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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Did we learn nothing from World War II?

On September 17, 1946, armed Russian soldiers raided a U.S. military police post near the Tempelhof station, Berlin. They demanded the MPs hand over a Polish man and his Ukrainian wife, whom they said were traitors to the Soviets.

A reader's father was in charge of the MPs. He had them defend the couple, and made a few phone calls and calmed everyone down.

The reader wrote, "My father happened to be Jewish and he was responsible for the welfare of over half a million German civilians. He literally risked his life in the performance of that duty in spite of what the German people had done to the Jewish population. 

"The Nuremberg Trial that was taking place at the same time. Notice the MP guards in the rear of the courtroom are wearing the same uniform as my father's. One of the outcomes of the trial, as a result of the gruesome medical experiments performed during the Holocaust, was the adoption of the Nuremberg Code, stating that no person should be subjected to a medical experiment without their knowledge and consent. My father fought against this kind of tyranny his whole life. 

"We are now essentially in the middle of a massive medical experiment with these Covid 'vaccines' that amount to experimental gene therapy. At the time of the adoption of the vaccines it seemed like the logical path; however, long-term issues were not known and still aren't known.

"Peter Navarro recently stated that they knew these vaccines were leaky vaccines and that the Trump Administration plan was to use these as targeted vaccines for the most vulnerable in combination with therapeutics. We were told nobody would be forced to take the vaccines. 

"We now know how to better treat the disease and that there are viable therapeutics available that are being squashed by the government, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Mainstream Media. There have been over 700,000 very serious adverse effects reported from the Covid vaccines, including over 15,000 deaths. 

"These are rates never seen before from previous vaccines, and these are just the ones that have been reported. The risks far outweigh the benefits especially for younger people. Some sources report the survival rate from Covid for 0-19 year olds is 99.997%. 

"Are we really willing to risk serious adverse effects through forced vaccinations of that group in the hope of pushing the survival rate up another .003%? That's insane! There are reports that over-vaccination is actually causing the different variants and Antibody Dependent Enhancement. There is absolutely no scientific reason to vaccinate everybody.

"For some, the vaccine makes sense, but not for everyone. For those who made the decision to take the vaccine voluntarily, I wish them well and hope there are no adverse effects. They determined that it was the right choice for them. However, there is growing evidence that the unvaccinated do not spread the virus any faster than the vaccinated do. In fact, there is growing evidence that the opposite may be true. And yet, the Biden administration is putting pressure on companies to vaccinate all of their employees. People are being forced to choose between putting food on the table or getting a jab, against their will, with unknown long term effects. This is tyranny. This is against the Nuremberg Code, no matter what some feckless unelected judge may decide. Even the FDA approval of one the vaccines was a bait and switch. These people are sneaky and evil. 

"I am mad as hell and I will not take the experimental vaccine. I will not go quietly into the night and show my vaccine papers to buy groceries or travel freely. To those who say we dare not compare this vast vaccine medical experiment and proposed mandates to the Holocaust, I say GO TO HELL! It is the same, it's exactly the same. Screw Joe Biden's policies. This is not a threat to anyone. This is a promise that I will resist these tyrannical mandates by all legal means possible. We cannot give in to this, we must take a stand. This is not right. This is not America. Let's Go Brandon!"


He wrote, "For some, the vaccine makes sense, but not for everyone."

That is exactly where I stand.

I took the vaccine. You do you.

You are the only person who should make that decision. Not your doctor. Not your lawyer. And certainly not FJB.

His father was a hero who stood up for what is right. The story of his heroics that day made world news. The Cold War was hot at the beginning because Patton was not the only one who wanted to go on to Moscow once we defeated Hitler.

It is up to us to carry on his father's fight against tyranny. I appreciate the vaccine but to hell with the mandates.