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Monday, August 02, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Mayo Clinic reported that 57.7% of the country has received at least one dose of covid vaccine. That's over half the country.

Enough people are vaxxed that we don't need masks.

ITEM 2: CNBC reported, "Anger and frustration mounted in Congress over the weekend as a nationwide eviction moratorium expired during a surge in the Covid-19 pandemic. One Democratic lawmaker even camped outside the Capitol in protest as millions of Americans faced being forced from their homes.

"Lawmakers said they were blindsided by President Joe Biden’s inaction as the midnight Saturday deadline neared, some furious that he called on Congress to provide a last-minute solution to protect renters. The rare division between the president and his party carried potential lasting political ramifications."

The ban is an unconstitutional attack on capitalism.

It is too bad we cannot imprison or otherwise punish lawmakers who blatantly violate the Constitution in passing such legislation.

ITEM 3: Good Word News reported, "On Thursday, an Oregon judge clashed with local officials and a gun control group as he dismissed a challenge to a Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance that had previously been approved by voters.

"The Columbia County Council of Commissioners requested a judicial review of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance on May 25, which bars law enforcement in the locality from enforcing most federal law enforcement provisions. Officials at the time did not seek to invalidate the proposal. Instead, they sought to 'get answers to the many legal questions raised by this one.'

"Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy group, and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum then filed their own court documents opposing the sanctuary order. Despite their opposition, Judge Ted Grove ruled that no 'justiciable controversy' was present to justify a legal decision on the matter."

A win for America.

ITEM 4: Via Zero Hedge, Bill Maher said, "Please don’t turn the Olympics into the Oscars. Oh, what was that? They did already?

"You know, back in April, when the Oscars aired, I commented in this space that the theme of that evening was 'We dare you to be entertained' — lest your mind waver from thinking about the sad things and bad people in the world."

Maher overstated the importance of the Olympics.

In the woke era, sports fans have discovered they don't need to be entertained.

In fact, we were entertaining ourselves to death.

So take away sports, new movies, the theater, and the rest. I'll watch "Petticoat Junction" and "The Untouchables" reruns and read books. I learned to live without newspapers earlier.

ITEM 5: On the other hand, Mark Judge reported, "Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky, who recently set a world record in the 400-meter competition, prays before she races.

"The 24-year-old talked about her Catholic faith in a recent interview with the Catholic Standard. Ledecky won her first gold medal in the 2012 Olympics for the 800-meter freestyle. Since then she has become the world record holder in the 400, 800 and 1500-meter freestyles, and the American record holder in the 500, 1000 and 1650-yard freestyles.

"In 2015, she became the first swimmer in history to win the 200, 400, 800, and 1500-meter freestyles in a single world championship.

"On Sunday Ledecky beat the previous world record of 3:58.37 in the 400-meter set in 2014 by almost two seconds, down to 3:56.46."

That is awesome.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "A group of 10 Republican senators is backing legislation that would require an audit of the decision-making and public health messaging by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Audit them all. 

Every single government agency needs to be answerable for the decisions they make. And impeach any and all department heads who call their agencies independent. 

The American people own the bureaucracy, not the other way around.

Congress should never have given these agencies so much power.

ITEM 7: The Hill reported, "Influential public sector unions are pushing back on a new vaccination requirement for federal workers in a rare split with the Biden administration.

"President Biden’s latest vaccine push, announced Thursday, requires federal employees to attest that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or be subject to masking, social distancing and weekly testing.

"While labor groups representing government employees have urged their members to get vaccinated, most of the leading public sector unions either oppose the vaccine requirement or say it must first be negotiated.

"Groups representing educators, postal workers, law enforcement officers, Treasury Department personnel and other government employees expressed unease about the vaccine requirement this week. Only a few public sector unions outright endorsed the measure."

Donald Trump meanwhile pushed to get the vaccines.

Maybe Democrats are refusing to take the Trump vaccines.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Ammunition is reportedly flying off of shelves across the country as anxious Americans — who purchased a record number of firearms during the pandemic — lock and load up in response to social unrest and an increase in violence.

"The shortage is now impacting law enforcement agencies, the Associated Press reported, as ammunition shelves are bare despite manufacturers saying they are producing as much as they can."

Gangbangers seem to have no ammo problems at all.

