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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Final score from the DC Morgue: Homicides 11, Covid 4.

Masks? Wear Kevlar.

ITEM 2: The Associated Press reported, "A small city on Colombia’s Caribbean shore is being crowded with migrants from Haiti, Africa and Cuba making what they hope will be a journey toward the United States.

"Local officials estimate more than 10,000 migrants have massed recently in Necocli, a city of some 20,000 people better known for its beaches, coconuts and burbling mud volcanos. It has become a bottleneck on the global migrant trail that winds through South and Central America, and on to Mexico and then the U.S. southern border.

"Necocli residents say they have never seen so many migrants and city authorities have declared a public calamity because of water shortages caused by the additional demand from the migrants. Colombian ombudsman Carlos Camargo on Thursday visited the city’s docks where boats depart to verify the humanitarian situation of the thousands of migrants."

President Donald John Trump said terrorists were crossing the border. The media said he lied.

The media lied.

Oh, and AP shielded Hamas. I won't forget.

ITEM 3: Campus Reform reported, "Calling fish 'trash' is now racist. A University of California, Davis study alleges that labeling fish as 'rough' or 'trash' is racist and harmful to conservation efforts.

"The researchers argue that colonialism and white male preferences are at the root of the problem."

Oh we white men are so evil.

We only brought forth to this continent a new nation conceived in liberty.

We only cleared the forests and settled the land.

We only turned the Great American Desert west of the Mississippi into the world's bread basket.

We had slaves? They were slaves in Africa. Compare life today in Africa to life in the USA and there simply is no comparison. Black Americans are off the charts better off here.

But pinheads gotta pin. Add fishocide to the list of Fake Crimes

ITEM 4: Stars and Stripes reported, "A crewmember of the Navy’s fire-decimated USS Bonhomme Richard has been charged with starting the blaze under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the service said Thursday.

"The charges 'were brought forth against a Navy Sailor in response to evidence found during the criminal investigation into the fire' that began July 12, 2020, while the amphibious assault ship was docked in San Diego, according to a statement by Cmdr. Sean Robertson, a spokesman for the Navy’s 3rd Fleet.

"The statement did not identify the sailor, and Robertson did not respond to a emailed query by Stars and Stripes."

No name.

Maybe he is the fellow who shot and killed an unarmed Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol on January 6.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "Public health confidence in the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine appears to be waning as officials warn of enhanced danger — even for vaccinated individuals — from the Delta variant of the SARS-Cov-2 virus."

The boys keep crying wolf. We keep seeing a corgi.

ITEM 6: AFP reported, "Inflation could rise higher and stay there longer than expected as the United States economy recovers from the downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said on Wednesday.

"Inflation has already risen well above the Fed's 2% goal, mostly due to temporary factors including supply bottlenecks, Mr. Powell noted."

They all say it is transitory.

And it is transitory. Once we transit a real president to the Resolute Desk, inflation will relent.

ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "Joe Biden on Friday night warned Americans that new restrictions were coming, as the Delta variant causes COVID-19 caseloads across the country to soar."

Deaths average 320 a day.

A week ago, the daily average was 443.

ITEM 8Meanwhile, the Hill reported, "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky on Friday suggested that the Biden administration may be looking into a federal vaccine mandate."

They know not what they do.

ITEM 9Time reported, "Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has retracted a decision to end a key defense pact with the United States, allowing large-scale combat exercises between U.S. and Philippine forces that at times have alarmed China to proceed. 

"Duterte’s decision was announced Friday by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana in a joint news conference with visiting U.S. counterpart Lloyd Austin in Manila. It was a step back from the Philippine leader’s stunning vow early in his term to distance himself from Washington as he tried to rebuild frayed ties with China over territorial rifts in the South China Sea."

The Philippines are worth protecting because they have provided the United States with doctors. West Virginia could not have survived the 1990s when the chemical industry collapsed without them. 

They also knew what sex they were.

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "Auburn University is offering students a chance at winning a variety of prizes – including a $1,000 scholarship, an unlimited meal plan, and a premium parking pass – if they get fully vaccinated against covid 19 in time for the fast-approaching fall semester."

There is no truth to the rumor I just started that the University of Alabama is offering an Auburn scholarship to anyone who refuses the vaccine.

ITEM 11: Via Becker News, the quote of the day from Biden, "You know, I come from the state of Delaware. We had more acreage burn last year than the state of Delaware and Maryland combined. Combined."

