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Monday, August 30, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Ho honors Ho Chi Minh.

ITEM 2: ABC reported, "Overwhelming bipartisan support for keeping troops in Afghanistan until all Americans, Afghans who aided US out: POLL."

The story said, "84% Americans think U.S. troops should remain in the country until all Americans are evacuated, and 71% think they should stay until all Afghans who helped the United States are evacuated as well.

"Breaking from the typical polarization that characterizes public attitudes, support for U.S. troops staying is strikingly consistent across party lines. Among Republicans, Democrats and independents, overwhelming majorities -- 87%, 86% and 86%, respectively -- believe U.S. troops should not leave until all Americans are out of Afghanistan. The partisan gap is also negligible for keeping troops in Afghanistan until all Afghans who aided the United States are evacuated, with 77% of Republicans, 72% of Democrats and 70% of independents."

Flashback to October 31, 2001, when Gallup reported, "88% of Americans approve of the military action."

Overnight and single-handedly, Biden has flipped public support for the war in Afghanistan to a 20-year high.

ITEM 3: I pledge allegiance to the fag...

The Daily Mail reported, "A California high school teacher is being investigated by the school board after she revealed she'd got her students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag instead of the American one.

"Kristin Pitzen, of Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, posted a video to TikTok, where she admitted she'd removed the American flag because it made her 'uncomfortable.'.

"When one of her English class students pointed out it was missing during the Pledge of Allegiance, she told them to recite the pledge to the only flag she did have hanging in her classroom -- the gay pride flag."

Liberals are uncomfortable with liberty and justice for all.

ITEM 4: The New York Daily News reported, "He’s a one man menace, a walking tornado of trash. They call him the Can Tipper of the Upper East Side —and he can’t be stopped by the NYPD, homeless outreach workers or local politicians.

"For years, a homeless man has made a habit of knocking over garbage cans on a roughly 15-block stretch of Lexington Ave. around E. 80th St., frustrating business owners and residents who say they’ve been unable to stop the near-daily mayhem."

Once upon a time, New York enforced vagrancy laws. Vagrancy was low.

New York (and other Democrat strongholds) replaced that with homeless outreach programs.

There are more homeless today than there were in the Great Depression.

ITEM 5: The Washington Examiner reported, "Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists sprung by the Taliban from an Afghan prison could enter the United States via the porous southern border, security experts said, lending grim legitimacy to concerns raised by Republicans.

"Feds patrolling the 2,000-mile-long U.S.-Mexico border are increasingly on alert for foreigners on the terror watch list, given the situation in Afghanistan, a senior official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Washington Examiner."

The border would be easier to patrol if we had a wall across it.

Biden's Blunder will haunt America for 40 years as he surrendered and armed not just the Taliban, but ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the rest.

Biden is General Solemeini's revenge on America.

ITEM 6: The People's Party of Canada is an upstart conservative populist movement North of the Insanity.

The Toronto Star is a government-subsidized newspaper trying to import that insanity north.

ITEM 7: Fox reported, "Secretary of State Antony Blinken was vacationing in the Hamptons just hours before Taliban insurgents invaded Kabul and completed their retaking of Afghanistan 20 years after their ouster by U.S.-led forces, according to a new report.

"According to a detailed timeline of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul compiled by The Washington Post, the actions by U.S. officials in the days leading up to the collapse suggested 'no immediate cause for alarm,' with many of them "surrendering to the customary rhythms of Washington in August."

"Blinken, like other U.S. officials, had to be called back from his vacation once things started rapidly deteriorating in Afghanistan, the report said."

We have a Pravda press, which means the first question you should ask when reading a WaPo story is why are they reporting this?

My guess is the Deep State wants Tony Blinken out to be replaced by someone slightly more incompetent and clueless. 

ITEM 8: The Wall Street Journal reported, "North Korea appears to have resumed operation of its plutonium-producing reactor at Yongbyon in a move that could enable the reclusive country to expand its nuclear-weapons arsenal, the U.N. atomic agency said.