ITEM 9: CNBC reported, "Millions of jobless Americans are poised to lose Covid-era income support in about a month’s time.

"This impending benefits cliff appears different from others that loomed this past year, when Congress was able to keep aid flowing after eleventh-hour legislative deals.

"There doesn’t seem to be an urgency among federal lawmakers to extend pandemic benefit programs past Labor Day, their official cutoff date."

Meanwhile, there are 9.2 million unfilled job openings.

The benefits were meant to be temporary until there were job openings.

We have job openings again.

Go back to work.

ITEM 10National Justice reported, "The Department of Justice and the FBI have a message for local police departments: start charging more white people with hate crimes or invite an investigation.

"Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta told an assembly of FBI agents yesterday that they are now tasked with hounding police departments in their district if they do not register any hate crimes.

"Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division Jay Greenberg have declared hate crimes by 'racially motivated violent extremists' (a euphemism generally reserved for right-wing white men) to be a national threat priority -- a rare designation.

"According to Greenberg, the FBI will be increasingly specialized in pursuing hate crimes through increased training in the matter, an aggressive media campaign designed to recruit victims in 'underrepresented and targeted populations,' and putting federal pressure on local law enforcement to charge and report hate crimes when they otherwise wouldn't."

I would think black people would be more interested in solving the thousands of murders of black people in Chicago, where only 1 in 6 murders are solved.

ITEM 11The New York Post reported, "NHL star Evander Kane’s pregnant wife ripped her husband in a scathing Instagram post — claiming the San Jose Sharks forward is a gambling addict who tanked games for profit and abandoned her with their toddler to party in Europe while their house is being 'taken by the bank.'

"The Saturday Instagram stories have apparently already prompted an investigation by the National Hockey League, which said in a tweet it was aware of the posts and intended to 'conduct a full investigation.'

"Anna Kane let loose on her husband in the blistering posts, painting him as an addict who had left her with no money to even buy formula for their daughter."

He filed in January to liquidate his assets to pay off $49 million in debts he will never repay.

The ability of stars to tank games is one reason you should never bet on sports.

States never should have legalized sports betting. But the devil keeps getting us to legalize vices in the name of increasing revenues for The State.

The State is evil, dude.

ITEM 12: Krebs On Security reported, "An 18-year-old Tennessee man who helped set in motion a fraudulent distress call to police that led to the death of a 60-year-old grandfather in 2020 was sentenced to 60 months in prison today.

"60-year-old Mark Herring died of a heart attack after police surrounded his home in response to a swatting attack.

"Shane Sonderman, of Lauderdale County, Tenn. admitted to conspiring with a group of criminals that’s been swatting and harassing people for months in a bid to coerce targets into giving up their valuable Twitter and Instagram usernames."

Swatting is getting the local SWAT team to show up at a person's house to arrest them. 

5 years in prison seems about right.

ITEM 13Red State reported, "Alexander Vindman Stomps His Little Feet When Americans Show They Don't Care About His Book."

Boo hoo hoo.

How many other lieutenant colonel pencil pushers get a book deal?

ITEM 14: Forbes reported, "Why Speaking English May Spread More Coronavirus Than Some Other Languages."

Clickbait, Clickbait,
Rolly poly Clickbait.
Clickbait, Clickbait,
Eat them up yum!

ITEM 15: Fox News reported, "New Mexico House Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton resigned Friday amid a criminal investigation involving alleged racketeering and money laundering.

"The Democratic state lawmaker has unequivocally denied the allegations but wrote in a letter to New Mexico’s secretary of state that she felt her resignation was in the state’s best interest, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican."

It is nice to know that women can do anything a man can do.

Can she please do as much time in prison as any crooked male politician?

ITEM 16: If you still do Twitter, here is someone to follow:

ITEM 17: Oil Price reported, "Despite global expectations to move away from coal, demand in China is still strong, as rising global temperatures causing heat waves are driving up electricity demand and coal prices.  Thermal coal futures reached record highs in July as a heatwave in China sent electricity use soaring. In industrial areas of the country such as Zhejiang near Shanghai, electricity use exceeded 100 million kilowatts per hour as temperatures rose to 37 degrees Celsius."

The communists created the climate change hoax so they could have all the coal for themselves.

We elected fools who believe this nonsense.

