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Wednesday, September 01, 2021

The Afghanistan Biden wanted

It is not dementia.

It is not incompetence.

It is not negligence.

Biden wanted the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, stronger and nastier than ever before. We birthed a nation that was on the path to become, eventually, a Western republic like Korea.

And Biden, who voted for the Afghanistan war, threw it all away.

There are no unintended consequences when it comes to Democrat policy. What we poor rubes call unintended consequences are the actual outcome Democrats wanted all along.

Take for example California's reclassification of felony theft of $950 to a mere misdemeanor. Democrats proposed it. Voters approved it. And shoplifting soared because while shoplifting was still a crime, most prosecutors concentrate on felonies.

The result was store closures. This was what Democrats wanted. They want stores to close. They want to make city life miserable.

California has also eased public health laws and turned Los Angeles into a tent city and magnet for vagrants, bums, and drug addicts.

The defunding of police in city after city led to soaring crime rates. Black people are the hardest hit. This is the plan. Democrats are neither stupid nor naΓ―ve. They want parts of Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle to be shitholes.

Which leads us to Afghanistan. What you see in Afghanistan is what Biden wanted.

The Taliban are cheering, laughing, and mocking the USA. They have our weapons, our ammo, our rocket launchers, our Humvees, our Black Hawk helicopters, and all our bases, too.

Biden gave them cash.

He also gave them lists of those who aided us. The horror stories include reports of the tongues of interpreters being cut and men being hanged from helicopters.

Mike Brest reported, "Retired generals and other military veterans believe the Afghanistan withdrawal will have a lasting negative impact that could last for decades."

Glenn Reynolds said, "I think that's the plan, actually."

It is.

Terrorism is a totalitarian government's best friend. A terrified nation does not question the creation of a Department of Homeland Security overnight. A terrified nation does not question the shutdown of the economy. And a terrified nation will not question whatever other unholy programs and pogroms Democrats will unleash in the name of protecting the nation from the Taliban.

You know, the people Biden just armed.

Oh, and the ones Biden is letting into the nation.

The Daily Caller reported, "The Biden administration told refugee organizations to prepare for the arrival of up to 50,000 Afghans without visas, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday."

Without visas means not vetted. I doubt they will be tested for covid because the Covid Cops are pushing a new Mu variant. When they run out of Greek letters, look for them to shift to the Cyrillic alphabets.

The surrender of Afghanistan is not because of dementia or ignorance or incompetence.

Biden knows exactly what he is doing. For whatever evil reasons behind his decision to Make Afghanistan Taliban Again, it was his choice. This is the world he wants. This is the world he created.

We just live in it.


  1. We must never forget the brilliant Matt Groening and The Simpsons episode portraying the Democrat Convention. Two banners. One read:


    This fully explains (and exposes) the sickness of abortion and resulting mental illness.

    The second?



  2. “…We birthed a nation that was on the path to become, eventually, a Western republic like Korea…“

    You’re talking about Afghanistan? How was that going to happen? Were all the Afghans going to leave and Koreans were going to move in? That doesn’t seem like a feasible plan.

    1. Well, I suspect Afghan women have had their last vote for quite a while, so there’s that…

    2. There was no problem getting out - in fairness we should have gotten out as soon as we did what we initially planned to do.

      ANd if the Taliban seized power again just start wiping out their leadership.

      But the issue here is the failure to withdraw appropriately. On that score, Biden's failure is complete - and it is his fault. This didn't have to happen.

      If the democrats don't remember, with the end of Vietnam being terrible, and Carter's destruction of the economy, the democrats set the stage for their loss of congressional power over the next decade- it became obvious to everyone that the democrats couldn't be trusted. They are now at the same point today. But unlike then, when they had so much power and control, their power today is much less pronounced, the country is divided, and their strength exists primarily in big blue urban centers. Which based upon their most recent performance are losing their sway over their independent, educated suburban rings. And of course, we now know that their hold on the urban centers is at least in part due to election fraud.

      Better days are ahead, as the failure of this ruling class, and the democrats sink in across the land.

      Keep up the pressure, take over school boards, localities and state governments. Chase them deeper into their blue hellholes. They are running out places to run and hide. And their failures are becoming more and more evident.

