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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Biden pays for Afghanistan

If Clueless Joe Biden is hobbling these days, it is because he shot himself in the foot.

On August 20, Politico reported, "President Joe Biden and his inner circle were in an ebullient mood.

"It was Wednesday morning, Aug. 11, and they were basking in the glow of back-to-back legislative wins. The day before, the Senate had passed a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. And in the early hours of Wednesday morning, they witnessed the advancement of a $3.5 trillion framework to finance Democrats’ social agenda.

"Watching the Senate vote tally in front of a television screen in the president’s private dining room, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris pumped their fists in triumph. The linchpin of their domestic agenda had begun to fall into place."

Triumph quickly became a defeat. Dame Fortune did not do this. Biden did by surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Now, because of that, his domestic agenda is falling apart. Washington sees him the way the rest of the world sees him as weak, incompetent and befuddled. He does get cantankerous and incoherent when under pressure.

Oh my gosh, we have gone from President Donald Trump to President Donald Duck.

On Friday, Politico reported, "At some point this past week, a dark realization set in among Democrats that the Biden presidency, not yet a year old, could be lost.

"Not failed, mind you. White House officials and allies believe they have achievements to boast about (reducing childhood poverty, for example) and more that they can do in office. But with progressives and moderates in Congress bickering over the sequencing and contours of the president’s physical and human infrastructure bills, it seemed, almost suddenly, that the window for moving generational social and economic policy was close to closed. And it left a number of top officials in a self-described panic.

"One House Democratic lawmaker said that on a scale of one to 10 — 10 being extremely worried about the fate of Biden’s agenda and one being supremely confident in it — he had gone from a three to a seven. And this person is a preternatural optimist."

Biden went from getting enough Republican senators to go along to get along to pass the $1.2 trillion spending spree in August, but now he cannot cobble together 50 Democrat senators to pass the $3.5 trillion spending spree that House Democrats demand to pass the first bill.

His surrender of Afghanistan (along with $90 billion in cash and military equipment) to the Taliban stunned the nation.

That sellout of America by Biden -- and Milley and Austin and all those other Dollar Generals who run the Pentagon -- have wounded his presidency, perhaps mortally.

Both Joe Manchin and AOC are seizing the situation to make demands for their opposing sides. The money men are getting impatient. They sent their main man to warn Democrats not to exploit the circumstance. That's like telling a politician not to kiss babies.

Friday's piece in Politico said, "John Podesta, one of the greybeards of the Democratic Party, felt so gripped by a fear of legislative implosion that he penned a memo imploring lawmakers to resolve their differences or risk electoral annihilation.

"'I was worried that the sense of urgency to resolve a final deal on reconciliation was sort of lagging and that both sides thought they had more clout than they did,' he said in an interview explaining his thinking. 'And while I have tremendous faith in the speaker to manage the caucus, it felt like there was a game of chicken being played on both sides and that could result in the whole thing spinning out of control and we get nothing. That would be politically disastrous and substantively disastrous.'

"Podesta insisted no one in the West Wing told him to pen the memo, in which he told progressives to compromise on the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill and for moderates to recognize there’d be no infrastructure deal without a reconciliation bill too. But his fears were shortly echoed from inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

On August 31, Politico reported, "It’s been a month from hell for Joe Biden. From the bungled Afghanistan pullout mission that led to American casualties, to the spike in Covid-19 hospitalizations — and an accompanying hit to his poll numbers — September can’t come soon enough for the president."

August is now the good old days of this presidency.


  1. Don’t be dissin mah DG, the greatest find-everything-you-need store on the PLANET right now, by linking it to Snark Silley and Lloyd Christmas. Low blow, Big D. 😂😂😂

    1. the 'DG' moniker is, however, accurate.
      dis' or no dis'.

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  3. "President Donald Duck."

    Hey, that's insulting and disrespectful!

    To Donald Duck. Sheesh.


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  5. The good news for Biden is that his mind is so shot that he doesn’t even understand what’s happening. FJB, then bury him.

  6. I bet at this point even Kamel Toe ho wouldn’t FJB

  7. The Dems did this to themselves. They have to live with it...which they'll do by lying and complaining about the GOPers.

  8. “we have gone from President Donald Trump to President Donald Duck.” We have gone from President Donald Trump to President Lame Duck.

  9. The infighting is tremendous, if it continues. May the AOC wing declare war on the old guard corrupt democrats and try to primary them all.

  10. It must be pretty bad if Joetato is even losing those miserable RINO sobs that work for Red China. FJB.

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  12. "It’s been a month from hell for Joe Biden."
    Well, it never hurts to get a preview of where he'll spend eternity.

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