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Friday, July 09, 2021

Voter reform is winning

The courts are telling Democrats that their Jim Crow argument against laws they don't like is lame. Judges and the Supreme Court are not buying the argument (if you can call it that) that anything Jim Clyburn calls racist is racist.

The Supreme Court sent a strong message in striking down the Democrat Party's attempt to override Arizona's voting laws, which the state updated in 2016.

Justice Alito wrecked the argument that the law harms minorities.

He wrote, "A policy that appears to work for 98% or more of voters to whom it applies—minority and non-minority alike—is unlikely to render a system unequally open. The Court of Appeals attempted to paint a different picture, but its use of statistics was highly misleading for reasons that were well explained by Judge Easterbrook in a case involving voter IDs. As he put it, a distorted picture can be created by dividing one percentage by another. He gave this example: 'If 99.9% of whites had photo IDs, and 99.7% of blacks did, it could be said that blacks are three times as likely as whites to lack qualifying ID (0.3 ÷ 0.1 = 3), but such a statement would mask the fact that the populations were effectively identical."

"That is exactly what the en banc Ninth Circuit did here. The District Court found that among the counties that reported out-of-precinct ballots in the 2016 general election, roughly 99% of Hispanic voters, 99% of African-American voters, and 99% of Native American voters who voted on Election Day cast their ballots in the right precinct, while roughly 99.5% of non-minority voters did so.

"Based on these statistics, the en banc Ninth Circuit concluded that 'minority voters in Arizona cast [out-of-precinct] ballots at twice the rate of white voters.' This is precisely the sort of statistical manipulation that Judge Easterbrook rightly criticized, namely, 1.0 ÷ 0.5 = 2. Properly understood, the statistics show only a small disparity that provides little support for concluding that Arizona’s political processes are not equally open."

It gets better. Not only did Alito lay waste to the statistical ploy, but he made a strong case for the need for the law. He did not have to. But he did.

Alito wrote, "The Court of Appeals’ decision also failed to give appropriate weight to the state interests that the out-of-precinct rule serves. Not counting out-of-precinct votes induces compliance with the requirement that Arizonans who choose to vote in-person on election day do so at their assigned polling places. And as the District Court recognized, precinct-based voting furthers important state interests. It helps to distribute voters more evenly among polling places and thus reduces wait times. It can put polling places closer to voter residences than would a more centralized voting center model. In addition, precinct-based voting helps to ensure that each voter receives a ballot that lists only the candidates and public questions on which he or she can vote, and this orderly administration tends to decrease voter confusion and increase voter confidence in elections."

Those last 4 words are important. Sadly, in declining to hear challenges to the 2020 election, the Supreme Court itself damaged voter confidence in elections. Alito and Thomas were willing to listen.

Democrats also had their hats handed to them in Georgia, in the party's challenge to Georgia's new voter reform. Judge ​J.P. Boulee, a Trump appointee, slapped them down.

He wrote, "The Court is not persuaded by Plaintiffs' argument for a bright line exception to Purcell because they have alleged First Amendment harm. Plaintiffs have not provided authority, nor is the Court aware of any, that would support this interpretation of the law."

A special election is underway for two state House seats.

He said, "The risk of disrupting the administration of an ongoing election ... outweigh the alleged harm to plaintiffs at this time."

After the debacle last November when states Trump carried the election on Election Day flipped to Biden in an avalanche of mail-in votes, public confidence in voting has fallen.

Voters want reform.

Just the News reported, "A strong, 62% majority of registered voters believe that Americans should have to provide photo identification when submitting a mail-in ballot, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

"Just 23% of respondents said voters should not be required to include their photo ID with mail-in ballots. 

"Responses in favor of a photo ID requirement include 78% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats, and 60% of independents. An equal number of white and Hispanic respondents favored the rule, as did 51% of black voters."

Clyburn and Stacey Abrams now falsely claim they always supported voter ID.

