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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Lady Democrats are super spreaders

Texas Democrat legislators fled the state to DC on a private plane to deny Republicans a quorum in an effort to stop an election reform law.

The media cheered them on with no one asking questions about whose plane it was and whether that was not a thing of value (aka a bribe).

When Republicans flee, it is evil.

When Democrats flee, it is noble.

But it turns out those scrappy rebels did more than make a mockery of democracy in the Lone Star State. It turns out these runaways (aka flee baggers) went to Washington and spread covid 19.

While the Democrat legislators claim they are all vaccinated, 6 of them got covid and they spread it to a member of Nancy Pelosi's posse and the White House.

Kamala Harris has been at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, since Friday for some routine tests. Maybe it is covid. Maybe it is not.

This raises questions of whether the infected actually got vaccinated.

The media spin is not that the fleeing Democrats spread covid across the nation's capital, but that this is some sort of warning for the rest of the nation.

Axios reported on the Pelosi and White House staffers infected, "While both individuals are vaccinated and mildly symptomatic, they illustrate how Americans inoculated against the coronavirus can still contract and, potentially, unknowingly transmit the virus — even at the highest levels of the nation's government."

NBC was a little more focused in its report.

It said, "The Texas delegation fled en masse to Washington on July 12 to try to block passage of a restrictive state GOP voting bill, aiming to stay away until the special session called by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ends.

"On Monday, a sixth member of the Texas delegation in Washington, D.C., tested positive for Covid-19, a spokesperson for the lawmakers told NBC News.

"Cara Santucci, the spokeswoman for the Texas House Democrats, confirmed the case and said the undisclosed member is self-isolating.

"Santucci had said last week the delegation would provide daily rapid tests for its members and their staffers who are in the nation's Capitol. But in a statement on Monday, she said the delegation will no longer release a daily Covid case count."

Suddenly, Democrats are buttoning up about covid.

The White House spin, according to CNN is vaccines work even when they fail. CNN quoted some anonymous official as saying, "We know that there will be breakthrough cases, but as this instance shows, cases in vaccinated individuals are typically mild.

"The White House is prepared for breakthrough cases with regular testing. This is another reminder of the efficacy of the covid 19 vaccines against severe illness or hospitalization. We wish our colleague a speedy recovery."

Meanwhile, the New York Times said, "Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation."

Yes, she said you can get covid even if you are vaccinated.

Which is what Democrats are saying now.

Texas Democrats tried to play games and deny the will of a clear majority of Texans.

Instead of Texas Democrats doing their job, they spread covid around. None in the press dare call them super spreaders because that is a title reserved only for Trump supporters.


  1. This is just too cute. Life may be a beach, but for the Demos, it looks like there's an incoming tidal wave.

    Kamala Harris has been at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, since Friday for some routine tests. Maybe it is covid. Maybe it is not.

    Anybody got the plague in the pool?

    1. Heck, ponder that it might be the swamp being proactive. I still think that giggles will be defenestrated before sniffy - and that if sniffy is deteriorating as quickly and as badly as he apparently is, they may be panicking about getting rid of giggles STAT so that they can get their real desired prez into the vp slot before sniffy has to go.

      Just pondering...

    2. My money is on Tertiary Syphilis.

    3. Foo: Tertiary syphilis means it won’t be long before her nose falls off. That’ll change the timbre of her cackle.

    4. I'm thinking inflamed venereal warts with possibly some anal seepage. Enough to give anyone a case of the "Willies". Ewww!!!

    5. I'm thinking she got a drop of water on her and started melting.

    6. Does she weigh the same as a duck?

    7. My money is on a terminal case of fascist moronism.

  2. Six Texas fleebaggers catch Covid 19 and meet with Harris and Pelosi. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

  3. When Kamala Harris visits a hospital for tests it should not be alarming or surprising. Word has it that she had routinely gone to clinics and hospitals for tests and treatments since before her early days of working for Willie Brown. She's always been a busy girl.

  4. Spreading has several meanings too. ;)

  5. Maybe we should have a conversation concerning the possibility that this gene therapy is spreading an illness of it's own. We try to stay clear of those that have chosen the experimental therapy. We also use prophylaxis.

  6. I question the testing. The tests can be dialed up to detect the slightest presence of the virus, even when it is harmless and can't be transmitted.

    1. Schlong, remember they changed the cycles from 40 to 27 for vaccinated Guinea pigs so there would be less positives to demonstrate the vaccine was effective.

  7. Kamala Harris is the original super spreader. Just ask Willie Brown….

  8. Kamala Harris is the original super spreader. Just ask Willie Brown….

  9. Rep. Eric Swalwell: "Stop wearing face masks, #coronavirus".

    I proudly stand with Eric Swallwell.

