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Saturday, July 03, 2021

Red, White, And Blue Privilege

General Milley made an ass of himself in a congressional hearing when he went all SJW about understanding White Rage. To educate him, a reader sent him his family history, which I posted. More such stories have followed. They are filled with poverty, perseverance, sacrifice, and hope. I have shared some of their tales, and will share more to make my point about privilege.

One reader wrote, "Your latest column on white rage prompted me to want to add my dad's story to the rest of your reader's stories. My grandparents on my dad's side immigrated from Croatia. Back then I think it was part of Hungary and Austria,  but they were Croatian. Grandpa was 20, grandma was 18, her mom packed her a lunch for the trip.

"They arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs. Grandma supported herself by sewing and making doilies and such. Grandpa worked his way across the country and settled in Roslyn, Washington, a small coal mining company town with a Croatian community. Together they had 15 kids. Grandpa worked in the mines for 20 years. Grandma and grandpa sent seven of their kids to fight WWII and three to Korea.

"My dad worked in the mines as a teenager and never graduated from high school. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor he had been 17 for about a week. He joined the Navy that week and was assigned to the USS Chandler DD-206/ DMS-9 in the Pacific. He worked in the engine room as a Boiler Technician/Fireman BTFN.  He said if they were ever sunk he would never have gotten out. I can't imagine what it would be like to be 17 and out in the middle of the Pacific in a war. 

"Dad stayed in the Navy for 10 years through the Korean War.

"After his time in the Navy he worked as a construction laborer. One day in Seattle he was digging a ditch and a guy that worked for the phone company asked him if he wanted a better job. He climbed out of the ditch and went to work for the phone company which I think was AT&T before it was broke up into the baby Bells. He was a lineman and then an underground cable locator for 27 years. He and mom raised 5 kids in Seattle. He passed away four years ago at the age of 92. He was buried with military honors in Roslyn.

"I didn't have to serve as the Vietnam war ended a year before I graduated from high school. I like to think I served in a different way.  I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and worked for Boeing on the B2, F-22 and KC-46A Tanker programs.

"I doubt that clown Milley has any clue regarding the life stories of the people he insults with his racist comments. People that fought for and built this country and didn't have a privileged or easy life and are now told they had a privileged or easy life simply because they are white is enough to piss anybody off."

That is a beautiful story.

And it is one repeated a million times over.

A shorter one came from a man whose father arrived at Omaha Beach 17 days after D-Day. The fighting was still intense as Germans realized to their horror that they were in a two-front war.

The reader said, "My father enjoyed a year-long walking tour of France and Germany. Since he deployed D-17, his unit gets no publicity or remembrance. The battalion had three oversized companies of 315 men (to start with) and was ruled over by a Tennessee colonel and two Kentucky lieutenant colonels. My father hated and despised all colonels for the rest of his life.

"The three companies were each given different assignments. Alpha Company guarded the colonels. Bravo was strategic reserve for combat. Charlie was the front line. With a name like Weissing, the colonels thought my father was a Jew and sent him right to the front. Our name is actually German, but that would have sent him straight to Charlie as well. Charlie started with 315. By Christmas 1944 it was at 150. On New Year’s Eve it was down to 15. New Year’s Day saw it folded up with 8 survivors. That is what the Battle of the Bulge was. And just think, those 8 were on the winning side.

"I asked my father if he resented his assignment — after all, it was consciously bigoted. He was proud to live in and belong to the greatest and freest nation in the world. But he did hate colonels."

Milley's racist vignette was part of a sinister scheme. Reading Marx and Mao may not make you a Marxist, but he is a Marxist who wants to destroy America. This whole CRT and white rage nonsense is about diminishing the middle class. The American dream of something better for your children now is openly mocked.

They always have hated the middle class, because we are industrious and self-reliant. I remember the song "Little Boxes," which mocked suburbia. I bought into that when I was 10. I grew up. Socialists don't.

There is no white privilege. There is only Red, White, And Blue Privilege.

Poverty has been the default human condition for most people since civilization began. America created a system that allows people to escape poverty. Call it systemic opportunity. Christianity was a key. Marxists want to destroy that because they want to take over the country. 

