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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Making the abnormal normal destroys society

Steven Spielberg is re-making "West Side Story." He has a problem called Officer Krupke. Remember how the song went?

My Daddy beats my Mommy
My Mommy clobbers me
My Grandpa is a Commie
My Grandma pushes tea
My sister wears a mustache
My brother wears a dress
Goodness Gracious, that’s why I’m a mess!

That song won't go over well because what was abnormal in the 1950s is considered normal today. Our president is a commie. Our states push tea (marijuana). And I dare not mock girls pretending to be men and boys pretending to be women.

There is a price to be paid for this leftist insurrection against societal norms. 

What created the Sharks and the Jets in the 1950s has escalated on a large scale and has led to having 2.3 million people in the slammer nationwide in the 21st century.

And that incarceration rate is after reducing sentences and decriminalizing vices such as abortion, gambling, and pot-smoking. Heck, you have to shoplift $960 worth of goods in California to get arrested.

Men are 9 times as likely to go to prison with heavier sentences than women. But you seldom hear about that. Instead we are inundated with the victimhood of women. We still hear the fairy tale about women being paid 75 cents for every dollar a man make, long after it was discredited.

The media is a mess that promotes role models for women and feminism while attacking toxic masculinity.

Chairman Xi is having none of that. He knows the societal need for testosterone. Someone has to risk his life to kill the bear or we will all be eaten.

NPR reported, "China's government banned effeminate men on TV and told broadcasters Thursday to promote revolutionary culture, broadening a campaign to tighten control over business and society and enforce official morality.

"President Xi Jinping has called for a national rejuvenation, with tighter Communist Party control of business, education, culture and religion. Companies and the public are under increasing pressure to align with its vision for a more powerful China and healthier society.

"The party has reduced children's access to online games and is trying to discourage what it sees as unhealthy attention to celebrities.

"Broadcasters must 'resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics,' the TV regulator said, using an insulting slang term for effeminate men — niang pao, or literally, girlie guys."

In your heart, you know he is right.

The left has attacked the nuclear family all my 68 years. That softened the target. Men have been driven out of the family. 40% of births are out of wedlock.

The New York Times ran a column by Thomas Edsall about boys raised by single moms.

He wrote, "A decade ago, Marianne Bertrand and Jessica Pan, economists at the University of Chicago and the National University of Singapore, concluded in their paper 'The Trouble With Boys: Social Influences and the Gender Gap in Disruptive Behavior:'

"'Family structure is an important correlate of boys’ behavioral deficit. Boys that are raised outside of a traditional family (with two biological parents present) fare especially poorly. For example, the gender gap in externalizing problems when the children are in fifth grade is nearly twice as large for children raised by single mothers compared to children raised in traditional families. By eighth grade, the gender gap in school suspension is close to 25 percentage points among children raised by single mothers, while only 10 percentage points among children in intact families. Boys raised by teenage mothers also appear to be much more likely to act out.'"

The trouble is not with the boys, it is with a society that encourages women not to marry the fathers of their children.

But who is there to teach boys to be men?

My father divorced my mother and five kids. I was named for him. I met him when I was 47.

My mother tried to be a father and a mother. She did a great job but it wasn't enough.

Multiply that by 10 million or 20 million or whatever the number is and I am surprised that only 2 million men are in prison.

I hope Spielberg has the balls to keep the Officer Krupke's song in the movie intact the way Stephen Sondheim wrote it. We need to remind Americans what they lost in the name of feminism and equality. We need the reminder because we need someone to fight the bears.

This new normal is not cutting it.


  1. "NPR reported, "China's government banned effeminate men on TV and told broadcasters Thursday to promote revolutionary culture, broadening a campaign to tighten control over business and society and enforce official morality." I don't trust NPR.

    "The left has attacked the nuclear family all my 68 years." The Left hates us. I do not doubt that they hate themselves.

    1. It's time for masculine men to proactively take our society back! Start knocking around the leftist that hate us and try to destroy us every chance they get!

    2. Yes the left has poured poison into our culture. Is the answer going back to strong division between male and female roles in society?
      Is it not the strong division that creates an opportunity for the poison to get in?
      Can we not think of knew ways forward so we don't fall into the same pitfalls as before?

  2. Chairman Xi is having none of that. He knows the societal need for testosterone.

    Same with Putin and Viktor Orban, and they also promote Christianity.