He needs to lay off the weed.

If not, replace "Hail to the Chief" with "Dazed and Confused."

ITEM 12: Fox reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., removed her mask to take a photo with the newest congressman from Texas in what appeared to be a violation of Capitol Police’s mask guidance."

Witches must be immune to covid then.

ITEM 13: BabalĂș Blog reported, "Sixth high-ranking Cuban military official in ten days mysteriously dies."

That is one way to cut pension costs.

ITEM 14: DPA reported, "German chancellor candidate Armin Laschet has apologized after a plagiarism checker pointed out striking similarities in his book to another publication on Friday, just two months before the country heads to the polls.

"Laschet is the leading candidate of Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party and seeks to replace her after the country's elections in September, as she will no longer stand after 16 years in power."


What sort of country elects a plagiarist as its leader.

I mean, besides the USA.

ITEM 15: Big League Politics reported, "New polls show that American voters are increasingly uninterested and unsupportive of the House of Representatives’ probe of the January 6 Capitol breach.

"The New York Post has reported on the findings of two recent Morning Consult polls. The first Morning Consult poll revealed that a narrow majority of Republicans, 52%, now oppose the special House committee’s investigation of the Capitol breach, which is up nine points from mid-to-late June. Independent voters have been even more unsupportive as of late, with only 52% supporting the investigation, down from 65%.

"The second Morning Consult poll, published Thursday, showed that investigation support has declined among all voters, from 66% in June to just 53% in late July. Voters are even less likely to blame Donald Trump and congressional Republicans for the Capitol chaos as they previously were, whereas there have been slight increases in blame on Joe Biden and congressional Democrats for being somewhat to very responsible for what happened leading up to the attack."

The lack of interest is interesting

ITEM 16: The Hill reported, "House Democratic leaders failed to round up enough votes on Friday to pass legislation extending the federal ban on evictions just two days before it is set to expire, ultimately adjourning the chamber for a long summer recess with no path forward on the issue."


You invest money, pay taxes, and maintain the property only to have the government say you cannot collect rent.

FINALLY, a reader wrote, "Last weekend American swimmer Lilly King came in third. She was the hands down favorite to win gold, which went to another American, Lydia Jacoby.

"NBC interviewed both swimmers, congratulating Jacoby on her win before turning to King.

"The interviewer asked King, 'How do you feel about coming in third in a race you were the overwhelming favorite to win?'

"And then Lilly King said this: 'I'm proud to win a bronze medal for my country.'

"It's really easy to see the blue-haired, woke and insufferable athletes make the Olympics into a joke. But there are still the Lilly Kings out there. And as an American, I'm proud of her."

Amen. She is a throwback to what the Olympics once was.


  1. 11. The Danish TV performance of "Dazed and Confused" is totally amazing.

    1. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
      .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  2. Item 3: “Calling fish 'trash' is now racist.” A “trash fish” is simply one that is not good to eat. If you catch a trash fish, you throw it back instead of cleaning it and eating it. That’s not racist, since both trash fish and yummy fish are “fish colored.”

    Item 7: “the Delta variant causes COVID-19 caseloads across the country to soar.” Some inconvenient statistics:
    The Average Daily Death Rate of Americans:
    2380 Cardiovascular disease
    1680 Cancer
    474 Accidental or intentional injuries
    405 Stroke
    332 Alzheimer’s disease
    240 Diabetes complications
    223 Covid (7-day moving average 7/23)

    Item 14: “What sort of country elects a plagiarist as its leader.” Or erects a monument and declares a federal holiday in January for one?

    1. National Holiday for George Floyd. He’s Black Jesus II, The Wrath of Barack. A savior for the morally degenerate.

  3. “Inflation will be transitory.” LIFE is transitory, you filthy ignorant dead-end nihilist LibCommies. I for one am SICK of your perversion. KEEP THE PRESSURE ON your state reps to uphold existing voting laws and repeal the shite that got us here. THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL IS ALLOWING ILLEGALS TO VOTE. Tell them, “Over My Dead Body.”

    1. Agreed Z. Unfortunately, the Democrats and the Liberal Republican RINOs got together in the Senate and have apparently agreed to a so-called “ infrastructure” bill that is rumored to have a very significant immigration amnesty provision.

      The Conservative Treehouse has been reporting on these rumors.

      The one thing Americans can count on is the Democrats and RINOs will conspire to continue the influx of millions of legal and illegal immigrants into the USA every year.