"The development, disclosed in the agency’s annual report on North Korea’s nuclear activities, adds a new challenge to President Biden’s foreign policy agenda, alongside the dangerous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and stalemated talks on restoring the 2015 deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

"'Since early July, there have been indications, including the discharge of cooling water, consistent with the operation of the reactor,' said the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

"The Yongbyon reactor appeared to have been inactive from December 2018 until the beginning of July 2021, the report noted. It added that signs that the reactor is now being operated coincide with indications that North Korea is also using a nearby laboratory to separate plutonium from spent fuel previously removed from the reactor.

"The agency, whose inspectors were kicked out of North Korea in 2009, described the twin developments as 'deeply troubling' and a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions."

Kim Jong-Un would really, really, really like to thank Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell and the rest for certifying that stolen election.

ITEM 9: Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post (no links for the wicked) reported, "How the number of Americans in Afghanistan went from 15,000 to 6,000."

Ah. Nice to see a journalist show off his math skills.

How incompetent is Biden?

His withdrawal of troops led to the addition of more troops.

ITEM 10: Breitbart reported, "Boris Johnson has been warned that Joe Biden 'holds grudges' after members of the British government questioned his mental fitness following 'completely mad' press briefings on Afghanistan.

"The warning follows a report in The Sunday Times that a British government minister said President Biden 'looked gaga' while speaking to the press, with a government aide describing the American as 'doolally' and the newspaper noting that 'Such thoughts are normally never whispered in Whitehall, let alone briefed.'

"Doolally is an insult with a strong pedigree in Britain, stemming from the name of a town in India where a sanatorium for soldiers rendered temporarily deranged by fever were sent in the 1800s."

Oh no!

Fear a Biden grudge.

Based on how he made Taliban pay, Britain can expect it to rain money and military equipment for the next 10 years.

ITEM 11: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The European Union is set to recommend halting nonessential travel from the U.S. because of the spread of Covid-19, diplomats said on Sunday.

"European officials have been considering the move for much of the last month, with the average U.S. infection rate now above that of the EU.

"The Slovenian presidency of the EU last week recommended removing the U.S. and five other countries from a list of countries allowed nonessential travel. A final decision is due on Monday. Two diplomats said they weren’t aware of any objections so far.

"The EU travel list, which is reviewed every two weeks, isn’t binding on member states, but it has generally set the pattern over the past few months for who can visit the bloc. Some countries may decide to keep permitting U.S. tourists if they can prove they have been vaccinated."

Democrats told us that Trump had isolated us from the world.


Biden has.

ITEM 12: Axios reported, "Top Biden officials have been excused from the ethics rules President Biden boasts about so they can do work involving large Wall Street banks, a leading defense contractor and prominent national media outlets, records show.

"At least 16 Senate-confirmed officials have received waivers to ethics laws and regulations, according to an Axios review of their federal ethics paperwork."

So they are not working for us.

They are working for Corporate America.

You know, the people who sold their souls to Red China.

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "Miami Herald runs 'misleading' headline suggesting 901 Florida COVID deaths occurred in single day."

The headline said, "Miami Herald headline: 901 deaths is the biggest one-day increase in pandemic history."

However, buried in the actual story was the fact that those were 901 deaths over a period of more than four weeks.

The newspaper said it stood by its story.


But how about apologizing and fixing the inaccurate headline?

ITEM 14: I'm vaccinated, but I am tired of the sanctimony among some of the vaccinated.

As Jean Shepherd said in the title of his semi-fictional memoir, "In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash."

ITEM 15: The Wall Street Journal reported, "Zach Van Meter, a private-equity investor from Naples, Fla., phoned the government of Somaliland last week, asking if it would host thousands of Afghan refugees.

