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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Why I don't have faith in John Durham


Thomas Lifson wrote, "I am cautiously optimistic over the indictment handed down yesterday, accusing attorney Michael Sussman, then of Perkins Coie, representing the Hillary Clinton campaign, of lying to the FBI. It has been very easy to despair that anything would ever come of Durham's special counsel probe, especially after the slap on the wrist delivered to Kevin Clinesmith, an FBI lawyer who lied to a court by changing evidence 180 degrees in order to facilitate a FISA warrant extension. For an officer of the court to lie to a court ought to be a career-ending event for, without integrity, the judicial system falters. But Clinesmith never spent a night in jail and has been readmitted to the bar. Durham asked for six months, but Judge James Boasberg thought otherwise.

"Writers whom I respect, such as Don Surber and John Hinderaker, make me look Pollyanna-ish. Surber: 'I am unexcited because none of the co-conspirators — Hillary, Obama, Comey, and the media — were indicted.' Hinderaker: 'Durham harvests more small potatoes.'

"But what gives me hope is the possibility of conspiracy charges developing. The statute of limitations on lying to the FBI was about to expire, so Durham's team had to indict now, even before other evidence might be ready to indict others or bring other charges against Sussman."

Pollyanna is one of the most American of characters in book history. Orphaned after her parents die, she went to live with a cold aunt who disliked her. She made friends and won over her aunt, and in the end, they pulled Pollyanna out of her glum when she became paralyzed. It was temporary.

So I see Pollyannish as a compliment, and I hope Lifson is right.

But I go by track record, and John Durham's track record shows he is a good investigator and a smart bureaucrat. He will go just deep enough in his prosecutions to satisfy the public but not so far as to endanger the establishment.

I base this on the Whitey Bulger case. He was a gangster in Boston who was politically connected. His brother Billy became President of the Massachusetts Senate. Upon retirement, he became a well-paid bureaucrat in the state college system.

His other brother was Jackie, a court clerk magistrate who after retirement went to prison for fixing grand juries.

Beginning in 1975, Whitey served as an informant for the FBI. This protected him and allowed him to rat out his competition. It was a pretty good deal that ended in 1994 when the DEA got a RICO indictment on him. State and local police helped the investigation as the DEA iced the racketeer-influenced corrupt FBI out of the deal.

Sadly, one of his FBI cronies learned about the indictment, told Bulger, and he skipped town. There was a manhunt for him and ironically, the FBI eventually placed him on its most wanted list, right behind Osama bin Laden.

Janet Reno later sent Durham in to investigate. He convicted the agent who tipped Whitey off, and he indicted a retired FBI agent who also helped Whitey. The retiree died before he was tried.

That's nice.

What about Senate President Billy Bulger?

What about the supervisors at the FBI?

What about the U.S. attorneys who prosecuted Whitey's rivals?

Durham did the minimum and got an Attaboy out of it.

In the waning days of the second Bush presidency, the attorney general assigned Durham to investigate the destruction of tapes of interrogations at Gitmo. No charges were filed. The final report remains sealed.

Eric Holder assigned him to look at the actual interrogations. Same result. No charges. 

After a couple of years looking into the use of the FBI to spy on Donald Trump and the Russiagate hoax, he got a minor conviction of one lawyer and has now indicted Michael Sussmann, a partner at Perkins Coie who has since left the firm.

Compare and contrast that to the speed with which the FBI set-up and forced General Flynn to cop a plea.

Sussmann is a safe catch. He is big enough to close the case. He will keep his trap shut. We joke about Arkancide but it is real and Sussmann ain't stupid.

Neither is John Durham.

I hope I am wrong.


  1. Replies
    1. I hope he's wrong. I hope enough people have pulled their heads out of the sand and are willing to say awe hell no!

  2. You are not wrong and there some of us who feel the same way

  3. "...without integrity, the judicial system falters." There is no integrity and the justice system has already failed.

