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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The 4th Circuit Court said 18-year-olds have a constitutional right to buy a handgun, striking down part of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Writing for the two-man majority, Judge Julius N. Richardson (a Trump appointee) said, "When do constitutional rights vest? At 18 or 21? 16 or 25? Why not 13 or 33? In the law, a line must sometimes be drawn. But there must be a reason why constitutional rights cannot be enjoyed until a certain age. Our nation’s most cherished constitutional rights vest no later than 18. And the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is no different."

Judge James A. Wynn, Jr. (an Obama appointee) said in dissent, "The majority breaks new ground and creates a circuit split by striking down a modest effort at gun control passed more than 50 years ago that does not prevent young adults from purchasing, possessing, or using handguns."

Hmm. So longstanding laws are immune from judicial review? Well, that dashes gay marriage, does it not? And why not make women wait until they are 21 to have an abortion?

Look for the government to appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court.

ITEM 2: Bloomberg reported, "A divided Seventh Circuit broadened a religious employer defense to encompass hostile work environment claims brought by employees who qualify as ministers, deepening a circuit split that eventually could reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

"In a 7-3 ruling Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit overturned a three-judge panel’s August 2020 decision that revived harassment claims brought by Sandor Demkovich, a gay music director who sued the Archdiocese of Chicago and the parish where he previously worked.

"That prior panel ruling said while religious employers could raise the ministerial exception as a defense in discrimination cases involving the hiring and firing of workers who have enough faith-based duties to be considered ministers, they still must maintain a workplace free from harassment.

"The full Seventh Circuit majority, however, said the ministerial exception also categorically bars hostile work environment claims, ordering the dismissal of Demkovich’s claims."

The court broadened nothing.

Judges merely upheld the First Amendment protection of religion.

ITEM 3: Politico reported, "As the Capitol Police inch closer to running out of money for salaries, leaders in both parties acknowledged the gravity of the problem but remain no closer to finding a solution.

"Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Republicans of withholding additional funding to the Capitol Police on Tuesday. 'We’re gonna fight hard' for more funding, he said, adding that Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) told Democratic senators at their weekly lunch meeting he would sit down to negotiate with Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), the top Republican on the panel.

"The New York Democrat indicated he would not support a scaled-down $632.9 million proposal pitched by Republicans which would have mostly covered the immediate financial needs of the Capitol Police and National Guard. Leahy has introduced a $3.7 billion Democratic proposal to cover the Capitol Police and National Guard’s shortfalls, address a range of security issues around the Capitol and bolster assistance for Afghan refugees and Afghan nationals who assisted the U.S. war effort."

If only Democrats fought as hard to fund the police who protect the rest of us.

The 535 members of Congress are protected by 2,200 armed police officers.

I doubt the Politburo was as well protected.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "Inflation continued to surge in June, with consumer prices accelerating at the fastest pace in almost 13 years as the economy emerges from the pandemic, the feds said Tuesday.

"The Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods and services as well as energy and food costs, jumped 5.4% in June from a year earlier.

"That’s higher than May’s 5% year-over-year rise in prices, and the biggest 12-month rise since August 2008, just before the financial crisis sent the US into the worst recession it had seen since the Great Depression."

I did a full post yesterday, "Bidenflation is so bad, even Wolf Blitzer noticed."

The Hill, however, reported, "Ice cream's back — thank you, Joe!"

Must be nice to be able to afford ice cream...

ITEM 5: Fox reported, "In a late-night announcement Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Budget Committee had reached an agreement to allot $3.5 trillion for a spending package that would complete President Biden’s infrastructure plan."

I doubt that 10% of the money will go to fix roads or bridges.

ITEM 6: Reuters reported, "Cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp, global internet monitoring firm NetBlocks said on Tuesday, amid widespread anti-government protests.

"Thousands of Cubans joined demonstrations throughout the Communist-run country on Sunday to protest a deep economic crisis that has seen shortages of basic goods and power outages. They were also protesting the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and curbs on civil liberties.

