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Saturday, July 17, 2021

American distrust rises

A new poll by Gallup shows why less than half of Americans have taken a covid 19 vaccine.

Only 44% of Americans trust the medical system. That's down from 51% a year ago.

Rare is the institution a majority of Americans believe in. Of the 15 institutions in the survey, only three had the trust of a majority of Americans. They are small business (70%), the military (69%), and the police (51%). Trust in the police rose from 48% last year, perhaps because the rise in crime has people respecting the blue again.

The rundown:

Small business 70%
The military 69%
The police 51%
The medical system 44%
The presidency 38%
The church or organized religion 37%
The U.S. Supreme Court 36%
Banks 33%
The public schools 32%
Large technology companies 29%
Organized labor 28%
The criminal justice system 20%
Big business 18%
Television news 16%
Congress 12%

Americans stopped trusting many of these institutions long ago. In 30 years of this annual survey, Congress has never earned the trust of more than 30% of the people. Likewise, public schools never received a majority, peaking at 41% trust in 2004 and again last year. It fell back to 32% this year, which may reflect CRT and the yearlong shuttering of schools in many districts.

Institutions can regain American faith. Trust in the presidency rose from an Obama era low of 29% in 2014 to a Trump era high of 38%.

But if you want to know why war is so popular among presidents, peak trust for the presidency topped 50% in the first survey in 1991 (the Gulf War), 2002 (Afghanistan), 2003 (Iraq) and 2004 (Iraq again). The 2001 survey was before 9/11.

Going woke does not help. Organized religion plummeted from 60% trust 20 years ago to 37% today. Mainstream religions embracing LGBTQ+ likely is the reason.

The Supreme Court hit 50% trust four times from 1997 to 2002 before plunging. It hit a low of 30% in 2014. It is floundering at 36% today.

What can these institutions do to regain the trust of the American people?

I do not think they want our trust. Congress seems to flourish with trust that ranges from 7% to 30%. Ditto big business with trust that ranges from 16% to 30%.

There are no consequences for being lying sacks of dung, Which may explain why Generalissimo Milley Vannilley just dumped on President Trump and his supporters. 

They believe it is more profitable to be distrusted than loved.

But the smug elitists play a dangerous game.

History shows trust does matter. We live in great times. These institutions have not been tested. The American pauper is richer than princes of the past. All of life is cyclical. What happens to CEOs, congressman, and the rest of the rotters who lie like dogs? 

Bill Kristol and the rest of the Never Trumpers found out fast what can happen when the public loses faith in you.

Wise men do all they can to protect their credibility. Distrust will kill a small business, which explains why they maintain the trust of 70% of the people. This is why you trust your barber and not your news anchor. Your barber knows he needs you. The guy on TV thinks he does not. 


  1. I'm not Catholic so I can't say for sure, but I'd wager a bet Pope Francis has a bit to do with the loss of faith in the Catholic Church.

    1. Lefty priests in this country don't help.

    2. I'm a Catholic and pederasty will do this to you!

    3. The pope is a socialist

    4. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
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    5. I was Episcopal but then a priest, who happen to be gay, and was married to a female cheated on his wife with a man but was later made a bishop angered me more than I can say. That was immoral to me breaking his vow to his wife and I suspect if he had been straight and had an affair with another women he would have been lucky to have remained in the priesthood. I am usually tolerant but this wokeness is just too much BS for me.

    6. I've seen other Catholics point to Vatican 2 as a turning point when the church began turning into a worldly institution.

    7. Every Cardinal that voted for the Commie Pope should be excommunicated.

    8. My wife was Catholic. She wanted nothing more than to be the mother of an altar boy. She lost faith after the pedophile scandal. Less because of the scandal and more because of the Church's relentless fund raising to defend the perpetrators. When our first born was asked to serve as an altar boy, she tore up the letter. That was in the late 90s.

    9. The Internet has vastly increased the ability of people to learn the truth about both:
      a) The Catholic Institution
      b) False teachers and cults.

  2. In over 30 years of consulting, most of my clients were in healthcare - hospitals of all sizes and large clinics.

    I would trust a small (less than 25 beds) rural hospital more than a larger hospital. They may not have the latest technology, but as for trust and level of care, they can’t be beat.

    I don’t trust large clinics with multiple specialties.

    I don’t trust doctors in large practices or those that are owned by hospitals.

    All of my doctors are in very small, independent practices.

    1. I agree. I trust my local hospital. Had to rely on it. No way am I going to Porlantifa.My Tahoe and I would last about 5min at the first stop sign .

    2. I agree. I trust my local hospital. Had to rely on it. No way am I going to Porlantifa.My Tahoe and I would last about 5min at the first stop sign .

    3. It depends. If you're to have major heart surgery, or a transplant, you better trust Bethesda or the likes. For minor surgery small, cleaner hospitals are cleaner and safer.

    4. (and less prone to staff burnout)

  3. Surprised SCROTUS did as well as it did. Ought to be below Congress.

    I suppose news of the audits, coupled with the mess Joe and the Ho have given us will soon rectify that.

  4. As Don says, none of these smart a..... care one whit whether we trust them or not. They are never held accountable, especially the judges, and even when corrupt congressperson gets tossed out they still laugh. Since then they go onto consulting jobs making more cash then while in office.