"'He just called me out of the blue,' said Bashir Goth, the Washington representative for a region of Somalia seeking independence.

"Two days later, on Aug. 25, Somaliland’s acting foreign minister signed a tentative accord with charities working with Mr. Van Meter, agreeing to temporarily house as many as 10,000 Afghan evacuees in Berbera, a port on the Gulf of Aden. It was part of an on-the-fly effort that Mr. Van Meter said has helped about 5,000 Afghans escape their country in the past two weeks, in one of the most successful known private efforts to extract Afghans.

"From the Peacock Lounge, a conference room at the Willard InterContinental hotel in Washington, Mr. Van Meter and an ad hoc collection of war veterans, Afghan diplomats, wealthy donors, defense contractors, nonprofit workers and off-duty U.S. officials conducted a global military-style rescue operation."

Somalis are accepting refugees?

I have a congresswoman they may be interested in taking in.

FINALLY, Hurricane Ida could imperil West Virginia.

Hurricane Juan hit Louisiana on October 29. 1985. Damage totaled $1.5 billion with 12 deaths.

But it wasn't over. The remnants of the hurricane met up with a cold front out of Florida, which became the Election Day floods which flooded Virginia and West Virginia. The damage reached $1.4 billion and 62 people died.

Ever since, I have kept an eye on Gulf hurricanes. Looks like we will get 4 inches of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. 


  1. #10 Don Don Don, you just don’t get it. Biden never punishes enemies, just Americans and America’s allies. It’s a Democrat thing.

    1. Yep. Biden treats the Taliban better than the Jan6 illegal paraders.

  2. #14 speaking of the coovf, had an impromptu picnic yesterday with girlfriend and others from my church. No face diapers. Sheriff deputy came by he's a member of the church. Had potato salad and chicken. Left. Very few are wearing. Kate has lost control of greater Idaho.
    Prayers for the flood potential, Don.

    1. Keep that sweet Pony dry in the barn, Big D. 315 hp + RWD + wet pavement = side skids into speed limit signs. BTDT.

    2. Resist we much, DDC. Great rallying words from Rev. Al.

    3. I'd say 25 percent were maskless when I went grocery shopping yesterday in southern Orygun.

  3. "My guess is the Deep State wants Tony Blinken out to be replaced by someone slightly more incompetent and clueless. "
    Is this possible?

    1. You don’t know DC, brother. A bigger bunch of well-coiffed, empty-skulled NPCs I have never met in my life.

    2. Of course it is. But given the incompetence of our secret Politburo, they will pick someone m u c h more incompetent and clueless. Imagine, for instance, Secretary of State Newsom.

    3. Hopefully, Newsom will be looking for a new gig soon.

      Good Babylon Bee video here: (2:58)

  4. #15. I bet they have no interest in that loser.

  5. Don's column is now mandatory, personal daily reading for me.

    Thanks Don.

  6. #1 -- Remember Don, in 1970, America once sent 78 soldiers to their death to capture a hill in the A Shau Valley that was then ABANDONED (ma-a-a-an!) Which just shows you that America is the true nexus of evil, ma-a-an

    So, like, when Ho sent the American equivalent of 11 million soldiers to their deaths over a period of 20 years, that makes him, like, a saint .. or something

    So get off Kamala's case, ma-a-an. Whats your problem, ma-a-an?

  7. Biden has flipped public support for the war in Afghanistan to a 20-year high."

    No, Deep State Endless Warmongers did that. The same people who worked to sabotage Trump have successfully sabotaged Biden. Mission Accomplished for the Pentagon, CIA & War loving Media.

  8. Item 2 - Not sure why a poll of adults is necessary to understand that the military should stay until all civilians are evacuated. If you asked a classroom full of 12 year olds they would overwhelmingly tell you it’s stupid to remove the military before the civilians. The Magoo administration failed the 12 year old test and this is just one example of such failures.

