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Monday, September 13, 2021

F-bombs beat Biden's F-15s and nukes

Biden mocked Trump supporters and gun owners a couple of months ago by saying they will need F-15s and nukes if they want to take him on.


All we need are F-bombs. And they are being unleashed on college campuses at football games.

His surrender of Afghanistan with his haphazard retreat that killed 13 troops (after going 18 months with no U.S. casualties) has shown him to be a paper tiger. His generals are heavy-medaled little social justice workers pushing for transgendered rights instead of military readiness. Nobody fears Biden. Not the Taliban. Not Red China. Not Iran. Not the student body at LSU.

The first three do not bother Biden or his party. That last one is an existential threat to Democrats. 

The Fuck Joe Biden chants at football games show an open and obscene contempt and disregard for Democrats and the man they installed as president. These spontaneous eruptions of profanity are making it hip to hate Democrats, which may create a Generation Trump.

The student section at WVU drops F-bombs all the time and heckles opponents so bad they really hate playing there. (This was why Joe Paterno refused to keep the rivalry after Penn State joined the Big 10.) One opponent praised the students at WVU for doing their research. He said they even know your dog's name.

Biden is pretty easy to research. Students know his dog's name and his number. They know the chant.

Boy howdy.

The chant is simple. The chant is fun. The chant brings strangers together. 

(For united we stand, divided we fall, and if our backs should be against the wall -- Fuck Joe Biden!)

Above all, the chant proves he did not receive 80 million-plus votes last time.

Democrats have a problem in that they did not win the election without chicanery in at least a half-dozen states. Their RINO partners cooperated to get rid of Trump.

But he and we are here to stay. Salena Zito noticed the Trump signs are not going away. In fact, new ones are popping up. And they are individual signs, not union-made placards that Astroturf liberals hand out at rallies. 

Youngstown State University political scientist Paul Sracic told Zito, "Putting those signs up was their way of saying this is the new resistance. We saw them in places that historically supported Democrats, like here in Trumbull and Mahoning counties, two of the bluest counties in Ohio, as well as blue counties in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania."

We're here. We don't fear. Get used to us.

What does Biden think he will do to us? Send in the military? Ha! We saw what the Biden army did in Kabul. They did not fight. They laid down $90 billion in cash and prizes to the Taliban, which Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump defeated.

Democrats gutted military leadership with snowflakes like Austin and Milley. The trouble is, social justice warriors are not very good at being military warriors. It is an either/or proposition.

Biden hides behind the military to hang on to office. I suppose they can always mow down crowds with armored vehicles, provided we have any left after the Taliban giveaway.

But even if they call a football game an insurrection, I don't think the public will buy it.

And certainly F-15s and nukes won't cut it. Too big.


We saw how well the Milley Vannillis at the Pentagon did in Kabul when they went after the mastermind behind the bombing that killed 13 soldiers. Instead of getting the terrorists, Biden and his SJW army killed a man who was trying to flee to the United States.

And his 9 kids.

It was mass murder.

And that was just from the sanitized NYT report.

I can see Biden droning West Virginia and hitting the Democrat Party headquarters. Incompetence carries a steep price.

Like I said, his F-15s and nukes are useless. I mean, if he nukes Poca, even Antifa will desert him.

But those F-bombs are working.

Meanwhile, a real president waits in the wings.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, he does. We love Trump!

      Fuck, Joe Biden!

    2. DJT doesn't look like he aged a day in the WH, in complete contrast with most of his immediate predecessors.

    3. Jackie Mason used to say the same thing about Reagan and get big laughs for it. "Johnson, Nixon and Carter all got old in the White House because they couldn't come up with any solutions. Reagan got younger because he didn't know there was a problem."

    4. Yes, he does (he looks as good as Todd Bowles, now at Tampa Bay, after having the impossible job of coaching the Jets). And FINALLY, a legit reason for obscenity. God bless those football crowds.

  2. He sure does look and act like a candidate. TRUMP 2024!!

  3. If Mr. T made good on his statement over the weekend to fight Biden, it would look like one of Tyson’s bouts pre-Buster Douglas. Bell rings, the two approach, a few warmup jabs, and then Trump KNOCKS HIM THE HELL OUT COLD. Would LOVE to hear the Steve Inman commentary on that ass-kicking.

