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Friday, September 17, 2021

Red China laughs at Biden

Australia, Britain, and the Biden administration signed a trilateral agreement to stand up to Red China. It is a joke and the commies are laughing out loud.

CNN reported, "President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a new effort to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines, a major step toward countering China as he works to build international backing for his approach to Beijing.

"The announcement came as part of a new trilateral partnership among the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom that the three countries' leaders jointly revealed Wednesday afternoon."

Australia canceled its order for conventional submarines that would start arriving in 2027.

So when will those nuke subs start arriving?

Buried in Paragraph 14 of AP's reported was the answer.


AP said, Prime Minister Scott Morrison "said he expects the first of the nuclear subs, which are to be constructed in the Australian city of Adelaide, will be built by 2040."

This is a joke. 

This is Wile E. Coyote cringing beneath a parasol as the boulder falls back to earth with him as the target.

A year ago, President Trump began forming the Quad -- America, Australia, India, and Japan -- to stand up to Red China. You can bet your boots that he offered more than some subs 20 years from now.

After Biden surrendered Afghanistan and $90 billion in cash and our best military equipment to the Taliban (and by extension Red China), I am sure that no one trusts the USA anymore, nor should they. Japan has to be scared to death, and India realizes it has to square off with Red China on its own or face a surrender by some scumbag Democrat president on down the road.

Also, everyone knows our top general -- Milley the Meek -- works for Red China. He has promised to inform them of our battleplans, has he not?

But there is hope, watered down as it may be. The White House announced, "President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will host the first-ever Quad Leaders Summit at the White House on September 24. President Biden is looking forward to welcoming to the White House Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan.

"The Biden-Harris Administration has made elevating the Quad a priority, as seen through the first-ever Quad Leaders-level engagement in March, which was virtual, and now this Summit, which will be in-person. Hosting the leaders of the Quad demonstrates the Biden-Harris Administration’s priority of engaging in the Indo-Pacific, including through new multilateral configurations to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

"The Quad Leaders will be focused on deepening our ties and advancing practical cooperation on areas such as combatting covid-19, addressing the climate crisis, partnering on emerging technologies and cyberspace, and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific."

I wish Morrison, Modi, and Suga some advice when dealing with Biden. Trust but verify.

And do buy a couple of Hunter's paintings. That may help.


  1. For a cool five hundred million you can get a white canvas which depicts Custer's last words at the Little Big Horn.
    Invest wisely like China and Ukraine did.
    Seriously, why don't we supply Australia with a few of our older fish as a stopgap? We have 28 retired Los Angeles class subs. The Baltimore for example has less than twenty years of service although it's been sitting for 23 years.

    1. Good idea except that subs are not like older surface ships which can be re-furbed. Every time a submarine submerges and surfaces, the hull undergoes a compression followed by an expansion. This, over time, fatigues the metal. There are only but so many compression/expansion cycles in a hull before safety becomes an issue. I would guess that most of those Los Angeles Class boats, magnificent as they were, are probably close to the limit.

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  3. Will The Squad embrace The Quad?

    Xiden may ask the Australian PM for advice on the death grip lockdown the Aussies have imposed. In fact, who will give permission for Morrison to leave the country?

  4. Doesn't everyone?

    India realizes it has to square off with Red China on its own

    Inja went nose-to-nose with the Reds a few months ago and kicked their asses. The Nips are reviving their old carrier force.

    Sounds like the Reds will have a fight on their hands.

  5. And carry some BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG sticks!

  6. India has nukes and subs. Carriers too.

  7. Sorry Don,but here in Australia we see it differently.
    Yes the delivery timetable is too slow,but that was the case with the French subs which were subject to a cost blowout and not fit for purpose(France has form in this respect with the Tiger helicopter gunship and transport helicopter being not fit for purpose)
    Withdrawing your ambassador is hardly reassuring for the continuation of arms supplies-when reliability is needed.

  8. So the US and India and Japan will work together to control Covid. Does that mean that they will now announce that Ivermectin and HCQ are wonder drugs that are the true answer to this plague?

    Probably not, inasmuch as Biden and Fauci and the entire Dem party and the regime's Ministry of Truth would have some 'splaining to do as to why they allowed hundreds of thousands of mostly elderly Americans to die

  9. To India and Japan:
    Get out while you still can! The U.S. and Australia are anti-democratic Dictatorships and totally unreliable. This will not end well.

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