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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Dear CBS, try harder

Dear CBS,

I would like to correct your headline, "U.S. experiences weekend of gun violence."

Most Americans had a good time, although some Americans fought forest fires and natural disasters. For the most part, it was hot fun in the summertime.

Sure people did kill one another, often using guns. Most of these shootings were by young black men. Most of their targets were young black men. And most of them lived in sections of big cities that we used to call ghettoes, a nod to the walled off Jewish sections of Europe.

But this goes on all the time because the people who run places like Chicago don't care.

Your story was mostly correct. You wrote, "Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington, D.C., experienced an outbreak of gun violence over the weekend. Those incidents were part of a wave of gun violence in which hundreds of people were killed and injured in the last 72 hours, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

"In Philadelphia, police responded to 42 shootings that left four people dead over the weekend. Another 56 people were shot in Chicago, with at least eight victims under 18 years old. The City of Chicago is offering $1 million for tips about illegal guns."

You left out the part where you explain what the Gun Violence Archive is, who funds it, and why it suddenly is a media go-to source. I suspect the site opposes private gun ownership.

I prefer Hey Jackass! a site that not only gives the numbers of people shot and people shot and killed in Chicago, but details each one. These are not statistics. They are tragedies.

The site is rather morbid. It lists where the shots land on the bodies.

As the chart shows, the gangbangers mainly aim for the legs or arms. The purpose is not to kill but to send a message. They know what they are doing. When they go for the kill, they aim for the head.

Chicago is amid what Hey Jackass! calls the annual summer shooting season.

Well, parts of Chicago. The white sections and the upscale black neighborhoods are safe. Only the poor black sections are littered with wounded bodies and corpses. 12 dead and 53 wounded this weekend.

The site mocks you, CBS, and your fellow media whores who called last summer's riots mostly peaceful protests.

Here is how it listed the shooting numbers.

Final Peaceful Tally: 12 killed, 53 wounded
2020 weekend tally: 14 killed, 65 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 3 killed, 41 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 9 killed, 36 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 7 killed, 38 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 6 killed, 42 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 7 killed, 34 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 2 killed, 30 wounded

Notice, the shooting and killing surged last summer when the media played footsy with BLM. The irony is that black lives don't matter to these communists. If black lives mattered, they would work to stop the violence.

Instead, BLM profits from the violence, shaking down Corporate America. Its leaders seem to be skimming money to buy huge houses in mainly white neighborhoods.

CBS, you said Chicago is offering a million bucks not to turn in killers, but for tips on people with illegal guns.

You passively quoted Chicago police superintendent David Brown, who said, "Our children are worth your giving these people up."


You should have confronted him with the facts. Only 1 in 6 murders is solved in Chicago, and my guess is white murders get solved, while the murders in the ghetto go unsolved. Snitches get stitches, and cops don't want no trouble.

My hunch is Democrats get kickbacks from gangbangers. If not, they would have done something about ghetto murders decades ago.

400 were shot dead in Chicago in 2021 as of Monday.

Another 1,909 wounded.

And Chief Wiggums is going after the guns, not the shooters. 

And Kent Brockman is acting as if the entire country is one big shooting gallery because the ugly truth is that young black men are killing and wounding other young black men and nobody seems to care.

If we did care, the media -- including you, CBS -- would demand that Congress investigate those shootings instead of the January 6 protest.

A half century ago, Elvis tried to get people to care.


  1. ...And so did the nun try as well, Mary Tyler Moore. zb

  2. Imagine if the voter fraud investigations wind up finding out that the inner city vote was the most corrupt of anyplace?

    Nah. Dey be too comftable on da plantation, you knows?

    1. We already know that it is - industrial-scale voter fraud has been running rampant in the big cities since at least the late-19th century, and the ease with which they carried it out on such a vast scale back in November demonstrates that they have lots of practice and experience with it.

      It's an interesting question of how determinative it is now in the big cities themselves. Since "How do they keep voting for the people who do this to them?" is regularly asked, it is interesting to ponder if they do NOT vote for these people and it's all by fraud - but that due to groupthink no one wants to admit publicly (to even friends) how they voted... and if that ever happens, how everyone will be shocked to find out the truth about each other and their city.

  3. Exaggeration is a stock in trade of the media.

  4. "My hunch is Democrats get kickbacks from gangbangers."

    I won't argue with the premise, but how would that work? How does some democrat get a kickback from a gangbanger? What is the mechanism that goes on when that happens? I thought it was just gangs offing each other - and pity the innocent bystanders, but it is Chicago.

    1. Just picture an upper segment of the city government as a gang that runs a protection racket on the drug gangs and other criminals.

    2. Drug money, hookers, protection, the list goes on.

      Y'know, all those victimless crimes the Lefties like to talk about.

