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Saturday, October 09, 2021

Highlights of the News

MAGA versus FJB in 2024?

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Mayor Bill de Blasio is phasing out New York City’s Gifted and Talented program, he announced Friday — bowing to critics who assert that the coveted model is racist.

"Current students in the accelerated learning program can stay in their separate schools and classrooms to completion. But new cohorts will be completely eliminated by fall 2022, ending testing for kids as young as four.

"The model — which admits roughly 2,500 kids per year — is being replaced by Brilliant NYC, a program offering students aged 8 and up chances for accelerated learning while staying in their regular classrooms with other pupils.

"The Department of Education said teachers would identify kids best suited for the new initiative."

This is a hate crime because they changed the policy because too many Asian kids were doing well.

ITEM 2: John Nolte observed, "With his poll numbers cratering, we have only seen the beginning of His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s dangerous and destructive radicalism.

"And once we hit a recession, which is almost certainly imminent, Biden will become even more desperate and dangerous.

"Biden is already flooding America with hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegal aliens, is already using his Gestapo FBI to terrorize parents opposed to Critical Race Theory as domestic terrorists, is already thrilling the Global Warming cult by wrist-flicking the horror of inflationary energy prices that threaten to pull the poor underwater this winter, and is already ordering fascist and unconstitutional vaccine mandates."

Nolte nailed it.

ITEM 3: Anthony Watts wrote, "This past week, Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann, and Giorgio Parisi were awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics for research that led to early computer models of the Earth's climate. On the face of it, some people might think this is a grand achievement. In reality, unlike many Nobel-worthy accomplishments that are based on hard data or newly known processes, this one was simply a guess. Incredibly, we still don’t have an answer, more than 60 years later."

Well, they gave an Emmy to Andrew Cuomo so why not give these crackpots a Nobel?

ITEM 4: Business Insider reported, "Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin sided with Senate Republicans in strongly disapproving of a fiery, partisan speech by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday night before a vote to raise the debt ceiling by $480 billion.

"Manchin reportedly told Schumer his speech was 'fucking stupid,' while Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah said it was a 'time to be graceful' after 11 Senate Republicans had voted to break a GOP filibuster and allow the vote to take place."

Sometimes when you spike the ball, it bounces back right into your smug and arrogant face.

ITEM 5: Salon reported, "Biden is frustrated that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., is refusing to budge in negotiations on his Build Back Better plan and won't even return his calls, according to CNN."

If the Taliban, Chairman Xi, and Kim Jong Un can ignore him, why not her?

And you thought Mister Irrelevant was the last man taken in the NFL draft.

ITEM 6: Becker News reported, "Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, has instructed four top aides to defy sweeping subpoenas issued by the partisan January 6 commission. The act of defiance is provoking desperation among ‘Never Trump’ operatives and partisan leftists who believe that the House committee lacks the political will to enforce the subpoenas."

Liz Cheney has to be fuming.

ITEM 7: The Epoch Times reported, "White House officials said President Joe Biden’s covid 19 vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors allows for some religious or medical exemptions, but agencies may still fire certain employees where no other safety protocols are enough."

The virus is not a threat to the nation.

The edicts are.

ITEM 8: Citizen Free Press reported, "Fox News Decision Desk Director Arnon Mishkin, who called Arizona for Biden during the 2020 election, will return for the network’s coverage of the 2022 and 2024 elections, according to a new report.

"Fox News media correspondent Howard Kurtz reported Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, had called Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to complain about Mishkin’s call of Arizona.

"After the Arizona call he made last November, The Trump campaign issued a statement attacking Mishkin as a 'Hillary Clinton-voting, Biden-donating Democrat.' Mishkin was awarded a fellowship at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School earlier this year."

Fox is the Bill Kristol of TV news.


ITEM 9: CNBC reported, "The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on Friday announced a major breakthrough on corporate tax rates, after years of disagreement.

"The group of developed nations agreed to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. This marks a huge shift for smaller economies, such as the Republic of Ireland, which have attracted international firms — to a large extent — via a lower tax rate."

West Virginia should become a corporate tax sanctuary state, which would allow companies to skip paying the global tax.

If California can ignore immigration law, we can ignore tax laws.