Do not be discouraged because the media narrative of Jim Crow! Jim Crow! Jim Crow! is failing, failing, failing.

Jim Crow died more than a half-century ago thanks to civil rights legislation that Republicans made possible. LBJ needed 23 Republican votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. Everett Dirksen delivered 27.

The leader of that ill-fated filibuster, Bobby Byrd, later became the Senate Democrat leader.

The Democrat Party, which had passed actual Jim Crow laws now is losing in its attempt to reverse good policy by crying racism.


  1. While voter integrity laws must be fought for and passed by Republicans, I fear that this strategy is "fighting the last war" not the next war. I fear that the Dems are already moving on from the ballot box stuffing and preparing to cheat in ways that Republicans have not imagined yet. Given that the Dems are now embracing voter ID, I fear that we are erecting a Maginot Line defense and the Dems are preparing a blitzkrieg to render our defenses useless. Again, I know that the 2020 elections cheating has to be addressed but I really believe that the Dems are planning much worse for 2022.

    1. Of course they are. But isn't that true all the time. What is your prescription or strategy? The last election was stolen. Need to prove that. Instead of crying "wolf" describe something useful!

    2. @Davidg1400...I think you need to reread The Boy Who Cried Wolf. There was no threat when he claimed there was. You admit that the Dems are indeed conspiring new ways to cheat. Since you seem to be unable to grasp the moral of the story let me spell it out for you: you are not nearly as clever or smart as you think you are.

    3. To my knowledge, the 923 witnesses to fraud have not been utilized to arrest those who cheated. The best way to stop cheating is to arrest and imprison cheaters as a warning to anyone considering it. Punishment and consequences are almost passe' in our society so why not cheat/steal/just break the law.
      In CA no arrest for stealing <$950 is promoting stealing and chain stores are closing because of that BS.

    4. The dems embrace of voter ID does not necessarily include picture ID. A voter registration card, an electric bill, etc. something with a name. But no picture. Still ripe for fraud. Beware a democrat when they appear to agree with you.

    5. Voter ID doesn't matter when you have control of the counting mechanism. They know they can manipulate the data like origami and we can't prove a thing if their courts disallow evidence.

    6. Dede, do not insult Davidg1400.

      You claim Democrats are planning new ways of stealing the 2022 election but you do not describe the new ways the Democrats will use to steal the election.

      That is not helpful. At all.

    7. Dede I agree. It’s actually a little humorous trying to figure out what the democrats will do next. Cheating is the oxygen they live on. Counting the ballots seems like the tool of choice for ‘22.

  2. Computational fraud would seem to be a promising area for fraud. Whether done by the dem party or the Chinese party. But I repeat myself.

    1. Well then Dermot, what is being done to protect the election from computational fraud?

      Would it surprise you to learn the great Patriot Mark Zuckerberg (who proclaimed his love for the USA; and West Virginia especially on Independence Day) is buying all the voting machine companies and placing them in a special division of Facebook.

      And the great Patriotic Zuck is promising that all American States and Localities can use Facebook voting machines for FREE because he loves the USA and “democracy” as much as he loves John Denver and West Virginia.

      So guess what Dermot, no more worries about computational fraud. 🙄🤪🙄

  3. Judges and the Supreme Court are not buying the argument

    This assumes we trust the Roberts Court.

  4. Bookie has a brilliant post today.

    "MartyrMade took to Twitter to explain why Trump supporters and others are willing to accept completely the theory that Biden is a Pretender, not a president. In sum, it’s because, beginning in 2016, they’ve watched the Deep State (the tech tyrants, politicians, media, and agency employees, especially in the spying agencies) repeatedly engage in behavior that was partisan, unethical, illegal, and abusive. Those who have fought back against the gaslighting — that is, those who understood the malevolent power games played against them — will never again be able to view the same actors without justified suspicion. (Hat tip: Twitchy)"


      MartyrMade @martyrmade
      Jul 8, 2021
      Almost forgot: The security director at Dominion Voting Systems was for decades a member of anti-racist skinhead groups, and posted pro-riot/Antifa msgs on FB during the summer riots. Who knows if his approval of illegal means to achieve political ends affected his job, but...1/2

      ...ask yourselves how people would react if the security director at a major voting machine company in 2022 turned out to be lifelong Bircher posting pro-Capitol riot msgs on Facebook. The info was all in the public domain, but the media ignored it. Why?