ITEM 18Yahoo reported, "The U.S. women’s national team crashed out its chase for Olympic gold with a dud of a 1-0 loss to Canada here on Monday, a fitting end to a pursuit in which the most dominant soccer team in the world never hit top gear."

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Trumpenfreude lives.

FINALLY, the beginning of August sparks the annual debate about using nukes to end World War 2.

Of course we were right.

Even after we wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the vote to surrender was still a tie.

The emperor broke the tie, surrendered, and a million American lives were saved.

No one has nuked anyone since.

The end.


  1. Item 2: It is too bad we cannot imprison or otherwise punish lawmakers who blatantly violate the Constitution in passing such legislation.

    You're not a science denying white supremacist/domestic terrorist are you?

  2. The team described in the news as the US Women’s Olympic Soccer Team has been eliminated from the gold medal round. (Lost to Canada)

  3. We're watching "Adam-12". Wow. What a time machine, and what a great escape from our times, even for just a little while.

    1. MeTV is great for that reason. Leave it to Beaver and Perry Mason can’t be beat.

    2. Old episodes of Law and Order and Laugh In when they were still allowed to be politically incorrect.

    3. Agree with Schlongy and Buzz.

      I also find TMC to be an excellent escape from "progressive" brainwashing as well, since they focus on movies made before 1970. I recommend recording and watching their shows, so you can skip past commercials and their smarmy prog hosts (i.e., all hosts other than Eddie Muller, their "Noir Alley" guy).

  4. 14 Surber and Surber's greatest hit!

    1. For those that don't catch the reference, the song is "The Fish Head Song" by Barnes and Barnes: (2:25)

      Big hit on Dr. Demento's radio show in 1978!

  5. Team U.S.A. women's soccer lost to Canada? Now that's poetic justice for sure. As Megan Rapinoe said, "That sucks." Yeah, for her. Less wokeness and more devotedness to playing the sport.

    1. I also read that the male participating in women’s weightlifting bombed out. The good news keeps on coming.

  6. re: Item 10. The more I learn about the FBI the more disgusted I am. It should be disbanded. Someone called it the Fascist Bureau of Intimidation. I agree. Corrupt to the core.

    1. The field agents were just follow orders like good Nazis and we see little whistle blowing. There were supposedly 40 agents involved in the soft coup of Trump and an unknown number of analysts.
      I have lost jobs for identifying violations during audits of nuclear power facilities which were violating regulations and refused to back down, so I have no sympathy for any of them, period.

  7. Item 16.

    I refuse to participate in my own destruction.

  8. ITEM 12: "Shane Sonderman, of Lauderdale County, Tenn. admitted to conspiring with a group of criminals that’s been swatting and harassing people for months in a bid to coerce targets into giving up their valuable Twitter and Instagram usernames."

    their “valuable” Twitter and Instagram usernames? What the…

    ITEM 16: My daughter is a nurse who, for over a year, has worked in the COVID ward of a hospital in NY State. About a month ago she said there were no COVID patients in the entire hospital. I'll have to ask her again if that has changed.

    HOWEVER… As to this: The entire floor + the ICU are at capacity w/ COVID patients — almost all unvaccinated. My daughter said earlier in the year they were getting quite a few COVID patients who had come down with a severe case of the virus within 2 weeks of getting vaccinated.

    1. Check the source, the tweet was from our Evie.

  9. As to nuking Japan. We killed more than each nuke did when we fire bombed Tokyo trying to get them to surrender. My father was a navy signalman who was told he was to be in the first wave of the invasion of Japan. At Okinawa he watched the first and second wave signalman get killed. The beaches were taken when he was sent in, He was in one of the nuked cities right at the end of the war, so he saw the destruction. He never, ever criticize the government for using the bombs. According to Truman's writings, he wanted to use the bombs after what was reported to him about the Japanese resistance at Okinawa and thus he overrode the military's desire to hold the bombs back "just in case" they were needed. Had it been my decision, I would have used the nukes too.

  10. Has anyone else experienced the sharp drop-off in basic customer services lately? It’s like Gen Z just doesn’t give a shite. Why should they? Unemployment bennies and rent for free…what’s not to like? I taught myself to cook and would suggest others do the same. Sure beats haggling with some woke children about the coleslaw they forgot to include in your order.

