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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Voting Democrat got you this

I realize Democrats stuffed the ballot box with Fake Votes because that is the only explanation for a sudden surge in voter turnout from 56% to a historic high of 67% -- the highest by far in a century. Only 1964's 61% came close. Voter turnout was 53% in 1932 when FDR came into office.

But some people did vote Democrat and I want to explain to them what they voted for because I do not believe they fully understand.

First, they did not vote for social justice. Many of them believe they did because Democrat mayors had city street departments paint Black Lives Matter in the streets. That was for show because the reality, Democrat mayors do not care about black people, especially the black Democrat mayors.

For example, Lori Lightfoot presides over Chicago, which through Tuesday had 428 murders. Most victims are black. The odds of a murder being solved are 1 in 6 in Chicago. That is based on the number of homicide cases cleared each year. If her highness cared, she would make a priority of punishing the murderers of black people. She would order police to crack down on the murders. She would be in black neighborhoods encouraging people to cooperate with investigations.

Instead she stays in white and upscale black neighborhoods because they are safe. Criminals have a longstanding understanding with Chicago Democrats that police will look the other way in return for favors and kickbacks, provided they stay out of white and upscale black neighborhoods.

The last Republican mayor left Chicago City Hall nearly 90 years ago.

What's that? You didn't vote for some inner city crook? You voted for that nice Mark Kelly for Senate in Arizona because you think Republican Martha McSally is crazy.

That argument is delusional. 

Who do you think will approve of the crazy plans Biden has for America? Senator Kelly will never say no to the federalization of elections -- which will keep evil clowns like Lightfoot in power. 

Worse, Senator Kelly will never say no to the federalization of local zoning laws -- which will turn middle class suburbs into Ferguson, Missouri. Senator Kelly will never say no to any federalization of anything because he is all for giving the federal government more power because Democrats own the federal government.

We know that because we saw how the Democrat deep state sabotaged President Donald John Trump.

Let me get back to Ferguson for a moment. Here is what really happened. The last Republican mayor of St. Louis left office 76 years ago. Democrats turned the city into a crime zone. Well, at least the working-class black neighborhoods. Black people began escaping to Ferguson, which was run by a white, Republican administration.

Everything was fine until an 18-year-old thug decided to bully a store owner. Confronted by a cop, he tried to use the officer's gun to kill him. Instead, the officer killed him.

Democrats and the media seized upon this to destroy Ferguson. It now has a Democrat mayor, which makes it a place no sane person would live in.

Federalizing local zoning laws would install what we used to call the projects into suburbia in the name of diversity and equity and all that BS.

But this will happen only in Republican enclaves. The elitist Democrat refuges from the insanity they create will not be diversified. No sir. They tried to integrate a school in Upper West Side Manhattan. Among the wealthy white protesters were Samantha Bee and her husband.

When you voted Democrat, you approved of this divide between the wealthy and the rest of us. Under Democrats, the elitists get the gold mine, we get the shaft, as Jerry Reed once sang.

When you voted Democrat, you voted against prosperity for women and minorities.

Not a single Democrat voted for the Jobs and Tax Cut Act of 2017, which led to the lowest unemployment in 50 years -- 3.5% -- and historic lows in unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and women, the very groups Democrats falsely claim to represent.

Democrats exploit women and minorities.

The bottom quartile of workers by wages saw the highest wage increases. For the first time since Reagan left office, the wealth gap narrowed.

When you voted Democrat, you voted against that.

But this post is about what voting for Democrats got you.

A police state.

The FBI is now a Racketeer Influenced Criminal Organization.

Consider Jim Comey's investigation of Hillary sending 33,000 emails to Red China, which included classified material, as secretary of state.

That investigation consisted of destroying evidence and granting immunity to those who could testify against her (sparing them Arkancide). Then he announced that he opposed prosecuting her. Duh.

While Comey was doing this amid the 2016 campaign, he approved applications for FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Those applications contained outright falsehoods. Transcripts of the spying were read by Susan Rice and Vice President Biden, among others. They were leaked to the New York Times, which on Inauguration Day greeted the new President Trump with a Front Page story on the wiretapping. Its word, not mine.

When you voted Democrat, you approved of the politicization of the FBI and the entire intelligence apparatus in Washington. NSA spied on Tucker Carlson this year. The media cheered, just as it cheered spying on Trump.

When you voted Democrat, you approved of the Capitol Police not disclosing which one of its 2,200 officers shot and killed an unarmed Ashli Babbitt whose only crime was protesting inside the Capitol.

When you voted Democrat, you helped the Cuban regime because Obama ended 60 years of a Cuban embargo in exchange for nothing. 