    1. Did you know that there are 20,000,000 members of the Orthodox church in Russia ?

  3. For the remake, Spielberg can just switch the gender of the actors playing Maria and Tony, with a gang of Megan Rapinoe-style dykes playing the Jets and a prancing, limp-wrist poofter singing Maria’s songs:

    I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and gay! (I’m GAY!)
    And I pity
    Any girl who isn't me today.

    I feel charming,
    Oh, so charming
    It's alarming how charming I feel!
    And so pretty
    That I hardly can believe I'm real.

    1. Please don't give Spielberg any ideas. Given today's environment, I can't help but believe that such a show might actually make money (but be banned in China).

    2. Once again, Hollywood can't come up with new material. The place is a wasteland. Can't someone - anyone - submit an original screenplay to these pricks?

    3. At least Acosta has a part written for him.

    4. The competition for the limp wristed hoofer would be fierce. It might even bring Richard Simmons out of hiding.

  4. “I'm a lumberjack
    And I'm OK
    I sleep all night and I work all day
    I cut down trees
    I wear high heels
    Suspendies' and a bra
    I wish I'd been a girly
    Just like my dear pa-pa
    (He cuts down trees
    He wears high heels?)

    (He's a lumberjack
    And he's ok
    He sleeps all night and he works all day).”

    — Monty Python

  5. Spielberg is ok with the gender swap of Indiana Jones,
    So why not Tony and Maria ?
    Could make it political, too,
    Tony is a pro Trump guy and Maria is an AOC supporter, killing and eating Tony's
    Liver in the climactic scene
    Ranting on about Women ,Men, bycycles, and fish...

  6. My father divorced my mother and five kids. I was named for him. I met him when I was 47.

    My mother tried to be a father and a mother. She did a great job but it wasn't enough.

    God bless you, Don.

    1. Amen to that. Big D is resilient and perceptive and BLESSED. I think of Horatio Spafford…

      Not unlike Job in the Old Testament of the Bible, tragedy came in great measure to this happy home. When four years old, their son, Horatio Jnr, died suddenly of scarlet fever. Then only a year later, in October 1871, a massive fire swept through downtown Chicago, devastating the city, including many properties owned by Horatio. That day, almost 300 people lost their lives, and around 100,000 were made homeless. Despite their own substantial financial loss, the Spaffords sought to demonstrate the love of Christ, by assisting those who were grief-stricken and in great need.

      Two years later, in 1873, Spafford decided his family should take a holiday in England, knowing that his friend, the evangelist D. L. Moody, would be preaching there in the autumn. Horatio was delayed because of business, so he sent his family ahead: his wife and their four remaining children, all daughters, 11 year old Anna, 9 year old Margaret Lee, 5 year old Elizabeth, and 2 year old Tanetta.


      On 22nd November 1873, while crossing the Atlantic on the steamship, Ville du Havre, their vessel was struck by an iron sailing ship. Two hundred and twenty-six people lost their lives, as the Ville du Havre sank within only twelve minutes.

      All four of Horatio Spafford’s daughters perished, but remarkably Anna Spafford survived the tragedy. Those rescued, including Anna, who was found unconscious, floating on a plank of wood, subsequently arrived in Cardiff, South Wales. Upon arrival there, Anna immediately sent a telegram to her husband, which included the words “Saved alone….”

      Receiving Anna’s message, he set off at once to be reunited with his wife. One particular day, during the voyage, the captain summoned him to the bridge of the vessel. Pointing to his charts, he explained that they were then passing over the very spot where the Ville du Havre had sunk, and where his daughters had died. It is said that Spafford returned to his cabin and wrote the hymn “It is well with my soul” there and then, the first line of which is, “When peace like a river, attendeth my way..” There are other accounts that say that it was written at a later date, but obviously, the voyage was one of deep suffering and is the clear inspiration of the moving and well-loved hymn. Horatio’s faith in God never faltered. He later wrote to Anna’s half-sister, “On Thursday last, we passed over the spot where she went down, in mid-ocean, the waters three miles deep. But I do not think of our dear ones there. They are safe….. dear lambs”.

  7. Since Hollywood seems more influenced by China these days I believe there's a better than even chance Spielberg will keep the original song intact to appease Chinese values. I guess they could make a U.S. version with that song cut out. I'd be looking for that to happen.

  8. "Hey Officer Krupke, I'm down on my knees... cause no one likes a fella with a social disease!"