    1. I've had terrible service the last few times I was out.

  11. ITEM 17: “We elected fools who believe this nonsense.”

    Yes “WE” did. Therefore, “WE” are the bigger fools.

    1. I respectfully disagree on Don's point. We elected greedy people who are only too happy to accept bribes for allowing jobs to be plundered.

  12. ITEM 18: The U.S. women’s national soccer team succeeded in making a mockery of their home country; sending a bunch of spoiled lying (I’m underpaid, Blah, Blah, Blah, etc.) losers to the Olympics.

    Everyone involved in running the U.S. women’s national soccer team should be fired and replaced by those focused on the sport and the performance of the team; rather then on making the team as WOKE and as politically partisan as possible.

    1. Do they get a pay cut for failure? Oh - no wait, unlike the men, they wanted guaranteed compensation so they rejected the exact deal the men have to get a bit of security instead. Which of course is a microcosm of the difference between me and women. And there is nothing wrong with that. But then don't complain you're underpaid when you asked for the deal, and which I think when you add in benefits is of pretty equal value to the guys.

  13. Item 1: “Enough people are vaxxed that we don't need masks.” Add to that all the people who tested positive for Covid last year, and we’re well into herd immunity. Sure, the “case” count includes millions of false positives, but if they want to treat the number as real, we can too, so each “case” represents a person who recovered from Covid.

    Item 2: “Anger and frustration mounted in Congress over the weekend as a nationwide eviction moratorium expired” That “anger and frustration” will not stay in Congress when millions of people are evicted. The next 90 days should be interesting, as the homeless population doubles. I see a bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way.

    Item 8: “The shortage [of ammo] is now impacting law enforcement agencies” Maybe Andy Taylor had the right idea when he gave Barney Fife only one bullet.

    Item 16: “I work on the COVID floor at my hospital. It's full. The entire floor + the ICU are at capacity w/ COVID patients — almost all unvaccinated.” That’s the exact tweet, word-for-word, sent out by “Dr Debbie Burnett” in Colorado (@BurnettForCO3). Dr Burnett is a veterinarian.

    1. she's also a Dem running for congress
      The Democratic candidate challenging Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) went viral last week after posting a photo claiming the hospital where she works is “at capacity” with “almost all unvaccinated” patients, using the claim to attack Boebert.

      But the challenger is a veterinarian who moonlights as a physical therapist at a hospital in Wyoming.

    2. Thanks for the link, Michal. “I work on the COVID floor at my hospital,” she tweets. Why is a part-time physical therapist working on the “COVID floor” at a hospital? COVID is not primarily an orthopedic or neuromuscular disease, so I don’t buy that PTs “help COVID patients recover.” Does the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in Wyoming where she works actually has a “COVID floor”? Really? A whole floor of a hospital dedicated to one respiratory illness? Why does she say its ICU is “at capacity” when utilization data show the hospital’s ICU at only 55% capacity, including non-COVID patients? And how does it happen that she, along with a dozen other “doctors,” independently use the exact same language in their tweets, right down to the plus sign, slash, and em-dash?

      Lying liars gotta lie, all in service to the Dem’s panic porn.

    3. Apparently, this woman is a veterinarian not a doctor. She is full of it. I think she is a Dem running against Congresswoman Boebert.

  14. 10. Powerline was correct when they described Vanita Gupta as evil.

  15. Number 17: Global warming has hit Southeastern Michigan. It was a balmy 55F degrees this morning as my furnace kicked on and I had to use my rear window defroster in the car. How I long for those global cooling days of the 1970's when it would be 80F at sunrise and go up from there.

    I wish this was sarcasm.

  16. I am reading "Downfall", which is an excellent book detailing both the Japanese and American decision-making processes in 1945. In a nutshell: Yes to everything you said. But also shows that the Russians were poised to take a chunk of Japan for their efforts if the war had continued, and many Japanese were grateful they didn't have to endure the starvation and depredation that would have occurred with an extended effort. The Japanese were looking over at what was happening to Germany and wanted to part of the Soviets.

  17. 14 - majority Chinese owned Forbes is now unreadable. In my 20s and 30s, it was a must read.

    18 - talk about waking up to good news!!!