"The protests, rare in a country where public dissent is tightly restricted, largely died down by Sunday evening, as security forces were deployed to the streets and President Miguel Diaz-Canel called on government supporters to go out and fight to defend their revolution."

Banning people from Twitter. Using the pandemic to curb civil liberties. Deploying thousands of security forces to stop protests in the capital.

Cuba sounds a lot like America under Biden.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "‘6 p.m. is the new 8 p.m.’: Why early-bird dining is here to stay."

The story cited new habits developed during the lockdown.

I wonder if New Yorkers no longer feel safe after dark.

ITEM 8: The New York Times (which I never link) said, "Priscilla Johnson McMillan, believed to be the only person to have conversed extensively with both John F. Kennedy and his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, died on July 7 at her home in Cambridge, Mass. She was 92.

"Her niece Holly-Katharine Johnson confirmed the death. She said Ms. McMillan had been in hospice care since injuring her spine in a fall several months ago.

"Like nearly everyone, Ms. McMillan was shocked on Nov. 22, 1963, by reports that President Kennedy had been murdered. But walking through Harvard Square when she heard that the president — who was also her former boss — had been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, she was one of a very few who had another thought as well.

"'My God,' she told a friend. 'I know that boy.'

"Several other people had briefly encountered both men, but Ms. McMillan had conferred with both. She had dealt with Kennedy in Washington as an adviser on Indochina in 1953, when he was a senator. And as a journalist, she had interviewed Mr. Oswald, a 20-year-old disillusioned Marine veteran, in Moscow in 1959 about why he was defecting to the Soviet Union."

She published a book in 1977 on the Oswalds, "Marina and Lee: The Tormented Love and Fatal Obsession Behind Lee Harvey Oswald’s Assassination of John F. Kennedy," and shared the royalties with Mrs. Oswald, who was left destitute by the assassination.

ITEM 9: The Washington Examiner reported, "At least three New York Democrats signed a letter voicing opposition over plans to open Chick-fil-A restaurants at rest stops throughout the state, claiming the quick-service chain has donated to discriminatory and anti-LGBT groups in the past.

"The letter was signed by state Assemblyman Harry Bronson and co-signed by Deborah Glick and Daniel O’Donnell, calling on the New York Thruway Authority's Executive Director Matthew Driscoll to re-examine a list of approved concessions for a $450 million project to update areas across the Thruway."

Lefties have gone from boycotts to banning.

OK. Conservatives should ban Kellogg's from schools and prisons because it pushes LGBTism in its children's cereal.

Those are the new rules, folks.

ITEM 10: Summit reported, "Groups allied with the Biden administration are planning on working directly with cellphone network providers to ‘fact check’ private SMS messages if they contain 'misinformation about vaccines.'

"The revelation is made in a Politico article which explains how the White House is preparing to characterize 'conservative opponents of its Covid-19 vaccine campaign as dangerous and extreme.'

"The decision to ramp up the information war against vaccine skeptics was made after conservatives showed resistance to the Biden administration’s plan to go “door-to-door” to increase vaccination rates."

Tell me again how Twitter is not the phone company.

Oh yes, with the phone company, you need an actual warrant to snoop like this.

ITEM 11: Vaccination has always been a controversy. The job of the government in promoting vaccination is to get people to trust the system and get the shot.

Trusting the system went out with Obama saying you can keep your doctor.

Trusting the system went out with Obama spying on Donald Trump.

Trusting the system went out with Obama impeaching the president twice.

I got the shot. I will get the booster. My body, my choice. Whether someone else gets a shot does not affect me.

But I have no faith in any of these idiots with their tyrannical and insane demands to shutdown the economy, lock down people, arrest surfers, and to wear masks that are so porous the virus laughs at us.

They failed. Fire the whole lot of them.