  5. “ Your barber knows you need him. “
    Wrong, El Jefe, your barber knows he needs your business. The elites don’t think they do.

  6. I think you meant "your barber knows he needs you."

    1. I agree olrtex. I think it is an unfortunate error which Don did not intent to make.

      I certainly agree with what Don is saying here. It is so sad how so many institutions I used to love increasingly mean noting to me. Like MLB and the NFL, let alone Xi’s NBA.

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  8. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
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  11. We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic
    .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

  12. Substitutes. Fake Fed dollars and debt buy foreign goods and pay illegal aliens along with a few Americans. People distrust, but don't seek or make alternatives, so they still don't get the truth even if they realize the lie.

    Universities and research groups out out irreproducible narratives that masquerade as research, and the media broadcasts it. The credentials and peer reviews let these frauds print their counterfeit narratives as facts and the news launder it to the public.

  13. Why the Great Vaccine Push?

    Well, we know it couldn’t possibly be because of a Nanotech Agenda being Forwarded by Operation: Coronavirus.

    Or because Dr. Fauci and all his Trans-Humanist pals, after brewing up a Gain-of-Function Super-Bug with their ChiCom partners, then cooked up a Mad Science “vaccine” featuring a recombinant code with a gene synthesis, pushing together different types of genetic material like a Frankenstein puzzle and then filled in the missing blanks with an Artificial Intelligence computing program.

    No, that’s just not possible. Our Garbage Elites are far too ethical for any of that sort of thing. Just ask them. Their self-evident moral superiority shines through everything they do. Everybody Knows That(tm).

    So, Why?

    Well, these corrupt swine have more malicious motives than Carter has dictator pals.

    First, don’t discount the profits. Some of these companies are turning a profit for the first time EVER. And Fauci & Co. get a cut. It’s worth billions–maybe trillions.
    Secondly, they must justify their previous crimes of wrecking the economy and trying to stop the Trump Landslide by committing more new and exciting crimes.
    Third, they obey China.
    Fourth, the Great Reset needs an Crisis.
    Fifth, P.J. O’Rourke: “Overpopulation: Just Enough of Me, Way Too Much of You”.
    Sixth, it’s good marketing for their next Super-Bug Sales Event.

    But mostly, it’s about Control.

    For example, AOC: “It’s vital that Governors maintain restrictions on businesses until after the November Elections because economic recovery will help Trump be re-elected. A few business closures or job losses is a small price for someone else to pay for me to get what I want. #Stalin’sOmlette!”

    I quote from memory. Of the 1930’s Holdomor, kulak.

    Or, let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that you stole an presidential election in a country–let’s call it “Umerica”. As the illegitimate usurper leader of Umerica, you are concerned about Vote Audits exposing your crime and any possible street protests. With COVID Control, you can declare a public health emergency to suppress the protests, disguised as medicine! Beautiful!

    And if infection rates get too low, I guess you could always let in millions of unvetted illegals and have the Bellhop Patrol and the military seed them all across Umerica. Hypothetically.

    I seriously wonder if these experimental Mad Science shots make people more susceptible to the next jointly-manufactured Deep State/ChiCom Plandemic Virus. Now they’re trying to push it on every last service-member…

    We know True President Trump means well. But his faith in disinterested medical bureaucrats is the residue of the High-Trust Society we all grew up in. That Umerica is gone and these guys are more like Joseph Mengele than Jonas Salk.

    Like all the other Deep State bureaucrats, they have all kinds of evil agendas and dirty motives. I wouldn’t let these bums vaccinate a stray cat.

    But, hey, it’s a free country.

    Called Umerica.

    Rest in the Vine: They’re Pushing These Experimental “Vaccines” Harder Than a Jehovah’s Witness on a Drunk’s Doorbell. Why?

  14. People need to understand the military has become just as corrupt as the rest of government.

  15. *eyeroll

    Like lambs to the slaughter.

    With a Second Amendment you do not "need" a military or police. You can trust them to stamp on your rights the second they think it benefits them.

  16. "Television news 16%
    Congress 12%"

    Apparently they neglected to include: Prostitutes

  17. Pedophilia among priests has been insignificant at best. For pedophilia to occur the victim must be pre-pubecent by definition. Almost all cases that have come to light involve teenage "victims". The Church does not have a pedophilia problem, but a homosexuality problem involving gay priests and gay or gay leaning teenagers.

    1. Sorry, I can't reply to your comment because every time I do, it breaks the platform.

      Let's try again: any kid under 18 is still considered non-consensual by the state and the law. Add to that that the RCC teaches that priests have authority to condemn people for disobedience to their directions, and to restore them to Christ's forgiveness for obedience (crap). What do you think a kid at any age under 18 does with that equation?

  18. You, also, make us think that the only people the Democrat Party is going after is 10 uber-rich Republican guys supporting Trump. The word "supporters" is used to describe 75+ million American VOTERS. This is wrong to suggest anything else or to obscure the political danger that the average voter is in these days. It's just as misleading as CNNETC. We have got to call these people who they are: VOTERS; that way Americans understand exactly WHO we are talking about: Ordinary Americans. Those are Trump "supporters" because they donate to his campaign and they vote for him by the 10s of millions. Tell your journalist friends to stop using this word for us also. It's deceptive.