ITEM 10: The Hill reported, "Democrats are worried about another White House bid by former President Trump, something that is appearing increasingly likely on the eve of an Iowa rally by the leading potential GOP candidate.

"Democrats say Trump can't be taken for granted. While some are confident a new Trump candidacy would bring out a wave of Democratic voters to defeat him, others are worried he could return to power. And that's enough to bring shudders to most in the party."

Had they not cheated in 2020, he would be gone in 2024. But noooooooo! They had to cheat.

ITEM 11: Hamas-Shielding AP reported, "Firefighters and numerous studies credit intensive forest thinning projects with helping save communities like those recently threatened near Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada, but dissent from some environmental advocacy groups is roiling the scientific community.

"States in the U.S. West and the federal government each year thin thousands of acres of dense timber and carve broad swaths through the forest near remote communities, all designed to slow the spread of massive wildfires.

"The projects aim to return overgrown forests to the way they were more than a century ago, when lower-intensity blazes cleared the underbrush regularly and before land managers began reflexively extinguishing every wildfire as soon as possible."

Environmentalists usually know nothing about the environment.

ITEM 12: The Washington Examiner reported, "The price of coal has exploded this year as worldwide demand has surged, but mining operations in the United States are struggling to keep up.

"The price of central Appalachia coal averaged $73.25 per short ton, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s most recent report."

No miners, no coal. Baby boomers have retired and their sons and grandsons have moved on to other lines of work.

As I said the other day, the canary in the coal mine is that no canaries are going into the coal mines.

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "Abby Johnson responds to Billie Eilish on abortion: An unborn baby is 'NOT. YOUR. BODY.'"

Eilish is a teen singer.

Johnson is a former director of Planned Parenthood. She said, "News Flash: If it has a separate heartbeat and DNA than you, it's NOT. YOUR. BODY!"

ITEM 14: The Hill reported, "A U.S. court of appeals temporarily reinstated Texas's six-week abortion law, issuing an administrative stay of a preliminary injunction granted to the Biden administration earlier this week by a federal judge that blocked the controversial law's implementation. 

"'It is ordered that Appellant’s emergency motion to stay the preliminary injunction pending appeal is temporarily held in abeyance pending further order by this motions panel,' the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday. The U.S. court of appeals directed the Department of Justice to respond to the emergency motion by 5 p.m. next Tuesday."

Fetal rights are human rights.

ITEM 15People magazine reported, "Urban Meyer's wife is speaking out after viral photos and videos showed her husband getting close to another woman at a bar in Ohio over the weekend."

Meyer is the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. She tweeted, "We all make mistakes-we are all sinners. If you think you aren't? Then cast the first stone."

I get that we are all sinners, but must we all become prudes as well? His critics need to re-watch "Footloose."

ITEM 16: The Daily Caller reported, "The New York Times (NYT) issued a correction Thursday after overstating the number of kids who have been hospitalized in the U.S. with the coronavirus.

"The article, originally published Wednesday, discussed COVID-19 cases among children. 'Nearly 900,000 children have been hospitalized with Covid-19 since the pandemic began, and about 520 have died,' NYT reporter Apoorva Mandavilli initially wrote.

"An updated correction said the original publication “misstated the number of Covid hospitalizations in U.S. children. It is more than 63,000 from August 2020 to October 2021, not 900,000 since the beginning of the pandemic.'"

Donald McNeil, a 45-year veteran at NYT, covered covid until he was fired last year after complaints from rich teens he escorted on a trip to Peru.

Competence does not matter. He was old and white. Mandavilli isn't. She is just incompetent.


  1. ITEM 15: I get that we are all sinners, but must we all become prudes as well? His critics need to re-watch "Footloose."

    What would Mrs. Surber say if that was you in that video?

    1. She would probably say bless your heart. When you’re old and been married a long time you let some things slide.

    2. She would have said what Mrs Meyer said, "Get over it!"

    3. I've been married 53 years and no way would I let that slide. I have a feeling that Mrs. Meyer said that for the press.

    4. Like everything else, we have “dummied down” fidelity. What once was clearly black and white is now 50 shades of grey.

