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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Biden made al Qaeda great again

In the wake of Biden surrendering American arms, bases, and 15,000 Americans to the Taliban, Paul Mirengoff decided to lecture conservatives on Afghanistan.

He wrote, "I hear some conservatives saying that we should have gone into Afghanistan, defeated the forces that attacked us on 9/11, and then left. The obvious problem with this view is that as soon as we left, the forces that attacked us or collaborated in the attack would have returned to power.

"Sure, we would have killed and captured some bad guys, but basically we would have been back where we were before 9/11. Who would want that?"

Actually that would be better than what we have now because in his next paragraph, he wrote, "Now, the forces responsible for 9/11, including al Qaeda are returning to power or prominence. But at least they suffered nearly 20 years of lost or diminished power, during which they experienced hardship and, most importantly, were unable to execute attacks against the U.S."

The Taliban come back to power better armed, better equipped, and more feared than when we booted them out in 2001.

They were out of power for 20 years?

Mao was out of power for 20 years.

Mandela was in prison for 20 years.

20 years is nothing.

20 years is four U.S. presidencies. Satan and terrorists now know if they wait long enough, Americans will elect an idiot as president who will give the store away.

Heck, Castro waited us out for 50+ years until Obama ended the embargo in exchange for nothing.

America's withdrawal from Afghanistan was inevitable, and it should have been part of the invasion plan. A careful person figures out how to exit a place before he enters. Instead, we spent trillions of dollars -- an estimated $2.3 trillion or roughly $100 billion a year -- on staying there forever. We spent a billion on an embassy and billions more on military bases.

Biden came in and handed it all over to the Taliban.

President Trump's withdrawal plan called for evacuating Americans and Afghans who helped us first. Then we would withdraw our equipment. Only then would we withdraw our troops, making sure to destroy on the way out all the military bases we built.

Biden's plan was to withdraw our troops and play it by ear from there. 

Only after we began withdrawing troops did Biden and company do the rudimentary withdrawal things such as destroying incriminating documents at the embassy. Airlifting 640 people in one cargo jet shows heroism by them and the military, but also chaos and incompetence in Washington.

Mirengoff wrote in a very nyah-nyah-nyah way, "Many conservatives like to ridicule our intelligence services, and to some extent they deserve it. But it’s a fact that al Qaeda has been unable to attack our homeland since 9/11."

That changed last weekend.

Al Qaeda is back and better armed than ever before.

And Biden did it.

Toward the end of Mirengoff's mocking of conservatives, he wrote, "As inconvenient as it may be, al Qaeda is still around. The Washington Post reports, 'There are worrisome signs it may become more difficult for the United States to prevent a resurgence by al-Qaeda, which a recent United Nations report said maintained a presence in at least 15 Afghan provinces and showed no indication of breaking ties with the Taliban despite pledges to do so as part of a 2020 deal struck between the Afghan militants and Trump administration.'" 


We killed Osama bin Laden and spent 5,000 American lives and $2.3 trillion and al Qaeda is still there?

And Mirengoff is defending this lunacy?

The Post story he cited said, "Foreign intelligence officials said they are detecting signs that the Taliban’s victory has energized global jihadists, a threat that may only grow as the Taliban releases al-Qaeda operatives who were imprisoned by the Afghan government.

"An intelligence official from an Arab nation, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe evolving assessments, said officials had seen an uptick in jihadist communications about developments in Afghanistan. The Taliban takeover, this official said, is encouraging many jihadists to think about traveling to Afghanistan now instead of Syria or Iraq.'"

America went into Afghanistan to defeat al Qaeda.

America leaves Afghanistan having armed the Taliban and al Qaeda, and emboldened terrorists around the world.

This is on Biden, not anyone else.

President Trump left Biden with a good deal. Biden ignored it. He also ignored the advice of military and intelligence officers. And it was advice worth taking because unlike with Trump, they want Biden to succeed.

We should have begun leaving in 2011 after killing bin Laden. Done properly, we could have been gone by the end of Obama's two terms. 

We could have done to Afghanistan what we did to Iraq, which was get rid of the terrorist leader, replace him, hang around long enough to handle the backlash, and go home. Bush did well in Iraq, but history overlooks that.

Instead of using Iraq as a model, Biden used Vietnam.

To the victors, the spoils.

And those spoils are easily worth a trillion bucks.

NOTE: There will be a 7 PM Eastern post today.


  1. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”
    - Barack Obama

    1. First thing I thought of today. Also waiting for OBAMA One Big Ass Mistake America to weigh in Biden's fiasco. It will likely never happen.

  2. Joe's message to the Taliban...

    "Build Back Better !"

  3. Joe's message to the Taliban...

    "Build Back Better !"

  4. I'm of the school of "Going Roman." Go in scorch the earth no prisoners,salt the poppy fields. Leave.radioactive green slag were Tora Bora was.

    1. They did impress their point on people, however the Romans were a lot more selective in their retribution.

      You picked a fight with them, they had no scruples. You left them alone, the reciprocated.

    2. Tacitus wrote of Roman warfare, "They make a desolation and call it peace."

  5. Watching the 2 military pussies.
    Hey, if they can get to the Kabul airport, great. The rest of the American citizens are screwed.
    And if you don't get there by the end of August, you are also screwed.
    Shit for Brains Biden strikes again.

    1. Your military career was sooo much more macho, right, Jeffery?

      Your phony ROLCON only tells people you really have nothing to offer.

  6. Mirengoff is a hardcore NeverTrumper. Why quote him on anything?

    Satan and terrorists now know if they wait long enough, Americans will elect an idiot as president who will give the store away.

    Last I looked, the American people did not do that.

    The Democrats stole an election and installed a puppet.

    1. hardcore NeverTrumper, swamp dwelling RINO. I can't really read PL anymore because of him. Surprised Mr Surber wastes his time.

    2. Big D does the jobs the rest of us find too distasteful. Long live Big D!

    3. I agree with Ed and jdm, there is no good reason to wast time with Paul “I love Pantload’s nice tweets” Mirengoff AT ALL.

      His musings on SNOBLINE have become unreadable.

      I also want Big D to have a long life, but this column sucked.

      You excuse Big D by claiming he “does the jobs the rest of us find too distasteful”???

      What’s. next then? A bunch of columns from Don critiquing Rachel Madcow with MSDNCLSD; and a series of columns on the influential CNN Spud???

  7. I pray that in the midst of this chaos, we're making arrangements to have our people extracted. Maybe take back Bagram, maybe something else.
    What's pakistan doing lately? How about routes to the 'stans to the north?

    1. When the freakin LIMEY military shows up ours, we’re in a world of hurt…

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  9. Meringoff constantly quotes the Washington Post and NYTimes. Dubious sources.

  10. Mirengoff is a never Trump dirtbag. I’ve been banned from that website for bashing Paul and pointing out how much of an idiot he is. Of course I have better software to get around blocks than they do to block me

    1. Way to go Brian G!!!!

      I used to regularly criticize Paul, but eventually got so sick and disgusted by SNOBLINE I decided I shouldn’t give them the clicks.

  11. It figures that Mirengoff would say that. The guy is a constant complainer and a Never Trumper.

    1. Yup LuAnn. Reading the musings of NeverTrumper elitist snob Mirengoff is a waste of time; which made reading this column by Don a waste of time.

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