ITEM 12: NBC reported, "Nicholas Thompson, the chief executive of The Atlantic, gave a presentation to employees last month in which he disclosed some uncomfortable truths about the state of the magazine. 

"Subscription growth, which had skyrocketed in 2020 thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and the presidential election, had come back down to earth. For the first time, the number of subscribers had plateaued and started to slightly decline. And even with last year’s substantial surge, the magazine had lost more than $20 million and was on track to lose another $10 million this year, according to slides of the presentation shared with NBC News."

Revenues rose and deficits did too.

Sounds like new management is needed.

Now for the Trumpenfreude. 

The story said, "The Atlantic needs to make $50 million in annual subscription revenue in order to break even, according to Thompson. Hitting that target has become more complicated since Trump left the White House and the pandemic let up."

The media should have backed the recount because not only did they lose their main attraction, they triggered economic ruin by putting a lifer senator behind the Resolute Desk.

ITEM 13: National File reported, "A mural of deceased fentanyl user and Black Lives Matter icon George Floyd was destroyed earlier today in Toledo, Ohio after it was inexplicably struck by lightning, collapsing the wall entirely and likely offering a devastating blow to the morale of the local Black Lives Matter movement.

"Local media reports that the 'north Toledo mural has been reduced to rubble” after reportedly being struck by lightning. Fire and rescue responded to the previous site of the mural, but were unable to render aid to the collapsed wall featuring Floyd’s face.'"

It was an act of God.

Prudent people would take that as a hint.

ITEM 14: Breitbart reported, "A state-backed Communist Chinese firm has conducted a hostile takeover of the UK’s largest microchip factory, raising concerns about Beijing’s growing control of the market during a global chip shortage.

"On Monday, Dutch semiconductor manufacturer Nexperia, which is controlled by the China-owned electronics firm Wingtech, took 100% control of the Newport Wafer Fab’s factory in South Wales after using a contractual clause to seize the company.

"In 2019, Nexperia signed a contract to support the factory in exchange for Newport Wafer Fab putting up its factory as collateral. After the British company was unable to fulfil the manufacturing quota obligations in the deal, the Chinese owned enterprise was able to take full control of the factory, The Telegraph reported."

We are in a war our elected leaders refuse to admit exists.

Isolate Red China.


ITEM 15: German news agency DPA reported, "The European Court of Human Rights criticized Russia on Tuesday for failing to officially recognize same-sex couples."

The court has absolutely zero say in Russian affairs.

ITEM 16: The Blaze reported, "Biden is tapping former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Turkey."

That's it?

He sold out his party and his state for a stinking ambassadorship to a D-list country?

Turkey usually goes to a foreign service bureaucrat.

He aimed pretty low.

ITEM 17: Reuters reported, "Global interest in the Tokyo Olympics is muted, an Ipsos poll of 28 countries showed, amid concerns over covid 19 in Japan and withdrawals of high-profile athletes, with the host country among the most disinterested.

"The poll released on Tuesday found a global average of 46% interest in the Games, but excitement varied across markets, with less than 35% in Japan."

My only interest is in seeing the NBA All-Stars -- excuse me, men's basketball team -- and the women's soccer team pancake. I want them to lose every match because they are anti-American apologists for Red China.

ITEM 18: Josef Biden on Tuesday made a big push for the federalization of all elections.

New Republic responded by reporting, "The Democrats’ Voting Rights Bill Is Dead.

"President Biden's plan to protect the right to vote is to hope that someone else will come up with a plan to protect the right to vote."

I caution readers.

Obamacare was declared dead 9 times before Democrats passed it.

ITEM 19: Vice reported, "Newborn Died from Being Hooked Up to Laughing Gas Instead of Oxygen, Inquest Hears."

That report was from Australia, where they have universal health care.

It happened 5 years ago.