    5. Life never has been "black and white".

    6. No, Jeffery, life has always been "black and white". It's those Commandments thingies you hold in contempt. They still apply, along with all that other religion stuff you say is fiction while worshipping guys like Marx and Stalin and Mao and Che.

    7. It's between the two of them, she has responded wisely, the media loves to destroy families.

    8. Married for 52 years I would never embarrass my wife like that.

    9. Kitty, there would never be a video of me like that

  2. So under Trump you couldn’t give away coal and under Joe you can sell all you can produce at historically high prices?

  3. 3 - not to mention Sotero’s fake Nobel prize.

  4. #7: I await the meeting of the irresistible force of Covid-19 ukases with the immovable object of civil service laws and union contracts.

    1. The post office already got their exemption.

      I they are exempt, everyone is.

    2. Do you mean to tell me that the people who deliver potentially contaminated papers and packages to practically every person’s home almost every day aren’t required to be vaccinated??? Can that possibly be???

      Let’s Go Brandon!!!

    3. Do you mean to tell me that the people who deliver potentially contaminated papers and packages to practically every person’s home almost every day aren’t required to be vaccinated??? Can that possibly be???

      Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  5. "With a separate heart beat and its own DNA, it is NOT YOUR BODY." Probably the best reason I have ever heard to stop abortions!

  6. Fox is the Bill Kristol of TV news.

    Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan were the Zionist Neocons who founded "Project for the New American Century" in the late 1990's. That think tank pushed for an Iraq War and the overthrow of it's govt. Supporters included John Bolton, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld. Kristol and Kagan later became "Never Trumpers" and Biden supporters.

    1. They wrote ""the process of transformation ... is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."

      In 2003 the PNAC was called an "ultra-rightwing US think-tank" that had been "drawing up plans for an era of American global domination" in "broad daylight" since 1998.

    2. What do you mean "Zionist?" Not one Zionist I know of opposed President Trump's diplomacy that produced peace treaties between Israel and at least five Muslim countries, with more in the on-deck circle, even as he shrank our military presence in the Middle East up to the day he left office. Something tells me your bilge would be better received on the Unz Review than here, where the rest of us know better.

    3. You just can’t help yourself with your anti Semitic, can you.

    4. FJB
      Pete Bootyfudge for President

  7. ITEM #7 John Rappaport (, in an article at American Thinker the other day, claimed that there is no executive order forcing large companies to coerce employees to get vaccinated. He and attorney friends looked everywhere. It doesn’t exist. (An EO does exist, however, for federal agencies.) Instead, he found Biden is going through OSHA-issued regulations to accomplish the same goal but at a deliberately-slower pace. Why?

    He said,

    “It seems to me that not issuing an EO, and instead going the OSHA ETS route, is less direct, more muddy, and easier to wrangle about in court for a longer period of time. Which is what the feds want.

    “Meanwhile, on the ground, companies are folding up and following Biden’s ‘decree.’ They’re falling in line. This fait accompli is exactly what the White House wants.

    “Legal challenges to the OSHA ETS could take months, even years. If enough companies voluntarily go along with the decree, the feds will win.

    “The feds aren’t looking for 100% compliance. The mechanics of enforcement alone could be a logistical nightmare. The feds just want MORE. More compliance. More employers ordering their people to take the shot. More needles in arms. More fascism. More tyranny. More power. More control.”

    A collective middle finger is called for here. Deny them their “more” strategy every chance you get. Parent pushback in schools is a good example.

    1. OSHA has made no ruling. Companies are currently liable for forcing the vaccine should any adverse reactions occur to any employee. Should someone die wrongful death suits can and should be filed along with accompanying manslaughter charges against the CEO's and HR leaders.

      They are totally exposed and without legal protection. I believe health providers do have protection to force vaccinations. But they are the only ones.

    2. Black JEM, Right OSHA has made no ruling so why would companies go out on a liability limb solely on Biden's say so? Have their boards received some sort of backdoor immunity? In today's world of lies and disinformation, who the hell knows? Short of the documentation, it's ruling by intimidation. So, short of the documentation, it's the middle finger. This made up crap must be challenged. "Show me your badges."