    3. Sure, Jeffery, in the words of a professional traitor, "I voted for it before I voted against it".

    4. Hey disfunctional utcher, can the Jeff BS. Are you insulting Don, Steve, zregime, blackJEM, or do you think Jake is here? Or as lyn5 put it yesterday,

    5. Combat by us in Vietnam ended in March 1973. The Dems cut off aid and Ford air support, so in April 1975 the North, still supplied by the USSR, attacked and defeated the abandoned South. The roof top exit at the embassy was the people who supported the US trying to get out.
      Biden learned nothing from Vietnam except how to back stab an ally. And he did a mighty fine job.

    6. AMR - and he did all that in record time.

    7. The writer said ' Better days are ahead ' . I actually believe better days ARE ahead . I had the chance to talk with some young Muslim guys . " No we don't believe any of that crap about becoming martyrs and having 70 Virgins waiting for us . It's all old and stupid stuff . " In the West there has been a huge drop in Religious Belief . It will come with the Muslims too . Maybe two Generations behind - but Islam will collapse from within . And the World will be a much better place .

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  4. It is not dementia. It is not incompetence, It is not negligence. It is treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. If this isn't grounds for impeachment and the arrest and prosecution of all involved in this, what is?

    1. ¯\_( ⊙_Κ–⊙ )_/¯

      We'll see how deep Democrat Privilege is with Biden.

    2. I think Biden IS incompetent and demented, which is why removing Biden won't fix the problem: Other people than Biden are making the decisions. (He keeps leaking this in press conferences, talking about what he is allowed or instructed to do, or getting yelled at for doing the wrong thing.) Yeah, sure, impeach Biden, but we'd have to also get rid of the "man behind the curtain" before things will get better.

      The country is being slowly destroyed by people no one elected.

      --- Aitch748

    3. "Giving aid and comfort to the enemy" is as you wrote is a reason for Constitutional described treason. However, it could be argued that without a declaration of war by congress, we do NOT have an enemy as per our beloved Constitution. Grounds for impeachment though.

  5. And a consequence will be we will no longer have allies in any future war.

    1. That's the biggie, isn't it?

      I take joy in all those NATOs who hated Trump but got screwed by Biden, however.

    2. All we ever were were the big money and blood for the gutless cowards of the EU. We don't need them and we never did. They try to make it so but they find out quickly how little they can get done without our help.

      We shouldn't be taking care of their business anymore anyway. They've been long on wanting for America to no longer be strong and doing whatever it wishes. Well let's give them what they want and bring our guys home and bring our jobs back too.

    3. We're not, Jeffery, thanks to the President you hate.

    4. No. Britain has apparently decided (at least if you believe Nigel Farage) not to work with the U.S. until the Biden administration is gone.

      And because the U.S. has now armed the Taliban to the point that they could start conquering countries if they wanted, we're going to end up in another World War, and spend the first year or two taking some terrible losses, and probably end up having to nuke somebody. Interesting times indeed.

      --- Aitch748

    5. The only fix in a entirely new line of leadership. But how can that happen when we can't even prosecute the deep state for the soft coup attempt against Trump, period.
      There may be as many as 75,000,000 people waiting for a shoe to drop as happened in the Arab Spring.

  6. Sorry Don. No Islamic country has ever turned into a Democracy in our life times. Probably never.

    Iran was on the path and they got taken over by extremists and they've made good for 40 years now. Iraq isn't and won't be either. Turkey was secular for a long time after the Ottomans but they're back to where they were then now.

    It just will not work as Democracy is founded on Christian principles of love and cooperation and forgiveness. Whereas Islam is founded on hate, fear, surrender and still murders those who convert as they did 1400 years ago. Islam will not be changed as the way it is formed doesn't not allow for a united group deciding what heresy and what is not. Each Imam can decide on his own. Oh they stick to a fairly narrow interpretation but there is room for much that is evil whereas good is stamped out asap. It is a way of life and not just a religion. Tough for converts as being raised from birth and all around you are Islamic makes even hearing about any other religion/belief almost impossible in most places.

    Afghanistan would've been no different. We weren't wrong to stomp on them for a few years but we should've used them as a base to make trouble in Iran but Bush was a coward and he was surrounded by cowards. So we just shilly shallied and got men killed.

    Now more nation building unless it's ours.

    1. Remember that campaign in Iraq you hated so much, Jeffery?

      That's how we boxed in Iran.

    2. All it takes with muzzies is a change of heart. That is easily accomplished with a 150 grain FMJ traveling at 2500 fps.

