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Monday, September 06, 2021

Highlights of the News


ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Bette Midler: Sex strike needed to fight Texas anti-abortion law."

She's 75.

I don't think her boogie has been woogied by the bugle boy of Company B for a quite some time.

But what better way to protest a new abortion law than by taking yourself out of ever getting one.

ITEM 2: Dan Hodges wrote in the Daily Mail, "The days of paying in British blood for our special relationship with America are over."

The days of paying in American blood for the bipolar war policies of the Democrat Party should end as well. 

ITEM 3: Fox reported, "Milley says civil war in Afghanistan ‘likely’ after US withdrawal, could lead to 'reconstitution of al Qaeda.'"

20 years after 9/11, al-Qaeda is bigger and better than ever after Biden gave the Taliban $90 billion in cash, equipment, and aircraft in Biden's surrender of Afghanistan.

None dare call it treason, but that is what it is.

ITEM 4: Reuters reported, "Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds himself behind in polls ahead of a snap election he called hoping his management of the covid 19 crisis would propel him to victory.

"Trudeau called the Sept. 20 election last month, two years ahead of schedule. At the time, his Liberals were well ahead and looked likely to regain the majority in parliament they lost in 2019. His main rival, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, has repeatedly attacked him for calling a vote during the pandemic.

"The latest polls by Nanos, Ekos and others show Liberal fortunes have faded as voters have grown fatigued with Trudeau, 49, who has been in power since 2015. One Liberal strategist said on Friday the early-vote call had backfired as it was seen as wrong and greedy by electors."

His management of covid?

Give him an Emmy because Trudeau is now Canadian for Cuomo.

ITEM 5: The Daily Mail reported, "US now has more than four times as many cases of COVID and twice as many in hospital as this time last year with deaths up 80% -- despite 62% of population with one shot amid Delta surge."

Deaths are up 80% under Biden.

And Trump had no vaccines until the last month of his term.

The Biden Variant is the deadliest of all the variants.

ITEM 6CBS reported, "One in five Americans follow professional tennis."

That's 60 million people -- about 12 times as many people as those who watch the CBS Evening News.

I doubt Biden received that many actual votes.

ITEM 7: KBTX reported, "Bryan (Texas) man says the power of love saved his wife as she nearly died from covid 19."

It is a terrific tale.

The power of love.

And also, the twins story.

John Lennon was right. All you need is love.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "The central Florida diner that announced it will not be serving anyone who still supports President Biden was temporarily forced to shutter on Wednesday after selling out of food. 

"Following the Kabul airport attack that killed 13 United States service members and almost 200 civilians late last month, DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte posted a sign in the DeBary, Florida, restaurant’s window informing those who 'voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan' to take their business elsewhere.

"After various news outlets wrote about the sign this week, Ugarte was met with an overwhelming crush of diners to the point that the business ran out of food and was forced to close."

He may not reopen for a while because supply chain problems have hit the restaurant industry hard. 

The shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers is devastating small restaurants as vendors concentrate on serving their large customers.

ITEM 9Just the News reported, "The vice president has been conspicuously absent lately from coverage and appearances pertaining to the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan — after having proudly claimed just four months ago to have been the 'last person in the room' with Biden as he decided to fully withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

"Kamala Harris' absence is especially puzzling given the recent drop-off of confidence in the president. The generally even-keeled Mike Pence was often trotted out to take questions as head of the coronavirus task force, especially after days of the more combative commander-in-chief duking it out with the press corps. The same, however, cannot be said of this vice president.

"Speculation that the VP has been benched due to her performance in recent months is beginning to bubble up. 'They had a minority, they had a woman, and now that they don't need her, they have her shelved,' said Fox News' Will Cain.

"Harris' approval numbers appear to be plummeting even faster than Biden's, which are now underwater."

Call it the Muldoon and Toody administration...


There's a recall of Newsom.

Manchin's says he's gonna fight.

No one wants to get a job.

Inflation hit new heights.

We abandoned Americans

As we leave Afghanistan.

Kamala, Where Are You?

ITEM 10: The occasionally reliable New York Times (which I don't link) said, "On the last day of August, when President Biden called the airlift of refugees from Kabul an extraordinary success,” senior diplomats and military officers in Doha, Qatar, emailed out a daily situation report marked sensitive but unclassified.

"The conditions in Doha, according to their description, were getting worse. Almost 15,000 Afghan refugees were packed into airplane hangars and wedding-style tents at Al Udeid Air Base, home to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing and nearby Camp As Sayliyah, a U.S. Army base in the Persian Gulf nation.

"229 unaccompanied children were being held near the base, including many teenage boys who repeatedly bullied younger children. There were a large number of pregnant women, some of whom needed medical attention, and increasing reports of gastrointestinal issues among the refugees.