  4. When is Don going to right the column informing his readers about how fortune shined on the America colonies because before defecting to the British side of the conflict Benedict Arnold fought with distinction for the American Continental Army, rising to the rank of major general, earning the fullest trust of General George Washington, who put Benedict Arnold in command of the Continental Army’s fort in West Point, NY before Benedict decided to defect to the British side of the conflict in 1780?

    At least for one glorious moment, Benefit Arnold was a courageous and distinguished fighter and one of the commanders of the American revolutionaries.

    After all, if Don in all his wisdom thinks Globalist Elitist Snob Dubya Bush — who decided it was in the USA’s interest to shed the blood of thousands of young patriotic Americans and spend trillions of American dollars in the beyond quixotic quest to democratize the Islamic Middle East; and who was never a real compassionate conservative or any other type of a conservative other then a severely constipated stuck-up conservative just like Mitt Romney — deserves the written equivalent of a tongue bath, Benedict Arnold deserves no less.

    1. There was a saying about how the colonials would deal with the one time hero turned traitor Benedict Arnold if they ever got their hands on him

      "We'll bury his (wounded) leg with full military honors. Then we'll hang the rest of him."

    2. Arnold was (justifiably) ticked that Horatio Gates got the credit for winning the Battle of Saratoga when in fact, Gates spent most of the battle secluded in his headquarters arguing the merits of the patriot cause with a captured British officer while Arnold was out on the field beating the British. He might have gotten past that, except that he married a woman of expensive tastes and Tory sympathies and that was his undoing.

    3. Then tell me why Don is canonizing Dubya. If anyone is honest they would admit the Bush family is as much, if not more, a part of the Deep State and Uniparty that has be hosing over working Americans since President Ronald Reagan left the White House — and have and continue to fight a full-blown intelligence and propaganda war against the only President who has pushed back — President Trump.

      Have mush for brains is not helpful.

      Also, when I read about those “F@ck Joe Biden” chants they are almost always, if not always occurring, in solidly red states.

      If someone has videos of these chants taking place in Madison, Wisconsin; or in any PAC-12 game in California, Oregon, or Washington, I would love to see it.

    4. Does New York count as blue?

    5. Liberals Cheered George Bush's 9/11 Speech Because They Want a Domestic War on Terror

      Bush43, formerly known as "BushHItler" is now the darling of the Liberals

    6. Susie, I feel the same way about Barry. Including him on the list is just as wrong.
      I was a Bush supporter for a long time. After leaving office, he and Laura regularly met troop flights returning from the middle east. Those flights arrived in the dead of night and with little fanfare. I changed my mind about him when he refused to support Trump in the 2016 election.
      He supported the military. Maybe it was out of love for the military industrial complex, but his being there to welcome troops meant a lot to this old soldier.

    7. "Then tell me why Don is canonizing Dubya."

      Don is not "American First." He sides with the Neocon Warmonger Never-Trumpers on foreign policy.

    8. Hi Bobby Lee! Thank you for sharing the American Thinker.

      Love to hear about New Yorkers utilizing their free speech rights. Oh, and this was “peaceful” unlike the typical Democrat protest.

  5. BTW, was that Brotherhood of Man tune your music lyric, Big D? Doesn’t beat DubVee’s deconstruction of Sweet Caroline. Just replace “Eat shite Pitt!!!” with “FOOK BI - DEN!!!”

  6. This means young people are not not lost

  7. He might have had the F15 jockeys on board for a few days after Jan 6. I seriously doubt they would commit mass murder on average Americans now. Shouldnt have favored military aged Afghani males over Americans, Joe

  8. I prefer Canned Heat:

    Together we'll stand, divided we'll fall
    Come on now, people, let's get on the ball

    And Fuck Joe Biden, come on, come on
    Let's Fuck Joe Biden, now now, people
    Because together we will stand
    Every boy, every girl and man

    1. Come on people now,
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together try to shout FUCK Biden right now.

      I've noticed no one is shouting FUCK Harris. I don't blame them, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

    2. Or a ten foot Lithuanian for that matter.

  9. Looks like Biden’s attempt to deflect to Saudi Arabia didn’t quite go according to plan! Just like everything else this mentally-challenged incompetent clown has done in his first eight months.

  10. F-Bombs...make me proud of today's college kids!

    Trump. trump, trump, the Trumpers are coming...

