Thursday, October 28, 2021

Dear Bill Kristol, we're not a democracy

We never were.

We never will be.

The United States of America is a constitutional republic. It is a confederation of 50 states, including the former republics of California, Hawaii, Texas, and Vermont. (The latter was a republic for 14 years, the longest of the 4.)

Occasionally we all slip and call America a democracy, but the Constitution is a bulwark designed to protect our freedom from the encroachment of the government and of the people.

Lately, the bulwark is in disrepair. The people we put in charge to keep it in good repair blew the maintenance budget on social justice and equity. The courts have created laws out of thin air. 

As this ostensibly is one of those dreadful open letters in response to Bill Kristol's dreadful "An Open Letter in Defense of Democracy," I suppose I am obligated to address him directly even though we have never met or corresponded.

So here goes.

Bill, you wrote, "We need to join together to defend liberal democracy.

"Because liberal democracy itself is in serious danger. Liberal democracy depends on free and fair elections, respect for the rights of others, the rule of law, a commitment to truth and tolerance in our public discourse. All of these are now in serious danger."

As I pointed out, ours is not a democracy -- liberal or otherwise.

But the nation is in serious danger because our elections no longer are free and fair. The polling place where Democrats and Republicans keep an eye on one another to thwart any monkey business is gone in five states which have replaced the ballot box with the mailbox. Democrats used the pandemic to spread the mailed-in, unsecured, not notarized ballots.

This has led to what we euphemistically call ballot harvesting, but what is in reality casting ballots in the name of others. Entire nursing homes voted for Biden.

Turnout in 2020 shot up from 56% in 2016 -- which is in the middle of the pack for presidential elections -- soared to 67% in 2020.

That was the highest turnout since 1900 when 73% of the eligible voters (this was pre-19th Amendment) showed up for a rematch between William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan.

Part of the election process is to accept the final results.

In 2016 neither you nor the Democrat Party accepted Donald John Trump's victory.

Obama rallied federal workers to stage a resistance. He had the FBI spy on The Donald during the campaign, and instead of being investigated and held accountable by YOU and the rest of this "liberal democracy" crowd, you went after the victim, President Trump.

That was the real insurrection. That was the real coup. And the damage done includes the unleashing of a virus, the locking down of citizens, and the arrest and confinement of hundreds of protesters by an increasingly Stalinist government.

You end your rant -- signed by titled people who believe they are entitled to run the country -- "We urge the Democrat-controlled Congress to pass effective, national legislation to protect the vote and our elections, and if necessary to override the Senate filibuster rule.

"And we urge all responsible citizens who care about democracy—public officials, journalists, educators, activists, ordinary citizens—to make the defense of democracy an urgent priority now.

"Now is the time for leaders in all walks of life—for citizens of all political backgrounds and persuasions—to come to the aid of the Republic."

Democrats may control Congress, but they are not the majority. 

Yes, there are a few more Democrat members than Republicans in the House. But there are 50 Republican senators and only 48 Democrats. Angus King and Bernie Sanders are independents.

Having a vice president cast the tie-breaking vote is undemocratic.

Which is fine with me because I don't live in a democracy.

I live in a constitutional republic. Your attempt to turn America into a Democratic Republic along the lines of East Germany, North Korea, and Yemen repulses me.

Most of my readers believe you are a grifter who just says what your donors want you to say. I have highly intelligent readers.


  1. Well written, but I would argue Kristol wasn't worth the kinetic energy.

    1. But the IDEA is. I’ve already written Congressman Reed and Senator Blair to say that if the Freedom To Steal Act is passed, West Virginia should secede. Yeah, it’s THAT serious. Seriously bad.

  2. Game, set and match to Mr. Surber…he wins six love, six love, and six love.

  3. Kristol is not even a has been. He’s a wannabe who never will be. Not worth expending any further intellectual energy thinking about him.

    1. Kristol is not even a has been.

      His organization "Project for the New American Century" included Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld as members. It advocated the invasion of Iraq years before 9-11. He was enormously influential in the Bush 43 administration.

  4. "repulsive"...what a lovely word...and so apropos for Kristol and his ilk; can't believe I read his Weakly Standard for so many years (lack of a weekly alternative in print is my weak excuse, please forgive me). It took the Donald to make me realize how outa touch the staff was...with some exceptions - Joseph Epstein comes to mind and Joe Queenan did amuse from time to time

  5. He got what he wanted.

    Just as the ancient Greeks warned.

    1. “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.” Aristotle

  6. reproduced at

  7. The Democrats never accepted George Bush’s election, either. Ask 100 people, “Who won Florida in 2000?” Over 90 of them will say, “Gore.” Why? Because that’s the media’s lie.

    The perception that the 2020 election, and not by a little, has done more to unsettle the Republic than anything I can think of. I do not want to live in a nation that is a dictatorship, much less one that is controlled by people who are good at stealing elections. I am not alone in that.

    Today, we are in a very uncivil “woke” war. Tomorrow, we may be in an actual civil war. If the Leftists follow Kristol’s advice, it’ll be a big step towards war.

  8. Federal worker should be government employee.

  9. All it took for William Kristol to hoist his Hammer and Sickle was the election of a conservative, DJT.

    William Kristol and the rest of the neo- CONS were covert Marxists ALL ALONG. Trump was their mirror, their silver bullet, their cross, the stake driven through their black hearts.

    They are/were the false dichotomy, the pretense engineered to destroy.

    In the time of the great mask-up theirs were torn from their faces.

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