"Tensions in the temporary shelters had flared, the report said, due to prolonged stays and unpredictable exit dates. At the Army base, single males, including former Afghan military had become unruly and contraband weapons have been confiscated. Overwhelmed, neither base was testing Afghan evacuees for the coronavirus."

We have a $4 trillion government run by a man with no executive experience besides being Obama's comic relief.

ITEM 11Reuters reported, "A U.S. judge this week dismissed from a jury pool nine people who were unvaccinated against covid 19."

Finally, a new excuse to get out of jury duty.

ITEM 12: The best part of DeSantis is the media hates him.

H8 may elect him president.

ITEM 13: The Daily Beast reported, "Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined a growing Democratic chorus on Sunday, calling on the Senate to abolish the filibuster in order to codify Roe v. Wade into law following the Supreme Court’s refusal to block Texas’ new draconian abortion ban."

Doesn't she mean abort the filibuster?

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "A pregnant woman named Nasria, a California native, flew to Afghanistan in June to visit family and get married. As of early September, she remained one of the estimated 100 to 200 Americans left behind in the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces, according to a report. 

"Now that the U.S. military is gone, the Taliban is hunting Americans, she told the Voice of America."

Biden gave them the list of names and addresses.

Now why would he do that?

ITEM 15: The Sun reported, "The Taliban officials have declared China as their closest ally in the international community.

"Militants say Beijing is ready to invest in and reconstruct Afghanistan and describe the nation as their principal partner."

That answers my question in Item 14.

ITEM 16Watts Up With That? reported, "EPA Penalized for Polluting."

According to a notice in the Federal Register, “In November 2019, New Jersey conducted an inspection of EPA’s Edison facility and found several state law violations regarding EPA’s boilers and emergency generators. Based on this inspection, and further information provided by EPA, New Jersey alleged the following types of violations:

  • Failure to seek new general permits when the boilers and emergency generators were replaced;
  • Operating the boilers and emergency generators with expired general permits;
  • Operating one emergency generator on five bad air days;
  • Operating one boiler on one bad air day; and
  • Improper tune-ups and/or tune-up report submission for two boilers.”

The EPA agreed to settle the case with your tax dollars.

No one will be fired.

No one will lose their annual bonus.

ITEM 17: Look who Biden made a 3 star.

So what if she cannot tell our troops or guns from the British. She is the FIRST FEMALE deputy commanding general of and chief of staff of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). That's all that matters.

Maybe we can trade General Gervais to the Brits for comedian Ricky Gervais. She seems to like them and his jokes won't get anyone killed.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "MTA delays workers’ COVID test mandate to after Labor Day deadline."

It's a holiday. Everyone takes the day off, even covid.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers, remember Petula Clark's advice and Don't Sleep In The Subway, darling.

ITEM 19: Zero Hedge reported, "On Friday, Rolling Stone's Peter Wade took another stab -- publishing a hit piece claiming that Oklahoma ERs were overflowing with people 'overdosing on horse dewormer.'

"It was suspect from the beginning.

"The report, sourced to local Oklahoma outlet KFOR's Katelyn Ogle, cites Oklahoma ER doctor Dr. Jason McElyea -- who claimed that people overdosing on ivermectin horse dewormer are causing emergency rooms to be 'so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting' access to health facilities."

The magazine did not contact the hospital. Had the magazine bothered, it would have found there was no one overdosing on ivermectin and that the doctor did not work there.

After the Internet outed the magazine's lies, it updated the story.

None of the outlets that picked up on this Fake News has retracted their stories.

Oh well. Why believe them anymore?

ITEM 20: Hoosier spellcheck?

Indinia went on to lose to Iowa 34-6 on Saturday in these brand new uniforms.

Or was that Iwoa?

(And yes, I am in no position to mock typos.)

ITEM 21: Hot Air reported, "Hostage crisis? Taliban blocking departure of six planes carrying Americans, says GOP rep."

That would be Republican Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas.

Biden did this deliberately.

I am convinced that he is nothing more than an agent of Red China. We had that war won. No casualties in 18 months. He threw it all away. 

ITEM 22: Big League Politics reported, "An Ohio judge ordered a hospital to treat a man with ivermectin as he’s gravely sick with coronavirus disease, potentially opening the door for patients who wish to try the experimental treatment against the will of healthcare providers.

"Jeffrey Smith will receive ivermectin following an emergency lawsuit on the part of his wife, Julie. Julie Smith had consulted on the possibility of treating Mr. Smith with Dr. Fred Wagshul.

"Dr. Wagshul, an advocate of ivermectin, has shared accounts of six hospitalized coronavirus patients who were treated with ivermectin, all of whom recovered and left intensive treatment."

The horse drug works.

So much for the neigh-sayers.

FINALLY, Newsweek reported, "Six private charter planes seeking to evacuate 1,600 people—including more than 100 Americans—out of Afghanistan have been grounded by the Taliban amid negotiations with the U.S. State Department, an official with an NGO working on the evacuation told Newsweek.

