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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Highlights of the News

OK, which one of you guys did this?

Via Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit.

ITEM 1: A reader chastised me for supporting the release of Bill Cosby from prison after nearly 3 years in prison. His history of sexual assault reaches back to the 1960s, when his career began.

I do not praise the rapist.

I do, however, praise the comedian who broke out of the race humor mold by doing humor humor. He opened the door for Richard Pryor and others, and for Redd Foxx to go mainstream. Cosby put black people in white people's homes via television. 

Melinda Hennenberger made it plain that his release was not celebrity justice.

She wrote, "Bill Cosby did not walk free because he wasn’t guilty of drugging and then sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 — or as he preferred to see it, of 'dancing outside' of his marriage. That’s absolutely not what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said.

"But it’s also wrong to say that he escaped justice on a technicality. He escaped justice because a prosecutor’s office violated its previous agreement not to charge him. Go ahead and testify in a civil suit, they told him, because you’re not going to be charged.

"That deal was incredibly stupid, but it was also binding. Yet after Cosby waived his rights and implicated himself, a successor to the DA who’d made that agreement decided to charge him anyway. Which wasn’t either fair or constitutional."

Make no mistake. Like me, she did not like his actions. He is a villain, but he is not the villain in the story of his release from prison. Prosecutors are.

She concluded her column, "For all the rape victims who see Cosby’s raised victory sign and wonder how many dozen violated women would have to come forward to not only get a conviction but make it stick, I share your disgust.

"But I’m just as sorry that his prosecutors will pay no price for their overreach beyond some embarrassment.

"It’s because prosecutors are almost never punished for their shortcuts and perfidy that they feel so free to tell the kind of lies that ruin lives, and even end them. That’s what has to change to keep the innocent from being sent away in the first place, and to keep the guilty from ever walking free."

I thank the Kansas City Star for publishing her column. 

Newspapers have cut many things in recent years, including staff and even the size of the paper. The saddest thing has been their cutting the truth out of so many stories. The truth is not always pleasant, but it is all that journalists have to offer.

ITEM 2: 538 reported, "In many ways, the recently completed Supreme Court term was our first comprehensive look at one of the most consequential legacies of the Trump presidency: his imprint on the court.

"Understanding the full impact of former President Donald Trump’s 6-3 conservative supermajority is challenging at this point, though. On the one hand, this term saw the highest share of unanimous rulings in the last three years. On the other hand, the court’s last two major rulings broke down along 6-3 ideological lines. But that seeming inconsistency may have more to do with divisions among the court’s conservatives over how fast to move — not in what direction. Make no mistake, the court is moving in a conservative direction, and the conservative justices are in the driver’s seat."

Having gotten elections wrong and given bettors bad advice on sports, Nate Silver's web site moves on to try to quantify complicated legal decisions. Dividing all decisions into liberal and conservative is foolish. 

How do we describe Dred Scott? You cannot say conservative because that terrible decision gave momentum to the newly formed Republican Party, which was founded on the abolition of slavery. Abe Lincoln said the decision propelled his return to the political arena.

I doubt liberals care to admit paternity.

We have a court with 3 justices appointed by a Democrat and confirmed by a Democrat Senate, 3 justices appointed by a Republican and confirmed by a Democrat Senate, and 3 justices nominated by a Republican and confirmed by a Republican Senate.

That's actually a balanced court.

ITEM 3: John Sexton wrote, "The 'most complicated machine humans have built' keeps US technology a decade ahead of China."

I had difficulty appreciating the importance of this advancement. My computer literacy is woefully short, even after 46 years of using them.

But I do know that Red China's spies will one way or another learn this secret, likely by buying someone off with a bribe.

ITEM 4: Peter Schweizer wrote, "What is China buying in the Biden Administration? A look to the recent past may provide some answers.

"If you go back to 2009-10 and look at the shovel-ready stimulus package that President Barack Obama pushed through, as most people now know, there were huge amounts of money in the form of direct grants and loan guarantees that went to Solyndra and other green energy companies that failed. Yet, the question remained: Where did all that taxpayer money go for green energy?

"If you trace it, you will find that 80% of that money went to green energy companies that were owned by individuals who sat on Barack Obama's Finance Committee for his 2008 campaign.

