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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

The Do Nothing president

How difficult is it to get 535 congressmen and senators to spend a trillion bucks? All senators have a little Bob Byrd in him and her. Bringing home the bacon gets your name on highways, bridges, courthouses, and buildings. Woo-hoo.

Surprisingly, Joe Biden cannot pull it off. 

Despite the best efforts of Republican Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Biden turned down a trillion-dollar compromise.

A confused Associated Press sputtered in a headline, "Biden ends GOP infrastructure talks, starts new negotiations."

He won't negotiate with Republicans, so who are these new guys he is going to negotiate with? Whigs? Mugwumps? The Taliban?

AP wrote, "The president is walking away from talks with lead Republican negotiator Sen. Shelley Moore Capito after the two spoke Tuesday, but would welcome her in the new bipartisan group, according to an administrative official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private negotiations.

"At the same time, with anxiety running high as time slips by, Democrats are laying the groundwork to pass some or all of the ambitious package on their own. Biden conferred Tuesday with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about launching the budget resolution process for Senate votes in July, the White House said."

You betcha they are worried.

Unlike a dozen years ago when Democrat majorities in the House and Senate seemed large enough to weather Obama's first midterm, Josef Biden has a 50-50 Senate and a less-than-10-votes majority in the House. Nancy Pelosi seems to be Dead House Speaker Walking.

Instead of working with Republicans, Lameduck Speaker Pelosi revved up her partisanship to 11.

Democrat senators are bailing. Joe Manchin of West Virginia threw in the towel on the Democrat F** The People election bill. He also made it clear that the filibuster is here to stay.

His colleague Capito said Biden talked to her on the phone for five minutes, and then broke off all negotiations. 

Capito told Fox, "We offered the president basically what he asked us to do the first time we met with him, which was $1 trillion over 8 years, including baseline spending, and that it wouldn’t include a tax increase – and that was our red line, not his.

"The last offer that I got from the president had four tax increases in it. And it also was much closer in numbers than what the White House is putting out right now. So I’m disappointed with that."

Now this could be a bargaining tactic by him or her or both. Earlier, he tried to put a deadline on the bill, but this paving season has passed (at least as far as bids on contracts go) so a deadline is arbitrary, artificial, and dumb.

Capito said, "I just feel like we have missed a real opportunity here for at least 20 Republicans to join with the other Democrats to pass the most robust infrastructure package that we could have. And I’m still very dedicated to it and will be working through my committee to see that we at least get the legislation to back this up."

If you cannot work with Capito to get something done, I do not believe you want something to be done.

NBC reported, "The end of talks will increase pressure on Democrats to pass a sweeping package using a special process that doesn't require any Republican votes."

I suppose.

But Biden has a better chance of landing in Delaware after clicking his heels three times while chanting, "There's no place like home."

Time is slipping away from the 78-year-old president.

The AP wrote, "Democrats are watching warily as time passes and anxiety builds toward an agreement, with many lawmakers worried they are not fulfilling their campaign promises to voters who put the party in control of Congress and the White House.

"During a private discussion of Democratic senators at lunch Tuesday, there were differing views over whether they should keep talking with Republicans or pursue an approach that would allow them to pass a bill on their own, through the budget reconciliation process."

In other words, Democrats are divided. 

AP said, "Schumer told reporters afterward that Democrats are pursuing 'a two-path approach.'"

The paths are in opposite directions. One leads to take-no-prisoners partisanship, the other leads to compromise.

Less than 5 months into this presidency, Biden finds his congressional agenda floundering.

In 1946, Republicans took over the House. Two years later, President Truman ran against a Do Nothing Congress and was elected to a second term.

Republicans may win Congress back by running against a Do Nothing president.


  1. A do nothing president is the best we can hope for from this administration.

  2. actually down the talks are dead and nothing will pass. The Senate parliamentarian already said that they could only use the reconciliation process once, which they did with that first monstrosity. So for the Democrats to be saying they’re going to try reconciliation is BS, they can’t.