FINALLY, a reader did a fact-check and reported, "Christopher Wray, as well as the Head of the Capitol Police and Russel 'Buck Turgensen' Honore' are NOT going to Cuba to show them how its done. Mind you they would like to, but the 'optics' won't allow it.  

"Just thought I'd put that to rest."

Thanks for the clarification. Maybe they can facetime with the Cuban police.


  1. Finally, last time I checked Christopher Wray was the Director of the FBI.

    1. Yes. The reader meant Wray and the head... I will fix.

    2. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
      .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  2. 9 We'll tolerate you as much as you tolerate us.

  3. Item#9- I quit going to Chick-fil-A a couple of years ago when they replaced giving to The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes with donations to places like Covenant House which sponsors drag queen story hours for children at public libraries. I miss their chocolate peppermint shakes and frosted lemonades, but like other generational companies, the sons have not lived up to their father Truitt Kathy’s beliefs. Their choice, if course, but when you choose the religion of liberalism, you quickly learn there is no such thing as redemption. CRT espouses the same hopelessness.

    1. Me too. I went once a week before, absolutely zero since.

    2. And what they are finding is that even in placating the intolerant leftist horde, that horde is still not happy. Where is my shocked face!

      If you ever give in they will keep coming back for more. Always.

  4. ITEM 7: “I wonder if New Yorkers no longer feel safe after dark.”

    That there observation is what’s called “Saying the quiet part out loud.”

  5. Item 3: “the Capitol Police inch closer to running out of money for salaries” Say, aren’t these the same “Capitol Police” that want to become “National Police” by opening branches throughout the nation? Not a dime of funding until they agree to stay within their jurisdiction, Washington, District of Communism.

    Item 7: “6 p.m. is the new 8 p.m.: Why early-bird dining is here to stay.” This is going to ruin Senior Specials. Restaurants used to offer discounts for dining early, which many seniors do, just to fill a dead time. If the young’uns are coming early, there’s no dead time.

    Item 9: “Conservatives should ban Kellogg's from schools and prisons” And Oreos, which has rainbow-colored creme filling for queer month.

  6. Item 11

    Soooo...after reciting a short litany of valid reasons not to trust the government, Surber TRUST THE GOVT.

  7. "I got the shot. I will get the booster. My body, my choice."
    Covid is returning to the UK and Israel, which means the protection from the vaccine doesn't last.

    1. That may be true only if those who were vaccinated are getting Covid.

    2. Up to age 60 - being obese was associated with nearly ALL the risk that Covid would lead to intensive care or death.
      People of normal weight under 40 are at essentially no risk of death from Covid. The researchers found their rate to be under 1 in 10,000 per year.
      In older people, being overweight does NOT drive excess risk. - Alex Berenson substack

    3. Testing shows that many cases are in vaccinated people (and no country with two-thirds of its adults vaccinated with two doses, like Britain, could have an increase like this unless vaccinated people were also being infected).

      In early July, Israel reported that the vaccines appeared to have fallen to 64 percent effectiveness. An independent analyst reported that effectiveness had fallen below 30 percent by the end of the month.

    4. “Covid is returning to the UK and Israel” Perhaps so, perhaps not. PCR tests can “tweaked” to produce whatever result you want. Early on, the deep state wanted a huge “case” count, to trigger lockdowns and crash the economy to get rid of Trump, so the test was set to a high replication count (40 or more) to produce numerous false positives. The only reliable metric is the death count, but even that can be faked by adding non-Covid-related deaths.

      Another variable in other countries’ experience is that not all countries use the same vaccines. The UK uses Pfizer and Moderna, but it also uses Astra-Zeneca’s Covid vaccine. There have been some problems with the AZ vax. Israel uses only Pfizer’s vax, but it’s also developing its own, called BriLife. Israel has also just approved a third (booster) shot of the Pfizer vax.