The stories I have run about families who struggled and later fought for this country were white. That tells only one side. Black people served in both world wars. Indians served in both wars as code talkers in their native languages. Hispanics served as well. There is only one color in the army. Green.

In sharing his family's story, a reader touched on perhaps the most American of all Americans in World War II, the Nissei, which was the name for second-generation immigrants from Japan.

He wrote, "My granddad came over from  Poland/Lithuania/Austro-Hungarian Empire circa 1912. Grandma came over a few years later. I never knew my G-Pop; he died long before I popped in ‘55.  But they produced 4 kids.  The 2 boys served in WW2.  This Loyalty Pledge hung in her house.

"Can you even imagine something like this, today?

"This is the White Rage that stirs me. Two of their boys (my uncles; first generation Americans) went to fight for their country. Yes, they were filled with rage, and they were white. Perhaps Gen. Milley might want to consider those who went before. Perhaps consider the U.S. Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which consisted mainly of Nissei U.S. citizens of Japanese descent. Yes, after NOT being allowed to enlist in the regular Army, they petitioned long enough to be allowed entry, & distinguished themselves as THE Most Decorated Unit in the U.S. Army. But theirs was Yellow Rage, I guess, so I guess it doesn't matter."

Ah, the 442nd.

While their families were in internment camps, they were in Italy fighting for the Red, White, and Blue because even at her worst, America was better than any place on Earth. One of those boys was Dan Inouye. He literally gave his right arm for this country. 4 years after Hawaii became a state, it sent Inouye to the Senate.

He and his buddies had faith in America. They were rewarded.

What makes America great is some nobody from Croatia can work a coal mine, and his son can dig ditches, so that his grandson can become an electrical engineer. The only privilege is the opportunity. And that is the best privilege of all.

Dr. Ben Carson said it better than me: "I Already Won The Lottery, I Was Born In America And Know The Lord."

He ain't just blowing smoke like my old Rustang did. 

A reader wrote, "When I was a baby, my father ran away and my mom, not having any money, gave me up to an adoption agency. I then was adopted by an American family and now I am on track to live the American Dream. By the Left's account, I'm just another oppressed victim because I am part of the non-white population, but I was able to break out of their plantation and make something of my life through work ethic and the mindset that there is no one to blame but myself when I fail. This is why today, I identify as a staunch America First Conservative. "

The Lord is important. It is why one set of my ancestry set out from England in 1620 in a little wooden cargo boat that leaked. We know it as the Mayflower. 66 days later, they landed in Massachusetts. They thanked the Lord. 

Half the settlers died that first winter.

In spring, they planted crops with the help of Indians. The Lord blessed them with a bountiful harvest. In October, they thanked the Lord. The 53 Pilgrims invited 90 Wampanoag Indians to a great three-day feast.

But enough about me and some of my ancestors.

Dr. Carson's father served in World War II. He got a job building Cadillacs after the war. His parents later divorced and separated. Mom took the kids, and suffered depression. Dr. Carson, though, persevered. He worked hard and became not only a brain surgeon, but one of the best in the world. He might have become president if Donald John Trump had not descended that golden elevator to enter the presidential race.

Oh yes, Donald Trump. How could I forget him?

He was the son of a wealthy businessman who became even wealthier. The Donald never tried to be one of us. But he championed us. Decades before either man was president, Obama wrote that socialism will never take hold in America because everyone wants to be Donald Trump, or at least have their kids and grandkids have that chance.

And why not? What is wrong with living in a three-story penthouse in Manhattan while wintering at Mar-A-Lago?

I noticed Obama has a mansion in Kalorama, D.C., and a beachfront summer home on Martha's Vineyard, and a nine-figure bank balance. He wanted to be Donald Trump. He did it by playing the skin game, becoming president, and cutting deals. The only difference between the two is Obama does not want anyone else to be Donald Trump.

Obama and Milley seek to divide Americans by race and conquer the nation.

The way to stop them is to not get angry or even upset. Look at them as who they are: desperate men who realize America Will Be Great Again, and there is nothing these enemies from within can do to stop us.