When you voted Democrat, you voted for stopping construction of a pipeline in the United States while approving of a Russian pipeline to Germany.

When you voted Democrat, you voted for buying Iranian oil for the first time in 40 years in exchange for nothing.

Now for the reality. This is the Democrat Party of my grandfather's day.

That is why he voted Republican.

Democrats are still the party of corrupt Democrat mayors who are in bed with organized crime. Who do you think protected the Five Mafia Families of NYC until Rudy Giuliani came along? Democrats never forgave him for reducing crime in that city.

Democrats are still the party of racial division. They just changed sides. They went from founding the KKK to founding BLM. Their new sideshow is LGBTQ+.

Democrats are still the party of the elitists. Just about every college professor, every celebrity, and every CEO in the nation supports Democrats.

Hello? The richest man in the world promotes the freaking Democrat Party through his Washington Post.

When you vote Democrat, you get a police state run by oligarchs.


  1. Nicely put.

    Shows which is the real Stupid Party.

    1. Just because they are criminals doesn't mean they aren't smart. They have managed to take over most what we call a America.

      The stupid party, AKA Republicans, sat there slack-jawed while the Dems entrenched themselves into the daily lives of America's latest weak-minded generations by taking over education, media, unions, music biz, Hollywood etc.

      America is committing the same suicide as Rome did a couple of millennia ago. Rome tried buying off 'the people' near the end, but it failed ... the thugs sacked Rome just as BLM and Antifa are sacking America.

    2. JWest, actually, Democrats took over because Republicans were too busy working and providing for their families, and took their eye off the ball. We believed the school districts who were slated with educating our children, and local governments slated with spending our tax money to keep our cities clean and safe. We need to go back to the grass roots and take small government back.

      for instance - I am a lifelong Republican - I have tried for 20 years to become of election poll worker in my city in California, was always turned down. As an experiment, I changed parties to Democrat and then applied to work the coming election - i was immediately accepted and told that they need more people 'like me' to help out. not sure what that means but I can guess.

      we need to fight now or we will be fighting in the streets in a year or two.

  2. No, the GOPe collaborates with the Democrats. Like a bird, the UniParty needs two wings for it to fly.

    I would add that the people who vote for RINOs are the stupid ones, but considering the 2020 election shenanigans the prospect has arisen that we haven't had an honest vote in twenty years or more. That would explain a lot of things.

    1. Agreed. Republican voters were robbed of their votes in 2020 and, from the tone of most comments on conservative sites, can’t wait to be robbed again in 2022. I guess it’s the desire to pretend that normalcy still exists. The reality is that people who continue to vote Republican are getting what they want too. A vote for any Republican candidate in 2022 is a vote of approval for the 2020 theft. The Republicans are just as (if not more) responsible for 2020 than the Democrats. Vote for the GOP and get the betrayal you deserve.

    2. When you vote Republican, you get GW Bush, Paul Ryan, the Iraq War, No Child Left Behind, John Roberts, RE collapse and bailouts, etc

    3. As I keep saying, I consider the GOP to be the "GO Along the GET Along with the DEMS" Party.

  3. It's always been mind-boggling how non-elite democrats act like abused women when it comes to democrats...

  4. "Consider Jim Comey's investigation of Hillary sending 33,000 emails to Red China, which included classified material, as secretary of state."

    2018 - Comey & Mueller Caught Funneling Billions in FBI Contracts to Lockheed Martin
    Former FBI Directors sent federal contracts 'flowing' to Comey's new tech giant employer
    Seamus Bruner of the GAI, and author of Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption, has exposed the real reason Comey is paid upwards of $6 million a year by his new employer Lockheed Martin.

  5. Like the song A Whiter Shade of Pale, the democrats are a worser shade of corruption and general anti-Americanism than the RINOs.

  6. Hey Don, WTF does voting Republican get a person? Asking for a friend who is still waiting for Obamacare to be repealed?

    What happened in Louisiana…perhaps the Senate GOP didn’t get your instructions on overriding the Governor’s veto; heh?

    Did you put in your request for a refund for the defective crystal ball you apparently rely on?

    Don’t ever claim the people who vote Democrat and don’t get what they were promised have the option to vote Republican because Republicans keep their campaign promises. That is provably wrong - an outright lie.

    Fact is, President Donald Trump was the exception that proved the rule.

    1. Obamacare? I'm still waiting for Reagan to abolish the Dept of Education!

    2. Would you rather vote Democrat and actively destroy the country? Pick a side or shut the f##k up.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. As they say, "Harsh but fair."

  8. Democrat voters are going to have to get it good and hard -- thanks Instapundit -- until they get the message. Don't ask me when that will be. No end in sight. Great column, Don.

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