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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Highlights of the News

Hey, Californians. I found the way to get around the covid mask and social distancing rules. Just tell them you are an illegal alien.

Vaccine passports? We ain't got no vaccine passports. We don't need no vaccine passports. I don't have to show you any stinkin' vaccine passports!

ITEM 1: ABC reported, "When Virginia Oliver started trapping lobster off Maine’s rocky coast, World War II was more than a decade in the future, the electronic traffic signal was a recent invention and few women were harvesting lobsters.

"Nearly a century later, at age 101, she's still doing it. The oldest lobster fisher in the state and possibly the oldest one in the world, Oliver still faithfully tends to her traps off Rockland, Maine, with her 78-year-old son Max.

"Oliver started trapping lobsters at age 8, and these days she catches them using a boat that once belonged to her late husband and bears her own name, the Virginia. She said she has no intention to stop, but she is concerned about the health of Maine's lobster population, which she said is subject to heavy fishing pressure these days."

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

ITEM 2: The Blaze reported, "A teachers union in Massachusetts claim the state’s standardized testing has 'allowed white supremacy to flourish.'

"The Massachusetts Teachers Association wants to strip the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System as a part of graduation requirements for students."

If competence and ability are white supremacy, then let everyone -- black, white, Hispanic, Asian -- be white supremacists.

Being stupid is not a civil right.

The brainless left has gone from calling everyone they don't like Hitler to any idea they don't like White Supremacy.

ITEM 3: ABC reported, "Australia said Saturday it was noting with regret France’s recall of its ambassador over the surprise cancellation of a submarine contract in favor of a U.S. deal.

"France recalled its ambassadors to Australia and the United States on Friday in an unprecedented show of anger over a deal among the United States, Australia and Britain to provide Australia with a fleet of at least eight nuclear-power submarines."

The French promised subs would begin arriving in 2027.

Biden promised nuclear subs would begin arriving in 2040.

The big winner in all this is Chairman Xi because Australia's sub fleet is going to fall short of capacity for the next two decades. 

ITEM 4: Fox reported, "An FDA advisory panel on Friday endorsed emergency approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech covid-19 vaccine booster shot at least six months following the second dose among people ages 65 and older and those at high risk of occupational exposure and severe covid-19.

"The vote was 18-0. The vote will now go before the FDA to issue a final decision. 

"The panel earlier Friday afternoon voted to reject licensure of Pfizer's booster vaccine in people ages 16 and older, at a vote of 2-16.

"During the deliberations, panel members suggested older, vulnerable populations may benefit from boosters, but noted insufficient data among younger groups and concerns over potential increased risk for heart inflammation, particularly among males ages 16-17."

Looks like someone is finally following the science on covid.

Who knows what the FDA will do? The federal medical bureaucracy has shown itself in the past 18 months to be worthless.

ITEM 5: Newsweek reported, "Former President Donald Trump has blamed President Joe Biden and incompetent generals for the drone strike that killed civilians in Kabul, Afghanistan late last month.

"Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the United States Central Command, admitted on Friday that the attack killed 10 civilians, including as many as seven children, although the military had previously said that the August 29 strike was necessary to prevent Islamic state militant group ISIS-K from launching new terrorist attacks."

Our favorite president said, "How disgraceful that so many people have been killed by our incompetent Generals.

"The Biden administration wanted to show that they were tough guys after they surrendered to the Taliban, which left many soldiers injured or dead, and left Americans and the best Military equipment in the World behind. Our country has never been so embarrassed or humiliated."

But they are woke. And their chests are covered with medals and badges. And that's all that matters.

That and having the military pay for transgender surgery.

ITEM 6: Heads will roll!


ITEM 7: PJ Media reported, "14 musicians with the English Touring Opera, some of whom have been performing with the company for 20 years, have been fired because of the color of their skin.

"Claiming they are following diversity guidance from Arts Council England, ETO has informed the white musicians that they will not be offered contracts for the 2022 season. Though the positions are technically freelance jobs, many of the musicians consider the work a permanent gig."

But wait.

Isn't opera white men's music? Sounds like cultural appropriation to me.

ITEM 8: New York Post reported, "A classroom at a Los Angeles public high school was decorated with hateful posters reading 'F–k the Police' and 'F–k Amerikkka' — as well as a Black Lives Matter flag, photos show.