Happy Birthday, America, the greatest land of all. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July -- Independence Day -- and I do not post on Sunday.

But I leave readers with this request. Thank the Lord for your Red, White, And Blue Privilege.


  1. Hope you have a great Independence Day weekend Don. Thanks for the work you do in keeping us informed.

    You Sir, are a great American!

  2. Don, I thank you for keeping us aware of the realities of our time.

  3. G-d bless America! May we be free forever.

    1. Writing it that way is actually done out of respect, Cartersville.

      (In Jewish law, the name of G-d in Hebrew - and according to some authorities, in other languages too - may not be erased or treated disrespectfully. So the practice has developed to replace one of its letters with a hyphen. Some non-Jews have adopted this style too, out of respect for G-d and/or for Judaism.)

    2. Absolutely! It's about respect. Try it, Cartersville. So much nicer than the generic word used for everything else.

    3. Actually, God is a title, like President or King. In Hebrew God's name is YHWH, pronounced Yahweh, or Jehovah in English.

  4. Critical American Theory (CAT) — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  5. Critical American Theory (CAT) — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  6. Thanks for the Red, White and Blue stories Don. God Bless America!

  7. The enmity of our new overlords reminds me of the Chesterton quote, “Bolshevism and Big Business are very much alike; they are both built on the truth that everything is easy and simple if once you eliminate liberty. And the real irreconcilable enemy of both is what may be called Small Business.”

    Well, nowadays, the Bolshies and big business have a partnership. They will do each others bidding for both power and money and crush anyone in the way.

    1. Nice find. This Chesterton apparently made a career out of being quotable. And great column, Don!

  8. Thanks much for that, Don. We all have much to be grateful for this Independence Day, although I worry about how much longer we'll have it.

    Now, serious question here for all commenters. How do these military units get their numbers. I mean, if there's a 442nd Regimental Combat Team, what happened to Teams 1-441? Or 443 to the end? I've always wondered about that, and no one I've ever asked seems to know.

  9. The True President: "Milley later issued an embarrassing and groveling apology for walking at my side to St. John’s Church, which far-left rioters almost burned to the ground the day before. Instead of denouncing the rioters, he denounced himself—a humiliation for our Military. A year later even the Fake News had to admit that their Lafayette Square narrative was a giant lie. Milley, once again, looked like a fool."

    Maybe Milley's disqualifying anger was his own "white rage" at being forced into a Communist-style public recantation.

    So much better the words of Gen. Joseph Warren, hero at Bunker Hill:

    "It was a maxim of the Roman people, which eminently conduced to the greatness of that state, never to despair of the commonwealth. The maxim may prove as salutary to us now, as it did to them. Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful; but we have many friends, determining to be free, and heaven and earth will aid the resolution. On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves. The faltering tongue of hoary age calls on you to support your country. The lisping infant raises its suppliant hands, imploring defence against the monster slavery. Your fathers look from their celestial seats with smiling approbation on their sons, who boldly stand forth in the cause of virtue; but sternly frown upon the inhuman miscreant, who, to secure the loaves and fishes to himself, would breed a serpent to destroy his children. Having redeemed your country, and secured the blessing to future generations, who, fired by your example, shall emulate your virtues, and learn from you the heavenly art of making millions happy; with heart felt joy, which transports all your own, you cry, the glorious work is done. Then drop the mantle to some young Elisha, and take your seats with kindred spirits in your native skies.".......


    Music video by Aaron Lewis performing Am I The Only One (Lyric Video). © 2021 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

    1. Live.

  11. I knew it was time for me to get out when attending a senior NCO course, I was given an assignment on how to integrate transgenders into the services. Shocked the Sgt Major when I turned in my retirement request upon finishing that course- I was up for promotion to the next highest grade.
    And I'm damned sight glad I dont have to treat jackasses like Milley with respect.....

    1. I got out in 1972, because I had first hand experience with suckups getting promoted and taking over.

  12. As usual Don,you hit it right out of the park.Happy Independence Day,and may God biess and keep you!!

  13. After reading Don’s story and various peoples’ family history, I got curious as to Gen. Milley’s background. I did a few minutes’ worth of net searches on him.