"Now that Obama's former VP is president, another infrastructure package will include plenty of expenditures for more green schemes. Whether they work or whether they will simply raise our energy prices, the simple fact is that there are large, powerful donors to the Biden campaign that have big financial stakes in these green energy companies. It is a wealth transfer to Biden's biggest bundlers, and that is a huge and massive problem. For those companies with inside connections to the Biden campaign, it is American taxpayer money that is truly shovel-ready."

Chairman Xi has perfected bribery to the point where he pays off U.S. politicians with U.S, taxpayer money.

ITEM 5: Fox reported, "Democratic lawmakers and their allies in the liberal media had a rough time during Fourth of July celebrations this weekend, seemingly criticizing America at every turn and distancing themselves from Independence Day instead of celebrating it. 

"'Conservatives have said for years that the left hates America. Now the left comes out and blatantly admits that it does … on July 4 weekend no less,' Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News. 

"As the nation prepared for the fireworks, backyard cookouts, and parades, the New York Times on Saturday published a piece that suggested the American flag has become a symbol of divisiveness. The Washington Post published an opinion piece titled 'Remember the Bicentennial? Celebrating might be even harder for America’s 250th birthday,' which explored how the U.S. plans to celebrate the 2026 milestone when deep divisions exist within the country.

"Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ paper also published an opinion piece headlined, 'The Fourth is for complainers,' that claimed 'America is a nation founded out of dissent and discontent; the Declaration of Independence is a literal list of complaints.' Another Washington Post column knocked the Statue of Liberty’s unstable meaning and suggested it wasn’t representative of all immigrants to the U.S. because of its 'complex history.'

"Not to be outdone, NPR tweeted out a thread of the original Declaration of Independence, ripping it as 'a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies.' It also remarked immediately that the document 'says that all men are created equal — but women, enslaved people, Indigenous people and many others were not held as equal at the time."

NPR missed the whole point of Jefferson's bold, ground-breaking statement.

At the time, every empire in the world on every continent (except Antarctica) had slaves. Americans bought slaves from Mother Africa, which was the slave capital of the world. Women were second-class citizens everywhere.

The irony of the ignorance of applying 21st century standards to 18th century men is that without those men we would still be in the 18th century.

ITEM 6: HuffPost reported, "Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer​-winning journalist and creator of the 1619 Project, has turned down a tenured position at the University of North Carolina and will be accepting a role at Howard University instead."

Hannah-Jones is a race hustler who does not believe in objectivity. When a major donor tried to block tenure, she made a big stink. Now she has turned it down.

The spin from her fellow race hustlers is predictable. 

Medium posted a column, "Racism and Reactionary Politics Kept Nikole Hannah-Jones from Joining UNC."

No, racism and reactionary lefties got her the offer of tenure. She made her point and declined.

The time has come to end affirmative action because it encourages black supremacists like Hannah-Jones.

ITEM 7: Just the News reported, "The nation's largest teachers' union has reportedly deleted parts of its website content outlining its plans for pushing critical race theory in schools — days after approving plans at its annual meeting to promote the deeply divisive doctrine nationally.

"Jesica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage Action, the conservative grassroots organization, tweeted a screen grab Tuesday of the National Education Association's website showing the removal of pages detailing the NEA's campaign to push critical race theory.

"Anderson and American author and critic James Lindsay tweeted archived links from the union's site. The alleged scrubbing comes three days after the conclusion of the NEA's annual meeting."

Rub-a-dub, dub.

Watching them scrub.

We are winning this battle, bub.

ITEM 8: The number of covid death across the USA dropped to an average of 289 per day, the lowest since March 28, 2020.

So what are we getting from the media?

Scare headlines.

Matt Drudge reported:



HALF USA SEES RISING CASES... Worries in Japan ahead of Olympics...

CDC fights to keep cruise rules in place...

Digital nomads embraced work-life flexibility. Now their offices want them back...

This is baloney. Fascists had a taste of power thanks to our Pandemic Panic and they want it to continue by scaring us.

Get vaccinated or don't, I don't care. It is your body, your choice. It has zero effect on me. Cloth masks are as useless as Tony Fauci. Social distancing is Health Theater. The crisis is over.

We fought a revolution amidst a smallpox epidemic that killed one-third of those infected. From his seat in heaven, George Washington looks down upon us with disdain.

ITEM 9Axios reported, "65% of Americans believe in aliens, new poll finds."

Gallup reported nearly two years ago that only 64% to 87% of Americans believe in God.

