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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Trump lawsuit will protect lefties as well as conservatives

Remember when President Donald John Trump did what every other Twitter user does and blocked people? The media went ape-doodoo over it. Somehow the inability of reporters to mock his tweets was a violation of their First Amendment rights. Some Obama judge agreed and they were unblocked.

But when Twitter banned President Trump, the media was silent. Many reporters congratulated Twitter.

Free speech means nothing to these dummies. They believe being Pravda somehow protects them from the gulags once a post-constitutional regime takes over.

Their hero, Mao, put anyone with a college degree in the labor camps. Dictators take no chances. The thought of Maureen Dowd working a rice paddy amuses me. In the labor camp, there is no red hair dye.

Now Donald Trump announced he will file a class-action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google for censorship. Yes, there is such a thing as non-governmental censorship. Its legality deserves judicial review.

Axios reported, "The filing, Trump said, seeks immediate injunctive relief to allow the prompt restoration of his social media accounts. He also said he is asking the court to impose "punitive damages" on the three social media giants.

"Trump's legal effort is supported by the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), a non-profit focused on perpetuating Trump's policies, through a new legal entity called the Constitutional Litigation Partnership.

"AFPI's president and CEO and board chair, former Trump officials Linda McMahon and Brooke Rollins, accompanied him during the announcement."

The Axios report was focused and fact-based.

The New York Times was its usual bloviating self.

Its headline shouted, "Trump announces a lawsuit against tech firms for censoring him, and fund-raises off it."

And NYT used the story to fund-raise.

Of course, NYT fund-raises off every story it posts. Its paywall is down to $1 a week.

The story said, "Former President Donald J. Trump announced on Wednesday plans to sue three tech giants — Facebook, Twitter and Google — and the firms’ chief executives after the platforms have taken various steps to ban him or block him from posting.

"Mr. Trump, speaking from his Bedminster, N.J., golf club, announced he will serve as the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit, arguing he has been censored wrongfully by the tech companies. Speaking about 'freedom of speech' and the First Amendment — which applies to the government, not private-sector companies — Mr. Trump called his lawsuit a 'very beautiful development.'

"His political operation immediately began fund-raising off it."

Well, that is how things go today.

Not only have we politicized everything, we have commercialized it as well. I don't do fund-raising. I do ads. President Trump does fund-raising, but not ads.

NYT does both.

The story said, "Social media companies are allowed, under current law, to moderate their platforms and remove postings that violate their standards. They are protected by a provision, known as Section 230, that exempts internet firms from liability for what is posted on their networks and also allows them to remove postings that violate their standards."

The problem with those standards are that they are vague and ever-changing.

Social media outlets have shown a pattern for silencing conservatives and working in concert to silence individuals. Online services such as PayPal also work to kneecap conservative social media startups.

President Trump told reporters, "Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, unconstitutional and completely un-American.  If they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone."

Those last 13 words are ominous because if a president of the United States is not safe from these corrupt and incorrigible corporations, no one is.

NYT reporters, editors, executives, and investors are being naïve if they believe they are safe.

No one is.  Not me. Not you.

Internet oligarchs should consider Jack Ma. He purportedly was the richest man in Red China. He fell out of favor in October. No one has seen him since March.


  1. Locals was touted to give conservatives a voice, but its community guidelines are general too. She who will not be named blocked me for sharing a post from bookwormroom. I'm assuming that, because the email didn't specify which post.

    I violated one or more of these guidelines.

    Please respect the following community guidelines to maintain an enjoyable environment:

    Keep conversation respectful, without personal attacks.
    Don’t blow up other members’ feeds. If someone isn’t responding to you, let it be.
    No pornography.
    Keep out behavior that could be seen as trolling/spamming.
    Relax, be yourself, and enjoy.

  2. Fully justified and beyond due to file this. At the same time, what judge will be willing to face the threats to family, reputation, safety of person and law license? Look what they did to Rudy? Gonna take someone with cojones of steel to take this on and rule appropriately. Seems courts now days have this in super short supply. Corruption abounds in the nations courts and we all know it.

  3. Personally, I’m done with these waterheads. Sundance has been writing lately about “extreme federalism.” I’m a BIG fan. Let DeSantis set rules for FB/Shitter/etc for Florida, Jumpin Jim for WV, Gianforte for Big Sky Country, and so on. Make Big Tech register and (ideally) comply with 50 separate sets of laws. State laws.

    1. That sounds good to me.

    2. Only problem zregime is the Democrat judges, along with Libertarian and Chamber of Commerce Republicans who form the vast majority of federal judges (including on the US Supreme Court) will most likely find these State laws regulating Social Media — including (especially) the Florida law you are so fond of — an Unconstitutional violation of the private Social Media companies’ Free Speech and Association First Amendment Rights.

      These three judges include the scarecrow; tinman, and cowardly lion that President Trump and a Republican Senate placed on the Supreme Court.