    But not too close.

    And I don't care what White Housefrau Psaki says; I'm listening to Vice-Installee Kamala Harris:
    "If Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I'm not taking it!"

    No Trump vaccine for me either!

    Solidarity and #VaxResistanceNow!, my Revolutionary sistah!

  10. Friends, I think we got gaslit on libations too. Miller Lite my ass. Those b’s are drinking Cali white, $150 a bottle minimum. But never forget: THEY ARE THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE!!

  11. OPERATOR: “Holding for the President. Okay…the President is on the line, Mr. Zuckerberg.”
    BIDEN: “Hel…”
    ZUCKERBERG: “What the f*ck, Joe? I’m a “killer”? What the f*ck’s wrong with you? Don’t you think before you open your stupid mouth?”
    BIDEN: “I…”
    ZUCKERBERG: “I do all your f*cking dirty work. I censor everybody you want censored. I buried Hunter’s bagman adventures, his crackpipe and his little girls, I contributed to the Gain-of-Function fund, I paid off election judges all over the country, I do those dog-and-pony shows with Fauci, and I can smell his breath over the Internet. I can still smell it. I smell it in my dreams. I contributed to your campaign–I censored A SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR YOU, JOE–and you call me a “killer”?”
    BIDEN: “Well…”
    ZUCKERBERG: “Look; here’s what you’re going to do. After your L-dopa/Viagra/prune juice cocktail tomorrow morning, you’re going to go out to the driveway with your nurse and explain that you take it all back. You had a geezer brain fart and you were talking crazy. Everybody will believe it--trust me. You’re gonna’ walk it back harder than Anthony Weiner at an anonymous wi-fi hot-spot. Are we clear, Joe?”
    BIDEN: “Ye…”
    ZUCKERBERG: “Good. And we’re never going to say that again.”
    BIDEN: “Wait a minute.”
    ZUCKERBERG: “What?”
    BIDEN: “It’s good to talk to you, Barack.”
    ZUCKERBERG: *(click)*

  12. They have been doing community outreach with the illegals, so expect other nasty diseases to pop up. Remember the demoKKKrats are not your friend.

    1. Let's clarify, if your name is not Xi,Fidel, Hugo, or Putin, the demoKKKrats are not your friend.

  13. Can’t begin to express my disgust with America’s so called “journalists.” The people who Don earlier today accurately identified as “media whores.”

    They are unwatchable and unreadable.

    The only useful purpose of the trash produced by these whores is the read the “tea leaves” within the Liberal Authoritarian camp to see which insider is being fluffed and which insider is being cr@ped on. To get a sense of the Liberal Authoritarian on the rise and on the way down — the way Kremlinologists used to operate within the Western Intelligence Services during the Cold War (as one example).

    Unlike Don, I don’t think these media whores for one second intention is to be considered whores with no credibility. But they have taken their gold pieces and have joined Judas.

    Still, because they live in bubble world they lack comprehension of how truly despised they are by millions of Americans. Perhaps, when CNN+ is rolled out, they will get a sense.

    Unless CNN has something up their sleeves (such as, an agreement with major corporations that the corporations will compel their employees to pay for this propaganda) it’s about as certain a financial blackhole as one could possibly imagine.

  14. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  15. Lots of those "ladies" are buckets of lard.
    Obesity is a pre-existing condition.

    "Fat and stupid is no way to go through life."

  16. If they are not doing their job, the are not Legislators, but tourists. Actually, they are insurrectionists- since they are uprising against the preventing legitimate business. I may go so far as to suggest terrorists- since they have delivered a bioweapon to the Capitol.

    On another note. I suspect VP has a thyroid issue. Her goiter has enlarged significantly- not sure if stress is a factor, something is going on.

  17. I don't like giving any Dem an excuse, but no one talks about the lack of updating the analysis of samples for covid using PCR testing. With a cycle threshold number of 40 or more, the depth of analysis has shown too many false positives since it may detect just about any dead viruses/organics such as the common cold. Florida and Kansas have recognized this and have mandated a lower number of FL 30 and Kansas 35 to limit false positives. The other 48 states I believe are not correcting the testing as is needed. Is that why one CA country has reported that 25% of their testing was invalid? Where is that info being reported in the media just like they ignore the cycle threshold inaccurate testing criteria.
    My bully pulpit is not big enough the change anything but I will keep asking. FB doesn't like my posts.

  18. "Kamala Harris has been at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, since Friday for some routine tests."

    Is this true? I cannot confirm that it is. More importantly, I cannot confirm that it isn't.

    As terrifying as a President Harris would be, a President Pelosi is even more terrifying.

  19. They left with a twelve pack of miller lite and came back with 6 cases of corona


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