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Friday, June 11, 2021

World hates Trump, if you exclude 92% of the world

Pew Research said, "America’s Image Abroad Rebounds With Transition From Trump to Biden."

Well, if you ignore 92% of the world, I suppose that is true.

Pew based its finding on surveys of just 16 of the 235 countries in the world. None of the 16 were in the top 10 in population. And the 16 were far from a representative sample of the world.

In Pew's World, there is no Africa, South America, Middle East, or Central America. There also is no Eurasia between Greece and the Korean peninsula. 

Instead of actually surveying the world, Pew surveyed the people of Japan (11th in population), Germany (19th), United Kingdom (21st), France (22nd), Italy (23rd), South Korea (28th), Spain (30th), Canada (39th), Australia (55th), Taiwan (57th), Netherlands (66th), Belgium (81st), Greece (87th), Sweden (91st), Singapore (114th), and New Zealand (126th).

Combined, they represent 7.9% of the world's population.

The opinion of 92.1% of the world does not matter to Pew.

Past surveys included more nations than just these 16. A 2018 survey included Indonesia (4th in world population), Brazil (6th), Nigeria (7th), Mexico (10th), Philippines (13th), South Africa (25th), Kenya (27th), Argentina (32nd), Poland (38th), Tunisia (79th), Hungary (94th), and Israel (100th).

So don't tell me it cannot be done because they did it before, less than 3 years ago.

Maybe they surveyed those countries this time too, but excluded them because the results failed to push Pew's anti-Trump narrative.

The 16 nations in Pew World in 2021 are mainly dying, white, industrial countries that were former colonial powers.

That's a pretty racist view of the world. Brown and black people -- BIPOCs as liberals lump then -- need not bother to apply.

Not surveyed were the two largest nations in the world, China and India. Given how many phone calls I get from India, I know Pew could easily survey the subcontinent.

China and India represent more than 36% of the world's population. Then comes the USA.

The rest of the top 10 are, in order, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, and Mexico.

Pew asked none of them their opinion.

How can you include Canada and not Mexico, and then claim you surveyed the world?

And that is what the people at Pew claimed they did.

It said, "The election of Joe Biden as president has led to a dramatic shift in America’s international image. Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, publics around the world held the United States in low regard, with most opposed to his foreign policies. This was especially true among key American allies and partners. Now, a new Pew Research Center survey of 16 publics finds a significant uptick in ratings for the U.S., with strong support for Biden and several of his major policy initiatives."

But Pew did not survey the world. It cherry-picked.

Looking at the nations Pew excluded, I am pretty sure the people of Israel and the five Arab and Muslim nations that signed the Abraham Accords with Israel prefer Donald John Trump over Josef Biden.

And while heavily representing Western Europe, none of the old Warsaw Pact nations were included in Pew World.

I wonder if the people of Ukraine prefer President Trump over Joe the Extortionist, who admitted he withheld a billion dollars in aid until Ukraine fired a prosecutor who was investigating his coke-addicted, stripper-loving, 50-year-old son.

Yes, some countries like Biden over President Trump.

Others like President Trump over Biden.

So what? That's not news; that's entertainment.

The only thing I learned from the Pew report was how awful, biased, and phony Pew Research is. Its reputation far exceeds its actual performance.


  1. Once again, anyone who places 2 ounces of "give a darn" on anything the corrupt marxist press shoves in your face is setting up for big disappointment over and over.

  2. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks?

    "A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep." - Tywin Lannister.

    1. Exactly, it's always been thus. Only idiotic Marxists believe otherwise. Like Teddy R. used to say, speak softly but carry a big stick!

    2. Murdered by his own son while doing his business.

    3. Like the United Nations if they voted

  3. Would like to see the data on Singapore and Taiwan broken out.

    1. the BIG question is: did Pew EVER refer to Taiwan as a country? If so, I expect some groveling tout de suite along the lines of John Cena...followed quickly by some "unbiased" polls of the Chinese people about how they love their government and their leader...

  4. This just in: COVID may have come from a lab!

  5. PEW, ha. That's a joke. Here is the real answer. Most of the middle east thinks Biden is a real problem for their survival. SO they hate him. We've learned what central America thinks. They hate him. Western Europe loves whenever we are led by a loser, and having traveled there often this is how it goes. They "like" Biden. But they also think he is incompetent, so its faint praise. It's how they felt about Obama. China would love anyone more than Trump - until DeSantis is elected in 2024. Eastern Europe hates Biden's guts because he represents what they spent years freeing themselves from. Russia likes Biden because he's easier to deal with and doesn't make you pay for any mistake you make and he green lit the pipeline. India doesn't like Biden because he likes China and is more sympathetic to the terror state of Pakistan, so they prefer Trump. Canadian people don't matter because their entire social welfare state is enable by being next to us, so they are ashamed of themselves having to be subservient to us.

    There PEW - all done in 5 minutes - and infinitely more accurate than your garbage.

    1. The Pew foundations were endowed by the family of J. Newton Pew, who made his fortune as founder of Sunoco. Yes, he got rich on climate change.

  6. As Don notes, Pew would not bother surveying Poland or Hungary because it’s almost certain President Donald Trump would be at least twice as popular in those countries as compared to demented Biden*.

  7. Just like how the Left seems to think if Liberals give other Liberals little golden statues, the public will suddenly regard them as superhero geniuses who are never wrong, they also think that if they can convince us that another nation loves or hates something, then we should accept that as the truth. Trump did one thing with his international policies, he put America first. Yes, we aided and helped our allies and those in need, but we didn't cow to the liberalists and socialists who hate us and want us to all die. We also don't need to take really bad, one-sided trade deals that only hurt the American economy in favor of communist and socialists who...again...hate our guts and want us to fail. Trump made us strong, Biden makes us weak, our enemies love us when we are weak, so obviously the Pew Research Propagandists can find foreign nations who love Biden.

  8. As always, Pew needs to be regarded with what best can be described as a tolerant skepticism.

    1. I'm more toward an intolerant skepticism.

  9. Replies
    1. Stinks worse than Pepe Le Pew ( Sorry, cancelled for sexual assault, I know).

  10. Thanks for this review, Don. The survey was the subject of a post on Retalk, and as you'd expect the poster was quite gleeful that the Rest Of The World* had a low opinion of President Trump. I'm skeptical about all surveys but your analysis pointed up the holes in the story Pew was trying to tell.
    Link posted at Retalk btw.

  11. To get an anti-Trump number from Australia and NZ would require some mighty selective "surveying" as well because in both cases there is a substantial conservative majority. I won't even begin on the startling variety of election vagaries which enable minority candidates in minority parties to run the world right now, one way or another.

  12. Deceitful pollsters? That barrier we broken long ago. Why not ask the world if they think Biden has all of his marbles or is playing with a full decK? They might have to drop their country count from 16 to 2 or 3 to get their desired result on that poll.

  13. Funny, I remember seeing Trump rallies in Japan. And I question a couple of other countries on that list. I'm more interested in who they surveyed and how many answers they discarded. Pew could have called every country on the planet and if they talked to the right people they would have got the same answer. This survey has zero credibility.