"The would-be passengers have yet to board the planes in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, which were chartered by the Nazarene Fund and Mercury One charity, both founded by Christian conservative media personality Glenn Beck.

"Three other evacuation flights—two on a plane chartered by international development organization Sayara, and one by Goldbelt, Inc., an Alaska Native corporation—set to carry at least 19 Americans and an unspecified number of Afghans have also been grounded by the Taliban awaiting clearance, a second senior NGO official told Newsweek."

When this is over, Biden will have killed more American civilians than Osama bin Laden did.

Biden is pure evil.


  1. Item 11. Will the Courts require proof of non-vaccination?

  2. 17: Check out the picture of Gen Gervais. Gender neutral.

  3. 9 - Heels Up Harris used to go down like a lead pipe in water. Now, her poll numbers are. If nothing else, she is consistent.

    14 - I believe the number of stranded Americans is in the thousands.

    19 - can the hospital sue The Rolling Stone and the other news outlets out of existence?

    FINALLY - I don’t think we will ever know the number left behind and killed or enslaved by the Taliban. Sickening.

  4. "We had that war won."

    Winning a war is one thing. Winning the peace is something else. The North won the war, the South won Reconstruction. It was not possible to win the peace in Afgan. The American people (and Trump) wanted the troops out.

    1. Nobody asks WHY Cheney hates Trump. He wanted out of Afgan and she didn't. He thought the Iraq War was stupid and she thought it was great. She is CIA-CNN and he isn't

    2. But we certainly could have done a more convincing withdrawal.

  5. “The precision-jack-hammer attack of the Martinsburg Bulldogs stomped the balls off the Musselman Applemen Friday by stomping and hammering with one precise jack-thrust after another up the middle, mixed with pinpoint-precision passes into the flat and numerous hammer-jack stomps around both ends....”

    At least a few things are still normal in this country, Big D!

  6. ITEM 9: Call it the Muldoon and Toody administration...

    Car 54 was funny. 60 years later and it's still funny. But this Biden & Harris thing is no sitcom. It's FUBAR. I wish we could cancel the damned thing. But I like your analogy. It brought back some great childhood memories.

    1. Rush Limbaugh used that song for his GENERAL DAVID DINKINS WHERE ARE YOU?

  7. 17. You're wrong. Ricky Gervais KILLED at the Academy Awards! Tom Hanks still hasn't recovered.

  8. Item 22 ... RE: Neigh Sayers

    Ha REER heer heer heer!!

  9. Item 5 - Unfortunately for us, the Biden variant attacks not only the health of individuals, but also the health of the nation and the world. It is deadly and must be stopped.

  10. 15- The Chinese offered to wok the service dogs we left behind...sorry had to say it...

  11. Item 9 - According to Willie Brown, Kamala does her best work behind closed doors and out of the eye of the public. #HeelsUp

  12. Item 14: “A pregnant woman named Nasria, a California native, flew to Afghanistan in June to visit family and get married.” Birth tourism, Afghanistan style.

    Item 20: “Hoosier spellcheck?” It happens on road signs, too. Twice! “Univ of North Flordia” and “Flordia State College” — close enough for government work:

    Item 22: “An Ohio judge ordered a hospital to treat a man with ivermectin as he’s gravely sick with coronavirus disease” Unfortunately, “gravely sick” means it’s probably too late for the drug to work. It needs to be given early or, preferably, before infection, as a preventative. If he’s given the drug and dies the next day, it’ll be widely advertised as a “failure” of the drug to treat the disease. We need to address why it should require a court order to give a patient a life-saving treatment.

    Finally: “When this is over, Biden will have killed more American civilians than Osama bin Laden did.” And the blood of thousands of dead Americans will be on the hands of everyone who voted for him.

    1. #20 How ironic too is that all the examples of spelling problems here are from institutions of "higher learning".

  13. Item 1: Sooooo, she's striking against having 75. Her womb has been "retired" long????? Annnnd this, "I don't think her boogie has been woogied by the bugle boy of Company B for a quite some time.", just bowled me OVER. Don has a WAY with WORDS!! A smile to my face he has given me!

    ITEM 6: CBS reported, "One in five Americans follow professional tennis." I'm one of those four.

    Item 7: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

    Item 9: That "Muldoon and Toody" line slowed me down, until I remembered "Car 54, Where Are You."
    (Thanks, Don!!)

    ITEM 14: "Biden gave them the list of names and addresses.

    Now why would he do that?" The STUPID is STRONG in this one.

    Item 19: The Rolling Stone rolled into the Grand Canyon. IIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee... SPLAt.

    Item 22: "So much for the neigh-sayers." Ought that should be "neigh-eigh-eigh"-sayers?