    3. There was strong rumor in one violent mid-sized southern city that the newly elected mayor (who had long talked strongly on law and order) was the head of a drug syndicate. His strong talk was designed to take out the other drug gangs. He was multiple layers from the action and could not be charged, etc.
      My brother-in-law worked undercover for the county sheriff at the time and did not dispute the rumor.

    4. If (as per my added comment below) this is mostly being driven by drug trafficking, the cash flow is so huge in that arena that buying political protection is both sensible and viable financially.

      Drug money, Chinese money... lots of money to be made by being in charge of anything in any government...

    5. The same way politicians and law enforcement officers have been paid off by criminal gangs throughout history.

      Tom, where were you educated? In some government school where they teach basket weaving and puppetry and eliminate all common sense.

    6. I read an article a couple years by an honest-to-goodness investigative reporter. He had talked to low-level Chicago bangers who said gang leaders had deals with Democrat precinct bosses. In exchange for strict Democrat voting be every single gang banger, the city "justice" system gave them breaks on crimes that violated federal gun laws.

    7. How would that work?
      Go watch "The Wire" tv show. It's set in Baltimore, but I'd wager a lot of similarities can be found.


  5. I speculate that the hit frequency is consistent with relative body area, if you figure that pulling the trigger, when excited, pulls the aim down.

    1. Except dumbas,,, I mean thugs, hold the guns sideways, and a right handed shooter tends to pull right, in relation to the gun, because their trigger finger is to far through the guard. Which means they should be shooting high, but are aiming for the legs.

  6. And the people who always scream, "Race", are always absent.

  7. Virtually every other house in my town has firearms.
    We are family diverse,too .
    No one is dying in the streets.

  8. It's worth noting once again that these are not random acts of violence (for the most part), but are the roughest part of a very rough business (drug trafficking). Take away the "market" for this stuff, and most of this violence goes away.

    And most of that market is upscale and white and lives in the nice parts of town - and they're perfectly happy to have their "recreational drugs" and have the horrid consequences of that trade kept penned-up in the poor-and-black areas.

    And every enthusiastic "recreational" (sic?) drug user I've ever met has leaned decidedly left.

    1. I knew a young man back in high school who was quite intelligent. He ruined his brain on marijuana and wound up dropping out.

    2. I doubt your claim, BJ54. I've known doctors, personally, who smoke weed and are very good at their profession.

  9. I am reminded of a cartoon from back in the 80's depicting an imam throwing children out of a trench and saying thank allah our women are blessed with Many children.

    1. That's an unfortunate type of demographic problem and demographic reality.

      One reason that Stalin was able to stop Hitler was because he had an enormous supply of warm bodies available - and he knew it. After the Russian Civil War finally wound down in 1922, there was a huge baby-boom in Russia right after that. So when 1941 - 1945 happened along, mother russia (and father stalin) had a huge supply of children to throw out of the trench. If you want a scary topic of study, search around on what percentage of the USSR-born male population from year 1923 was alive in 1941 compared with 1945.

      Of course, things can go too far. I know we like to pick on the French for their poor performance in 1940, but as my (decorated combat veteran) Dad used to say, "I can see why they didn't want to fight." You can go into tiny little hamlets in rural France and usually find a WW1 memorial, usually inscribed with the names of the young men from just that hamlet who died in WW1. Two things are striking about seeing this. One is that the list of names from this little hamlet is so long. The second is the multiple instances of the same surname, particularly when the surname in question is not common - as this is basically telling you that large numbers of brothers were all killed together (in time) in the war. It's really quite a humbling and horrifying thing to see and contemplate.

  10. Ever notice that when a cop shoots somebody, it's the cop's fault, but when a civilian shoots another civilian, it's the gun's fault?

  11. It’s easier to understand the problems with CBS when you know that CBS stands for Continuous Bull Sh*t!!

  12. Don, I never heard that song before. It’s incredibly moving. And he sang it so simply. Beautiful.

  13. The money quote "My hunch is Democrats get kickbacks from gangbangers. If not, they would have done something about ghetto murders decades ago." In Chicago the Illinois Combine has to keep the cartels drug transhipment routes open, or pop pop and no campaign funds.

  14. Here's a story on "Gun Violence Archive" by a respected source.

    Co-founded by a leftist. It has a much broader definition of mass shooting than the FBI. Their count EXCLUDES gang and drug shootings!

    Don in Oregon

  15. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  16. Sounds like people are on the verge of noticing that the biggest beneficiaries of Democratic policies: wide-open borders; police minimizing their presence in bad neighborhoods; letting criminals out of jail as fast as possible; and even the Afghanistan bug-out (opium) is the international illegal drug trade -- and they have plenty of untraceable cash and those people know how to spread it around.


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