"The vicious, anti-American posters, shared on social media, adorned a history classroom at Alexander Hamilton High School.

"One picture shows a poster declaring 'F–k Amerikkka, This is Native Land' and another taking aim at law enforcement officials.

"'Policing is a violent, anti-black settler institution that originated as slave patrols,' the poster reads."

Defund Public Schools.


ITEM 9: Texas Governor Greg Abbott said, "Biden is handling the border crisis as badly as Afghanistan."

And for the same reason.

Biden believes that out of chaos comes more power for him. Never letting a crisis go to waste means trying to create them so you can lay waste to America.

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "The Federal Aviation Administration instituted a two-week flight restriction over the city of Del Rio, Texas, late Thursday — preventing Fox News from operating a drone that it had been using to capture images of thousands of migrants sheltering under a bridge as they wait to be picked up by Border Patrol.

"The FAA’s website said the temporary flight restriction over the Del Rio Port of Entry and the International Bridge was put in place for 'special security reasons,' but did not elaborate."

Biden since relented, but I must have missed the mainstream media's protest of Biden's censorship.

ITEM 11: The Washington Examiner reported, "70% call Afghanistan withdrawal a ‘national humiliation.’"

30% just don't get it.

ITEM 12: Via Just the News, the quote of the day from Kristi Noem.

She said, "Yes, I would support President Trump again in the future. 

"I campaigned for him in 17 different states, because I knew what would happen if President Biden had the opportunity to take over the White House, and how fundamentally this country would change. I didn't know he would wreck the country this fast.

"That was remarkable to watch how quickly he has devastated us, but President Trump, I loved working with him because he was one of the very few people that I worked with in public office that actually did what he said he was going to do."

Drano works fast.

Evil works faster.

ITEM 13: Politico reported, "The House will vote next week on a measure to stave off a U.S. debt default, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Friday, although it’s unclear if Democrats will pair that with a stopgap funding bill to avoid a government shutdown on Oct. 1."

Just say no.

Say no until the January 6 protesters are released from jail and all charges are dropped.

They are political prisoners.

ITEM 14: Hamas-Shielding AP reported, "The mayor of San Francisco was spotted dancing and singing along to live music without a mask at an indoor nightclub, despite a strict order by her public health department that requires wearing masks at indoor establishments unless someone is actively eating or drinking.

"Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, has promoted restrictive measures aimed at curbing the coronavirus, frustrating business owners who have had to shut down or limit customers."

But she is the first openly black female mayor, therefore, she cannot get covid or spread it to others.

It's sci-ence.

ITEM 15Chilton Williamson Jr. reported, "Since Liz Cheney's vote to impeach Trump and her appointment by Speaker Pelosi to the January 6 Committee, she has, to my knowledge, made no publicized visits to the state, save to attend the funeral of former senator Mike Enzi a couple of months ago. Word has it that she does fly occasionally into Jackson (which is to Wyoming what the Hamptons are to upstate New York), where she spends her time with friends, benefactors and perhaps a Republican politician or two while sedulously avoiding the rest of the state, 70% of which voted for Donald Trump last November."

She doesn't care. She has a book deal and a lobbying job lined up after she loses.


  1. ITEM 3: I'm not sure why they went with diesel subs to begin with. They're a heck of a lot noisier than nukes.

    1. biggest reason is it leaves australia withOUT subs until 2040 xi got his puppet xiden to scuttle the whole deal

    2. Diesel electrics mostly run on battery power and are extremely quiet and a lot cheaper than nucs. US would be smart to build a fleet of them. The carriers are very vulnerable, knock out two of the four propellers and they are out of business until new props can be fabricated and installed.

    3. Here is some data on Russia's Kilo class:


      400 nautical miles (700 km) at 3 knots (6 km/h) submerged
      6,000 nautical miles (11,000 km) at 7 knots (13 km/h) snorkeling (7,500 miles for the Improved Kilo class)
      45 days sea endurance

      Not a substitute for nuc boats but I would think a useful addition to the fleet.

    4. When a sub needs to hide, a diesel does it better. They can become a hole in the water. By contrast, a nuke needs to keep pumps running for the reactor. While they are quite, they are not silent.