  18. Item #8- Gangbangers use their ammo to shoot one another. Doesn't take much in a target rich environment. The popo and legal gun owners use their ammo on the range where you can go through a box or two in no time as you punch holes in paper.

    Item #10- “Hate crime” is one of those made-up categories that should be abhorrent to the American justice system. Murder is murder. Assault is assault. And as for “hate speech,” there is only speech—which is protected by the First Amendment. If someone says something you don’t like, you have the right to rebut his words.

    1. I haven’t been to the range in over a year. The “mostly peaceful” riots, looting, and firebombing last summer scared the crap out of us normal people, and everybody stocked up. I have a comfortable supply, but I’m not going to use it as a hole punch in paper targets. I’m saving it for SHTF time.

    2. There is an outfit called Laser Ammo that enables you to practice your marksmanship without expending real ammunition while turning your home into a firing range. The kits may cost hundreds of dollars, but so does live ammunition that you shoot on a range.

  19. Item 6 - Audit them all?? Let’s get serious and fire at least half of the useless, counterproductive CDC bureaucrats. Make sure we save some energy for cleaning out other governmental organizations.

  20. to call any of this attack on capitalism misses the point completely since there is no capitalism left to defemd until what is usually called rule of law has been restored into American culture.

    since COVID lockdowns are by Government fiat aka force majeure I have no problem with the rent moratorium.

    I have a different issue to bring up : don't the landlords deserve REPARATIONS RIGHT NOW? as long as the rent moratorium is in force? if all the rhetoric about REPARATIOJNS is to be taken seriously?

    the moratorium is a "taking without compensation' - and so violates the wording in the constitution.

  21. The massive US firebombing of Japan's major cities (which were totally built with wood and paper) did so much damage and killed so many civilians they were forced to choose Hiroshima and Nagasaki as last significant targets for the "experiment". The firebombing did far more damage. It demonstrated the fanaticism of Japan's leadership and the importance of finding a final "solution". Truman made the right call. Trump would have done the same thing.

  22. Mr Surber - agree with what you said item 6 :

    The American people own the bureaucracy, not the other way around.

    Congress should never have given these agencies so much power.

    I would say Congress claimed too much power when they closed US Capitol to people on 1/6/2021

    how can people trespass on their own property?


    Item 12: There's MONEY to be made by hoovering up Twitter and Instagram user names????????n I've never been interested in either. Nor TikTok.

    Item 13: I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not bummed for Vindman. Heh, hehe, hehhhhhhhh.

    Item 14: Don wrote, "Clickbait, Clickbait,
    Rolly poly Clickbait.
    Clickbait, Clickbait,
    Eat them up yum!" Just one of the reasons why I read what he writes.

  24. #12. Five years in prison seems light. A man died. Reform police response rules, no SWAT without a 911 call. Anything that comes in on the business line should merit a single officer and a health and welfare check.

    1. Likely he was charged with involuntary manslaughter, not murder 1.

      You should know all about sentencing, Jeffery.

  25. Finally: An invasion of Japan would have resulted in a minimum of 5,000,000 Japanese fatalities in combat. Considering the number of suicides on Okinawa, that number could easily swell to Ten million or possibly have become a Jonestown style event.

    1. Saipan, Jeffery, not Okinawa.

      And nobody was all that concerned with how many dead Nips piled up. Knowing MacArthur, he'd have used the same tactics he used in the Solomons and New Guinea and let the Japanese winter and starvation do the dirty work.

      Read a book.


    2. Truman: “Despite their heavy losses at Okinawa and the firebombing of Tokyo, the Japanese refused to surrender. The saturation bombing of Japan took much fiercer tolls and wrought far and away more havoc than the atomic bomb. Far and away. The firebombing of Tokyo was one of the most terrible things that ever happened, and they didn't surrender after that although Tokyo was almost completely destroyed.”

  26. "In the woke era, sports fans have discovered they don't need to be entertained.
    In fact, we were entertaining ourselves to death."

    Bread and circuses. An empire that makes a basketball player a billionaire is an empire in decline. Ask Rome.

    1. I expressed my opinion on this back during the Leech controversy at Texas Tech. These roaches make more money than any other staffer yet will contribute zero to finding a cure for cancer, a treatment for diabetics, improved vehicles or anything that advances civilization.
      I long for the day when Hollywood has to lay off actors.