    3. There is no backdoor immunity. They are totally exposed.

      Oh, and for everyone's info, OSHA had no idea that Biden was putting them on the spot. They know they have no legal protection and that their edict, if it ever comes out, will be struck down. Plus, many states are not specifically governed by OSHA, but by state departments that use OSHA as their guidelines. But any red state governor could order their OSHA department to not accept the OSHA vaccine mandate. AS such, for all companies in those states, even if OSHA issues regulations, they still are not protected from liability.

    4. Black JEM, what you say sounds good. But, how does one explain the risk these companies seem so willing to take? It's a mystery. I wonder what their lawyers are telling them. Unfortunately, lawsuits end up in front of a judge. Can we trust judges in this country to follow the law? SCOTUS doesn't. Not a good situation.

    5. I'm pretty sure most of them are getting a very quick legal opinion but are more driven by supporting the social media and media vaccine narrative so as to not get attacked.

      You can never guarantee what a court will do, for sure. I just know what the law says. They currently do not have any legal support for what they are doing.

    6. Meant to keep typing - oops. As to lawyers, just look to the D&I training, which has been found illegal once - and which will be illegal again after 2024. They know this - and yet they still do it.

    7. A few multi million dollar lawsuits will stop this BS, whether by harmed employees or stock holders.

  8. 1 - Well, yet another echo from the 1970s (when "the education system" went to war against bright-and-talented kids). As has been said elsewhere, this is because leftists are talentless losers who thus resent and hate the actually-talented and want them crushed.

    2 - Again, the immediate pushback is for governors to simply enforce the "plain-and-ordinary meaning" of the Constitution and ban the implementation of fascist diktats from dc in their states.

    3 - Well, as "iowahawk" once noted, the leftist tack is always 1) Find a respected institution; 2) Kill it; 3) Gut it; 4) Wear the carcass as a skin suit and demand respect. This happened to the Nobels decades ago...

    6 - Good. Make these losers enforce their diktats. All they know how to do is wave pieces of paper about while screaming. Watch what happens when no one complies. PDJT seems to (not surprisingly!) understand this.

    9 - Now THERE is some REAL collusion. (And it would be great to have a 15% rate here actually.) Funny how these clowns love competition in the commercial sector, yet hate it in their own sector. Classic monopolist behavior. (And watch various jurisdictions simply ignore this - and win. Again, enforcement is the git weak spot.)

    11 - "Environmentalists usually know nothing about the environment." So-called "environmentalists" know nothing about pretty much everything-and-anything, because they are just religious fanatics...

    12 - Beyond the costs, there are already concerns about a lack of energy in the impending northern hemisphere winter. Europe knows that big trouble is coming, and is begging Russia (!) for more coal and gas supplies. And the UK may have to shut down industry regularly this winter to have enough energy to keep people from freezing.

    I've noted before the eerie similarities between the bidens and the ceausescus. It's further notable here that what finally really did in the ceausescus was the winter of 1988-89 - where there was no heat in the apartment complexes in Bucharest (and elsewhere) since there was no energy. When the next winter was closing in (December 1989) with the prospect of more of the same for that winter, the revolution finally happened and, well, we know what happened to the ceausescus...

    1. The UK power situation is no joke - they have a real crisis coming at them, completely created by their government, and which would have been even worse had labor been in charge.

      I'm enjoying to continue to see the ruling classes everywhere continue to screw up and lose their authority.

    2. That would assume that the government, any government, cares one little tiny bit about the serfs.

    3. Oh, they don't. And the fact that the serfs are now realizing it - and the govs are screwing up royally - creates more eyes being opened.

  9. #4 - I know we give Mitch a hard time here. But after we spent the last 24 hours complaining about the capitulation on the debt ceiling just look what happened.

    It's only a 2 month reprieve - which keeps the issue alive when the dems once again are forced to make a singular vote - where no GOP will support them. Schumer, instead of playing statesmen, played spoiled brat victim card which has done nothing but move Manchin even closer to jumping ship - and allowed him an opportunity for an even more public chastising of the dem leadership, further lessoning their power to pass Biden's infrastructure boondoggle bill. Talk about stupid.

    Biden making an enemy of Senima, Schumer ticking off Manchin, Garland Merrick essentially being told by Florida if any federal agents show up at school boards in Florida they will be removed. 2022 is setting up to be a disaster for the dems.