  9. there betting yet on Mr. Trump's A-Team type candidates? There should be lots of specualtion on how they do. If even Trump cannot beat the odds with an A team of America First candidates, then the days of Max Headroom are here for good and all.

  10. I have to say that I have never heard that song or those lyrics. I've known of West Side Story pretty much all my life. I personally have never watched it. Maybe it was because I did have a father in my life, and musicals to me, were something girls watched. I am zero homophobic, but could never could get through one... horrible, unmanly, and always made me want to try on my wife's clothes...Not really,but I think I did finish one in the late 70's early 80's...Tommy.

    1. The old man finally broke down and bought a VCR, fall 1983, and I had a few friends over and we rented 1975’s “Tommy,” the self-indulgent Who musical with Roger Daltrey in the lead role. I opined that it would be alright to have hair like his and my friend Greg said, “That easy…just don’t cut it. And shouldn’t you set your goals higher?”

      We all cracked up, although there may have been beer involved. And…tea.

    2. Hahaha. Loved The Who! Quadrophenia wasn't bad either

    3. You are correct Mr. Foxx, it was 1975. I graduated that year and went to the movies to see it with my girlfriend. I do remember most of the movie, but I also remember how my finger smelled when I left the theater!!! Don...Hit that button!!!

  11. I've already heard a bowdlerization of a West Side Story tune --- (I want to be in) America. Seems there was a 2009 Broadway version.
    Why can't folks just leave well enough alone?

  12. There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear ... (at least) 2nd time this week our DON has linked NY* ...
    (there's a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware...)
    What's goin' down?

  13. Your Mother did well Don, she gave you great courage. Keep fighting the fight for truth.

  14. Welfare was an enabler. The real problem was walking away from the Protestant ethic. Go read the Smithsonian African American poster about whiteness and you see what they target through gender studies, racial studies, and the invasion of never assimilated illegal aliens.

  15. How about two homosexual men getting "married" and then hiring a surtogate to give them a son? All true. How do you think that chikd will grow up? It's bad enough the concept of marriage was torn apart after thousands of years. Now in an attempt to make yourselves feel "normal" you have to create another helpless human being as vindication for your "normalcy". Demonic.

  16. Making the abnormal normal destroys society

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan was on to this as far back as 1976. He called it "Defining Deviancy Down".

    Meaning that what was once considered twisted was now considered normal. By 1993, things got so bad that Charles Krauthammer felt obliged to write a companion piece, "Defining Deviancy Up", not only confirming Moynihan's take, but going even further to suggest that what was once considered normal is now considered twisted:

    1. Ooops. Got that Krauthammer link wrong.

  17. By the way, the 40% births illegitimate is just the story hook. It would be interesting to know just how few men are siring what share of those spawn.

    A society characterized by large scale ferocious competition by women with men for political power is not going to be disposed to reproduce itself. We are reverting to a state of nature in which only a small handful of alpha males get to fornicate and breed.

    That would be bad enough, but when you tell the Elliot Rodgers and George Sodinis of the world not only that their efforts to get laid are now a crime, but also that they have to live lives of unemployed poverty so that those who might have been their mates in ancient times can compete with them for $65K jobs (while married to men making $200K), things are going to get really ugly really fast.

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  21. I am a man. A father of 13. I support normality as in the real family with a dad and mom. One child operates a company, one manages a supermarket, one manages a metro fire department crew, one handles landscapes, one is a lifeguard, the youngest is age 8 and learning Latin. I am a retired ombudsman and now a Priest. Those of us who are practicing normalcy will outlast everyone else.

  22. Any drug or medical device has side-effects ranging from it-just-doesn't-work to death. An approved drug (or device) will show 5% or fewer incidents of side-effects. The Covid vaccines were rushed to the field with little or no human field testing. WE are the field test! Not saying anything against the vaccines, just being compelled to taken the vaccine just to protect those who have already BEEN vaccinated. But, the side effects are now - and predictably - showing up, but nobody is daring to log and evaluate their number or impact. So ... we have no gauge, no "science"; that is, no reliable data, and it is highly unlikely we ever will due to the politics. However, and however "anecdotal" three, not one, or two, but THREE close friends all got the vaccine AND developed Covid despite the vaccine. Given the odds, that goes well beyond "anecdotal", and now serves as cautionary proof that the vaccine/s are much less effective and side- effects much worse than reported.

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