      Considering how blatant and terrible the Biden* Full Pantload Regime has been treating the American People the short time it has illegitimately been in office, the relatively mild level of pushback is beyond disappointing.

    2. that should read "Over YOUR dead body". (Just sayin')

  4. Item 8: I think you're confusing her with the nut job Dr.Rachel Levine

    1. Yes. The Nut Job (so to speak) is assistant something for HHS. R. Walensky is the head of CDC (which is within HHS).

    2. Has anybody checked Walensky for a package, though? Can’t be too sure these days…

    3. #4 The fellow is Lt. Michael Byrd

    4. That whole department of government has become a quackocracy.

  5. Thanks, I hadn't heard of Lilly King. Wonderful story. Her friends and family must be so proud of her. She will go far in life.

    1. I remember many years ago, there was a figure skating world championships with 14 contestants. One of the commentators decided to interview the last place skater from Australia.
      She was asked how it felt to finish in last place. The Australian girl looked straight at the camera and said, "I think of myself as the 14th best figure skater in the world."

  6. 5, 7 & 8: As Don has noted Sweden never locked down, does not require masks and COVID deaths are now near zero. See is short for Commissars of Dictatorial Control.

    We know who killed Ashli Babbitt!

  7. Item 5: Don wrote, "The boys keep crying wolf. We keep seeing a corgie." Don's got a way with words.

    Item 7: "Deaths average 320 a day. A week ago, the daily average was 443." Joe can't count.

    Item 15: All we want to know is WHO shot Ashli Babbit!

    1. I don't see a Corgi, I see an Oscar Mayer. Baloney.

  8. Item 1 - Dems desperately need to focus on COVID to distract voters from the homicide pandemic.

  9. Re bonhomme richard

    When the iowa gun exploded the navy was quick to blame a sailor (and falsely claim he was gay) rather than naval incompetence.

    Is that what they are trying to do this time to?

    1. Probably more likely because it isn't an evil "white rage" guy.

      Gotta advance the narrative.

  10. Don, corgis can get nippy and nasty. Jus’ sayin’.

  11. #11 That's a pretty good Biden quote but I don't it tops "my butt's been wiped".

  12. 5. I read there is no test which identifies the delta variant. If that is true how do they know it is increasing?
    16. "You invest money, pay taxes, and maintain the property only to have the government say you cannot collect rent." And, then the bank forecloses on your property. The 'renter' cannot be evicted, but, now the bank owns your property.

  13. ITEM 13: In connection with the death of the sixth high-ranking Cuban military officer in 10 days, a commenter on the blog Don linked to added their thought on why the deaths are happening now is because COVID is spreading rapidly throughout Cuba.

    This led me to think immediately of fat slob “film-maker” Michael Moore and the thought he should walk his pinko Commie talk and receive all his health care thorough the wonderful “free” Communist Cuban health care system (though not Cuban, Moore would qualify for health care in Cuba by being a prominent useful idiot of the Regime) rather than propagandize to import the Cuban system into the USA.

  14. It’s been hard to take Biden seriously, but after yesterday’s public booger eating episode it has become impossible. Anyone taking him seriously needs counseling.

  15. Item #7- Joe was a doctor…after he drove an 18 wheeler but before he was a Senator. Corn Pop said so.

  16. Mr Surber, Sir.
    Whatever you are paying the humorist Drummer to read your Items and add the ::Ba:dum:Tsssshhh...:: at the end of the item isn't being paid enough. The rim-shot's implied are amazing.

  17. Item 1.

    You don't understand. The virus will hit people in Bethesda, Georgetown, Capitol Hill. The shooting deaths are over across the Anacostia. We saw this a bit when the shooting crossed the river to the stadium and in a fashionable restaurant street.

    Make no mistake the COVID panic is because people who went to elite universities are being infected. The poor were infected by the 'elite' world traveler who just had to attend Muffy and Biffs party making is a superspreader event. Unfortunately, the service staff took the virus home with them.

  18. ITEM 5, ITEM 7, ITEM 8: DELTA VARIANT!! OMG Hair on fire! Sky is falling! Much more contagious (but less fatal and not as likely to land you in the hospital).
    TPTB just want to keep the populace churned up so there’s no time to think.
    Each time since the Obama stimulus I think “crooked used car dealer” when I hear their end-of-the-world warnings. Gotta do this right now. No time to think!

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