  14. 19. The stupidest part of this stupid article was a picture that claimed to be gunshot victims waiting in line outside the ER. In heavy coats. In September in Oklahoma. With no blood or anyone even looking mildly affected by a gunshot wound.

  15. #7. All you need is love. GODS love.

  16. #1--Yeah, Bette may be an old bag now, and her politics make me wanna puke. But her recording of "The Rose" still makes me cry.

    1. Unfortunately talent is not limited to good people .

  17. 3 - About the only possible upside I can see to this fiasco is that a heavily-armed Taliban may decide that it's a good time to settle old scores with Iran. Seriously, can someone foment that? Best way to distract the bad guys is to have them fight each other. (Iran-Afghanistan can be the equivalent of the 1980s Iran-Iraq.) I have an old memory that back in the 1990s the Taliban murdered several Iranian diplomats and Iran nearly went to war over it; maybe it's time to remind the Iranians of that unavenged insult...

    4 - The most notable thing about J.T. is his vacuity; he's zippy in whiteface... Of course, his paternity is, um, open to some question (as the older he gets the more he looks like Fidel Castro...).

    9 - I will offer again that methinks that they will defenestrate giggles before they defenestrate sniffy - she's just too awful to allow near anything, even for a few minutes. So if she gets defenestrated, that's a sign that sniffy is on the window sill to be next.

    BTW, supposedly "hoodlum" is "muldoon" spelled sorta-backwards...

    15 - The thing to watch with this one is how China, Inc. typically does business in other similar-ish places, like Africa. They get contracts for big projects, they bring in their own crews, the locals get diddly-squat out of it (no jobs, no supply contracts), the rulers get rich on payoffs from China, Inc., the loans from China, Inc. to finance the projects can't be repaid, and China, Inc. takes either steep-discount raw materials as payment or just takes over the projects and milks them for revenue (or both). Methinks that the ascetic imams won't exactly like this...

    17 - Gervais? Must be an imported Canadian general...

    20 - Another one of the missing seven of the "57 states"??

    FINALLY - The whole lot of them are pure evil.

  18. Happy Labor Day. Avoid union products and devices. Don’t fund the DNC!

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Feminists forget they give up their "right to orgasm" when they invoke Lysistrata.

    2: As the many US dead in Europe might say, "vice versa".

    3: It's not treason unless they attack us again.

    In 3, 2, 1....

    4: Just another celebrity Preezy like Zippy.

    His show's about to be cancelled.

    5: Biden Variant

    I love it.

    9: Ah, yes, we remember it well.

    12: Worked for Trump.

    Both times.

    15: Stick around. If the the Russkies and the Reds couldn't find common ground in the 50s, neither will the crazies.

    FINALLY: Biden is pure evil.

    His handlers are.

    No, he's just the go along to get along fool he's always been.

  20. OK Bette, count me in. I hereby pledge never to do the horizontal mattress ride with ya.

    Meantime, great news about the court ruling in favor of the babies, isn’t it?

  21. I enjoy the frantic calls of the filibuster phobics.

    Hey Amy, listen to this. We are about to the point that many of us in a bunch of jurisdictions aren't going to listen to anything you or the supreme court says on a lot of things. That's what your behavior has done. We no longer respect the rule of law because your side hasn't for most of my lifetime.

    You should read Schlicter's recent post on the Texas abortion law. It does come off as using the legal system to counteract SCOTU precedent. And then you realize as he goes on that this is really just lawfare, used by the left forever. They are getting it back in spades. The rules of war are established by the behavior of the aggressor. The left cares about consolidating power, nothing less. And anything goes in that regard. SO spare me your tears.

    Hey lefties, the end is coming. And using some of your sides BS talking points about re-education camps for the unwashed - I hope you enjoy the ones we are going to put you in.

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  23. 19)  The picture of the poor wounded victims not being treated for gunshot wounds due to ivermectin overdoses sorta, kinda is fake.  Who dresses for winter in August.  It must be global cooling, right.

    21) Former special ops member and now journalist, Michael Yon, and others with rescue organizations are saying the problem is State, not the Taliban.  Maybe the congressman is getting his info from Biden people and has not double checked it.  He is not there, where as the others are.  Our government has a proven record of lying when the truth would do.

    22)  India had a major spike in covid with few vaccines doses available and they went to ivermectin and stopped the spike.  I believe this, because the media didn't censor it and it was good news for Americans.  While ivermectin is taken by humans for worms and other problems, it is not allowed for covid, even though it is safe for human use.  The lying CDC, on masks in particular, has lost all credibility when this medication and HCQ is used throughout the world.  If HCQ doesn't work, why isn't covid raging in Africa where HCQ is used to protect against malaria. 

    On your finally:  See my comment on #21.

  24. 2. Perhaps he should recall how much American blood was spilled on Britain’s behalf in two world wars, and then STFU.

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