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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Osama bin Biden at the UN

On October 24, 2001, Senator Biden took the floor and spoke of the pending vote to engage in a war in Afghanistan.

He said, "First, our immediate goal is to cut off the head of Al Qaeda, break up the network, leave them no safe haven. That means the removal of Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar, and the Taliban leadership.

"I don’t know how long it will be before the regime is toppled. I wouldn’t want to guess. But the handwriting is on the wall. They’ve lost the support of their key sponsors and are essentially isolated."

Later he said, "I’m reluctant to use the words ‘nation building’ because it’s such a loaded political term. But, if we leave Afghanistan in chaos, it’ll be another time bomb waiting to explode. And there’s an enormous powder keg right next door in Pakistan."

20 years later, he left an even bigger and better time bomb. After America tamed the Taliban, Biden was installed behind the Resolute Desk. He was bored helping the nation we built, so he arbitrarily quit Afghanistan without telling our NATO allies, who also served and lost troops in this battle against terrorism.

Today, he dared to tell the United Nations that diplomacy is back and that the United States will work with other nations.

Only a fool would cooperate with the Biden Regime after it stabbed the Afghan government and our NATO allies in the back. His helter-skelter departure from Afghanistan gave the Taliban government $90 billion in cash and military equipment.

No one has invested more in terrorism than Osama bin Biden.

Well, no one since Obama gave Iran $170 billion.

Politico -- long a house organ for Democrats -- reported, "Despite his calls for greater partnership, Biden’s address — his first before the international body as president and perhaps his most high-profile moment on the world stage since assuming office — comes as many in the global community have expressed skepticism of the United States’ actions in recent months.

"For a president who campaigned intensely on a pledge to restore America’s international standing and has long touted his own diplomatic bona fides, Biden found himself in the curious position of reasserting his commitment to transnational alliances following a series of contentious U.S. foreign policy moves.

"The United States’ allies in the two-decade war on terror remain frustrated with Biden’s handling of the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, and the Pentagon’s acknowledgment that a drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 civilians has further damaged the administration’s credibility.

"At the same time, Biden is still contending with France’s fury over a new trilateral security pact with the United Kingdom and Australia, which saw Canberra renege on a multibillion-dollar submarine deal it had brokered with Paris."

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the Taliban is making up for lost time.

The Daily Mail reported, "Disturbing video has emerged showing a man being publicly flogged by Taliban fighters as the Islamists enforce their warped vision of Sharia law on Afghanistan. 

"The flogging took place over the weekend in front of Kabul's education ministry after the man was accused of stealing a phone, according to witness accounts.

"Footage shows the man writhing and screaming in pain as he is struck over the shoulders with a whip, while tied to a traffic sign using metal arm restraints.

"The video emerged as the Taliban's effective ban on women working came into force on Monday, despite public assurances to be more moderate than the government which ruled with an iron fist in the 1990s."

The iron fist has been replaced by a titanium one, thank to Joe Biden.

Milley did not try to stop him. In fact, Milley did nothing to prepare for an orderly withdrawal. The spy with four stars, who promised to tip off Red China before we attacked, did not give our allies a heads up.

Washington does not seem to be upset by this. The government is too busy suppressing dissent in this country to bother with protecting the women who foolishly trusted us in Afghanistan.

Biden enabled this.


  1. I can agree with flogging a thief. That beats giving them a velvet gloved slap on the wrist or sending them to thug life university on the tax payer dime.
    We could spend time debating how many lashes for different crimes. Second offense, double the number. Third strike, castration. Thug life is to attract the Kamala's, no point if you can't perform in the sack.
    Chemical castration is ok by me as long as we use tanerite.

    1. As far as women, I'm all for equality. That is why I believe we should have kept a presence there, so we could continue to educate the girls and lift them out of poverty and dependence.

    2. Chivalry isn't dead! Don't forget the LGBTQ!

    3. LGBTQ is a life style choice. They can get back in the closet and no one will know except the goats.

    4. Jeffery, physical castration would be too kind for you.

      LGBTQ is a life style choice.

      No, it's a compulsion, a mental illness.

      If you think otherwise, you can always be flown over there.

    5. Elwood, are you trying to say you are compelled to be a pervert?

  2. Just a few more drone strikes and we would have converted these Stone Age goat-rapists into Jeffersonian Democrats. If only....

    1. Now that we have failed to turn Afgan into utopia, how about we try America First non-interventionism?

    2. No, Jeffery, first let's deport all the Lefties.

      And the word is Afghan.

    3. No Elwood, the name is Shitholistan.

  3. Replies
    1. i really like that name, well done George !

    2. Obama bin Biden >>>> means Obama spawn of Biden

      you will need to rearrange items on both sides of /bin/
      as you see fit.

    3. Don't rearrange anything...Xiden is old enough to be Barry's grandfather and created the proper political atmosphere for Barry to get created in... it's fine as it is written.

    4. forgot age difference - you are correct wrt Obama.
      but Osama March 10, 1957 is close enough in age to Biden November 20, 1942

  4. I’m sure Politico was as gentle as possible with their criticism of Zhou Xiden. Who can take that fool seriously?


  5. No shoes were thrown at Hidin Xiden during his “speech;” ergo, it was a YUGE success in the gnat-sized minds of the LibCommie press.

  6. That bit about Milley and not giving NATO a heads up is gold.

    It never crossed my mind, but it sums up so perfectly what a piece of filth Milley is.

  7. And Biden is still POTUS? Why is that?

  8. Apparently, Fake News climbed all over him after the speech.

  9. What did they leftist loons and the Democrats orcs and trolls expect? Singing Kumbaya and Afghanistan turning into San Francisco?

    These people are mentally deranged psychopaths who have no concept of reality. All of them from the TWITtards right up to that drool cupped moron in the White House. The lot of them have to go.

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  11. Great column.

    I’m writing to recognize backstabber extraordinaire Bill Kristol, who continues to extol the virtues of illegitimate Dementia Patient-in-Chief — President Pantload — by lauding Pantload’s amazing streak of NO MEAN TWEETS.

    If I’m going to get angry, I’m going to get angry first at the lying backstabbers who are allegedly on our side — and clean house — to know that the people on my side have my back — before launching the real battle against those who are attempting to impose a Police State on the American People.

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