      Perhaps you don’t know, but a lawsuit has already been filed against the Florida law.

    3. Hey Zjoke. You may be “done” with waterheads but they are not done with you.

      Because you seem a little out of the loop, here’s a link to an article from within the last 10 days giving the status of that Florida law you have a hard-on over.

      Guess what Ztool, that law is likely never going to be enforced even one day.

      So far, a Clinton Judge is ripping it to shreds, but you have to be a bigger fool than you appear if you think the same US Supreme Court that found the federal laws protecting Americans against sex discrimination also protected men who claim they are women from “discrimination”; and who winked and nodded at the Democrats stealing the Presidency from the American People are going to uphold the law.

      If you want to join your fellow Americans on plant Earth, read this news report:

      Here is the first paragraph of the article:

      “Calling it “riddled with imprecision and ambiguity,” a federal judge Wednesday blocked a new state law targeting social-media behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter that can strip politicians and other users from their platforms.”

      Zjoke, if you think it is going to be as easy as a few States enacting a few laws for Americans to get their Constitutional Republic back, you’re deluding yourself.

      This is going to be a long hard fought battle.

      The Liberal Authoritarians have not just infiltrated every major American institution; they have complete and utter control of most major American institutions.

      Americans have been sleeping (at best) for years while their freedoms, liberty, and economic future have been stolen from them. Americans are not going to easily win them back without a very long, sustained, backlash.

      We are not talking a year, or one a presidential term, or even two. We are talking decades. It will take decades of an sustained backlash against the Marxist infiltration of America’s institutions for Americans to gain their Liberty back.

      Don’t fool yourself.

    4. It will be interesting if states start invoking the 10th amendment and say they can ignore the supreme court. What happens when all the red states do this?

    5. Hey floozie Susie, just because you are an asshole extraordinary doesn't mean you have to be an asshole to everyone. Or that matter, anyone.
      Yup, it the internet, yes you can be a jerk. That's not a license to be a jerk. Not to Don, and not to Z.
      You should respect your elders and your betters. Iow, everyone.

    6. "Americans have been sleeping (at best) for years while their freedoms, liberty, and economic future have been stolen from them."

      You the "giant sucking sound" that you retards lost your schiitte over? Yeah I TOLD YOU, over 30 years, "off" is the general direction that you may now "f".

  4. Jack Ma is probably picking turnips in Zengzou or pushing them up.

  5. Fact Check: To the owners and employees of Corporate-owned Democrat Propaganda Outlets (the “dummies”) “Free speech means nothing to these dummies. They believe being Pravda somehow protects them from the gulags once a post-constitutional regime takes over.”

    FACT CHECK FINDS: This statement is 100% accurate. These dummies are following the well-worn path followed by those loyal communists (“useful idiots” who were often called “comrad” to their face) who were sent to their slaughter by Stalin’s show trials and purges.

    1. The Soviet Union fell. So will this communist gaggle.

    2. To anyone who loves history as I have for many years now, the similarities between the tactics of both Hitler and the Russian Communists, and today’s left, are unmistakable.

      There is one important difference: at the cultural level, the “social” DNA of Americans is heavy laden with a love of liberty and a revulsion to tyranny. There are pockets of exceptions of course, but currently they are exceptions.

      Americans are of late very slow to recognize danger until it hits them square in the face. We prefer to pretend it isn’t all that bad—it seems to be a default.

      As late as the 1980’s there were many who thought Reagan’s hard line against the Soviets was amusing and overreacting. They should have listened to the dissidents and people like Sharansky more; only the implosion of the SU in the late 80’s saved us from a flashpoint with that lunatic state.

      My point is that those who hold to our founding values and documents are more often than not slow to respond to threats until it’s almost too late. I would suggest that Pearl Harbor, though long ago, is an example of an underlying attitude by our populace that hasn’t changed all that much.

      This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be alarmed; only that we need not despair.

      As for taking decades for us to recover our liberties, that is possible.

      On the other hand, once jolted awake, we went from being barely armed bystanders to the most powerful nation on earth in just under 4 years.

      We upended the most powerful nation on the planet in about 7 years, with inferior military resources and a divided populace.

      The fat lady hasn’t sung one note yet.


  7. $1 paywall is way overpriced

  8. "ape-doodoo"
    The religious obsession with euphemisms amuses me.

    1. A person who ruminates over something as inane as 'ape-dodo' AKA Ape-Shit, amuses me.

    2. Provocative, yes. Thoughtful, no.

  9. I read Trump's Complaint. The only defendants are YouTube and Sundar Pichai. Don't know why he's saying that FB, Google, and Twitter are named defendants. I really don't think this lawsuit has any legs to it.

  10. Jack Ma, isn't picking anything, he's 'pushing' something ... Daisies, upward.

  11. Or they simply ate him. The Chinese will eat anything that lives and a lot of dead stuff too.

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