  11. FYI — there is erected in the USA a monument to commemorate Benedict’s Arnold's contribution to the Continental Army's VICTORY over the British. (See:

    Someone who is thoughtful might ask whether there is or will be a similar monument to Dubya Bush. No doubt there will be.

    Rumors are the Taliban are working on a monument to celebrate the moronic decisions made by the two bookend imbecilic Presidents — Dubya and Pantload — the imbecile who decided to launch the USA into a war it could not win because it did not have the will, the stomach, to win; and the imbecile who believes and tells everyone he ended the war with dignity in a gloriously successful and flawlessly executed withdrawal of American troops..

    Two inconvenient facts our faithful (if not always on target) blogger refuses to acknowledge are:

    First, Afghanistan was not under any circumstances becoming the next South Korea, or Japan, when it’s greatest export was and is heroin and its second are the swords used to perform the beheadings which are regaining popularity following America’s ignominious retreat from Afghanistan.

    Second, when someone is clinically demented (example, illegitimate President Pantload) they actually believe sane people will believe whatever BS comes out of their mouth; especially when the hardest questions the demented individual has to answer revolve around their favorite ice cream flavors.

    1. I hear they are now asking him about his pudding cups. "What is it today, Joe? Chocolate, butterscotch, or tapioca?" He's got tapioca for cerebral matter.

    2. I hate to break it to you, but we had Afghanistan won. The Taliban were avoiding engagements. We had zero deaths for months. We could have kept this as a win too. We stayed in Europe for decades after defeating the Germans.
      Considering that Afghanistan has two major exports, terrorism and heroin, we had reason to remain.

    3. JeremyR, even if both you and Don served in the US military (I think Don did, but I don’t know about you) you know less than nothing about what it means to WIN A WAR.

      One thing both you and Don ignorantly ignore as if you’re blind as bats (and without bats other senses) is the Taliban had an excellent selfish reason not to kill Americans for many months.


      The Taliban wanted us to leave because they knew once we left they would take over because the Afghanistan National Government would fall like a house of cards. Whether it took two days, two weeks, two months, two years, all parties knew it was going to happen — it was just a matter of time!!!

      That Biden badly eff’ed up the retreat of America from Afghanistan is not in doubt, but in NO WAY did it change the basic fact that we DID NOT WIN.

      The Taliban never surrendered the way Germany and Japan surrendered. There was never going to be a de-Talibanization of Afghanistan as there was a de-Natizification of Germany.

      While Don loves to reminisce and swoon over California, Beach Boys, early 1960’s — he seems to be aware that the USA hasn’t WON a WAR against any major power since WWII and arguably the last war of any significance the USA won was perhaps in Iraq against Saddam; though even in this case there is no question the USA lost the peace.

      Oh yeah I forgot, this is where Don will pull out this nonsense that Iraq was/is on the road to being South Korea/sarc

      You and Don need to stop peddling this ignorant propaganda nonsense — having an occupying force in a country is not the same as winning a war.

      The only ostensible reason the USA has troops in Germany, Japan, and South Korea is NOT to occupy those countries after defeating them in WWII or defending them in the Korean War, respectively (as we were occupying Afghanistan)— it is to defend them against Russia, China and North Korea (and allegedly so Germany and Japan never become aggressive militaristic powers ever again; which means in exchange the USA props up their economies and pays for their military defense for going on over 55 years!!!

    4. We didn't win the war in Afghanistan because war was never declared. That gave Bush an out to be deliberately vague about our objectives. He limited the scope of our operations to allow Pakistan to become a privileged sanctuary for the Taliban. Being a Vietnam veteran, I saw the same thing over there. "We seek no wider war," drawled LBJ, so instead, we had a longer war. The Washington establishment has learned nothing after all these years.

    5. Amazing there Suzie, you know even less than I do. I served from 1979 to 2000. I was stationed at Ft Riley KS and Kaiserslautern FRG area. 31V10/20 transitioned to 95B20/30 and was commissioned in 1992.
      During the time I was in Europe, we had numerous terror attacks by the red army faction/ Bader Meinhoff gang. The Germans had lightened up considerably at that point. They, like the French, embraced socialism. Note that Germany's leader is a former East German spook, and from what I can tell, an admirer of Putin.