    1. Disaster for the Dems? Just why would anyone turn out to vote for a Republican after watching them genuflect to Chuck and Nancy all year? I think 2022 might not be as glorious as you think. I’m guessing at least a third of all Republican voters stay home. You can’t prop Mitch up if you want. I wouldn’t give my urine to a Republican candidate right now. I’m betting big that I’m not alone in feeling that way.

    2. You are not alone, but you are not nearly as numerous as you may think. The anger Biden is generating in the voting public is extraordinary. The latest move made by Mitch was not as bad as every one who complained said it was. It was done to maintain pressure on the dems, as well as keep the issue out front. The vote itself and the action doesn't stay in people's memories. WE had the side benefit here that Schumer totally got punked by a senator he desperately needs. Which makes the dems look bad in the eyes of soccer and wine moms everywhere.

      I have no love for Mitch. And I think as a majority leader he leaves alot to be desired. But as a minority leader he is pretty stellar, and he is playing Schumer big time. Making him look weak, and opening up a chance for AOC to go after him, further fracturing the dems.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. While I admire your optimism I regret to tell you Chuck isn’t the one Mitch is playing. Look in the mirror.

    5. We all have our opinion of course. I have no need to look in the mirror. I think your hate for everything Mitch is clouding your observations.

  10. ITEM 1: The march to mediocrity continues...

    ITEM 5: The plan should be known as Watch Your Back Better or Better Watch Your Back. Take your pick. As always better watch your wallet.

  11. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: It shows how racist the Left really is by penalizing the kids who could be leading their communities out of the Democrat plantation.

    Can't have that.

    2: Nero Befell.

    10: While some are confident a new Trump candidacy would bring out a wave of Democratic voters to defeat him

    You mean there are that many more dead people?

    13: The ex-head of Planned Barrenhood splits from the My Body, My Choice crowd?

    We are making progress.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. 11) When I lived in CA and owned 40 acres of forested land I saw the BS pushed by the environmentalists. Their Forest Preservation Act under "Moonbeam" Brown, which I managed to get out of, would not have allowed me to cut trees on my property or live on it. Previously contractors were allowed to select cut trees, removed dead falls and brush but that was stopped and the density of forests and brush increased as did the fires.

  14. #10 "Had they not cheated in 2020, he would be gone in 2024. But noooooooo! They had to cheat."

    Wonder what makes Republicans assume that cheating will not happen in the future? Democrats will only get better while clueless Republicans will wonder how the lady got sawed in half.

  15. I realize I might be in the minority with the Texas abortion law, but here goes:
    If a woman or child is raped or a victim of invest, I would understand why they might get an abortion. I would hope they would choose life, but if they don't, that is something I would understand
    And why should a 3rd party get a benefit from an abortion and not the victim of the abortion?
    That just doesn't make sense to me.

    1. Here’s what I think… If a woman reports a rape or sexual attack contemporaneously, it’s to be taken seriously. Do the rape kit, collect the DNA, and prosecute the offender. If a woman does not report the attack until several weeks later, after she realizes she’s pregnant and the DNA is gone, it was consensual. Incest is different, because the victim is a child. But women claiming a sexual attack for political advantage decades afterward, like Ford did to Kavenaugh and Bialek did to Herman Cain, ought to be summarily dismissed and not even reported by the news media.

  16. The would be same would be if the woman's life is in physical danger.

  17. ITEM 14: There are several Interstate Highways that cross the Texas border. There are many airports that fly to just about anywhere. Don’t like Texas’ abortion law? Go somewhere else. Like how we would cross from a dry precinct to a wet one to get liquor. Or like in the before times when kids from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and so forth (states that had 21 years old as the legal drinking age) would cross into New York State which had 18 as the legal age.

  18. "With his poll numbers cratering, we have only seen the beginning of His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s dangerous and destructive radicalism.
    eff joe biden* doesn't care one whit about what anyone thinks. His belief is that he's the emperor and we're the minions.
    Best quote I saw of the week was a comment in response to the submarine hitting an unknown object in the sea. Commenter said "it was probably joe biden's* approval rating".

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  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. "Graceful" Mitt Romney.

    That says it all.

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  25. FJB
    Pete Bootyfudge for President


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