    He was Born in Winchester, MA. In 2016, Winchester was ranked number 86 on the Bloomberg list of America's 100 Richest Places with an average household income of $204,878.

    Went to a very exclusive, all-boys high school: Belmont Hill School. Per a NY Times story, was talked out of going to West Point by his father who got “acquaintances to show him the more miserable parts of the Army college regimen.”

    Got a BA in politics from Princeton and an ROTC commission there. An MA in international relations from Columbia. Another MA in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College.

    He’s a creature of the Ivy Leagues, comfortably ensconced in the (in their own mind) Elite. It appears unlikely he has any ‘Grampa started as a ditchdigger and made good” stories in the family.

    OT – not contemporary with Milley, but I can’t help but note that the all-male Belmont Hill School is embracing its single female graduate: Rachel Levine.

    The Ivies have become the China of education, cranking out a lot of tainted, second-rate product..

  14. "We don't have systemic racism we have systemic opportunity"


    BTW - just got home from watching Trump in Sarasota. A mere two miles or so from my home. Nothing but red white and blue patriots. Salt of the earth people respecting one of the greatest Americans and Presidents ever.
    BLM and Antifa were wise to stay away. Wouldn't have fared well in that crowd.

  15. Thank you, Don Surber, and may your 4th be splendid.

  16. Too bad our Military doesn't embrace Klingon Ethics regarding the fitness and competency of one's commander.

  17. Great article Don, A TRUE PATRIOT. 🇺🇸

  18. Happy Independence Day, Deplorables!

  19. Great column Don, thanks; Happy 4th to you and yours and to everyone else.

    Keep in mind that these clowns really don't care about any of our family stories (my grandparents were in that murky zone between "immigrants" and "refugees"), since all of this b.s. they toss around is just misdirection - like the magician waving one hand way up high to draw your attention away while the other hand does the "trick."

    For our present "elite" (sic), their material greed and lust-for-power is matched only by their laziness and incompetence. So this nonsense is their vehicle to literally build an apartheid system to entrench themselves in their power and grift - since they would be wiped out pronto by any real competition. They've got the money, power, and connections (due to what grandpa or great-grandpa did, and which they themselves never could have done) to be able to ruin everything and not personally suffer from it - and to inflict the consequences on others (mostly non-elite whites).

    Back in 2016, one of DJT's most effective words was "rigged" - that the "the system" was (and still is) rigged in favor of these clowns, by these clowns. I would really like to see DJT bring that back and talk once again about how the system is rigged of, by, and for a bunch of clowns who are where they are because of who they chose for their parents and grandparents, not because they have any talent or any accomplishments.

    And indeed, "CRT" is the renazification of socialism.

  20. If Republicans truly loved America then they wouldn't have so easily rolled over and allowed the elections to be stolen. One thing Democrats can count on is that Republicans are puzzies.

  21. I thank Him everyday. A bad day in the USA beats a good day any where else.

  22. Read you more and more, Don!

    The current cult belief system of chemical determinism being forced into children for three generations now, with the foundational belief that consciousness is a product of the flesh and not the other way around, in itself meets the clinical definition of psychosis.

    That is how I came to God, by trying to understand what these satanists were talking about. The answer is they're not talking about anything, they are nonsense monsters, here to obfuscate and confuse and obliterate coherence and logic. They can't tell you their true belief system because they worship only the dark lord, the father of lies.

    I grew up in the left here in Canada, in government. All their ideas are false, pure tools to power. The left in Canada represented by the NDP party is not a legitimate political organization it is a foreign intelligence operation.

    I have been trying to expose this now for 20 years, I witnessed it directly as a child on the 70s on the campaign trail with my father, who almost became premier of Ontario with the lies of this blatantly seditious group.

    It is clear to me now that the Fabian conspiracy I witnessed growing up has infected our entire political elite. In fact, Canada has being a communist country for decades already, they just haven't bothered to tell you.

    It's the Fabian way.