    2. It is, Jeffery?

      Gladiators were slaves. They got paid, but it was the lanistas who made the bucks.

      Or, in this case. denarii.

      There were free men who signed up to make a few sesterces, but they got very little for 3 years' of risking their lives.

    3. Bread and Circuses means to generate public approval, not by excellence in public service or public policy, but by diversion or distraction — by offering for example food (bread) or entertainment (circuses).

    4. Why Celebrity Chefs Herald The End Of Empire

      Have you ever contemplated why the West has witnessed an increasing obsession with food, cooking, and celebrity chefs?

      Or why we are obsessed with sports, and why sportsmen who once held regular jobs through the week, are now celebrities earning millions?

      A multi award-winning new documentary explores the end of empires & the signs of those times,

  27. Alexander Vindman
    How many other lieutenant colonel pencil pushers get a book deal?

    Deep State foot soldiers get book deals.

    1. They didn't give Barry a book deal because he can't write.

    2. "Like whom"

      Megyn Kelly, Andrew Mccabe, Mika Brzezinski, James Comey

    3. “They didn't give Barry a book deal because he can't write.” So Netflix tossed him a contract for a couple of specials.

  28. Knifecatcher: Those who know history know what must be done and how to mentally prepare to ride out the collapse. Is nice to know that others are aware.

  29. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: But can you trust the Mayo Clinic?

    2: The Demos have never liked the lying dogfaced pony soldier. They thought he'd be gone by now. Now they're stuck with him, Chlaydia, or Pelosi Galore in '24.

    Barring a miracle. Like reinstatement.

    Define irony.

    6: One could say the same about all 60 states.

    9: Another constituency to hate Joe and the Ho.

    10: Good thinking. Tick off the most affluent 5/8 of the population just for fun.

    This is supposed to be the smart party? Sounds more like Uncle Joe and his quota for apartment buildings. If the super didn't find enough traitors any given month, said super made the ride to the Gulag.

    11: A woman scorned.

    PS you should never don't bet on sports.?????

    17: The Reds are running out of coal, so it's all good.

    FINALLY: There's a book, Hell To Pay, with a lot of newly declassified info that backs up the dropping of the bombs. That said, the most oft-cited projected casualties were based mostly based on Navy estimates
    using the bloody, high-profile, and often needless Marine landings in the Central Pacific than the low profile "hit 'em where they ain't", far less costly ones in the Southwest Pacific.

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  31. "Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific 1944-1945," by Heinrichs and Gallicchio.

  32. The fact that the Us Wyminz woke soccer team got their head handed to them pleases
    me no end.

  33. #8 "Gangbangers seem to have no ammo problems at all."
    I've been noticing this too. It's almost as if there is a conspiracy afoot.

    #15 "Can she please do as much time in prison as any crooked male politician?"
    Doubtful. It seldom works out that way. However, sometimes inequities in justice sometimes works out the other way. Some prisons are allowing men prisoners that identify as women into women's prisons. Some of the results are not pretty.

    #17 I often grumble about the politicians other states send to Washington, but I really don't have much right since my own state of WV doesn't give much reason for confidence. Shelly Moore Capito seems to fit in better with the Romney/Murkowski/Collins wing of the party. I hope my fellow West Virginian's wake up to this.

  34. Hiroshima vs Detroit

    Hiroshima leveled by atomic bomb
    Detroit a gleaming modern city
    Hiroshima a gleaming modern city
    Detroit leveled by urban decay

  35. Congress should never have given these agencies so much power.

    Butbutbut.......then Congress would have to take responsibility for stuff.

    No way, Jose!

    1. Too many congress critters have seconded their authority to bureaucrats so that they can concentrate all of their attention on graft grabbing.

  36. 8. obama had federal agencies by billions of rounds of ammunition creating the shortage. Considering most are corrupt they are probably still doing it.

    12. 5 years? Marc Herring got a death sentence.

    16. The biden regime is blaming Americans for any spike in wuhan while in reality it is caused by the millions of illegals the regime is distributing around the country. The msm will not tell you this.

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  38. Item 17: The good Lord and Maker of us all wisely put coal and petroleum on this planet for a reason

  39. I am curious as to who is paying the landlord's mortgage and taxes since many of the tenants are not paying their rent.

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