    Hopefully the Republicans will not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This infrastructure BS is basically climate crap. Let it die. Otherwise inflation will go crazy if it doesn’t already

    1. I thought the parliamentarian said they could do two, but I am unsure if that is two a year or two a session. It makes more sense to me that it is two a session.

      Anyway, What the Dems wanted was to be able to revise the one they passed and have it still count as that one, which the parliamentarian said you can't do--a revision counts as another one, which would use up their two.

      Can someone who knows clarify?

  3. If the Republicans can find the guts (among other bits of anatomy) to stand against the Dems this will be a disaster for the Dems.Xiden is totally lost in his dementia.Harris is possibly the worst VP 100 years.The Dems are running
    scared scared of their own people.Good post Don.

    1. Somehow, Xiden's handlers must think they can work this to their advantage and blame the republicans. 30% of the country will believe it. Some in the middle might. Hopefully, most in the middle will see it for what it is.

      Xiden is following the master negotiator. He is a fool as are his handlers. They probably think of themselves as superior negotiators to PDJT, but so far, the results speak for themselves.

  4. How tempting must it be, at times like this, for the Black Jesus to book some National Primetime and say, “Let’s be clear…this is MY third term as President and this bill will go a LONG ways towards completing the agenda I outlined during MY first term.” Daring us, in effect, to do something about it…

    1. His ego may draw him into it Z. He can't help himself. Ex-President First Person Singular.

    2. ME has always been his preferred pronoun

    3. No - "I". He used it constantly, every politician has an ego, but his was the most narcissist of them all.

  5. Biden is President in name only. His chief of staff, Ron Klain, is likely making many of the policy decisions for Biden, or at least steering home where Klain wants him to go.

    This explains the assignment of Harris to the border issue. It’s a no win issue which will spotlight her rapidly emerging incompetence, thereby eliminating any push to have her replace Biden.

    If Biden is gone and replaced by Harris, Klain likely loses his position along with the attendant power. I believe Klain will do everything he can to expose Harris as a fool, helping him retain his power as long as Biden is alive.

    1. That is a very good hypothesis Johnny.

    2. I wonder if Susan Rice is helping Klain run things. Both are Obama alums.

    3. What is going on is an American "Game of Thrones"with Acme
      Putin has to be laughing at US.

  6. "so who are these new guys he is going to negotiate with? Whigs? Mugwumps? The Taliban?"

    Malarkists no doubt.

  7. Nobody has ever liked the lying dogfaced pony soldier, not even in the Democrat party. Yeah, he always goed with the flow and made a useful demagogue, but he was always too quick with his mouth and too slow with his brain for most people.

    Which brings us to the Demos' dilemma. Since the top 2 in line for the Oval Office are hated even more than the doofus from Dover (a real challenge but Chlamydia and Pelosi Galore have risen to the occasion), it may have occurred to some that the better part of politics may be to let Trump be reinstated and try a fresh hand if they can find one.

    Mike and Spartacus, maybe. Things don't look good even for that as Zippy made sure the Demos' bench was cleared.

    We shall see.

    1. Pelosi Galore - I'm going to use that.

    2. the name is Bondo, Joe Bondo - the rust in my brain never sleeps...

    3. I think Nurse Jill is planning on making a run.

      How else to explain her latest tweet behind the POTUS desk on AF1 captioned 'preparing for G7' (or whatever the name is).

      Unless she was secretly elected as well - who knows.

  8. I’m sincerely surprised the severely clinically demented Biden* was able to have a five minute long phone conversation with Senator Capito.

    Can imagine that after 5 minutes had elapsed Biden*’s diseased brain went “TILT” and stopped working just like a pinball machine would.

    Stolen elections matter. Obozo says so. In fact, Obozo says stolen elections are the very best kind of elections; just like a good Marxist we all know, and he knows, he is.