jenner standing on the left side and O.J. Simpson on the right side, and the man with the mike says, "Hello again everybody, this is Howard Cosell. I have been looking into the future and you are not going to believe what I am about to tell you."

    ITEM 15 - We may have to hold a seance for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to find out what they intended for Superman's love life.

  22. ITEM 4: “Now which is it? Is he shit or garbage? You cannot be both.”

    Don clearly doesn’t know Mayor Wilhelm de Commie as well as the people of NYC.

    He should be grateful.

  23. ITEM 6: Hello, DOJ? I would like to report a crime and a cover-up.”

    Clueless comment. The DOJ had been corrupt since at least the Obozo Administration. Under illegitimate President Pantload the DOJ is led by Far-Left Liberal Activists who support covering up crimes committed by allegedly transgender individuals because to do otherwise would feed a FALSE narrative in the Far-Left Liberal Activists’ sick twisted point of view.

    Another example of the author living in the past — tell us more about when California was were it was at — pfft.

  24. ITEM 9: "Georgia's top election official on Monday demanded that the U.S. Justice Department open an investigation into election management in the state's largest county after officials in Fulton County disclosed they had shredded at least 300 voter applications for its upcoming municipal elections in apparent violation of the law.”

    Another clueless comment by the RINO from Georgia and the author. The DOJ supports the Democrat’s voting fraud machine, including in Fulton County, GA. To think otherwise is both ignorant and foolish.

  25. #5 Clooney thinks he sounds smart.

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