  23. Your story caused me to thank God we Americans have persevered like we have, mainly because we work hard, have faith in God and won't allow alarmists and communists to sway our opinions.
    Happy 4th of July patriots, we're winning as always. See ya again next year and we'll do it again.

  24. Milley read Marx but he does not understand Marx.

  25. Here's my family's story....a mostly British and German family who's ancestors came over in the 1700's. At least 5 of my 5th great grandfather's fought in the Revolutionary war.
    Fast forward to 1883 when my Granny was born. She traveled around Texas and OK by covered wagon with her family. Her father made a living watering the dirt streets in Corpus Christy until he got consumption. So then the family traveled around share cropping and picking cotton. Then when she was 12 her father literally laid down and died with his boots on while helping to nurse their 12 children who had come down with the measles. No one had noticed he contracted them.
    After that my Granny and her sister took all responsibility for the farm animals.... hauling water in from far away during a drought and breaking the ice off the water in the winter. It was also said that my teenaged granny and her sister could handle a plow as well as any man.
    As a young mother my Granny dealt with the depression and then the dust bowl in OK. They finally decided to come to CA. They traveled in a homemade motorhome, which was a flat bed pick up truck with a set of bunk beds and a camp stove secured in back.

    When they got a CA central valley, they survived picking fruit in the orchards.

    Her husband died in his early 50's of consumption from his previous mining work.

    My other grandfather grew up in AK. His family was dirt poor. His mother kept then fed with a milk cow, chickens and a garden. But it was not uncommon for them to go without food. My grandfather left home at about 14 and lived in a small room in the back of a service station where he learned how to work on cars. Since there was a horrible draught in AR and no opportunity, he also decided to come to CA. He came on his own at the ripe old age of 16, and got there by walking and hoping freight trains whenever he could.

    My parents did not have the opportunity to go to college. And in turn there was no college money for any of their 4 children. Those of us who got our degrees did so by working full time while in school and paying for everything on our own.

    More than one of us sat in counselor's offices and were told there was financial help if only we were Black, Hispanic or Eskimo. This was back in the late 80s and 90s.
    And this is my family's privilege story.

  26. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

    1. "Democrats"? No. Certain "dual citizens"? Yes.

  27. Who Are The True Patriots?
    Posted on July 1, 2017 by usar4me
    Often, I sit in silence, as my mind drifts to days long lost … too, nights where horrors many did brightly light the skies… where men’s cries, shall never end. There, I ponder the weight of it all… What sorrow did gain and what tears many feed? ‘Tis but the mournful memories of patriots long dead… Whose, hearts doth shout… give me liberty or give me death… that resounds in my soul.

    Did freedom so loosely lay itself in deaths way… That men presently, would trample upon their grave… Upon, the memory of those… whose lives did bleed… That they may live. Where comes this arrogant nature in men… Too, take lightly the pain of others, who suffered in death? Where is their true memorial?

    Does it lie… in the mouth of those, who so glibly label their pain of death… tyranny. By what horrible exercise… of imperial power… did they die? And too what land do they now lay claim? For in their pain, they suffered for nothing more… than, man should live free… Free from the tyrants rage, and the ignorance of lesser men.

    Where then comes this cry… from the high places in our land… Too, slander the brave and heroic… Our forefathers, and their progeny… Whose house they built, that we may live in freedom… How doth these men speak and live… What manner of people, hold them in high esteem… These who rob the graves… of the righteous; who steal the sacrifice of liberties… guarantors.

    Woe… to this perverse and wicked generation… Whose, unthankful and derelict nature, doth tare at the wounds of those who feed the Tree of liberty… that they may be free.

    RA Nelson

    COL. USArmy (Retired)

  28. Still impotently repeating retarded WWII propaganda. That is embarrassing. Patton learned he fought on the wrong side once he got to Germany.

  29. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

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  31. “ They always have hated the middle class, because we are industrious and self-reliant. I remember the song "Little Boxes," which mocked suburbia. I bought into that when I was 10. I grew up. Socialists don't.

    There is no white privilege. There is only Red, White, And Blue Privilege.”

    HELL YES!!! NAILED IT!!! I’ll Never Forget It.