      Something tells me there are still too many sane people with a sense of humor left in this tormented land for the flunkies of “progressive” Wokery to achieve the total control they seek over the hundred-million, give or take, who are starting to think: Y’know, I’d kind of like my country back. And what country was that? It was the country we were before the Intel “Community” took over, in the service of an utterly corrupt political elite running the system like it was their personal cash register.

      About that country I would like back… for starters, the country that valued the rule-of-law. Yes, I know, that’s awfully high-toned — the rule of law — as if one is invoking some clichéd bronze blindfolded babe in a negligee, hoisting a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. I’m thinking, rather, of a flesh-and-blood judge, perhaps a corpulent fellow with bad knees, of, say, the DC federal court, who would dare to throw out the malicious political prosecution of figures like General Flynn or the journalist Julian Assange… or an FBI that would make a criminal referral for sedition against Senator Mark Warner… or a newspaper editor who might be interested in the connection between Marc Elias’s Lawfare outfit at Perkins Coie and the Central Intelligence Agency. One could go on endlessly with the pungent hypotheticals. So much evil mischief has not been seen in one polity since Berlin, 1938.

  5. Just 23% of respondents said voters should not be required to include their photo ID with mail-in ballots.

    I wonder what you would find if you questioned the 23% who were against voter ID as to whether or not they currently possessed a valid ID. Politics v Reality.

  6. It's a bit too little too late. Kinda like discovering the cure to save the terminally ill patient just beyond the point of no return.

  7. Why should laws protect people too stupid to get an ID or too stupid to know where their polling place is???
    Voting should be just as difficult as buying a gun is.

  8. Pres Trump and his pro-America First Policy that created the greatest growing US Economy in US history, didn't lose the 3 Nov election, it was stolen from him by Democrats in a naked coordinated orchestrated election scheme, who dumped hundreds of thousands of manufactured fraudulent "mail-in" vote ballots into dominion voting machines in the middle of the night between 2-6 am as the Georgia vote counting room CC video proved, esp in PA where Pres Trump was leading Biden by 700,000-800,000 votes, along with corrupt dominion software voting machines in key Battleground States-PA, Wis, Michigan, GA, AZ, that changed millions of Trump votes to Biden after the ballot numbers showed Pres Trump leading Biden in the hundreds of thousands in Battleground States, suddenly 6am the next morning Pres Trump was losing to Biden.

    Make no mistake about it, Biden is an illegal illegitimate imposed US President. Democrat's orchestrated coordinated political criminal election fraud pulled off the greatest political coup de' te in US history, usurping the Will of the American People in Battleground States from PA, Wis. Michigan, to GA and AZ must be overturned.

    The only question is, when the State Forensic Election Audits are finished, and are determined that Pres Trump actually won their respective State's 3 Nov election, what will happen, do the courts get involved, will the State Legislatures decertify their fraudulent certification of Joe Biden fraudulent election win.

    We all know the answer to that - No Democrats control everything from the Media, to the Bureaucracy, to the Courts, to RINOs, even our Churches ..

    The fraudulent Biden 2020 election certification win over the rightful winner Pres Trump is a rancid stain on our Constitutional Republic, which because of Democrats stealing of the US Presidency and 3 US Senate seats, effectively no long functions, no longer exists.

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  10. I believe voter ID is required in most if not all other Western democracies, a fact that is never mentioned in the media.


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