  2. Cheaper? Easier to maintain? No evil nukes?

    Plenty of reasons, I suppose. BTW, they’re only noisy when not running on batteries. They only run the diesels when surfaced, or just below (where they can stick snorkels up for air and exhaust).


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  4. Replies
    1. There wasn't 16, 17,18 and 19 either. Must be a slow news day.

  5. 6 - the lack of accountability in the Xiden administration is amazing. But not surprising. Incompetence is their greatest skill.

    13 - there are many ridiculous things and people in Washington. The debt ceiling is one of them. Why have it. Each time it sinker, the idiots in congress just vote to raise it. There is some drama and the democrats scream about how it is hurting women, minorities and the poor. Then they raise it with additional wasted. Another Washington disgrace.

  6. Item 2: "The Massachusetts Teachers Association wants to strip the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System as a part of graduation requirements for students." The MTA is clearly AGAINST teaching kids. The MTA should be fired.

    1. No worries. We'll actually all "feel" better about ourselves. The same groups of people will continue to not learn and not develop socially or academically. The unpleasant statistics simply won't be available which will ultimately become... White Supremacy so in the end its all good.

  7. Item 2. Those tests have done significant damage to public education in Massachusetts. If that’s the excuse they want to finally get rid of them I am good with it.

  8. "Say no until the January 6 protesters are released from jail and all charges are dropped.

    "They are political prisoners."

    Yes, they are. Since Republicans have done nothing about it, they must be okay with it. Makes one wonder how a clean sweep by Republicans in 2022 will actually help the country. They are, without a doubt, part of the domestic enemy crowd.

  9. Regarding all-for-show, fake Republican hearings, unless there is a firing squad waiting outside, they are a worthless waste of time. Witnesses say, "I don't recall," and then walk right out to the nearest restaurant to celebrate yet another episode of Kabuki theater.

  10. Item 6: So, they had a Marine general make the apology instead Milley or Secretary of Defense or Senile Joe Biden.
    Very shameful

  11. 2. Calling people hitler became meaningless. Soon, white supremacy will be meaningless, too. I mean if black men can be white supremacists, there's no hope.

    4. Worthless, but, not cheap!

  12. Re 6: Intel supplied by the Taliban, obviously. Using us a dupes to take out their targets.

  13. #3 "Biden promised nuclear subs would begin arriving in 2040.
    At this point, can anyone trust making a deal with Biden? France will have the last laugh and Australia will suffer even more than they are now with their penal colony type lockdown.

    #4 "Who knows what the FDA will do? The federal medical bureaucracy has shown itself in the past 18 months to be worthless."
    Worthless? More like corrupt to the bone. There is so much money flowing with the pandemic, that the payoffs have to be huge.

    1. The two are never mutually exclusive, Jeffery.

  14. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: That one nobody believes. No matter how dumb you may be, you always think somebody's dumber.

    3: The Diggers aren't the rough and tumble crew they were in the World Wars. Families threw sons out of the house if they'd served in 'Nam.

    7: Last I looked, most Limeys were still white.

    8: Homeschool.


    9: Buck Fiden says differently.

    13: Good idea.

  15. ITEM 10: “Biden since relented, but I must have missed the mainstream media's protest of Biden's censorship.”


    I view this as identical to the humor displayed by Russians and other nationalities oppressed under the USSR. Americans think they are better than that, but the vast majority have not displayed it.

    Obozo and his dementia-ridden VP have largely succeeded in proving true that Americans are NOT exceptional; and can as easily be led to letting their country become a Socialist Hellhole as Venezuelans.

    What are WE going to do about it? Tell each other jokes? Eff that.

    None of this is funny. Have an illegitimate Dementia Patient-in-Chief is not funny. Having a corrupt politically biased national media is not funny. Illegal immigrants having more freedom in the USA than American citizens is not funny.

  16. #3: The best time for Australia to decide to build nuclear submarines was 20 years ago; the next best time is now. I don't understand the bitching about this. I don't like the Biden administration but this is the correct thing to do.

  17. #14. “...openly black” as compared to ?

    1. Why not. I read an AP report the other day that called someone the first openly transgendered...

    2. As Lili Von Shtüpp said in Blazing Saddles:
      "It's twoo! It's twoo!"

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