    1. You just don't understand JfromC... Our betters in DC are just more nuanced than we, the great unwashed peons. Let's know our role and accept that ole Joe knows what he's doing and it will be great /s

    2. Whoever approved leaving Bagram needs to be court-martialed.

  9. Item 7: "My guess is the Deep State wants Tony Blinken out to be replaced by someone slightly more incompetent and clueless." Those would be Winkin and Nod.

    Item 13: Governor DeSantis should go "TALK" to them.

  10. Don, thanks as usual, Started my morning with the Ho for Ho and a good laugh. Then the rest of the news had be crying in my green tea.
    #8 Interesting how N Korea restart just after Trump lost, remember how apoplectic the press was when he stepped over the line--kept the crazyies in line!
    #12 where do the rest of us ( who are paying for it all) get such an exemption. Also note that Biden is giving all the government workers a nice raise? I guess the Dems need more donations.

  11. Item 4: “the Can Tipper of the Upper East Side —and he can’t be stopped by the NYPD, homeless outreach workers or local politicians.” All it would take is an IED with a tilt trigger. A less permanent solution would be a pepper bomb.

    Item 8: “North Korea appears to have resumed operation of its plutonium-producing reactor” Biden’s bumbling bloodbath in Afghanistan has made the whole world less safe.

  12. 3 - It's her personal Muslim-outreach effort...

    6 - If Maxime Bernier is the founder and leader of this whatever, I wouldn't get too excited about it. He's a squish who couldn't show any backbone when he was in leadership levels of the mainstream Conservative Party in Canada and Quebec.

    7 - The "good" news (such as it is) is that between the whole world falling apart and their rank incompetence, they have been unable to do what they really wanted to do (persecute the domestic political opposition and anyone else not down with "the plan"). In this environment, one takes what good news one can find...

    FINALLY - Could be more than that in places; will depend on things like upsloping (more water) and downsloping (less water) of the wind over the specific terrain.

  13. 1 - we expect nothing less from her. A disgrace.

    5 - the Afghani terrorists won’t have any problem crossing in the desert. That’s home turf for them.

    13 - an ultra liberal friend who lives in Florida never misses an opportunity to trash DeSantis over a Covid and several other “horrible” things he is responsible for, such as red tide. President Trump is bashed a little less frequently.

  14. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: She thinks all the Hos should stick together.

    3: It has ever been thus.

    4: It helps the Warren SCROTUS closed down the asylums.

    5: I see Rs are "concerned" about all this. Too bad they weren't "concerned" last January.

    7: Impossible.

    14: Cool.

  15. I share this daily column daily on three social media sites.

  16. I don't necessarily see the Bible verse's stated as 'telling' you that you are not to take vaccines. I do see them as foundational statements to put your trust in God and not the propaganda of the world. To prove all things and hold fast that which is good. (1Th5:21).

  17. ""North Korea appears to have resumed operation of its plutonium-producing reactor at Yongbyon in a move that could enable the reclusive country to expand its nuclear-weapons arsenal, the U.N. atomic agency said."

    I wonder what changed? Hmmmm?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I might add Psalm 121 to your list

  20. And all these folks upset with the unvaccinated. I would've hoped this would taper off since we now know that the vaccinated can be spreaders too and get infected and it's possible that the Delta variant and others just might be coming from the vaccinated.

    I don't mind they're upset but some of these people sound like Germans before they decided enough with the Jews and to do something about it.

    When's the unvaccinated's turn? Not gonna be like the Jews and be herded onto a train to a quarantine camp. If i'm gonna die I'm gonna have a few retainers in hell.

  21. #4 He could be stopped and without too much violence.

    Net him like you would a black bear that is out of it's native environment. Then ship him off to San Francisco. They won't notice the extra trash along with all the feces. Plus they're getting new trash cans that weigh a ton. Good exercise for him.

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  24. Item 14 - Not as many as the stars but "Do not be afraid" shows up in the bible 365 times.

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