      A third variable to consider is when people were vaccinated. The vaccines became available in January, 2020, shortly after Biden’s inauguration. That means the early recipients, mostly older folks, were vaccinated more than a year ago. Covid acts like the seasonal flu in many respects, and the protection afforded by the seasonal flu vax starts to wane 6 or 8 months after injection. No one really knows if the Covid vax is “once and done,” like the pneumonia vax, or “every 10 years,” like the tetanus vax, or “every year,” like the flu vax. That’s one of the parameters that would have been determined had the Covid vax gone through the standard approval process.

    5. Hydroxychloroquine I believe it's now ok to use.

    6. Randy, maybe I'm wrong but I think the vaccines weren't available until LATE 2020, maybe November.

    7. Good catch, Warren. The vaccines were released in December, 2020, shortly after the election. They became widely available in January, 2021. They’ve been around for 7 months now. Thanks!

    8. Randy: You are correct that the cycle threshold valve of 40 has been used which can pick up dead virus and other organics thus reporting a false positive. FL and one other state changed the lab requirements to use a cycle threshold of 30 for a positive report.

  8. 17 - maybe interest is low because of the product. Who cares about tennis and golf in the Olympics. It’s just another tournament. They’ve added sports like BMX racing, mountain biking, skateboarding, etc. while trying to eliminate original sports like wrestling. Add in transgender weightlifters Plus the corruption. And yes, the horrid spoiled anti-American athletes don’t help.

    19 - while I hate to hear stories such as this, I can’t blame gubment run healthcare. About 5 years ago, instead of putting me to sleep for a procedure, I was given something else. When I still wasn’t sleepy but my pulse had dropped into the 20s, they realized the mixup. It took many hours to get me back to a normal heart rate. The nurses were pretty upset at their mistake. This was at a very fine hospital.

  9. “We are in a war our elected leaders refuse to admit exists.”

    Face it, Don. We are in a war WITH our elected leaders.

    1. And when they hold town halls, the liars all say that the war is with all the other elected misleaders.

    2. Maybe the problem is perception on their part, the President is the only elected leader, this one excepted. All the rest are supposed to be elected representatives

    3. Truer words never spoken. Amen

  10. I was in high school before the GCA of 1968 was passed. At 16 I could buy long guns and ammunition and at 18 I could have bought a handgun. We didn't shoot up each other or schools.

    I moved to New York the day I graduated high school because I had a job lined up on Wall Street. I was 17 and would go for lunch with my co-workers for a sandwich and a beer at a deli. Nobody asked my age or cared.

    I think the continual infantilization of teenagers leads to substance abuse and violence. If the young were taught guns are a tool, not evil demonic devices delivered by Satan, they could develop normal attitudes. My last office job was when I had a contract to analyze data and was assigned a desk in a company. A package had to be opened by an office assistant and when I took out my pocket knife, the young girl asked if that was even legal.

  11. Item 3: "The 535 members of Congress are protected by 2,2000 armed police officers." Don, is that 2000 or 22000? 22000 is 41 cops per member.

    Item 12: I am soooo not bummmmed for The ATLANIC.
    IIRC, I've read two articles from it, and that was some years back. One was about airplanes.

    Item 14: The Brits will be sorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy.

  12. #16: Well, when his isn't being a flake, he's being a turkey. So I guess there's some logic. What bugs me is that he's on the fast track to those great pistachio nuts. Oh wait...he's a nut too.

  13. #9. Chik fil a has abandoned Christian Conservatives. It is now led by an Obamunist, Tim Tassopoulos. They will not donate to the fellowship of Christian athletes.

  14. #16. He's still above his pay grade.

  15. I enjoy your articles, Don, but to me, this is insanity. But, it was your body, your choice. Good luck, I think the ones taking the injections are going to need a lot of luck.

    Trusting the system went out with Obama impeaching the president twice.

    I got the shot. I will get the booster. My body, my choice. Whether someone else gets a shot does not affect me.