    6. Yes, I know what it takes to win a war. Surrender isn't the only benchmark, some forces will never surrender. When their ability to wage war is gone, it is immaterial. Yes, they made terror attacks. As I pointed out, so did the hardline Germans. We were able to move anywhere at will. Did they sometimes attack? So did holdouts on Saipan, Luzon, and a host of other places in the Pacific. Hiroo Onoda didn't surrender until 1974.
      Many Taliban were hiding in Pakistan. Others went to Iran, Syria as fighters, or other places where they could perform jihad. Others simply went home.
      I had mixed feelings on President Trump's decision to pull out. We had only a small contingent in country anymore, less than a supported infantry brigade. We could maintain that infinitely. Since we were providing education for them, it should have been a no brainer to keep troops along with the teachers. Having a thousand men ready to jump on birds and ride into battle was something the Taliban could never have. In another twenty years, those guys would have been too old to fight, and in twenty more, their kids too would have been getting old.
      Winning the peace is hard. We still have people who think the Southern cause was just in our civil war. How many generations?

  12. The FJB chant is one of the most astonishing and direct ways the public has ever expressed its disgust with a politician during my lifetime. The fact that it is broad based geographically is also quite astonishing. As Don said - “We’re here and we don’t fear”. Biden and Dems should be afraid, very afraid.

  13. We are not lost. My Nurse friend who's making an Anti jab stand local Sheriff young guy no jab,no gun grab we
    are having another city hall steps rally next weekend.
    There's hope.

  14. It's worth repeating that the weakest aspect of these soft, useless gits is enforcement. They think that they just have to issue "orders" and that the rank-and-file will either just mindlessly-and-robotically follow them, or that the rank-and-file are all psychopaths who are in it because they just enjoy killing people and don't care upon whom they are doing that. When the response from the citizenry correctly asks back, "You and what army?" they will crumble quickly.

    I also can't help but note once again how much of all this parallels the last years/months/days of the rancid Ceausescu regime in Romania. Nicolai was a lifelong party apparatchik whose main function was to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle via graft as the country fell apart and descended into poverty, while his evil, very-power-hungry, fake-Ph.D. "but you must call me Doctor" wife Elena ran much of the show behind the scenes. When things reached a breaking point in December 1989, Nicolai and Elena ordered the army to fire on the people; the army refused, and they had to flee the capital by helicopter by nightfall (but didn't get very far).

    Joe and "Doctor" (sic) Jill, our very own Nicolai and "Doctor" (sic) Elena. Cruising for the same fate?

  15. Mississippi state students were full blown FJB and lots of USA, USA, USA.

    It was FANTASTIC!!

    And fuck Zhou Xiden!!

  16. Admit it Don, Natalie was right about GB.

  17. y'know, methinks when this is all over, many of us will say to ourselves: "boy, I could see that coming!" And, yet, at this point, I have no idea what the future holds...or OTOH I have lots of ideas of the future may hold and most of them worry me.

    I guess all one person can do is to paraphrase Nelson: "America expects that every man will do his duty" and pray that will be enough...

  18. Eagerly awaiting the first Texas A&M home game. Say what you will about the team. Tha fans are amazing and real real loud.

  19. Just watched the livestream of the protest at Boise airport (CFP linked it). FJB chants, signs, etc., estimated 2,000 people. Simultaneously watching the channel 7 coverage, their reporter said he couldn't show most of it because of the profane signs. Good job Idaho!

  20. It's the dance sensation that's sweepin' the nation.

    And you know anybody as thin-skinned as Idiot is going to have to show them who's boss (hint: it ain't him).

    Democrats have a problem in that they did not win the election without chicanery in at least a half-dozen states.

    Closer to 20.

    Lots closer.

  21. Nurses in KFalls are challenging The Mandatory Jab too.

  22. Real environmentalists close down nuclear power plants, but drop nukes in the back yard.

  23. It's always been "hip" to hate the MAN. It's just taken forever for people to realize the MAN is the left and the demorat party. Just saw a column the other day where some right leaning columnist suddenly woke up and realized the establishment and the MAN are all on the left. Ya think? RESIST. DEFY. REBEL. Who was it who once said telling the truth in times of deceit is an act of revolution? Oh, that's right. Orwell. The man who got it right about these times.

    Wouldn't it be marvelous if F JOE BIDEN stickers sprouted on telephone poles, highway barriers, road signs, everywhere they can be slapped on and stick. Then you'll see the left suddenly be concerned about "profane" language, the same group who fought for it decades ago. Because, you see.. now they ARE THE MAN.

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