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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Et Tu, W?

On Saturday, I posted, "I'd forgotten how good Bush was after 9/11."

Shortly afterward, Dubya dumped on me and millions of other supporters, labeling us domestic terrorists because we voted for Donald Trump over brother Jeb!

Bush said, "There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit. And it is our continuing duty to confront them."

Now he could be talking about liberals. They disregard human life by supporting abortion. They defile our flag.

But Bush meant his own supporters and others who voted for Trump.

He politicized 9/11 to torch American citizens. He was so disdainful of Republicans that he may as well change his name to Milley.

While he gladly attacked Trump supporters, Bush was silent as deep space on Biden's surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

This was the war Bush began.

On October 7, 2001, he told the American people, "More than two weeks ago, I gave Taliban leaders a series of clear and specific demands: Close terrorist training camps; hand over leaders of the al Qaeda network; and return all foreign nationals, including American citizens, unjustly detained in your country. None of these demands were met. And now the Taliban will pay a price."

20 years later, the Taliban collected a reward of $90 billion in cash and war materiel.

And instead of showing any outrage -- any anger -- any protest -- against the surrender, Dubya turns on his own people calling us terrorists.

And we voted for him.

Bush trusts the Taliban more than his own voters. Maybe he believes in a kinder, gentler Taliban, one that through practice can now behead people in only one or two hacks.

Oh he mentioned the men and women he sent into battle.


He said, "After 9/11, millions of brave Americans stepped forward and volunteered to serve in the armed forces, and military measures taken over the last 20 years to pursue dangers at their source have led to debate. But one thing is certain: we owe an assurance to all who have fought our nation's most recent battles."

Don't worry, soldiers. George Walker Bush has your back -- until you really need him.

Trump stood up for Bush's voters and his.

The president issued a statement, and said, "So interesting to watch former President Bush, who is responsible for getting us into the quicksand of the Middle East (and then not winning!), as he lectures us that terrorists on the ‘right’ are a bigger problem than those from foreign countries that hate America, and that are pouring into our Country right now.

"If that is so, why was he willing to spend trillions of dollars and be responsible for the death of perhaps millions of people? He shouldn’t be lecturing us about anything,"

I stand by Saturday's column.

The George Walker Bush I voted for is not the same as that bitter old man who politicized 9/11 on Saturday. People change. Usually for the better, but sometimes they pull a Bush.


  1. Too much time around Mom and Dad, especially Mom, who thought JEB! had earned a shot at the brass ring.

    It's disappointing to hear this, but you know he underwent some heavy indoctrination to eventually call a creep like Willie a "brother from another mother".

  2. Bush: Bush League. Can't pitch, can't hit, can't run any bases. America, THAT he can run down.

  3. Michael Barone, who is amongst the few "real" journalists left, says without saying it directly that Biden is worse than Carter:

    But I am wondering the heresy of whether GWB is worse than Carter. Think about it: other than Iran, Carter even had a (very) few bright stops: he appointed Paul Volcker who did eventually kill stagflation, with RWR, and he signed an airline deregulation bill.

    GWB, on the other hand, destroyed the Republican dominance in foreign policy; destabilized the Middle East until this day; oversaw a financial crisis; signed the USA Patriot Act, an act of political violence against his fellow citizens; led to Barack Obama.

    GWB was a fair-weather who followed his advisors or whomever was leading him. That's why he's so comfortable today with the Woke crowd that once called him Hitler. There's no "there" there - he really is a shrub. I'm thinking that it is truly GWB that is "worse than Carter" now that we see how history unfolded.

  4. Thank you for writing this column Don!!! Greatly appreciate you noting this reality.

    What you write matters.

  5. GWB also blew it on the economy, losing factory after factory to China.

  6. I can’t really understand why anyone would speak highly of Bush after his remarks about Trump during Trump’s presidency. You may have been feeling nostalgic on 9/11, but nothing warrants glossing over the fact he’s no better than Romney or any other NTer.
    Don, I love you. I really do. But I beg you, please stop with the occasional time warp to the old comfortable days before the curtain was pulled back…and for God’s sake please stop telling people they should get the vaccine. You got it, we know. But don’t advise anyone else on this matter. 98% of your other commentary is delightful, though!

    1. I agree, Courtney. No lectures on getting a vaccine after I've had and recovered quickly from the virus. Natural immunity is vastly superior without the risks the jab presents.

    2. You are correct. I was a bit surprised by Don's original post. Any war fought not to win but to fill the pockets of the politicians and corporate ceo's is wrong. A few weeks ago I was visiting the Military cemetery in Bath NY and talked to one of the caretakers. He is an Iraq and Afgan Army veteran. He said to me that the Afgan people hated us and we should have just bombed the bases but the Iraq people were grateful that be tried to help them. Funny one never heard that from the media, any media. Yes I held my nose and voted for Bush but any politician that disrespects veterans who served their country in peace and war gets the big middle finger from me. BTW I am a Vietnam veteran who served in another war we never planned to win. So GWB I give a big FU Biden middle finger to you. May you rot in hell with your globalist friends.

  7. Courtney C.: Ditto, ditto. ...Ditto!!!

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  9. Like you, Don, I suffered from Bush Buyer's Remorse. OTOH, who were the other choices offered up in our binary presidential election system? Kerry (who, you should remember served in Viet Nam) and Gore, Jr. In hindsight, one can only wonder if it made any difference.

  10. Maybe Bush read two sentences from Mark Steyn and thought it was all that mattered about the Taliban, diversity and tolerance - “Surprise, surprise! After three weeks of trolling about "Taliban 2.0", the new regime in Afghanistan turns out to be, as I said last week, "an 'inclusive' government encompassing both mullahs with full beards and mullahs with three-quarter-length beards".

  11. Five large from my wife and I to his library, and he goes and pulls that shite. Goddammit, George.

  12. The Republicans and GW had no intention of letting Jeb win. The establishment Republicans were all in for Hillary. Jeb was a sacraficial goat.

  13. Trying to save yourself here I see. I thought that tax the rich dress they leftest Chiquita was weary got to your brain for a moment.

  14. Trying to save yourself here I see. I thought that tax the rich dress they leftest Chiquita was weary got to your brain for a moment.

  15. Happens to the best, Don. I supported Bush thru thick and thin, and can defend the Iraq decision even now. But, even at the time, I couldnt defend allowing oil to rise to $147 a barrel. That was atrocious leadership

    I also think that leftie hedge fund pirates had a hand in that, and that $147 oil played a huge role in the September '08 meltdown -- as the straw that broke the camel's back. The hedge funders may not have intended to destroy the entire market, perhaps, but there was gross malfeasance there. They committed an act of involuntary manslaughter on the financial markets, if you will -- as opposed to first degree murder