    But I have no faith in any of these idiots

    1. I remember all the good things the government said about agent orange and thalidomide. For what it is worth.

  16. 3. The republican proposal will affect nasty's plan to distribute capitol police nationwide. The democrat proposal will allow nasty to have more than the two cities she wants the capitol police to expand to. This could be a "defund the police" effort I could support.

    4. They make joe eat ice cream cones so he can't answer questions. He complains "I don't like ice cream. I want pudding!"

    9. You are correct Don. It is no longer change the channel, it is throw out the TV.

    10. Using "independent fact checkers" I assume who are neither independent or fact checkers, but, lying propagandists.

    16. "mr ambassador" must be a valuable title.

    17. Mega Dittos, Don!

  17. 'Morning, fellow curling enthusiasts...

    4 - And the twattle that inflation is caused by the economy being too strong continues to circulate. The religious devotion of some people to the Phillips Curve (which was empirically discredited in the 1970s) is astonishing.

    6 - Prof. Reynolds has something up from late last night that in one city in Cuba, the police stood aside and let a large demonstration pass. That's when it's over for evil regimes - just ask the Ceausescus. And that's how it will break here as well - when the junta and their hangers-on realize that their expected-enforcers won't enforce for them.

    12 - Look for The Atlantic to soon start whining for a bail-out from the junta...

    14 - This is a good example of the predatory lending practices that China is using in Africa - when the loans can't be repaid, they either take over the assets themselves, or they demand "payment" in cut-rate raw materials - or both of those. Most of the world hates China for this stuff - but we haven't been pushing back enough on it. (BTW, that fab in the UK may be the most advanced in the UK, but it's not on the map for advanced fabs on a global level.)

    17 - Curling!!!!

    1. Curling: Pushing a giant hockey puck over broom-swept ice. ;-)

    2. Actually, since you asked yesterday :-) it's actually about a lot more than pushing. Unlike the ice on a hockey rink, the ice in curling is roughened - so that when the stone is slid forth, if it is given a little bit of spin on release, its trajectory will actually curve (rather than going in a simple straight line) - and it is this ability to make a stone travel a curved path that gives "curling" its name.

      It's much like throwing a curveball in baseball. But it means that a good curler can actually curve a stone around a blocking stone and hit the one behind it.

      It ain't shuffleboard on ice. And, more importantly, it sure ain't "woke"...

    3. I have little faith in LEO's "stepping aside." No one is coming to save us. It's up to us.

  18. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

    1. Shut up, Jeffery. Nobody is impressed at how you jam up the comment boards.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    And if you don't think so, consider the fact audits are producing evidence AZ and GA both were stolen.

    4: Another step closer to DC looking like Havana.

    13: It was an act of God.

    No, it was the wrath of God.

    16: The Russkies never let Kim Philby anywhere near Moscow once he went over.

    They figure if you turn your coat once, you'll turn it again.

    18: Even Zippy said, "Never underestimate Joe's ability to fork things up"

  20. #1 During the 60s and Viet Nam the left screamed that if 18 year olds were old enough to go to war they were old enough to vote. The same argument should be applied now. Old enough to fight old enough to carry.

  21. Item 13: "A mural of deceased fentanyl user and Black Lives Matter icon George Floyd was destroyed earlier today in Toledo, Ohio after it was inexplicably struck by lightning..."

    Another proof that God has a sense of humor (like the many snowstorms wherever Al Gore goes).

  22. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'


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  25. ITEM 1: Mature enough to vote at 18, but not mature enough to buy/consume alcoholic beverages? Not mature enough to buy/handle a handgun at 18?
    The inconsistencies of divorcing one right from another at a given age has made for all sorts of silly enforcement rules of silly laws.

    I was a bartender when my state switched to 18-year-old drinking. The waitresses and I felt that they should've changed it to 25 instead.

    Item 3: The 535 members of Congress are protected by 2,200 armed police officers.
    And yet the congresscritters are still not busted.

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