I don't fear space aliens. I do fear the Lord. Pray for America.

ITEM 10: The Washington Examiner reported, "Looters were captured on video Monday ransacking a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco as thefts continue to plague businesses in the area.

"At least nine suspects smashed display cases, snatched handbags, and jetted out of the building before law enforcement arrived to the scene at about 6 p.m., according to footage. The suspects were seen running out of the store with their hands full of merchandise before entering an apparent getaway car that sped off down a busy intersection."

They needed the Gucci bags to feed their children, according to AOC and the rest of the Squaw Squad.

Remember, KRON reported on June 22, "70% of San Francisco residents say quality of life has declined: poll."

The other 30% are criminals who steal only to feed their children because as we know in America there are no food stamps or welfare programs.

After all, shoplifting is not a violent crime.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "A 75-year-old woman suffered life-threatening injuries when a shoplifter allegedly knocked her over while fleeing from a business in San Francisco's Outer Mission neighborhood last week, police said Tuesday."

Well, it was just youthful exuberance.

The story also said, "The suspect, a 51-year-old man, continued to flee but was eventually arrested. Police have not released his name."

San Francisco is not healthy for children and other living things.

ITEM 11: Newsweek reported, "Former Clinton Aide Praises Donald Trump For Attacks on 'Disastrous' Joe Biden Policies."

It's Dick Morris.

He said, "There is no other national figure dissenting from Biden's policies and laying out how disastrous they are. Whether it be immigration, or his inflation policies, or his welfare policies. There's only one person that's really making that case. And that's Donald Trump."

Fact check: YEP.

ITEM 12: The Epoch Times reported, "A man who frequently flies on planes asked the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) mask requirements for public transportation, decrying the regulation as unconstitutional.

"Lucas Wall appealed to the court on Tuesday and named the CDC, President Joe Biden, and other federal agencies as defendants in the case. Previously, he filed a lawsuit against seven airlines and alleged they engaged in discrimination against fliers who cannot wear face masks due to medical reasons."

There is no science behind cloth masks. None. It is all for show.

ITEM 13: A reader wrote, "Long time reader but I never comment on your articles. At various times you talk about Transsexuals and I would like to provide a perspective on it.

"Currently I'm taking 3 month Lupron shots and also taking 1000 mg daily Zytiga. If I was transitioning, I would also be taking Estrogen. The reason I'm taking these drugs is that I have Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. It hasn't yet spread, so the idea is to take these medications to shrink my prostate so the surgical team can remove my prostate and hopefully get all the cancer.

"While taking these medications, I have experienced (ha-ha) quite a few side effects. The most notable one is that I'm currently in Male menopause. Bet you didn't know that is actually a real thing. I am fatigued most of the time. I also have HOT FLASHES that are really affecting my quality of life. I get about 20 a day. At night, I get NIGHT SWEATS which wake me up every hour or so all night long. If this keeps up for another couple of months, then my Oncologist will put me on Estrogen to help control the Hot flashes.

"I have no choice but to go through this ordeal if I want to survive my prostate cancer. 

"I have come to the conclusion that a man that wants to transition to female and goes through this medical process has got to be completely insane to continue after just one Hot Flash. It is a horrible experience and I feel for all women out there that have to go through this. I can't understand how anyone would voluntarily go through this. I feel for their obvious insane mental state.

"I love your writing and hope to read them for many years, God willing and my excellent medical team at M.D. Anderson."

Pray for him.

And to all my women readers, you have my sympathy on menopause.

ITEM 14:  Just the News reported, "New Hampshire's Supreme Court has struck down a four-year old law requiring voters to show additional proof of identity if they register shortly before an election.

"The high court's unanimous 4-0 ruling, which was issued Friday, upholds a lower court's decision that the law approved by the Legislature in 2017 was unconstitutional.

"In the ruling, the justices wrote that they agreed with the lower court rulings that the law 'imposes unreasonable burdens on the right to vote' and that lawyers for the state failed to demonstrate that the law was related to an 'important governmental objective.'

"The law required voters to show additional proof of identification if they registered within 30 days of a federal, state or local election."

What is unreasonable about showing proper ID?

Does this invalidate the state's requirement to show ID to buy beer?

ITEM 15: Reuters wrote, "Eric Adams poised to be New York's next mayor."

He won the Democrat primary, not the general election.

The fix is in.