    3. ┌∩┐(ΰ² _ΰ² )┌∩┐ disfunctional Utcher, these two are for you.

  7. Talking about A-stan turning into a republic is something of a stretch. You have to go for the long run. That's how the Limeys did it in Inja, 200 years, with wars aplenty.

    And A-stan isn't our longest war. Our longest war was the war with the Indians, 340 years (toss in Cortez and Pizarro and you've got 430), but we did it and built a nation.

    Sure, I have no doubt all the Ivy League frat boys (the ones who really pushed this) loved the idea of seeing us taken down a peg. They know the effect 'Nam had on the country, but Ho Ho Ho didn't blow up the Empire State Building after we split.

    This one's going to be different.

    They want to make city life miserable.

    Interesting point there. Their power base is the cities and, with their brilliant handling of the Oriental Lung Rash, that power is dispersing. Nobody needs cities the way they used to.

    I think, like a lot of other things, this will blow up in their faces.

    Black people have Internet access, too.

  8. Excellent column, Don. In some situations it takes good people (i.e., all of us) a long time to grasp that aggressive evil is going on, because that type of evil is so alien and inconceivable to good people. I think that throughout Trump's presidency and after last year's election we have all (millions of Americans) been shocked to realize how deep and corrupt the swamp and the Marxist Left driving the Democratic party have become, and it has been very dismaying to face.

    But I think all this news coverage should not be focusing so much on Biden himself--everyone in the world can see that there is some degree of dementia going on, and he alone is not capable of perpetrating it. Meanwhile, the people managing puppet Biden are getting a free pass, and even still remaining anonymous.

    If we don't focus in on the handlers and instigators behind Biden, they will at some point dump Biden and let him be the scapegoat, while their own "prestige"
    and ability to impact this country remains unimpaired.

    For example, the Obamas are getting a free pass on the current Afghanistan debacle. It is very murky as to who exactly Biden's real handlers are. Let's get them identified and brought into the light.

    1. ☝🏼☝🏼☝πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

    2. Tea Party Gal wrorte, "For example, the Obamas are getting a free pass on the current Afghanistan debacle. It is very murky as to who exactly Biden's real handlers are. Let's get them identified and brought into the light." And let the rats, weasels, lizards, and snakes have the LIGHT shown upon them!

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  10. Biden is World's Top Terrorist Weapons Supplier, Top Terrorist Marine-Killer, Top Terrorist Hostage Supplier, Top Terrorist Funder and Top Terrorist Smuggler.

    And as an added bonus, Terrorist Intel Supplier:

    Secretary Cohen: "I think the Taliban are going to need our help. Economically to be sure, but they may come under severe attack by Al Qaeda or ISIS-K. They may need intelligence that they don't have, that we may be able to provide them under certain conditions..."

    ps: by "Biden", I mean, of course, "Obama".

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  12. I don't know, Don, this is a stretch. The guy who has been invisible and lazy for over fifty years on the Hill was that way for a reason; he just isn't very bright. What you are talking about here takes a huge amount of coordination. You would have to appoint or hire the most incompetent, easy to manipulate staff and agency heads to do so. Anyone who has been around DC for a while knows there is no such thing as a secret and this is no different. I cannot believe we have fallen this far. But its a good theory I guess and we will see very shortly if true or not.

  13. Don, you give them too much credit, they are that stupid. Dems are stupid, and greedy. Anyone can buy them for a nickel, and they will do it, they could care less about anything but themselves. This is too large a conspiracy to be true, I know that is hard to believe, and though hard to believe, the Dems are just so stupid that anything sounds like a good idea to them. Stupid, nothing more...

  14. Don, I'll simplify it for you: Democrats are DIABOLICAL.

  15. You're frickin'-A right again, Don.

  16. "We birthed a nation that was on the path to become, eventually, a Western republic like Korea." Uh, no Don, we did not. It's this kind of arrogant, misguided thinking that kept us in the sh!thole for 20 years.

  17. “Biden knows exactly what he is doing. For whatever evil reasons behind his decision to Make Afghanistan Taliban Again, it was his choice. This is the world he wants. This is the world he created.

    We just live in it.”

    Well 81 million Americans voted for Pantload. Either that, or the American People are to complacent, scared and/or lazy to fight to keep their Democratic Republic.

    In either event, sane Americans are realizing they are going to have to fight or flee. Sitting at home waiting to die is not living.

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