    "He will go just deep enough in his prosecutions to satisfy the public." Durham falls ten miles short of satisfying the public. He's a laughing stock. I imagine his office with everyone sitting around playing cards for years at a time.

  4. It will be interesting to see what President Trump has to say about all of this next Saturday at his rally in Georgia. Unfortunately, so much of this is inside baseball, so to speak, and does not translate well to those who decline to indulge in the swamp gas emanating from inside the Beltway. We must find a way to encapsulate all this corruption in some simple way that all worthwhile Americans can easily digest and understand in order to motivate them to take action, but hey, what do I know?

  5. Whitey even got one of his FBI handlers to do a hit for him...

  6. John Durham, establishment gameplayer.

    1. More sock puppets, Jeffery?

      I'd think you had more than enough here.

    2. How many Jeffreys ARE there, ed?????

    3. Sam L, there are exactly zero Jeffery's here. They are all in el douchebag's head. It's like a new person comes in from CFP and he has to attack them. It doesn't matter what they say, he just bites like a rat with rabies.

  7. If we want America back, WE have to take it. The establishment will never reform itself.

  8. We'll see.

    You said no excitement. Well, now you've got one.

    Granted, the history isn't promising, but, the Buck Fiden moves indicates the wind is shifting.

  9. Your not wrong Don. I appreciate this column. Straight news reporting and reasoned analysis.

    I’ll admit, most of the time I appreciate your humor. Today for some reason is not one of those times. This piece of work is rock solid.

    We need to be realistic. Why would Durham risk anything personally to go after the most corrupt of the very corrupt Democrat establishment and American intelligence community? As Don reports, based on past experience, there is no evidence to suggest Durham will do it.

    And even if he wanted to, who says the current illegitimate Administration and the many other evil minions behind the scenes would ever allow Durham to succeed?

    As a related side note, anyone who accepts the BS story that Seth Rich was murdered as the result of some botched robbery by a street thug are so freakin clueless they are basically living in “The Matrix.” The make-believe world the elitists want the teeming masses to inhabit — and stay.

  10. The last time I thought I was wrong I was mistaken.

  11. Durham is a Barr appointee. Why in the world would one ever have had confidence that Durham would deliver??

  12. John Durham? Name vaguely familiar. His "report" will be vanquished or touted as a novelette. Another deep state lackey.

  13. Does Durham get permission before he indicts someone? Given the risk, I'd say yes. Expecting progress working within the system is the silliest thing I've ever heard.

  14. It's safe to say he did. It should be noted that the Perkins-Coie "big fish", Marc Elias, safely exited Perkins-Coie shortly before the rumors about Sussmann started coming out.

    Elias has formed his own "voting rights" law firm and Perkins-Coie immediately allied itself with it.
    And Elias's firm apparently has unlimited money:

    "Sussmann didn't kill himself"

    Excellent reporting, Don.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Where did Whitey get blanket-partied?


  17. I'm with Don on this one. The low level guy from the FBI was Kevin Clinesmith, who already has his law license back. Sussman is the Clinton campaign fall guy, but his conviction is not a done deal by any means. See Craig, Greg and Menendez, Bob. When DOJ prosecutors decide not to win a case, they don't. Durham will get a cushy job at a well connected Connecticut or Massachusetts law firm for big money less than one month after he turns in his report.

  18. Farmer Durham is an expert at harvesting Fingerlings as they are thin-skinned and can be cooked (easily prosecuted) unpeeled—baked, boiled, steamed, fried, and roasted. They are low (on the food chain) in starch with a waxy texture and hold together well (in averting attention) after cooking (indicted).

  19. We joke about Arkancide but it is real and Sussmann ain't stupid.

    Jeffrey Epstein is unavailable to comment.

  20. "Things you won't see on the Evening News".

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  27. Durham is a Barr appointee. Why in the world would one ever have had confidence that Durham would deliver??

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