Mail-in ballots pushed him over the top.

FINALLY, when I mentioned my Mayflower roots, a reader asked which family. Her lineage is with the White family. My sister did not recall, but after further review discovered the Eatons were the direct connection with a possible link to Priscilla Mullins of "Speak for thyself, John Alden" fame. 

There are 35 million descendants of Mayflower passengers. They were like rabbits.

Well, with no TV or Internet, what else was there to do at night?


  1. "At least nine suspects smashed display cases, snatched handbags, and jetted out of the building before law enforcement arrived to the scene at about 6 p.m., according to footage. The suspects were seen running out of the store with their hands full of merchandise before entering an apparent getaway car that sped off down a busy intersection."

    Christmas shopping is beginning early this year.

    1. They are in the same spirit as the Hallmark Movie Channel that Mrs. Lardmaster watches - Christmas in July.

  2. Sarah Hoyt’s been RAGIN lately…good stuff!

    1. Z, do you know that the Magnificent Sarah has TWO middle fingers...and KNOWS how to use them?

  3. Regarding voter ID, it is surprising to me to hear that some consider it voter suppression. In Canada, elections are federally run and voter ID and being on an official list of voters are essential to vote. There is a fixed period for voting ahead of an election date. We have virtually no voter fraud or none at all. Ballot harvesting is not allowed and would never be allowed because it is cheating. As dull as we are, elections here are generally well run and we never doubt the outcome. Paper ballots, no machines. What is so hard about this even if every state had to organize itself this way? If you question the outcome of an election, you have to question the state of democracy and are at a banana republic level.

    1. What is so hard about this is that we have the democrat party and the media trying to destroy this country.

    2. Agreed. That is what I truly find shocking.

  4. 12 - I hope he wins. I still see people driving alone in their cars, wearing a mask. I feel pity for them. They are Brainwashed by the media.

    13 - your readers are awesome. Many prayers will be going out for this man to win his battle against cancer.

  5. ITEM 11: President Donald Trump once again demonstrating the bankruptcy, the utter uselessness, of the Establishment GOP.

    The Bush’s, the Cheney’s, the McCain’s, the Ryan’s, the Romney’s, the Sasse’s (I can go on like this for a long time) HATE President Donald Trump with a white hot passion because he demonstrates their betrayal of the people and principles they claim to represent.

    1. Yet some people refuse to accept the truth about these politicians.

  6. D: You're on fire today. Love your concluding thought in #5. The men (yeah, men) created a system of government such that by 1870 there were blacks in Congress.

  7. It always amuses me to hear people refer to the Fourth and Fifth Amendments as "technicalities".

  8. #14. Simple fix, cap voter registration at 31 days prior. Allow students who will turn 18 on or prior to election day to register early.
    New Hampshire had a problem in that they allow people from out of state to register on a claim that they intended to move to New Hampshire. That, as I recall, was the reason for the law. People would show up and register claiming they would be moving in prior to election day but never actually move.

  9. Don, #8

    That should read "the number of REPORTED cases dropped..."

    The data about kung flu cases has been so wrong for so long that the real number of actual cases could be 1/10th of that or ten times that. It might even be accurate

    We have no way of knowing

  10. 7. They are just going underground which makes them more dangerous. It doesn't mean they won't teach crt; it just means they will do it covertly.

  11. Finally my dear wife was descended from those Whites
    too.On her father's side.
    On her Mother's Pochontas .

  12. Item 13: Johns Hopkins specialized in “gender reassignment” surgery in the 1960’s. They stopped doing them because they did not cure the severe psychological problems that the transgender patients had. Why can’t people learn?

    1. Because humans are guided (pushed) by belief structures rather than empiricism. (and even empiricism has problems). Alas. Think of how many can't see that capitalism allows not just a single person, but many, to gain wealth and happiness, while socialism/Marxism sinks everyone downward. "But there's equity in that!" Ah, humans.

  13. Item 13: Johns Hopkins specialized in “gender reassignment” surgery in the 1960’s. They stopped doing them because they did not cure the severe psychological problems that the transgender patients had. Why can’t people learn?

  14. Item 13: Johns Hopkins specialized in “gender reassignment” surgery in the 1960’s. They stopped doing them because they did not cure the severe psychological problems that the transgender patients had. Why can’t people learn?

  15. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    7 - I'll say it again and continue to say it - CRT is the renazification of socialism. Everyone seems to be noticing that.

    13 - Old friend of mine went through the same thing recently. The good thing was that it worked and he's cancer-free now. Best to your correspondent.

    14 - As someone mentioned above, the reason that this "intervention" is appalling is because it matters - as before the loophole was fixed in 2017, anyone could show up in NH on election day, say "I just moved to NH but have no documents yet," and vote. Did this matter? Well, in 2016, more than six thousand people showed up and did this... but when the period of time after this (forget exactly how long) for new arrivals to have at least acquired a NH driver's license had gone by, the total number of "new arrivals" from that count was fewer than 700. Did it matter? PDJT lost NH to shrillary by about 2,000 votes, so it probably mattered... at least he didn't need the 4 electoral votes. But also, Kelly Ayotte lost her Senate seat by about 1,000 votes... so there is a Senate seat flipped by fraud, and were it not, the Senate would still be R-controlled today. Think about that.

    15 - Funny thing is that now that their fraud failed, his main opponent has adopted the slogan "Stop the Steal." Hmm...

    1. About New Hampshire, if someone really had just moved there, they would have a document: a rental agreement or sale documents for a house. Those documents have a name on them, to be compared with existing photo ID. You can’t have already moved to new state without one or the other. Was that the additional documentation the court considered too heavy a burden? Considering the effects of fraud, no burden is too heavy to prove one’s eligibility to vote.

    2. My understanding of the old law (which was changed in 2017 and which the NH-SC has now thrown out) had NO requirements for support - all you had to do was show up and say "I just moved here" and that was enough. Given the proximity of NH to nearby deep-blue states, the moral hazard for abuse is obvious - and given that in 2016 more than 6,000 people voted under this loophole yet months later only 700 people (in total - no correlation with the above 6,000) had actually met the requirements of a new resident, it's difficult to argue that a large chunk of those 6,000 votes were NOT fraudulent.

      The demonrats have been making it very clear that they support blatant fraud - since they know that without it they can't win.

  16. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Not me, but I wish I had.

    1: Aside from a lot of allegations by women hired to make them so a black man's life and reputation would be destroyed because he went around the country telling black people they needed to take responsibility for their lives, their actions, their communities (Chiraq ring a bell?), and their families, what proof is their of this history of sexual assault reaches back to the 1960s? Soliciting consensual sex in exchange for drugs the woman specified is not rape.

    Just because some Lefty fanatic, especially a womxn, says something doesn't make it true.

    2: From their actions, it still looks like they're on the take. Or hiding something.

    5: The last time the Left loved America was V-E Day.

    8: The death rate from Sino Sinus Syphilis .3% of cases contracted and even that was a lie.

    10: You pay for what you get.

    11: If you believe the '12 election was as stolen as the '20 was, Morris may not be as bad a pundit as many would think.

    He built the Ozarks into a billion dollar corporation and without him, they blew it all.

    Insert punchline.

    14: Prostate, not prostrate. If this isn't a Jeffery, I wish him all the luck there is.

    My wife worked oncology for 5 years and says it's a ghastly way to go.

    14 What is unreasonable about showing proper ID?

    It prevents vote fraud, you silly goose.

    FINALLY: Ask the Dutch of NY. My father's forebears produced 13, 10, and 11 children in the first 3 generations here.

  17. Before we became the "stupid" society using the word man and men included both sexes in general speech and woman or women was only used when referring specifically to the ladies. Man or men was inclusive before we got dumb and we all knew that.

  18. Men meant humans when the Declaration was written. No one with a Christian heritage at that time would have believed that women or slaves were not created equal in the sight of God. That so few people know this today is an indictment of our educational system.

    Mayflower descendants! We can provide documentation for descent from John Howland but have strong family evidence of descent from William Brewster and Isaac Allerton as well. And six ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. All on my mother’s side.

  19. Men meant humans when the Declaration was written. No one with a Christian heritage at that time would have believed that women or slaves were not created equal in the sight of God. That so few people know this today is an indictment of our educational system.

    Mayflower descendants! We can provide documentation for descent from John Howland but have strong family evidence of descent from William Brewster and Isaac Allerton as well. And six ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. All on my mother’s side.

  20. 11 - Dick Morris didn't kill himself.

  21. At this stage of our national descent into madness, I would gladly pay the British to burn WDC to the ground all over again.